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Michael Brown's Deceptive Anti-LGBTQ Attacks, Part 7: The Hate Parade Continues

The WorldNetDaily columnist demands that LGBTQ people must be hated and must be denounced and that anyone who doesn't hate them as he does must be repeatedly attacked -- but doesn't explain why.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 3/26/2023

Michael Brown

Michael Brown kept up his anti=LGBTQ hatred as 2023 progressed. He began his June 17 column this way:
I do not for a moment downplay the danger of the radical, rightwing ideologies of white supremacists in America. Nor do I deny the existence of a dominionist, takeover mentality in some Christian circles, the most extreme of which were put on display in the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021.

In reality, Brown was a massive booster of Donald Trump, pushing his fellow evangelicals to support him despite his personal amorality because he advanced their narratives and agendas -- something that, one could argue, help to give oxygen to the "radical, rightwing ideologies of white supremacists" he now claims to decry. And Brown did, in fact, push that "dominionist, takeover mentality" immediately after the 2020 election, declaring in one column that "I personally hope that the seemingly impossible happens, that Trump is proven to be the rightfully reelected president and that the prophecies about him prove true." Brown tried to play both sides of the post-election controversies until the Capitol riot, and it wasn't until the time around the riot that he started questioning the evangelical obsession with Trump (which he helped to create).

But Brown is not here to further criticize those people. He followed the above sentence by declaring, "But the real danger, the ever-present danger, the more pressing danger, is that of a radical dominionist takeover from the left. The evidence is all around us." Indeed, he spent the rest of his column doing exactly that, since criticizing his fellow right-wingers is not why he has a WND column, ranting that is "the left" that his "currently asserting its power over others in an intimidating, even life-threatening way." While Brown echoed right-wing talking points about ESG and George Soros, his main target was LGBTQ people -- as it usually is -- so this gave him license to spew anti-LGBTQ hate and fearmongering:

More ominously, a June 11 headline on Daily Mail announced, "The new face of extremism unmasked: The UN and Republicans are watching 'Trantifa' – the hard-left transgender activists who flirt with violence to promote their radical agenda."

Trantifa! Enough said. Even the UN is on the alert.

In reality, the "trantifa" is little more than a inside joke among transgender people that right-wing activists like Brown have latched onto for the purposes of fearmongering. He continued:

In California, legislation is advancing that would remove children from parental care if the parents refused to affirm their child's perceived gender identity. Talk about an Orwellian nightmare.

Deeply alarmed after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 8-1 to advance the legislation (Assembly Bill 957), Republican Senator Scott Wilk said, "In the past, when we've had these discussions, and I've seen parental rights atrophy, I've encouraged people to keep fighting. I've changed my mind on that – if you love your children, you need to flee California. You need to flee."

Flee! This is how extreme the radical left is becoming. This is the dominionist takeover that should be feared.

For those who would argue that the right is doing this very thing by passing legislation outlawing the chemical castration and genital mutilation of trans-identified children, the comparison breaks down immediately.

California would remove children from parental care if the parents refuse to affirm the non-verifiable, often quite malleable, totally subjective feelings of a child. (In point of fact, upwards of 80 percent of such children will outgrow those feelings after puberty.)

The laws being passed in conservative states outlaw performing lifelong, irreversible treatments on vulnerable children, drugs which have not been fully tested regarding the long-term negative effects (in particular, the long-term, negative effects of puberty blocking hormones and the like; we already know about the long-term effects of genital mutilation; that is self-evident).

The California law would punish parents for being good parents; the other laws would prohibit doctors from being bad doctors.

Brown went on to rage about an transphobic gamer who took offense to a fellow gamer who innocuously wrote that "Americans are in a sad place right now. Let people love who they love and live your own life" and ended up getting banned from the game:

That's because, for more than two decades now, radical LGBTQ+ activists who came out of the closet have been determined to put those who oppose their agenda into the closet. You shall not dissent!

In that same spirit, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass was dropped by his organization, in part because of an Instagram post "that called for anti-LGBTQ boycotts of Target and Bud Light over their support for the LGBTQ community and referred to the support as 'evil' and 'demonic.'"

Although he deleted the post and apologized for any hurt he had caused, he did say he stood by his personal beliefs.

