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The Root of COVID Misinformation Continues To Grow

WorldNetDaily columnist Wayne Allyn Root just can't stop spreading false and misleading claims about the safety of COVID vaccines -- even creating a rigged lie detector test to spread them.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 6/7/2023

Wayne Allyn Root

Serial COVID misinformer Wayne Allyn Root spewed some more of the same in his July 23 WorldNetDaily column:
Yes, you read correctly. There are (so far) 33 friends and relatives dead or sick since our wedding eight months ago. I've done the research. All 33 were vaxxed. Every one of them.

This is a "vaccine death and disease cluster."

This is like the Love Canal, New York, cancer cluster of the 1970s. It can't be ignored when you see so many people dead or very ill in just one group.

You will not be surprised to learn that Root provided no medical documentation whatsoever that any of these people -- let alone all of them -- died because of the COVID vaccines. He continued:

But it has nothing to do with our wedding. Open your eyes. This is happening everywhere. Non-COVID-19 deaths are up dramatically in the United States (and all over the world). Life insurance companies report non-COVID-19 deaths are up 40% or more among young, working-age Americans. Lincoln National reports death benefit payouts are up over 163% in the year since COVID-19 vaccines came out. These are death increases not seen during World War II.

Read the headlines: Every day a new celebrity, actor, rock star, athlete or CEO is dropping dead "suddenly and unexpectedly." Most of them are way too young to die or suffer strokes or heart attacks. I'm betting they all have one thing in common: they are VACCINATED.

He went on to list a number of people who died but, again, offered no medical documentation that the died from COVID vaccines, or even that they were vaccinated. The ranting continued:

I've personally compiled a detailed list of studies released by governments and medical authorities around the world that all point to three absolute conclusions:

A) The COVID-19 vaccine is a horrible failure.

B) The COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous and deadly.

C) Those who take two or more vaccines may be much more likely to get COVID-19, to be hospitalized with COVID-19, and to die from COVID-19.

But it gets much worse. The vaccinated are dropping like flies from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and cancer and are being disabled by a multitude of illnesses and diseases.

Two of the latest credible studies show:

The COVID-19 vaccine may damage and destroy the immune system like a form of AIDS.

And, 91% of those in the U.K. who have died of COVID-19 this year are triple or quadruple vaccinated.

Have you heard about these studies in the mainstream media? Why not?

Probably because Root is misrepresenting those studies. In the first item to which Root refers, he links to a comment published in a different medical journal about a study in the medical journal The Lancet which, as Health Feedback documented, misrepresented the results of the Lancet study which simply documented that COVID vaccines wear off over time. The second, which is not a "credible study" but, rather, an article from a trashy UK website, also misrepresents data.

Root then circled back to his own story:

Now we come to my personal story. It's been only eight months since I wed my beautiful bride, Cindy Parker Root. And in that time, people we know and love have been dying and suffering deadly non-COVID-19 illness in huge numbers.

Thirty-three of them.

Thirty-three dead, or injured, crippled or disabled in only eight months. That's a lot of friends and relatives. That's a "death cluster" that should be investigated by scientists, MDs and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's a story that should garner media headlines. But wait, there's more ...

All 33 were vaccinated.


Wait, here's the clincher. Among my friends and family who are unvaccinated, not one of them has died or been sick since my wedding eight months ago.

Do you detect a pattern here? Even Democrats have to notice a pattern, right? Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has to notice a pattern, right? Even President Joe Biden has to notice a pattern. Well, let's not get carried away. Nursing home patients with dementia can't be expected to understand simple patterns.

Again, Root offers no proof whatsoever to substantiate his claims. Don't forget that Root himself was a COVID superspreader, doing a media tour while hiding the fact he had COVID, and he bragged that nobody wore masks at his wedding even though a new COVID wave was beginning.

Root concluded by ranting: "This is either the biggest health scam and cover-up in world history, or mass murder on a grand scale. Or both." How many people got sick or even died from close proximity to Root during his COVID-infected media tour? That's something he won't be rushing to document.

Root followed up with a July 29 column in which he rehashed his story of people dropping dead of COVID vaccines -- again providing no medical evidence to prove that was the case -- then related the allegedly huge response he got from spreading the story on some right-winger's show on Lindell TV (yes, the MyPillow guy's got a TV channel of some kind). He went on:

At this point, I realized a couple of interesting things. First, I have one heck of a unique story about the COVID-19 vaccine that Americans want and need to hear.

Second, Mike Lindell has been mocked and slandered by the liberal media, but it turns out he is a hero to average, everyday Americans. Based on the remarkable, over-the-top response after my guest appearance, it appears that Lindell has an audience of millions of Americans on his streaming TV network. Lindell TV's audience responds in numbers bigger than Fox News! And the mainstream media haven't got a clue.

