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The WorldNetDaily Super PAC

Not only is WND begging its readers for cash to fuel its anti-Obama agenda, Jerome Corsi has created a company that will launder anonymous donations to Joe Arpaio's birther posse.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 6/6/2012

In case it wasn't obvious before, WorldNetDaily has made it crystal clear: It's no longer a news organization, it's a political action committee.

WND editor Joseph Farah has already admitted he's an activist and not a journalist, particularly on the subject of President Obama's "eligibility." With WND and its reporter Jerome Corsi being in bed with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse's birther investigation -- from writing flattering articles about Arpaio to the Cold Case Posse copying-and-pasting sections of Corsi's birther book into its report and Corsi actually doing research work for the posse, on top of the seeming quid pro quo of Arpaio's re-election campaign renting WND's mailing list -- WND doesn't even bother keeping up the pretense of fair and objective journalism when it comes to Obama. He must be destroyed at all costs.

Now, WND is taking it to the next level by begging its readers for money to continue its anti-Obama crusade, despite the fact that it's a for-profit enterprise. In other words, it's essentially becoming a super PAC.

WND explains it in an April 23 article:

Left to the devices of the Republican Party and its nominee, Barack Obama is a shoo-in for re-election, says Joseph Farah, editor and founder of WND.

But he does believe there is an opportunity to defeat Obama and, equally importantly, restore the nation to constitutional integrity in 2012.

“There’s a problem even bigger than Obama afflicting America,” he says. “And that means it is a huge, monumental, fundamental crisis, because Obama, given another four years in office, will effectively destroy the very fabric of everything good that set America apart from the rest of the world. That problem is we have no more anchor for self-government, the rule of law and governance through the will of the people. The Constitution is being rendered meaningless.”

Farah says the way to accomplishing both goals – defeating Obama and restoring constitutional integrity – is through making the case, directly to the American people, that Obama is not constitutionally eligible, a position already held by a shockingly high percentage of Americans, given the blackout of the issue by most of the media.

Of course, the reason "most of the media" ignores this story is because it's a sham ginned up by Farah and Co., just like he did in the 1990s with the claim that Vince Foster was murdered, and for the same purpose -- to try and delegitimize a president he opposes.

Thank you, Mr. Farah, for declaring that not only do you have no interest in fair and balanced journalism or even the facts, you will be turning WND into a propaganda machine dedicated almost exclusively to trying to destroy President Obama. Years back, Farah declared himself an activist and not a journalist, so let's not pretend he's anything but a craven, hate-filled partisan.

Here's where the PAC part comes in. Farah needs money in a hurry -- lots of money:

“For years now I have been promoting a billboard campaign on the birth certificate question,” Farah reminded. “We have erected hundreds of billboards around the country – first asking simply ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ and later asking, ‘Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?’ The first part of the plan calls for a massive and aggressive expansion of that program, which put the issue on the map when most media would not even entertain honest discussions of it. In order to do this, I need help – lots of help. I need financial support – much more than we have ever received in the past. I estimate it will take up to $1 million to plaster this message across the country so it cannot be ignored.

But that’s just the start, says Farah. If the campaign is successful enough, he wants to produce and air hundreds of television ads about the eligibility issue. If we can raise through grass-roots donations another $1 million by July, we can have those ads airing in major markets, on national TV and in battleground states to ensure Obama is so weakened by public doubt that his campaign can’t even overcome the crisis through voter fraud.


He acknowledges $2 million is a lot of money to raise quickly – but that’s what it’s going to take.

“There’s no sugar daddy out there who is going to do this for you,” says Farah. “Trust me on that. Donald Trump is not going to come to our rescue. You and I are going to have to dig deep into our pockets and sacrifice to find the financial resources to make this happen. I’m committed to doing my part to spread the truth. I don’t think anyone can doubt that after the abuse I’ve endured for the last four years. The only question is how many others will help with contributions of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $1,000, $5,000 or more. We’re not going to get any stimulus money from Obama to make this happen. But this could be America’s last chance to take a stand for what is right, truthful and honest. If you stand with me on this, please make your donation today. Let’s defeat Obama and restore the Constitution in 2012.

