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Saturday, August 30, 2008
Keeping Conservative Secrets = 'Integrity'
Topic: NewsBusters

RedState's Eric Erickson declares in an Aug. 29 NewsBusters post (cross-posted at RedState):

CBN's David Brody is on the phone with CNN right now getting himself drummed out of the conservative movement.


Well, he's on peddling what happened at a private meeting at the with regards to Palin.

Why is that a problem? Apparently because the CNP is Fight Club:

This is a huge no-no, guests are invited under the condition that meetings remain private to keep conversations candid and open.

I've attended CNP and I know darn well to never talk about what went on.

As we've noted -- and as Erickson confirms -- CNP, a cabal of right-wing leaders, preferes to operate in the shadows, surfacing only when it wants to send a message, as WorldNetDaily editor (and CNP member) Joseph Farah did when he reported from a CNP that he attended (and from which real members of the media were barred from atending) that evangelicals would bolt the Republican Party if Rudy Giuliani was the presidential nominee.

CNP is a group who keeps an iron-fisted control on information, so it should not necessarily be presumed, as Erickson does, that Brody broke the omerta. But if he did, what's next? Does he wake up one morning to find Alan Colmes' head in his bed?

But also note that Erickson said that Brody was "getting himself drummed out of the conservative movement" for, essentially, telling the truth. He then offers up a bit of baseless speculation:

I suspect, frankly, that Brody has fallen for Obama and does not really care. Even has been tougher on Obama's infanticide position than David Brody has.

Career is one thing, David. Integrity is something else. On the upside, I hear Brock is hiring.

This is why the term "conservative journalism" is something of a contradiction. To Erickson, being a conservative comes before being a journalist -- loyalty is all, the truth comes second -- which is the opposite of what a good journalist should be. Erickson and other conservatives wouldn't tolerate secrecy from a liberal group, so why does he acquiesce to demands of secrecy from a right-wing organization?

Further, given the fact that the CNP will allow only "reporters" who acquiesce to its secrecy demands and put politics before journalistic principles to attend its meetings, what does that say about the CNP's, and Erickson's, respect for Brody's journalistic integrity? Not much, we suspect -- after all, it essentially equivocates Brody, who's trying to break out of the right-wing ghetto despite being employed by CBN, with a liar and plagiarist like Farah. Is that the company Brody wants to keep if he wants to be seen as a legitimate journalist?

As for Erickson questioning Brody's "integrity": What does it say about Erickson's integrity that he's willing to submit to the demands of a secretive organization and to put loyalty before truth? That makes him a less-than-credible media critic.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:40 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:43 AM EDT

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