Third, because the mainstream media and social media have banned or censored all the government data and studies from across the globe that suggest the COVID-19 vaccine is the worst disaster in the history of health care, it's clear the American people are clamoring to finally hear the raw truth.

So, rather than continue to sit in front of my computer for hours a day sending out my list one by one to thousands of wonderful Americans who want to hear the truth, I've decided to just release the entire list right now, right here, for all the world to see.

I hope you appreciate my thousands of hours of research. I don't believe anyone else has yet compiled it, categorized it and put it in one place for the whole world to see.

I'm not an inventor, or creator, or adventurer. I haven't ever discovered cures for disease. I know my role. I'm a conservative talk-show host. I'm Paul Revere updated for the 21st century. My job is to spread the news, loudly, from the highest mountaintops. Except I've updated Paul Revere's warning from "The British are coming! The British are coming!" to:

"The vaccine is a killer! The vaccine is a killer!"

What Root ended up doing is posting a list of "literally all significant studies and government data releases from across the globe that show once and for all that the COVID-19 vaccine is the most dangerous and deadly disaster in history" on his website. Suffice it to say that it's filled with anonymous Substack accounts, discredited "news" sources like LifeSite and the usual misinformer suspects like Steve Kirsch, Ryan Cole and Robert Malone. It looks like something Root slapped together after a couple hours wading through conspiracy websites than the "thousands of hours of research" he claims he did.

If you need to see all your COVID conspiracy theories in one place, this is it. Root can be thanked for that, we suppose.

Dead doctors

Root is a such prolific COVID misinformer that he's utterly untrustworthy on the subject. So there's no reason to believe him when he devoted his Aug. 20 column to telling the story of a "credible doctor" who " wants to remain anonymous, for fear of losing his/her medical license for telling the truth about vaccine injuries." This alleged doctor -- who Root may or may not be making up in order to add credibility to his own litany of misinformation -- is making claims like "Many of his patients were in cancer remission, but suddenly post-vaccine the cancer has come roaring back – except now it's spread everywhere in their bodies. He used to see skin cancer once or twice a month; now he sees it several times a week. Thyroid cancer has skyrocketed – and he reports that it's always diagnosed after the victims get the booster jab," and that the doctor's patients "older patients have aged horribly, literally overnight – since being vaccinated."

Conveniently, there's no documentation provided to back up any of this. But it allowed Root to get ranty:

No one gets it. It's as if everyone is brain-dead, clueless, delusional or brainwashed. The signs are everywhere. How many of you know someone who was vaccinated and died or suffered a bad illness soon thereafter?

We all do.

Wake up, America. I believe this COVID-19 vaccine is the worst medical experiment and health care disaster in history.

And here's the really frightening part: This is just the beginning. The vaccines only became widely available about 18 months ago. It surely is only going to get much worse.

Delusional and brainwashed? Root sounds like he's talking about himself and his easily disproven or unsupported conspiracies.

Root had even more COVID misinformation to share in his Aug. 26 column:

Have you ever heard of seven doctors dead in a 14-day period (from July 13 through July 28)? How about five dead doctors in a few days, in one city (Toronto)? How about 14 dead doctors in the past nine months? And these dead doctors were mostly YOUNG.

Do these headlines catch your attention? Because they're all true. Confirmed. Fact. It all just happened in Canada, a small country of 30 million (one-tenth the size of America).

In Canada they're obsessed with the COVID-19 vaccine. The government is ruthless to the point of appearing criminally insane. If you don't get vaccinated, it's difficult to live a normal life. And you absolutely can't practice medicine anywhere in Canada.

The anonymously written blog post Root linked to referenced that among this number included "three physicians at Trillium Health Partners had died in a matter of days." In fact, two of the doctors died of cancer and the third had been a doctor for nearly 40 years and was seriously ill before his death. That anonymous blogger admitted he (or she) had no proof the other two doctors had recently received vaccines or boosters -- which means that his narrative is a lie.

Root continued to fearmonger -- and to complain that his conspiracy was discredited by actual journalists:

Back to all these dead doctors – mostly young dead doctors. Have you ever heard of anything like this? Of course not, because it's never happened in my lifetime. I'm guessing it's never happened in history. Perhaps it happened during the plague in the Middle Ages (known as "the Black Death").

Maybe we should start calling the COVID-19 jab "the Black Death II."

Did you know about any of these dead doctors? Of course you didn't. It's been a total media blackout. Why would five dead doctors in one city be worthy of media coverage? Or seven dead doctors in 14 days in one small country? Nothing to see here. Just move along.

