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Matt Palumbo, Right-Wing Propagandist

Palumbo's day job is working for Dan Bongino and writing books that get love from the Media Research Center -- but he has been moonlighting penning propaganda for shady Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui published by right-wing websites like Newsmax.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 8/16/2023

Matt Palumbo

Matt Palumbo is the author of a new book pushing the right-wing narrative against fact-checkers for committing the offense of fact-checking right-wingers (a narrative the Media Research Center also likes to peddle). His apparent day job, according to his Twitter bio, is "content manager," whatever that is for right-wing radio host Dan Bongino (who is publishing Palumbo's book under his Liberatio Protocol imprint).

But it turns out that Palumbo has another side gig: shilling for Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui (a.k.a. Miles Guo and Ho Wan Kwok), the moneybags keeping far-right activist Steve Bannon afloat who was recently indicted for fraud.

As exposed by fellow right-winger Lawrence Sellin, Palumbo is among a group of writers Guo and/or his affiliates paid earlier this year to write nice things about him; Guo interests then paid to have those articles published at right-wing websites such as Newsmax and Gateway Pundit. Walker Bragman and OptOut Media have reported how these writers were given prompts and drafts they could turn into pieces for paid publication. Mother Jones has also examined Guo and his propagandists.

The posts at Gateway Pundit are listed as being sponsored by something called "NewNoah," which Sellin suggests is a consulting firm controlled by Guo. A couple of these articles recently popped up on Newsmax, under gray-box "SPONSOR" posts on the front page, both of which are listed as being sponsored by "Token Team," which we can presume is another Guo-controlled company.

Palumbo huffed in defense of Guo in one paid article:

On March 15th, Miles Guo was arrested by the DOJ just before he was scheduled to testify in the trial of Pras Michel. Is The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) making every effort to prevent that testimony - because they know it’ll pull back the curtain and further expose the CCP’s infiltration of the U.S. government?

In case it's not clear, the bio on these propaganda articles reads: "Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros (2021), Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New York (2020), Debunk This! Shattering Liberal Lies (2019), and Spygate (2018)."

Palumbo also has quite the body of pro-Guo propaganda, though he's reluctant to admit it (he blocked ConWebWatch when we asked him about it on Twitter). The earliest example of his we could find at Newsmax was a March 30 piece that blamed the arrest of Guo on the CCP and played whataboutism over it:

All eyes have been on New Federal State of China Founder and anti-CCP dissident Miles Guo following his arrest on March 15, 2023. The arrest represented the culmination of years of targeting of Guo by the CCP. Guo was previously forced to flee from China to America for his personal safety after exposing the CCP’s 13579 plan to unleash a bioweapon, and the CCP has been fighting ever since to have Guo sent back to China.

Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, a Biden-appointee who previously worked at CCP-linked Paul Weisslaw firm, has urged the judge presiding over the case, Judge Katherine Parker, to deny Guo bail. This is despite Williams making no such demand when he announced charges against Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. New York state, and New York City in particular, are jurisdictions where violent criminals routinely are let out of jail without bail.

For backup of his claims, Palumbo linked to two propaganda articles by him that were posted at Gateway Pundit, one of which called calling Guo's arrest the "Collusion of the Century" and the other playing Bankman-Fried whataboutism and complaining that Guo "could remain behind bars for entirely politically motivated reasons."

Guo propaganda articles at Gateway Pundit are credited as being paid for by "NewNoah," while the propaganda articles at Newsmax are listed as being paid for by "Token Team," which just so happens to be the name of a company that had partnered with Newsmax a few years earlier to accept cryptocurrency as payment for ads.

Other Palumbo propaganda pieces published at Newsmax include:

(Note: Newsmax has since deleted many of the Guo propaganda articles, so the links may not work. Perhaps the Guo checks cleared and Newsmax no longer wanted to seen as a willing provider of paid propaganda.)

One of these propaganda pieces didn't age very well, however. Palumbo wrote in a May 9 piece:

On Friday April 5th, during a campaign stop, Republican Congressman George Santos visited the Darlington Mansion in New Jersey, which serves as the headquarters of the New Federal State of China, a social movement founded by Guo Wengui (also known as Miles Guo).

Guo is currently being detained without bail ahead of trial in New York, which is virtually unprecedented in a state with such lax bail laws. When it comes to the CCP’s infiltration of U.S. society, Congress has had all eyes on TikTok and none on the suspected CCP’s infiltration of our courts, media, and more. Following years of warnings that the CCP had set up their own police stations on U.S. soil to monitor American citizens and Chinese dissidents, recent arrests in New York confirmed it. Dozens of officers of China’s national police force were charged in connection to running an elite task force called the “912 Special Group.” The 912 Group is named after September 12th, the day that Guo filed for asylum in the U.S. after fleeing CCP persecution.