When Donald Trump thinks you're too crazy, that may be a sign that you're too crazy.

But sanity isn't the point -- money is. This is nothing but a grab for cash done in the most cynical way possible. And don't expect that Farah will ever provide any accountability to his donors for how all that money he's begging for is spent. He certainly isn't promising to do so; he doesn't have that kind of integrity.

If Farah was truly committed, he'd borrow the money himself. Instead, the money from his gullible donors may very well line his own pockets. You'll see WND report on John Woodman's birther debunking before he'll publicly document where that money went.

Given that, why would anybody trust Farah and WND with their cash?

While WND isn't promising accountability, it does seem to be promoting one thing that it think will trump that: anonymity.

While that may have been implicit in WND's appeal for cash, it's made explicit in a May 15 WorldNetDaily email that let the cat out of the bag on Corsi's newest anti-Obama venture, a secret company to fund and support Joe Arpaio's cold case posse "investigation" of Obama's "eligibility" that promises to keep donors anonymous:

With the investigation entering a critical seventh month, key volunteers on the Cold Case Posse will have to drop out unless funds can be provided to substitute for the income they need to support their families.

Dr. Jerome Corsi has agreed to devote his corporation, Constitution Consultants LLC — a company he set up to help fund his investigative research -- to be 100 percent devoted to supporting Arpaio's Cold Case Posse volunteers, so the work of investigating Obama can continue without interruption.

Because Constitution Consultants is a New Jersey limited liability corporation, all donations must be after-tax and reported by Corsi to the IRS. The advantage to contributors is that contributions can remain anonymous because federal and New Jersey tax laws do not require disclosure of individual donors, as long as all donations are reported — a condition Corsi has a history of scrupulously meeting.

From now until the election in November, Corsi has committed to apply the donations he receives in Constitution Consultants to making sure he and the Cold Case Posse can pursue Obama until the last facts about Obama's identity and his eligibility to be president are uncovered and made public.

"This is one election we cannot afford to lose," says Corsi. "If Obama wins re-election, the fundamental freedoms our Founding Fathers defined under the Constitution are at risk of being lost. If Obama wins re-election, the very free enterprise system that has built the strongest middle class the world has ever known will be undermined in Saul Alinsky rhetoric of barely disguised class warfare."

If you want to make sure Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse of Obama's birth certificate and his eligibility to be president continue to conclusion, contribute to Constitution Consultants, so Sheriff Arpaio's law enforcement investigators can complete their vital work without interruption.

In short, Corsi -- who has presented himself as a "journalist" -- is actually funding the posse he has written so lovingly about at WND (without disclosing that involvement to his readers, of course).

It's also laughable for WND to claim that Corsi "scrupulously" discloses his actions, since nobody knew about his little money-laundering operation until now. WND itself hasn't reported about it on his website.

WND's quest for anti-Obama cash isn't ceasing. Even though Farah had earlier despaired of getting The Donald to fund birther ventures, WND is still putting pressure on Trump to do so.

An unbylined May 26 WND article touted how right-wing radio host Steve Malzberg told Arpaio to beg Trump for a donation for the cold case posse "investigation" of Obama's "eligibility."

The article also uncritically repeats Arpaio's denial that tax money is being used for sending a sheriff's deputy along with the posse's recent junket to Hawaii to view the official birth certificate for themselves. At no point does Arpaio offer any evidence to back up his claim, nor has he disclosed the donor list for the posse, even though as a 501(c)3 organization it is required to disclose its donors.

Corsi, by the way, tagged along on that Hawaii junket. A May 21 WND article noted that Corsi "is embedded with the investigators in Hawaii with the provision that reporting during the trip be curtailed to protect the investigation." The article did not explain who paid for Corsi's trip -- Arpaio, the posse, or WND.

Real journalism doesn't hide behind mysterious money, nor does it use that mysterious money as a base from which to launch smear jobs.

Not only has WND completely abandoned journalism to become an anti-Obama super PAC -- and begging for more money to further its hatred -- it's now promoting a money-laundering scheme operated by one of its own employees to smear the president.

It's utterly hypocritical for WND to demand transparency from Obama when its own jihad against him is so completely shrouded in secrecy.

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