Canadians are freaking out. The shrieking noise on social media got so hot and heavy that a Canadian newspaper was forced to publish a story. A Toronto hospital was forced to admit in that newspaper story that five young doctors had in fact died. But they warned readers not to jump to conclusions. The vaccine had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Of course the vaccine had nothing to do with it. And former President Bill Clinton never had sexual relations with that woman.


Something is very wrong. It's apparent the vaccine is killing, crippling and disabling thousands per week. Deaths in the United States are skyrocketing higher than ever seen in history. So many of these victims are dropping dead "suddenly" and "unexpectedly." Those are the words in almost every obituary nowadays.

They've even developed a name for it: SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). One day they're perfectly healthy, but the next day they have died in their sleep, died in the middle of a business meeting, died while swimming, died while driving or died while playing sports.

Heck, last week a Saudi ambassador dropped dead in the middle of a speech, right in front of the TV cameras.

And then there's the dramatic explosion of cancer. Rare cancers. Fast-growing cancers. Stage 4 cancers. And these victims all just happen to be vaccinated (most of them with the booster).

As ConWebWatch pointed out when his WND colleagues pushed the conspiracy, SADS isn't a thing, and there's no evidence that the mid-speech death of the Saudi businessman -- not an ambassador, which Root would know if he had actually read the article about it to which he linked -- had anything to do with COVID. Also, there's no evidence that COVID vaccines cause cancer.

Root concluded by declaring, "Seven dead doctors in 14 days don't lie." But it's clear that Root does.

Lie detector challenge

Root ranted in his Dec. 16 column:

There is nothing left to debate. Anyone who is not brainwashed, or brain dead, can see that the COVID-19 vaccine was the worst mistake in America's history, world history, health-care history and the history of medicine.

The data is in from all over the world. You haven't seen it? I believe that's because the media are guilty of covering up mass death on a scale no one can even imagine. But it's only getting started. Wait for 2023.

But I have all the important data. Write me. I'm glad to send it, for free:

Again, that "important data" is largely from dubious sources like anonymous Substack accounts, discredited "news" sources like LifeSite and the usual misinformer suspects like Steve Kirsch, Ryan Cole and Robert Malone, and it can be presumed that much of it is dubious, if not outright false. He continued with the usual vicious anti-vaxxer ranting:

No, I'm not a doctor, or a scientist. Yes, I'm a conservative TV and radio talk-show host. But I'm not brainwashed, gaslighted, delusional or easily scammed. I only search for raw truth – wherever it leads.

I have seen the data (i.e., factual evidence) from all over the world that the COVID-19 vaccine is the most dangerous and deadly vaccine in history – BY A MILE.


If you're not blind, you've noticed the media headlines of "sudden death." The numbers are shocking. Every day more famous people are "dying suddenly and unexpectedly." That's the tip of the iceberg. They represent thousands per day dying suddenly – a phenomenon never seen in history until the vaccines.

But it's not just death; it's a pandemic of disability. It's heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots and an explosion of stage 4 cancer. Millions of Americans will never work again. Who will pay for all this?

This is a tsunami of death and disability – all because these innocent Americans trusted government, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, Big Pharma and Democrat [sic] politicians who mandated the vaccines.

Root then issued a challenge:

So, here's my challenge to all the liars, frauds, peddlers of propaganda, merchants of death and kings and queens of coverup and denial. It's simple ...

I believe the COVID-19 vaccine is deadly. This is now a crime scene. This is mass death on a grand scale. This vaccine death spiral is accelerating at warp speed. I believe we are about to experience the biggest mass die-off in world history, in 2023.

So, prove me wrong. Make me eat crow. Make me look crazy. All you have to do is take a simple lie detector test.
Never mind that lie detector tests aren't admissible in court. And he has a group of loaded questions designed to push his narrative. Among the first ones: "Does it protect against COVID-19?" and "Does it prevent transmission?" In fact, it reduces the risk of contracting and transmission; it also reduces the risk of hospitalization and death, but Root doesn't ask about that.

Another question: "In 1976 the entire swine flu vaccine program was suspended because 32 Americans died. Are you aware the VAERS list shows tens of thousands are dead from the COVID-19 vaccine, more than all other vaccines in modern history COMBINED?" Anti-vaxxers like Root love to deliberately misinterpret VAERS data and ignore the fact that none of the information in VAERS has been independently verified.

Then he moved on to questions about dubious treatments:

No. 9: Were you aware that hundreds of studies show hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin work very effectively versus COVID-19 and other viruses?

