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Saturday, November 8, 2008
WND Readers Not Fond of Book-Learnin', Women in General
Topic: WorldNetDaily

As we've noted, WorldNetDaily and its readers are not terribly fond of single women. They also aren't terribly fond of the concept of education either.

The comment thread on the WND poll of the day asking people's opinions on the finding that unmarried women voted heavily for Barack Obama contains the usual WND-fueled anti-Obama ranting. But when one writer offered a contrary opinion and added that "I am well educated (a PHD)," fellow commenters didn't like that at all:

  • Why do you boast that you are “well-educated” as if that gives you the ability to raise yourself above the Lord God? Do you not know that Hitler’s most heinous war criminals, his Nazi SS were of the most “highly educated” class of the German nation? Their education is not going to save them when they stand in judgment before the Throne of God.
  • The women proclaiming their liberal pro-choice views who voted for Hussein the Kenyan are a perfect example of why more children need to be homeschooled. If they were kept out of the 'higher' learning establishments we might not find ourselves with this mamzar as a president. He will never be called president in this house.
  • You must be so smart and well read that you have no common sense or morals. You are an embarrisment to women everywhere and I suggest you are the one who needs to look in the mirror.

A commenter who wrote, "I'm a man, also well educated, working and concerned, and I voted for Obama" received this response:

So we hear from another left wing, probably gay, man that thinks that the Communist left wing knows it all and the rest of us know nothing and we that are not left wing communists are just supposed to stand back and shut up and let the Communist left wing have their way with us. Sorry bud it ain’t a gona happen!

And then there's this, more closely hewing to the question of the day:

I'm not knocking women, but there was some (emotional) reasoning involved by not allowing them to vote. The sexes (men-women) minds are structured differently. We reason in a structured way that women do not! Men always in the pass fought in battle's that women are not designed for, it just (used to be) common sense! It wasn't till the illuminant's formed the SS (humanist) and hijacked human thinking (atheistic) to destroy the family so that the people would seek out the government for dependence! Man needs woman as well woman needs man, but separate them by using movements like NOW, the Helen Reddy syndrome and throw them in the bowl and mix it all up, so what do you get when a BO comes along? Walla! You got a president with no direction but down for America and on Her founding Fathers. And of course everything that 'they stood for' including the Lord! You can bet your little pinky's that in the not so far future they (single women, racist, tree huggers the left in general) will be screaming "BO you Promised" all the while the're stomping there feet! And this 'once great nation' goes away! We gave it up just to be PC!

And this:

The majority, but by no means all, unmarried women fit into four categories: very young women, lesbians, promiscuous women, and heterosexual women embittered because they have not found the kind of man they think they deserve.

The young are always more to the left because they are more easily deceived than those of us who have seen it all before, and because they are the products of an "educational" system that has been degenerating for decades. Lesbians and homosexuals tend to be leftists because the left promises them unlimited freedom and even power. Promiscuous women are often leftists because the left is composed, almost by definition, of people with no moral standards. And embittered women tend to hate men and fall for radical feminist propaganda.

And this:

Ever since the fall (& I'm not talking autumn) women have had an obsession with forbidden fruit and a huge percentage of white women see sexual relations with a black man in that light. In fact they're so obsessed with that that even after they are beaten and abused they still come back for more! Because women by nature are obsessed with appearances they should NEVER have been granted the sufferage and if it hadn't been for weak-kneed limp-wristed men who were afraid they'd be cut off in the bedroom they wouldn't have it today!

In case you needed a dose of anti-Obama hate, there's this comment:

Hussein Osama, the ILLEGAL ALIEN, got "elected" due to voter fraud, sealed documents, payoffs, threats, intimidation and street gangs stationed at polling places with clubs.

I for one will not recognize a non american as dictator pf the US. There should have been nationwide riots over this fraudulent election!

And this one:

Yes, it was ignorant, young, single women, particularly black, that put this Monkey over the top. Unfortunately, our side did not push an agenda to make Dead Beat Dads payup, or go to prison. That would have solved two issues, the young womens vote going to the Anti-Christ, and after the election, 90% of the men who voted for this Moron would have had to either pay up or go to prison. That's right Obama men, we know who you are. 90% deadbeat dads, 10% Homos. BTW, isn't it funny that the Black Votes stopped the Homos in their tracks? Well, I am ready for the war, 3 shotguns (1 new) and 2 handguns, plus a load of ammo. This idiot will try to trash the constitution, and I am awaiting orders from the military or some other leader. That's right, I am willing to die to uphold the constitution of this country for my children and grandchildren.

These are the people who read WorldNetDaily. No wonder Joseph Farah has decided that he can lie to them with impunity.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:06 AM EST

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