Santos is the first member of Congress to give the persecution of Guo, the public enemy number one of the CCP, the attention it deserves.


Through his advocacy for Guo, Santos also draws attention to the wider issues at stake regarding the CCP’s plans for world domination. Santos highlighted the CCP's systemic human rights violations, including its persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, suppression of freedom of expression, and its aggressive expansionist policies. By shedding light on these abuses, Santos brings the plight of countless individuals suffering under the CCP's oppressive rule to the forefront of discourse. “I’ve done a lot of soul searching. And I will not stop until Miles Guo is free and is given a trial. And I will not stop until the CCP is eradicated from this planet.,” Santos said. “These are the commitments I make to every American. That if you care for freedom, this is an issue I care about, because the true goal of the CCP is world domination. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a fact,” he added before mentioning the CCP’s crimes against Taiwan and Hong Kong.


For America to remain a beacon of liberty - the CCP and its influence must be crushed, and Santos is now the only member of Congress making that a central issue.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, this article came out the same day it was revealed that serial liar Santos would face 13 federal criminal charges involving fraud and perjury. Oops!

Getting caught shilling for a shady foreign billionaire, and a recently arrested one to boot, is not a good look for a guy with a new book to plug. We wonder if any of Palumbo's interviewers will raise this shady connection with him as he promotes his new book. Perhaps he can shed light on why he's doing this.

Another paid writer, Kelly John Walker, ranted in another article published at Newsmax:

The "fox hunt" for prominent Chinese dissident, Mr. Miles Guo reads like a Cold War-era spy novel. Indeed, the U.S. is in a high-stakes cold war against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with the tendrils of their malign influence pervading our legal system like a cancer. That infiltration raises the question as to whether or not some defendants are being denied due process or have instead become victims of the CCP’s “lawfare” strategy.


Why, in light of these foundational legal principles, is prominent anti-CCP dissident Mr. Miles Guo being held in custody without bail and without due process? Has the CCP exercised undue influence and pressure on the DOJ? Are there conflicts of interest and bias in the prosecution of Guo?

Walker is a right-wing podcaster who was arrested and convicted last year for threatening to zip-tie an elementary school principal because a friend's child missed a school field trip because had to quarantine due to COVID exposure.

That's the caliber of people who are moonlighting by spreading Guo propaganda. As Sellin has noted, neither Palumbo nor Walker promote their Guo work to their own readership even as it's being spread in pro-Guo circles.

What is "Token Team"?

The name listed as serving as a "sponsor" for the Newsmax articles is "Token Team," which we have assumed is a shady, mysterious Guo front company -- but it appears it may be more than that. A November 2018 Newsmax press release declared:

Newsmax TV, the fastest-growing cable news channel in the nation, announced today it is joining with blockchain ad-tech innovator The Token Team, LLC, for accepting advertising payments.

The relationship immediately provides Newsmax TV with access to a cutting-edge portfolio of blockchain and digital asset technologies and services.


“More and more we have seen companies in the crypto business seeking to advertise with us, or make payments with us,” said Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media, Inc. “The Token Team brings the expertise with their suite of crypto, blockchain, and digital asset services and technologies that will expand the playing field for both our companies.”

The Token Team, a digital marketing and ad-tech company, services the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset communities. With this agreement, Newsmax TV gives The Token Team exclusive access to its television and digital distribution channels for crypto, blockchain, and digital asset advertisers.

Token Team Chairman Vito Fossella said, “As Newsmax Media, especially Newsmax TV, continues to grow and break ground, The Token Team is proud to join forces and provide blockchain technology and crypto entities the opportunity to tell their stories.”

Newsmax TV has continuously pushed the boundaries to establish itself as a leading provider of new age, innovative digital multimedia advertising.

“This new venture with Newsmax TV is an exciting development for our company as we continue to define ourselves as THE go-to crypto-blockchain-focused ad-tech/media and marketing company. This monumental venture allows our company to further expand our service offering to the rapidly growing crypto community,” said Token Team founder John Tabacco. “We are excited to see what other innovations this joint venture will spark for the global digital asset community.”

