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Michael Reagan, Living (And Ranting) On His Father's Name

He's down to mainly being a Newsmax columnist these days, but Michael Reagan still styles himself as the keeper of his adoptive father's ideological flame while sounding like the right-wing radio host he used to be.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 4/8/2024

Michael Reagan

For years, Michael Reagan has been riding the very long coattails of his adoptive father, former President Ronald Reagan, and he has styled himself as the keeper of his ideological flame; for instance, ConWebWatch has noted how he lashed out as his brother, Ron Reagan Jr., for arguing that their father showed symptoms of Alzheimer's disease while still president. These days, however, his prominence is mostly limited to be a Newsmax columnist -- and even then he shares writing credit with Michael R. Shannon, which suggests Shannon is the actual author and that Reagan merely signs off on it.

Reagan's approach to issues, however, it more reflective of the right-wing radio host he used to be than any sort of earnest flame-keeper for his father, and that's what his columns displayed throught 2023. Reagan had a meltdown over hate-crime and red-flag laws in his May 2 column:

Minnesota fascists hope to be making a list in the near future and checking it twice.

State Rep. Samantha Vang, D-Dist. 38B, wants to change state law and make statements she doesn’t like grounds for putting people she doesn’t like on a North Star State “bias list.”

We tried to tell gullible Republicans in the past that voting for a hate crime law was volunteering to schedule yourself for the left’s enemies and canceled lists.

Hate crime laws are really “thought crime laws” because the law criminalizes thought instead of action.

That didn’t stop “Rep. Gomer Pyle” from supporting the laws and it didn’t motivate Republicans to repeal the laws if they gained power.

Bias crime lists are just another avenue to criminalize and marginalize people the left doesn’t like and also wishes to punish.


Minnesota also has a red flag bill advancing through the legislature that takes guns away from people deemed to be dangerous without a trial.

If you aren’t dangerous, you still have to spend money on a lawyer to get your weapons returned.

Another example of the process being the punishment.

Here’s how the bills could work together:

Angry sister-in-law has had it with her MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) brother-in-law.

She sees him wearing his MAGA hat in his car and he inadvertently drives past the “Saint” George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis.

She calls the bias registry and anonymously reports her brother-in-law. That puts him on Big Brother’s list.

A month later at a family gathering, brother-in-law starts talking about the clot (COVID-19) shot and he wonders aloud why people harmed by shot side effects don’t grab a gun and demand accountability from Big Pharma.

That’s all she needs.

Sister-in-law calls the state police and makes a red flag report on her brother-in-law claiming he’s making violent, threatening statements and is a danger to the public.

The state police check Big Brother’s big bias spreadsheet and low-and-behold brother–in–law is already on the list!

Two strikes and he can kiss his guns goodbye.

The left’s conservative-targeted laws don’t work in isolation; the laws are an all-out, all fronts attack on political enemies. Which would be you.

Of course, if you're obsessively ranting about the "clot shot" despite the fact that COVID vaccines work, some sort of intervention would seem to be necessary.

Reagan ranted at country star Garth Brooks in his June 17 column:

We don’t know if Garth Brooks personally drinks Bud Light, but we can assure you he’s an avid, two-fisted drinker of leftist Kool-Aid.

Brooks recently made the news when he announced his new bar, “Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk” — located in Nashville, Tennessee — will be proudly (no pun intended) serving Bud Light.

This after a Bud Light marketing campaign embraced female impersonator Dylan Mulvaney who is famous for his manic woman-face portrayals of real women.

The resulting boycott of Bud Light by normal beer drinkers has the marketing team wondering if sinking to the same market share as non-alcoholic beer would be a bad thing after all.

What’s surprising is a man who made his living in the music field can be so tone deaf in his own city. Brooks is cozying up to the same insane gender ideology that produced the Covenant Christian School shooter in the same city where the murders happened!

Reagan didn’t explain why he and his fellow right-wingers are such snowflakes that they can’t emotionally handle a transgender person drinking bear. Instead, he raged at Brooks for refusing to hate transgender people as much as he does:

Brooks gives all the sanctimonious leftist-approved excuses for embracing the culture’s slide into perversion. Yahoo News has the quote, “I get it, everybody’s got their opinions. But inclusiveness is always going to be me. I think diversity is the answer to the problems that are here and the answer to the problems that are coming. So I love diversity.”

And if “diversity” means inclusivity for sexual miscreants, well, the more the merrier!

What Brooks has evidently missed is that “diversity” is an ideological Procrustean bed that forces all to conform to one ideology. And that ideology is not one that Country Music fans support. In other words, Brooks, unlike colleague Alan Jackson (of “Gone Country” fame) chose to go beyond crazy left.