That, of course, was unacceptable. Conform or be gone is often the rule, as the legendary pitcher Curt Schilling can tell you (he was fired by ESPN in 2016 for his "transphobic" posts).

Brown never explained why LGBTQ people must be hated and must be denounced and why anyone who doesn't hate them as he does must be repeatedly attacked. He continued to bizarrely insist that not hating LGBTQ people is a "dominionist takeover" that is "coming from the radical left." (Also, Brown misleadingly claimed that the gamer story was "reported on"; in fact, MSN merely reprinted an article from the right-wing Washington Examiner.)

Brown continued to cheer right-wing anti-LGBT hate and backlash against Pride Month activities in his June 21 column:

In case you haven't noticed, this year's "Pride Month" is different than Pride Months in the past. As I recently noted, more and more Americans – from all walks of life – are saying, "Enough is enough." This is what many of us have predicted for years, recognizing that the very success of the gay revolution would lead to its undoing.

As I wrote in 2015 (which I called the year of "pushback"), "the gay revolution will continue to overplay its hand. As those who were once bullied now bully others, this will produce an increasing backlash. ... And as gay activists win more and more battles in the courts and the society, that will actually work against them, as their goals will continue to become more and more extreme."

This has been self-evident for years. Or do you really think that a caring and sane society can tolerate more and more stories like this? "California woman, 18, sues doctors for removing her breasts when she was just THIRTEEN because she thought she was trans after seeing influencers online."

That's why today, in 2023, even editorials on totally secular websites can speak with sympathy of the growing "pushback against the perceived extreme expressions of gender fluidity."

And, of course, he denied that his anti-LGBT hate is hate:

Note that word "pushback," repeated time after time. The righteous opposition is rising.

And while there are surely some mean-spirited, even hateful people involved in this pushback (they should be called out and rebuked), those that I know and work with are motivated by love – love for God and love for neighbor. They are convinced that there must be an about face for the good of the society.

Brown went on to cite "relevant, recent news" of anti-LGBT hate, many of which came from right-wing websites (not that he bothered to identify them as such). And once again, he played his compassion schtick even as he insulted LGBT people:

I'm aware, of course, that the vast majority of LGBTQ+ identified readers will be either grieved or irate or shocked at the contents of this article. Even more will they be either grieved or irate or shocked by my attitude, as I'm quite pleased to see the shifts that I have highlighted here.

In their eyes (your eyes?), this is as hateful as it gets, an open and unashamed display of homophobia and transphobia, an unapologetic demonstration of the bigotry produced by fundamentalist religious beliefs.

Yes, I get it, and I understand your fear that I am celebrating the potential unraveling of what you have worked so hard to achieve over the last 50 years.

The problem, of course, is that LGBTQ+ activists declared war on religion 50 years ago.

The problem is that their coming out of the closet necessitated putting us in the closet.

The problem is that they targeted our children with ceaseless indoctrination, from pre-school to the university and from social media to TV and movies.

The problem is that the goalposts continued to move, and no recognition of "rights" was sufficient until the rights of those they opposed were removed.

The problem is that the trajectory of LGBTQ+ activism inevitably leads to queer critical theory which denies the existence of human nature.

The problem is that the fringe elements of the community became celebrities.

The problem is that we will not stand by idly when our own kids or grandkids have been chemically castrated or genitally mutilated.

No way, no how.

That's why I will continue to push back against what I truly believe is a destructive agenda for our society. At the same time, I will work against hatred and bigotry, seeking equal protection under the law for all and cultivating a climate of grace and mercy rather than anger and hatred.

Of course, Brown does not "get it" -- he's still pretending to "work against hatred and bigotry" even as he portrays LGBT people as deserving of hatred and bigotry because they are "destructive," and he's enthusiastically cheering every time that happens.

Brown spent his June 26 column being outraged that a German pastor argued that "God is queer":

Talk about a picture of an apostate church. Talk about a vivid illustration of blasphemy and spiritual blindness. Talk about shouting to the nation, "We are the blind leading the blind! Come follow us into the ditch!"


Talk about calling evil good and good evil. Talk about trying to take the speck out of your brother's eye while you have a plank in your own (see Matthew 7:1-5). Talk about deep self-deception.