No. 10: Are you aware millions of lives could have been saved with HCQ, ivermectin and vitamin D3? However, if Big Pharma admitted any of them were effective versus COVID-19, they could not get emergency authorization to make billions of dollars with their experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

No. 11: Have you or your family ever used ivermectin?

In fact, most credible studies show that neither hydroxychloroquine nor ivermectin are an effective treatment for COVID. There are studies that suggest vitamin D may work as a treatment, while others do not.

Root, of course, knows his questions are loaded, and he's already predicting the results:

If I'm right, and the needle shows they fail every question, this makes them all complicit in fraud and mass murder. They all knew from the start. They all certainly know the truth now – yet they're still pushing the vaccine.

You can take the lie detector test and prove me a fool. I dare you. I double dare you.

But no one will ever take me up on my challenge.

That's because the debate is over. The jig is up. They can't hide it anymore. The "sudden deaths" are piling up. Now it's all about denial and coverup.

P.S. My favorite pronouns are "crimes/against/humanity," "mass/murder" and "prosecute/Fauci/and everyone involved."

That last part is a shoutout to Elon Musk for tweeting, "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci."

Root fearmongered again in his Feb. 3 column:

This story is truly incredible and shocking. But then again, I see dozens of shocking stories every week about the data from around the world regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. They're eye-opening. They're frightening. They all suggest that millions of people have died, and many more are sick and dying as I write this, not from COVID-19, but from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yes, data suggests the cure is far worse than the disease.

But you don't need to see the data. The proof is right in front of your eyes. Every day we can all see the headlines of young, or relatively young, healthy Americans "dying suddenly." It's become a national epidemic. Heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots, immune diseases and the big one: sudden death. Open your eyes and look around.

A recent poll showed that 25% of Americans believe they know someone who has died from the COVID-19 jab. The real shocker is that 75% of Americans are living in denial with their heads in the sand. Or maybe they're just watching CNN.

That poll was conducted by Rasmussen, a right-wing pollster that generates biased results, so there's little reason to trust that it accurately reflects anything but right-wing narratives. But Root has little interest in facts that contradict his narrative, so he was just getting started to promote his latest conspiracy theory:

Now comes the most damning evidence yet.

A top insurance analyst has analyzed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's own death rate data, and it matches data released by the U.K. government.

The analyst determined there is a 7% increase in death for each time you take the COVID-19 jab. In other words, your odds of dropping dead suddenly go up 7% if you take one COVID-19 jab; they go up 14% after your second jab; they go up 21% after your third jab; 28% after your fourth; and 35% after you get another dose. And so on and so on.

Using this model, once you got to jab No. 10, your odds of dying would rise by 70%. Are those deadly enough odds for you?

Let's say you had a loaded gun in your hand to play a game of Russian roulette. Each time you pull the trigger your odds of dying go up by 7%. Would a 35% higher chance of dying by trigger pull number five worry you? Would you pull the trigger one more time as the odds increase?

But I have a warning about that 7% increase for every COVID-19 jab you take. I believe that's a best-case scenario.

Root conveniently failed to link to this purported analysis, so it's unclear where it came from. But WND has previously invoked insurance folks to back up false claims about deaths from COVID vaccines, and previous claims have been debunked, so it's unlikely Root's mysterious claim is any more accurate. Indeed, a few weeks later, a claim by COVID misinformer Steve Kirsch that Medicare data showed that COVID vaccines increased mortality rates was similarly discredited. But, again, Root cares more about fearmongering, continuing to make more outlandish evidence-free claims:

Many respected experts report that there are as many as 3 million new Americans added to the disability rolls since 2021 when the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out.

So, your odds of dying or being injured together may be 14% or 21% per jab. Or much higher. Which means after five jabs, over a 3-to-5-year period, your odds of dying or becoming very sick or disabled for life may be literally 100%.

Still want another jab? Are you ready to pull your sleeves up and test my theory?

If my educated guess is correct, I'm concerned how our society will function in a year, or two, when there won't be enough policemen, firemen, prison guards, paramedics, nurses, doctors, pilots, military members or simply enough employees left to run businesses. Society will cease to function.

What happens when there are 20 or 30 or 40 million vaccine injured Americans, and not enough doctors left to take care of them?

It's time to demand action, a congressional investigation and an immediate suspension of this COVID-19 vaccine program.

My fear is that it's already too late.

Meanwhile, it's still not too late for Root to repent of his COVID lies -- but he won't. Instead, as ConWebWatch documented, he used his Feb. 24 column to embrace the evidence-free conspiracy theory that the on-field collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin was caused by a COVID vaccine.

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