If the names associated with Token Team sound familiar, they should. John Tabacco had a show on Newsmax TV for a while, "Table Talk," which Newsmax claimed was a "political reality show" purporting to take viewers "behind the scenes and to dinner tables of regular everyday Americans" (but only if they were conservative, apparently). He also filled other host roles on the channel, most notably when he was designated to read an on-air statement trying to stave off defamation claims by voting-tech companies Dominion and Smartmatic after the channel falsely accused them of taking part in voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Tabacco appears to be currently working as the VP of "digital asset strategy" for a "cannabis holding company" called MJ Holdings and is trying to launch a cryptocurrency aimed at conservatives.

Fossella is a politician whose career as a member of Congress infamously imploded in 2008 when an arrest for DUI led to the revelation that he was living with a woman and their child in Washington while also maintaining a wife and family back home in Staten Island. Fossella has since wormed his way back into politics, currently serving as Staten Island borough president.

The link between Newsmax, Token Team and crypto is interesting because one of the schemes Guo was arrested for involved a cryptocurrency scam.

Are Tabacco, Fossella and Token Team linked to Guo or his scam? Is Tabacco and Fossella's Token Team the "Token Team" buying this propaganda? We have no idea. But it's weird that the buyer of the pro-Guo paid articles would have the same name as Tabacco and Fossella's company and that they have a previous relationship with Newsmax.

Meanwhile, another connection between Tabacco and Guo exists. A show called "Wise Guys with John Tabacco" airs weekly on Newsmax, and the March 26 edition of his show featured Nicole Tsai, spokesperson for a Guo front group called the New Federal State of China. The interview was filled with softballs, and Tabacco challenged none of the talking points Tsai promoted, including her suggestion that federal agents set Guo's apartment on fire shortly after his arrest. Co-host Cara Castronuova, with a group called Citizens Against Political Persecution, fed the narrative too, hyping Guo's ties to Donald Trump and claiming he's a victim of "political persecution," conspiratorially adding: "I'm not going to throw out accusations, but I do think Biden and his son have ties to the CCP."

Neither Tabacco or any of the other interview panel participants -- who also included defense attorney Lou Gelormino -- disclosed any ties with Guo and his businesses and movements. And Guo interests clearly loved this segment because it has been reposted elsewhere with Chinese subtitles.

MRC loves Palumbo

Meanwhile, the Media Research Center has long been a promoter of Palumbo's work side it parrots favorite right-wing narratives:

  • An August 2020 post by Tim Graham touted how "Matt Palumbo at took issue with the extremely biased nature of PolitiFact's 'Truth-O-Meter' in assessing 'facts.'"
  • An October 2020 post by Graham noted Palumbo defending his nominal boss, Bongino, over accusations he had been spreading false misinformation that liberals planned to riot if Donald Trump won the election.
  • A June 2021 post by Joseph Vazquez referenced Palumbo whining that Soros advocates higher taxes for the wealthy though he paid no income taxes himself.
  • In January, an MRC report obsessing over Soros' spending on causes he likes referenced an attack by Palumbo, followed by a post by Vazquez touting how "Bongino Report Content Manager Matt Palumbo peeled back “the layers” of leftist billionaire George Soros’ global political and media influence during a recent interview with The Epoch Times."
  • A Feb. 1 post by Vazquez hyped a New York Post editorial calling Soros "the most dangerous man in America," approvingly citing attacks from Palumbo.
  • An April 10 post by Vazquez noted Palumbo complaining about right-wingers being called out for trying to discredit Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg by linking him to Soros.

As Palumbo ramped up his moonlighting propaganda for Guo -- which one would think is disqualifying -- the MRC continued to promote him. Curtis Houck gushed in an April 18 "editor's pick":

Writing in Tuesday’s print edition of the New York Post, our friend Matt Palumbo of the Bongino Report took a blowtorch to the liberal media-selected, so-called fact-checkers for their latest antics and lies in order to defend far-left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in his efforts to prosecute former President Trump.

“So-called fact-checkers know more about spinning the facts than checking them,” Palumbo began, citing Bragg as the latest proof they’ll go to any length “to circle the wagons and ‘debunk’ actual truths.”


Taken together, Palumbo argued that “[a]nyone can see exactly what happened here — yet the fact-checkers were more than happy to further demolish their credibility in arguing the contrary with pure semantics” and while one could argue these acts of mental gymnastics are comical, they’re actually disturbing as the intent is “to censor” dissent.

Houck did not mention how Palumbo was destroying his credibility by writing paid propaganda. Nevertheless, a post three days later by Tom Olohan touted Bongino citing his employee in making the same argument.

A May 2 post by Olohan hyped Palumbo attacking a "George Soros lackey" for criticizing right-wing attacks on prosecutors for allegedly having links to Soros. A May 22 post by Vazquez cited Palumbo in promoting a right-wing Rasmussen poll claiming that a bare majority of Americans have an "unfavorable" view of Soros -- thus show how the millions of dollars spent by the likes of the MRC and Palumbo to spread anti-Soros hate are paying off.

