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LGBT-Bashing To The Max

Mysterious Media Research Center sports blogger Jay Maxson has a particular dislike for gays and transgender community -- and he (or she) really hates Caitlyn Jenner, so much that the MRC had to delete one of his Jenner-bashing posts.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 6/12/2019

The Media Research Center's current sports blogger, Jay Maxson, remains as mysterious as ever -- no presence outside the MRC, no personal information available, not even his sex. There's nothing mysterious, however, about Maxson's hatred of the LGBT community in the sports world.

ConWebWatch has already documented his role in attacking gay Olympic skater Adam Rippon, but that's just the beginning. A July 2017 rant against a columnist who questioned "toxic masculinity" in baseball, which obviously means that we must succumb to "LGBT fascists":

This is not my father's issue of The Sporting News anymore. A minor league baseball writer fronting as a major league LGBT activist for the publication claims Major League Baseball has a problem with "toxic masculinity" and that by allowing "Christian Night" at the ballpark, teams are negatively offsetting "pride nights." If Jessica Quiroli, alias #heels on the field, had her way, baseball would also succumb to the ongoing feminization of the American male.

Quiroli opened her piece by zeroing in on Toronto outfielder Kevin Pillar, who got into hot water when he hurled a less-than-masculine insult at a rival pitcher earlier this season. "But he didn’t just lash out; he resorted to using a homophobic word to express his anger," she writes. "In that moment, he didn’t just expose his own faults, but the distance MLB still has to go in order to guide players on a deeper level."

Of course that deeper level means ball players should be robotically programmed with a healthy fear of the LGBT fascists and do their bidding.

Maxson went on to justify homophobia in baseball because two players were suspended for their anti-gay slurs: "Neither player was at the time fearful of homosexuals, but you can bet they have a big-league phobia about the clout of LGBT activists now."

The next day, the words "gay rodeo" were enough to set Maxson off on another gay-bashing screed:

The Washington Post sports section is suddenly showing a lot of interest in unusual events. If you're saying there must be an agenda behind it, you're absolutely right! The Post's story on a homosexual rodeo follows the typical major metro daily script on liberal issues and people: portray them as sympathetic figures doing normal things. Normalize the illegal or the unusual. Help the LGBT agenda occupy yet another part of the culture until it is awash in the rainbow flag.

Roman Stubbs normally covers University of Maryland sports, but recently made a stunning departure from his normal beat by detouring to Harrisburg, Pa., for some agenda reporting. That was the site of the sparsely attended Keystone State Gay Rodeo. It's run by the International Gay Rodeo Association, which has more defunct chapters than active, but it's newsworthy to the Post and worth brownie points with LGBT activists.

Stubbs' story focuses on Louis Varnado and Andy Pittman, rodeo competitors ... and husbands: "The married couple from Upper Marlboro shared a kiss and whispered good luck to each other before lining up with the other riders."

Competing against each other in the pole (and gender) bending competition, Pittman "beat his husband's time" and then "gave his husband a thumb's up."

Maxson obviously (and egotistically) believes the rest of America should be as squicked out by people of the same sex showing affection for each other as he is, as his concluding rant amply demonstrated:

Homosexual rodeos would not be complete without a little romance either. Stubbs tells how Mark Smith married Floyd Zwiers in a ceremony in the middle of a rodeo arena. A photo embedded in the story displays the two showing off their wedding rings.

"And while it is not every rodeo that (International Gay Rodeo Association president Bruce) Gros officiates a wedding, those are the kind of celebrations that tie the organization together," Stubbs says, probably grabbing for a tissue by now.

Some of these rodeo hands said they feel snubbed by mainstream rodeo, but the Professional Bull Riders organization has contacted Gros about a relationship in the future. “What we’re looking forward to is the day that there are out cowboys and cowgirls competing in the professional level, but that has not yet happened,” he said.

Maybe that's because many Americans, in a majority of states, were disgusted and disenfranchised when activist Supreme Court justices mandated same-sex marriage as the law of the land. They voted for marriage as the union of one man and one woman because it's been the bedrock of civilization, and the High Court threw out their votes. They won't be amused by the way this story ends either.

Varnado won some money at the Keystone rodeo, prompting this line from Stubbs: "Pittman gently wrapped his arm around his husband’s neck and said: “I’m proud of you, baby doll.”

Perhaps if he circulated outside the right-wing MRC retinue, he might figure out that it's a bad idea to dictate someone else's human rights by popular vote.