And do these leaders really think that the main problem most people had with Caesar's message was his denouncing of racism? Hardly. It was the blasphemous pronouncement that provoked most of the ire.


No wonder hundreds of thousands of people are leaving these churches every year. No wonder hundreds of church doors are closing and countless church buildings are being sold.

He concluded by being mad that Christian churches aren't sufficiently hating LGBT people:

True Christians want to hear the Word of God. They want to worship Jesus. They want to encounter God.

Consequently, where the Word is being preached (as God's Word, not as some ancient religious document that is similar to other ancient religious texts), when Jesus is being exalted, when people are meeting with God, true Christians, along with non-believing seekers, will come.

In contrast, if they wanted more of this world's philosophy, they would simply stay home.

The truth be told, if this annual state church conference wanted to be accurate with its theme, with one voice they should have shouted out, "Now is the time to proclaim what has been obvious for decades. We are an apostate church!"

May God give courage to the believing remnant. May He pour out a massive spirit of repentance on this very influential (and very lost) country. May the true church of Germany, in all its varied forms and expressions, arise.

In his June 28 column, Brown obsessed over pride parades being overly sexual for his tastes (which is to say, having any sexual content at all):

In my 2011 book "A Queer Thing Happened to America," I devoted a whole chapter to the subject of "Diversity or Perversity," noting the degree to which an overt, often perverse sexual agenda was attached to gay pride events and gay activism. And it was defended under the rubric of "diversity."

Today, with more and more June "Pride" events being marked by open displays of nudity and sexual perversion, we must ask the question again: Why are these events marked by such displays? Could you imagine seeing such displays at any other ethnic or national pride event? Surely not.

To be sure, many who identify as LGBTQ object to these displays, claiming it is bringing out the worst, kinkiest elements of their communities.

But this, again, begs the question of why they are so prevalent at LGBTQ+ events. And why do so many parents bring their children to these events, not trying to hide these innocent eyes from beholding such trash? And why do plenty of LGBTQ+ voices actually defend such public displays, even in the sight of little children?
He followed that with a anti-LGBT column "originally written in 2013 but rejected for publication by the local press. I think you will find it quite relevant today, if not even chilling in its warnings."

Brown took another one of his occasional stabs at self-awareness of his anti-LGBT hate in his June 30 column:

When it comes to the contentious cultural issues of the day such as abortion and LGBTQ issues, I have no question at all that these are sinful in God's sight. At the same time, I recognize that I could be missing some of the reasons that professing Christians could defend such practices and lifestyles. Not all of them are raging sinners, full of blasphemy and guilt.

Some of them sincerely believe that they are standing for what is right and just, believing that they are acting in compassion and kindness out of love for God and people.

And so, rather than pass them like ships in the night, we should understand what makes them tick, searching our own hearts for blindness and ignorance as well.

Brown concluded: "We might have more blind spots than we care to admit." But he seems to make too much money and get too much attention by keeping the LGBT blind spot that fuels his hate to actually want to do anything about it.

Brown unsurprisingly supported the Supreme Court ruling that allowed a Christian website designer to refuse to offer her services to LGBT people, trying to parse the ruling in his July 3 column:
That's why some of the Christians who have come under attack in recent years had served LGBTQ+ customers for years. Some of them even had LGBTQ+ employees. But when it came to creating artistic content that violated their beliefs (such as creating a wedding cake or designing a floral arrangement for a same-sex ceremony), they declined. And for that, they were dragged into court, with their lives turned upside down.


That's why the Supreme Court's decision should have been 9-0 and applauded by people from all backgrounds. The fact that it was 6-3, with many Americans outraged over the ruling, reminds us of just how confused our nation has become.

May truth and sanity prevail.

Brown was back to cheering a British TV personality's anti-transgender hate in his July 12 column:

Do you remember when Ann Coulter was laughed to scorn on Bill Maher's TV show when she stated that, out of the announced Republican candidates in 2015, Donald Trump was the most likely to become president? "Trump? No way! You're crazy!" Who knew she would be so accurate in her prediction?

