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Friday, September 4, 2009
We Criticize the Critics
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Phil Elmore writes in his Sept. 3 WorldNetDaily column that President Obama is "brittle" and "oversensitive" and "cannot abide criticism," while his supporters regularly express "their deep and abiding outrage over those who've had the temerity, the unmitigated gall, to question the Obama administration's motley crew of radical left-wing advisers, czars, consultants, and bureaucrats." Elmore goes on to take a swing at us in the process:

A tiny blog called ConWebWatch even granted me their "Obama Derangement Award" for daring to question the president's desire to control your day-to-day communications and speech.

Actually, as we detailed, Elmore did a lot more than that to earn this coveted award in the column we highlighted:

  • Elmore howled in a paranoid manner about "Glorious Leader Obama" endeavoring "to place his Orwellian visage on the telescreens of the nation's media outlets" so that "citizens are inundated with the inevitability of Obama's increasingly statist rule."
  • Elmore linked to WND's oft-repeated lie that Obama wants to create an army of, in Elmore's words, "fascist brownshirts."
  • Elmore asserted that Obama "Twitters his daily enemies list through his Blackberry while waiting for his latest firearms prohibitions to be uploaded to iTunes as podcasts."
  • Elmore complained that Obama "appointed a chief information officer (a post that sounds disturbingly similar to some form of propaganda ministry, in title if not in fact)" -- apparently unaware that nearly every organization or business of significant size employs a chief information officer, which has nothing to do with propaganda.

There's a huge difference between "daring to question" Obama and making crazy, factually challenged statements about him. Too bad Elmore doesn't see the difference. Indeed, Elmore provides a link in his current column to radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, which serves as more evidence of Elmore's own unhinged approach.

Elmore seems to be unaware that the right to criticize and question others sets in motion the right of others to criticize and question you. And if you're making false claims and using unhinged rhetoric, expect to be criticized for it.

That's our job. If Elmore can dish it out, he should be able to take it.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:53 AM EDT

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