Brooks urges customers — assuming there are any after this — “So, here’s the deal, man …come in. But come in with love, come in with tolerance, patience. Come in with an open mind, and it’s cool.”

Which sounds like the governing motto of every PRIDE festival held this month.

Why must having an “open mind” include sane people associating with disturbed people and giving a big old hug to decadence?

Why does culturally imposed “diversity” force us to live in Sodom with electricity?

Why does Reagan think that failure to hate people who aren’t like him is an “ideology”? And why doesn’t he admit that, by the same argument, that kind vicious hatred is an “ideology” as well? We may never know.

Reagan used his June 27 column to demand that Republican attorneys general play right-wing culture wars:

Attention red state voters!

If your attorney general ever says that he doesn’t think social issues or culture war fights are part of his job, find a new attorney general.

Your current officeholder needs to be fired.

Republican officeholders who are pacifists in the culture war are responsible for the dumpster fire that constitutes our current cultural scene.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., we’re looking at you.

The culture or political environment of the state and nation is what determines the parameters for corporate and personal behavior that is considered acceptable.

Our current parameters being: We live in Sodom with electricity.


Our nation is in a cultural fight to the finish.

Opting out is opting for total defeat.

Two can play at this game and the side defending decency and children has the advantage in the court of public opinion.

Defending the innocent deserves a full court press.

If your red state’s attorney general isn’t leading or part of this effort, you need apply pressure to him or her today or start working to find a new state attorney general.

Reagan has ranted about many other things as well:

  • In his April 8 column, he raged against ranked-choice voting, calling it “Rigged Choice  Voting” because it allegedly increases the chance that Democrats might win.
  • On April 18, Reagan cheered that the president of West Texas A&M University canceled a drag show on campus, proclaiming that he “is not intimidated by the ‘Rainbow Reich.'”
  • Reagan used his May 19 column to whine that special counsel John Durham “didn’t produce one indictment or criminal referral” though he purportedly documented things that “far exceeds the criminality of the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s,” allegedly showing that “The Deep State was essentially attempting a slow-motion coup of an elected president.” He went on to huff that “this DOJ is simply the armed wing of the Democratic Party” and that “The entire Department of Justice is an arm of the left and it exists to serve only the left.”
  • In his May 30 column, Reagan blamed Democrats and “pressitutes” for drama over the federal debt ceiling and possible government shutdowns, asserting that “Stopping the growth of out-of-control spending is the issue now,” adding, “Insist on cuts that are quantifiable and enforceable. Anything less is a defeat.”
  • Reagan’s July 7 column ranted about people toying with the idea of finding ways to block the sun’s rays to reduce global warming: “Fresh off killing and injuring thousands with a “safe and effective” vaccine, our science overlords now want to take on the weather.”

Reagan also likes to spread dubious medical advice. He and Shannon spouted anti-vaccine rantings in a December 2022 column:

The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous substance Americans have ever been ordered to inject into their bodies.

The disabling and often deadly side effects from these vaccines outnumber all the total side effects from every other U.S. vaccine since record keeping began.

Let's review: 
  • Vaccines were marketed in a false and deceptive fashion
  • Vaccines did not prevent the vaccinated from getting COVID
  • Vaccines did not prevent the vaxxed from transmitting COVID
  • Vaccines did not prevent being hospitalized with COVID
  • Vaccines did not prevent deaths from COVID
And — the side effects were hidden from the American public.

Actually, the vaccines do save lives, but that truth is not part of Reagan's misinformation narrative.

He spent a February 2023 column raging against the idea of using the diabetes drug metformin to treat childhood obesity, attacking allegedly money-grubbing pharmaceutical firms (even though metformin is a generic drug) and the very idea that obesity could be considered a disease:

Obesity isn’t a disease and children don’t catch it like they do a sore throat.

Obesity begins with poor lifestyle choices, either on the part of the parents or the child.

Eliminating sugary drinks, fast food and candy can do the work of drugs and at much lower cost. 

Other examples include: parents exercising with their children. Taking walks, playing basketball, pickleball or even catch can introduce the child to a healthier lifestyle.

Better advice than taking drugs would be for the parents and child to attend the calorie equivalent of AA. That is, assuming one exists.


Of course, changing a child’s eating habits and lifestyle is a group project with parents and the child participating.

So Big Pharma can just butt out. Please.

Reagan’s column was topped with an editor’s note stating that “The following article has been authored by non-clinicians.”

The rants continue

Reagan spent his July 11 column ranting that red states should be so right-wing that they scare away anyone who deviates even slightly from rigid right-wing ideology:

But now we have a better idea: Prevent leftists from moving to red states in the first place.