Vazquez ran to Palumbo's defense in a June 15 post:

The George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center threw a temper tantrum over Bongino Report Content Manager Matt Palumbo for his criticism of the group’s leftist financier.

The SPLC grumbled in a June 8 "Hatewatch" how Soros “has been that boogeyman for right-wing pundits, politicians and TV personalities.” SPLC then tried to launch nonsensical hyperbole in order to shield Soros from criticism and cast any opposition as being anti-Semitic in nature: “Soros has become the extreme right’s go-to antisemitic trope, and its ubiquity speaks to the mainstreaming of antisemitic rhetoric in the United States.” The SPLC then turned its sights on Palumbo and his book The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros (2022) as an anecdote, and smeared his work as “antisemitic-trope laden” without citing any evidence to support the allegation.

SPLC, of course, omitted from the blog any disclosure that Soros’ organizations funneled at least $160,000 to its coffers between 2016 and 2019 alone. Palumbo mocked the SPLC for its absurdity in comments to MRC Business, stating: “I’m shocked that an organization funded by George Soros would resort to such absurd lies to defend him!” Palumbo is right on target.

Vazquez then tried to help Palumbo perpetuate the false anti-Semitic smear that Soros is a Nazi sympathizer:

The SPLC twisted the facts around an April interview of Palumbo with Daily Wire host Candace Owens. SPLC claimed: “[Owens] suggested that ‘because of his contempt for Americans,’ it was ‘plausible’ that George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, was actually ‘sympathetic to the Nazis.’” The leftist organization accused Palumbo of agreeing with the notion.

However, the SPLC characterization of the discussion was completely devoid of context. Owens cited Soros’ own apathetic admission, saying “No,” that he had no feeling of guilt for being even tacitly connected to the Nazi confiscation of property from the Jewish people as a young teenager during the former’s occupation of Hungary during World War II.

“It seems very bizarre that he has such hatred for — really — the people that liberated him. Right? If he believes that the Nazis were so backwards and were so awful, how could he then spend his life having such contempt for Americans,” Owens asked. She continued: “Why would he be trying to foster the end of America? Why would he be wanting the cities to be crime-filled and releasing criminals onto the streets via his district attorneys? It doesn’t make sense.”

Owens then asked: “Is it plausible that he was actually sympathetic to the Nazis because he was taken care of and he was protected and maybe he saw them through a different vein?” Palumbo correctly pointed out that the question surrounding Soros’ indifference and motivation against America is difficult. “The Occam’s Razor answer is the simplest one, which is: He’s just an evil guy. And what the exact, you know, reason was, we don’t exactly know.” But even broaching the topic in order to explain Soros’ creepy apathy is supposedly anti-Semitic, according to the SPLC’s logic.

Soros also happens to be notorious for using his fortune to fuel anti-Israel causes.
But Vazquez, Palumbo and Owens omitted important context as well: A teenage Soros was posing as the nephew of a Hungarian official who was inventorying property already seized from the Jews, and that the Nazis found out his Jewish identity, he would likely be sent to a concentration camp and killed. In other words, he was trying to survive, and Vazquez and Co. appear to be demanding that he feel guilty for surviving the Nazis.

As with many other right-wingers who similarly irrationally hate Soros, it seems that Vazquez, Palumbo and Owens wish that the Nazis had executed just one more Jew.

And, needless to say, Vazquez made no mention of Palumbo's side gig writing pro-Guo propaganda -- propaganda he was continuing to write. A June 20 article at Gateway Pundit -- paid content listed as a "sponsored post" by "NewNoah," presumably a Guo front group -- complained that Guo was "unjustly denied" a hearing related to the fraud charges he faces, "adding yet more evidence that the system is rigged against him." He ended the article in full propaganda mode:

In the interest of judicial fairness, it is essential that Guo be granted bail. By bestowing upon him the freedom to combat the baseless accusations hurled his way, we ensure the preservation of bedrock principles like due process and the right to mount a defense. The mistreatment suffered by Guo serves as a chilling reminder of the potential for power abuse within our judicial system. The time has come to prioritize truth, fairness, and the safeguarding of individual liberties, by granting Guo the opportunity to champion his innocence.

Again, Palumbo's new (Bongino-published) book is dedicated to attacking fact-checkers as being too far "left." When you can't attack the facts, you attack the fact-checkers -- and why would anyone trust a paid propagandist to be honest about facts?

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