Now, what if I told you several years ago that Piers Morgan, well-known as a strong ally of the gay community, would become one of the loudest, most persistent voices against trans-activism? I imagine I would have been laughed to scorn, just as Coulter was.

The difference is that I did not make any such prediction.

That's because Morgan was known as a very strong ally of the LGBT community, not to mention a good friend of Elton John. If anything, I would have predicted that Morgan would also take up the trans cause, just as he had taken up the gay cause.

To my knowledge, he had not been on the record for separating the T from the LGB, nor, to my knowledge did he affirm the reality of gay identity while taking issue with the idea of trans identity.


To this moment, Morgan remains a passionate defender of same-sex relationships and, in his opinion, doesn't think most people really care to debate this anymore. Yet on broadcast after broadcast, he is challenging the madness of trans activism. (As always, when I speak of this "madness," I am not attacking individuals who truly and deeply struggle with gender dysphoria. I'm speaking about the societal madness of arguing that you are whatever sex and gender you perceive yourself to be. That idea is nothing less than madness.)

Ah, yes, the ol' "I'm not attacking people" claim he loves to take refuge in. But, again, he's framing a refusal to not hate transgender people as "societal madness" demonstrates that he really is attacking people. Brown closed by cheering Morgan's hate: "You're on the right path, sir, step by step. We'll be waiting to greet you when you make it all the way home."

In his July 14 column, Brown cheered "influential gay blogger Andrew Sullivan" for complaining that LGBT activists tried to "reprogram children" into not hating LGBT people:

He hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what the "queers" did.

But where he was wrong was in saying that "we gays" never targeted children. That is patently false.

Who, then, were these "queers"? They were part and parcel of the larger gay-activist leadership, not least, in the realm of children's education. (And remember one of the best-known cries of early gay activists: "We're here, we're queer, get used to it.")

That's why, for well over a decade, this has been the official policy found in the Los Angeles Unified School District Reference Guide: "'Gender identity' refers to one's understanding, interests, outlook, and feelings about whether one is female or male, or both, or neither, regardless of one's biological sex."

This was not peripheral to the larger gay-activist agenda. It was right in the center of it, part of the radical war against heterosexual normativity and the hated gender binary.


Please don't tell me today that this was not part of the gay activist agenda from early on and that it was somehow hijacked by queer activists. All of this was mixed and mingled together. In fact, the pro-gay and pro-trans narratives were inextricably intertwined.

That's why, in my sarcastic poem, "Here At School the Slant Is Gay," I included these lines: "GLSEN will fill in for Granny and help kids find their inner-trannie."

Yes, Brown wrote an anti-LGBTQ poem. That's how much he hates these people.

Brown concluded by touting how "my colleague at Focus on the Family, Jeff Johnston, has done the heavy lifting when it comes to documenting the gay indoctrination of children," then ranting: "It is now incumbent on us as parents, educators, ministry leaders, social media influences and activists to undo the damage that has been done and restore innocence and sanity to the kids of this world. It's the least that we can do." According to Brown, it's "innocence and sanity" to make sure children hate LGBT people and "indoctrination" to teach them not to.

Anger over a drag queen book
In his July 19 column, Brown talked about the rise of anger, adding as an example: "There is anger toward the church for its alleged hateful, homophobic, transphobic ideologies, and there is anger toward the church for taking away a woman's alleged right to abortion." But he refused to criticize "the church" for similarly acting out of anger and hate -- or admit his own animosity for LGBT people, which he has repeatedly demonstrated. Just another blind spot of his.

Indeed, Brown got all angry over a children's book about a drag queen in his Aug. 16 column:

Since 2004, I've been grieved over the spectacle of gyrating drag queens in tutus performing before little children at gay pride events. It was then, almost 20 years ago, that my friends came back from a pride event in Charlotte, North Carolina, with pictures documenting the perversion. How could one not be burdened after seeing this?

More recently, I've said that if anything is a sign of America's depravity, it is our celebration of drag queens, especially in their outreach to children. So, all this was nothing new to me.

But while annotating a forthcoming book on how we can turn the cultural tide in the nation, I discovered that there was a children's reader titled "The Hips on a Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish,Swish." I ordered the book, which arrived over the weekend, and yes, it was as disturbing in its illustrated content as the title would suggest. (Remember: this was designed to be read to very little children who have the most basic vocabulary. Now "swish" is one of their must-learn words, and at an early age, they must be "groomed" – in the words of a drag queen himself – to embrace this twisted phenomenon.)