Other examples abound:

  • Maxson identified Texas high school wrestler Mack Beggs not as transgender but, rather, as "a girl in Texas who struggles with gender identity,"lamenting that "Beggs never got any psychological attention for her gender confusion." Maxson then invoked Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital" to claim that "transgenderism is a 'mental disorder' that can be treated," ignoring that McHugh's bigoted views are seen as out of the medical mainstream and ignores the current state of research on transgender issues.
  • Maxson attacked a writer who called for more openly gay pro athletes, complaining that the writer is "really psyched about two homosexual college football players" and thus believes that "the sexual confusion of high school and college athletes is encouraging."
  • Maxson was outraged that a writer criticized Chick-fil-a's sponsorship of the Peach Bowl because it supports, in Maxson's words, "organizations devoted to God’s design for sexual intimacy through the context of marriage." Maxson then huffed that the writer thinks "Chick-fil-A's sponsorship of the Peach Bowl and events like the Pittsburgh Marathon represent a sports world that puts money over the well-being of a demographic whose suicide rate and rate of self-harm should be alarming to everyone. As if Chick-fil-A is responsible for the individual decisions made by people who choose not to follow biblical values."
  • Maxson complained that "CNN's feature on a jockey engaged in so-called "transitioning from male to female" is part of a larger and ongoing agenda by the network to push the LGBT transgender agenda," huffing further about "CNN promoting the big T in LGBT, many concerning President Trump's ban on transgenders in the military." If Maxson knows that the T in LGBT stands for transgender, why did he redundantly reference "the LGBT transgender agenda"? Maxson concluded by sneering: "Because when it comes to gender bias, CNN is the Confused News Network."
  • Maxson ranted that anyone who criticized a proposed South Dakota bill to require participation in high school sports based on birth gender were "gender deniers," then huffed about "the kettle of 'misinformation' coming directly from LGBT-conforming media."
Attacks on Jenner

A particular target of Maxson's hate is Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman who as Bruce Jenner was an Olympic medal-winning athlete. So nasty is Maxson toward Jenner that he has tried to turn her name into an insult, using one post to callously mocking a transgender sports writer for having "Jennered" over to "womanhood."

In a July 2017 post, Maxson mangled Jenner's identity by referencing "Olympic decathlon champion Bruce (nee Caitlyn) Jenner."

Maxson appears not to know that "nee" means formerly, which means Maxson is falsely claiming that Jenner changed her name from Caitlyn to Bruce, instead of the other way around.

That's not the only thing Maxson got wrong, though; he also claimed that Jenner was among "lefties" who criticized President Trump's declaration of a ban on transgenders in the military. In fact, as reported at the MRC's "news" division, Jenner has been a Trump supporter and says she believes in limited government.

The MRC was certainly enthusiastic about Maxson's post on May 12, tweeting it out with a picture of Caitlyn Jenner (back when he was Bruce) under sneering headlines like "Stars, Stripes & Trannies Forever in Sports Illustrated." It is on brand for the MRC to bash transgenders with such crude language; the NewsBusters subject archive lists Jenner under Bruce with the addition, "Olympic medalist turned transgender activist 'Caitlyn.'"

Strangely, though, Maxson's post was deleted some time after it was first posted, and the MRC has provided no explanation for why.

We found a copy of it at another blog, though. It appears Maxson was triggered by a report that Jenner would pose in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue "wearing only an American flag and the gold medal won by Bruce Jenner in the 1976 Olympic decathlon." Let the nasty trans-bashing begin (bolding in original):

  • "America's Olympic champions usually wrap themselves in the flag after winning gold. ... They don't usually change their gender 40 years later and then wrap themselves in the flag for naked photos in Sports Illustrated. But in 1976 men were men and now Bruce Jenner is Caitlyn Jenner. There's a market for flag-wearing nudie transgenders in the weird, wide world of sports media in 2019, thanks to SI."
  • "Falcone isn't only confused about which anniversary Jenner is observing, but also about the biological gender of the man who was hailed as the world's greatest male athlete 43 years ago. She writes that Jenner will retrieve "her most prized possession”from the bottom of a makeup drawer because she didn't want it to be a visible reminder for her five children of what they would have to compare their achievements to."
  • "Jenner confirmed to Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden in 2016 that the gold medal was being stored in her nail drawer. However, there was no confirmation if it had been tarnished by pink nail polish."
  • "The LGBT pressure groups might change their tune on Trump now that he has given Jenner the huge victory about where she can urinate, however."
Again: Trans-bashing is totally on-brand for the MRC -- an MRC videographer once embarrassed himself by pretending to be a transgender student at a college (his idea of being "transgender" was dressing in shorts and a tank top and talking with a lisp) who wanted to use the women's locker room, and Maxson has previously mocked a transgender sports writer for having "Jennered" to "womanhood" (scare quotes his).

It's still unclear on why the MRC pulled this post, since it's just as tranphobic and insulting as other previous MRC works -- and arguably even more offensive "Stars, Stripes and Trannies" tweet is still live as of this writing. The MRC has not issued a public statement on its removal; meanwhile, Maxson continues to write for it, so it clearly couldn't have found the post that offensive.

Does hatred, bias and contempt for people different from you make one a good blogger for a multimillion-dollar organization? The MRC has apparently decided it does.

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