Governors and legislatures must get busy and make their state’s culture so red that blue voters and their poisonous ideology will stay put.

Bring the company without the baggage.

The Washington Times had a story that makes our point. Conservatives are moving to red states because of the culture and left-wingers are going to blue states for the same reason.

It’s time for red states to go on a cultural full court press. Pass anti-abortion laws that ban abortion after the heartbeat is detected.

Permit concealed carry of handguns and recognize permits issued by reciprocal states.

Criminalize gender mutilation surgery, ban puberty blockers, suspend the licenses of doctors, nurses, hospitals and social workers that enable this monstrous attack on children.

Ban hemales from women’s sports and women’s bathrooms.

End government support for PRIDE events and arrest participants who expose themselves to children.

Do the same at drag queen events held for children and suspend the liquor licenses of bars and restaurants that host the events.

Make it easy for parents to protest and remove obscene and grooming books from school and public libraries.

Hold librarians personally accountable for putting these books in the stacks.

End sex education for all grades below high school. Make high school sex education single–sex and give parents the right to opt out.

Make bringing up sexual orientation in elementary school a firing offense.

Ban all Rainbow Reich paraphernalia from the classroom.

Require E-Verify for every company with more than 10 employees.

Require hospitals, schools and social service agencies to ask about citizenship status.

Once the legislation is in place make sure the state communicates its red culture far and wide. Every blue left adherent that doesn’t move to your state is one less vote for destructive policies and one more victory in the culture war.

And those in the left camp who leave the state are an added bonus.

When John Fetterman appeared on the Senate floor wearing shorts and a hoodie, Reagan melted down in his Sept. 19 column:

Fetterman’s physical health, after the stroke, appears reliable enough.

For him it’s seemingly his mental status.

His juvenile obsession with dressing like he’s going to the less-than-savory part of town to score has made accommodating some of his votes simply ludicrous.

According to AP (Associated Press), “The senator even found a workaround to the legislative body’s dress code rules by voting from the doorway of the Democrat cloakroom or the side entrance, making sure his vote is recorded before ducking out.”

Schumer’s worry that someone this immature may decide to take his vote and his baggy shorts and go home just when Chuck needs him the most.

Therefore, the dress code for senators has to go so the vote for Democratic priorities will stay. As we wrote earlier, the new code only applies to senators.

While Sen. Fetterman flaunts his hood-wear, leans his chair back and puts his sneakers up on the desk; the little people in the Senate gallery will still be required to wear a coat and tie or dress.

Reagan followed that with a meltdown over the Navy using a transgender person as a recruiting tool in his Sept. 22 column:

This digital deviance declaration was part of the Navy’s panicked response to collapsing recruiting numbers.

The sea service will miss its 2023 numbers by nearly 7,000 recruits.

A military that wasn’t run by left-adherent-ideologs would look at the shortfall and do what any private sector company would do: Go back to your base and try to boost numbers there first.

That approach is a non-starter for the Biden navy.

Red state patriots and generational military families are the type of soldier and sailor the navy wants to avoid.

They are too white, too conservative and too America First.

Toning down the perverts to attract the patriots is not a strategy designed to get one promoted in this navy.
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Keeping the Hagiography Alive

Reagan spent his Oct. 7 column whining that Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Donald Trump fraudulently overvalued his properties in order to get better loan rates:
Engoron’s ruling is the definition of arbitrary and capricious.

It’s an insult to kangaroos and their judicial system.

When this show trial finally gets underway the goal will be to fine Trump $250 million for his “fraud” in addition to losing his real estate empire.

Since there are no plaintiffs in the courtroom, we will guess the money is intended to disappear into the state or city’s general fund.

We’ve used the word “trial” and “courtroom” but make no mistake.

This isn’t a judicial proceeding. In blue states Trump is presumed guilty until proven innocent. This exercise in arbitrary power is simply punishment for being Donald Trump.

Trump’s biggest mistake as president was huffing and puffing and threatening to the blow the left’s house down. And then doing nothing. Now that the left knows Trump is a paper tiger, the left is taking its comprehensive, all-inclusive revenge.

Reagan concluded by huffing: “There is also another important message in this travesty for the rest of us. If the left can do this to a billionaire ex-president, make no mistake, they can do it to you.” In fact, that’s highly unlikely because most of us are not billionaires who fraudulently overvalued properties to get cheap loans.

Reagan’s Dec. 23 column hyped the upcoming release of names of people linked to Jeffrey Epstein: “Some names we do know were associated with Epstein include former President Bill Clinton and billionaire busybody and Climate Pharisee Bill Gates.” He failed to mention another Epstein associate: Donald Trump.

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