One can argue that Brown is also engaged in "grooming" by teaching people, especially children, that drag queens -- and LGBT people in general -- are to be feared and hated. But he continued to portray not hating people as "grooming":

In the words of gay drag queen Dolan Pontiff (in 2018), defending the drag queen story hour before a local city council, "I'm here to let you know that this event is something that's going to be very beautiful and for the children, and the people that support it are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation."

Parents of America, please listen to these words.

Are you going to let your children be "groomed"? And shall we mention the sexually explicit acts performed by some of these drag queens, in the presence of (and, sometimes, with the participation of) little children? Or the drag queens who were found to be sex offenders with children? Some of these convicted child abusers even read to little kids in libraries.

Parents, are you listening?

Brown then once again played is faux-sympathy card, purporting to understand them while also portraying them as evil:

Yet, to repeat, I feel genuine pain and sorrow for these men, for whom same-sex attractions likely feel just as natural as opposite-sex attractions feel for heterosexuals, and for in whose eyes reading to children is a good thing.

They are lost in sin, as all of us were at one time or another (see Ephesians 2:1-3). They are objects of Christ's love, people for whom He died, and some of them might one day be shining examples of God's grace.

So along with that feeling of intense righteous indignation let a sense of pity arise as well. Pray for the salvation and transformation of the drag queens! Perhaps your prayers will make an eternal difference in some of their lives.

Can we also feel pity for Brown, who is so driven by such abject hatred for people who aren't like him?

Brown spent his Aug. 21 column being outraged that ChatGPT was made to create a Bible-style verse that supported transgender people:

But whether generated by ChatGPT or no, it is beyond preposterous to imagine that AI, using information found in the Bible, would then generate a comment that contradicted the Bible. That's not how AI would function, any more than a computer programmed to beat the world's top chess player would lose by checkmate in the first 10 moves.

That being said, does the passage really violate the spirit and substance of the Bible? Does it put unimaginable words on the lips of Jesus?


Instead, let's focus on the substance of the rest of the manufactured words of Jesus. And then let's ask a deeper, real-life question. What would Jesus say to a trans-identified person?

We are told that He looked upon this person with kindness. Does this sound like Jesus? Absolutely. That is who He is.

And there is truth to the claim that in God's kingdom there is neither male nor female. But this doesn't mean that gender distinctions should be blurred or transgressed. Instead, as expressed by Paul (see Galatians 3:28; Colossians 3:11), there is neither caste nor class in God's kingdom – not Jew or Gentile, male or female, slave or free. We are all equal in Jesus.

But that hardly means that there are no gender distinctions in terms of reality and in terms of implication. To the contrary, the whole Bible, including the New Testament, makes gender distinctions, giving specific instructions to husbands and wives, and recognizing only two sexes.

Brown then tried to insist that Jesus hates transgender people as much as he does:

But it is here that the whole AI "Bible passage" breaks down in terms of a trans-positive application.

That's because Jesus would not say to a woman who felt like she was a man, "Be made whole," and then, miraculously and instantaneously, her healthy breasts would disappear, leaving her only with scars, after which He would then give her a lifetime subscription to hormone pills, free of charge. God forbid! That is monstrous rather than Messianic.

Instead, He would say to her, "Be made whole," and, miraculously and instantaneously, she would be at home in the body she was created with. No surgeries. No pills. Just peace.

Of course that's what He would do – unless you believe that He would miraculously remove the limb of someone struggling with BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) rather than make them whole from the inside out. Or unless you believe that He would turn a "furry" into an animal rather than heal the person of his or her confusion. Perish the thought.

That's why, as followers of Jesus, we too should look on trans-identified people with kindness and, without condemning or driving them away, help them to find wholeness from the inside out. It's the Jesus way – the real Jesus.

But Brown doesn't really mean any of that "kindness" stuff. He will never admit the full humanity of a transgender person or a drag queen -- he can only see them as someone with a "disorder" who needs to have right-wing Christianity forced upon them.

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