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Sunday, April 18, 2010
Ellis Washington Gets It Wrong Again
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Ellis Washington keeps up his tradition of getting things flamboyantly wrong in his April 17 WorldNetDaily column. In it, Washington asserted:

Obama has repeatedly shown his utter contempt for the U.S. Constitution, preferring activist judges who legislate from the bench and his bizarre belief that the Warren Court (1953-69) didn't go far enough in enshrining "redistributive change" (i.e., integrating Marxist socialist ideas into the rule of law and into every sector of society, thus making the Constitution a dead letter).

Which, as we've documented, is a complete misreading of what Obama said. Obama merely observed that the Warren Court did not engage in "redistributive change," and did not express an opinion on whether that was good or bad; he merely pointed out as an example of why the court wasn't as  "radical" as its critics have claimed. 

Washington then  included a longer excerpt from the radio interview in which Obama made that claim, which puts his statements in their correct context. After which Washington still misinterprets it:

Has the man never heard of the separation-of-powers doctrine and judicial restraint? President Obama believes that a judge must be an agent for social change, a super-legislator, an unelected dictator. That's diametrical to what the framers believed. Jefferson said, "To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy." Remember that Lady Justice is blind because judges are not to consider rich or poor, black or white, Jew or gentile, but to interpret the law according to the Constitution. Period!

This after Washington cited the Obama quote in which he said that the civil rights movement relied too much on the courts.

Washington is either too dumb to comprehend what Obama said, or he's willfully misinterpreting it to promote his far-right agenda.

P.S. We noticed that Washington, in his end-of-column bio, is no longer calling himself "authorized biographer for the conservative intellectual Dr. Michael Savage." Wonder what happened....

Posted by Terry K. at 12:01 AM EDT

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