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A Cog In The MRC's Anti-Gay Outrage Machine

Matt Hadro's job at the Media Research Center involves getting upset every time a gay person appears on CNN.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 8/29/2012

Matt Hadro's job as a Media Research Center "news analyst" is to monitor CNN for examples of "liberal bias." As befits the MRC's anti-gay agenda, it's also part of his job to flag when CNN insufficiently hates gays.

For instance, Hadro wrote this in an Aug. 16, 2011, NewsBusters post:

CNN's own poll recently showed that voters 60-to-one believe the economy is the most pressing issue facing the United States, as opposed to policies toward gays and lesbians. CNN's Anderson Cooper apparently thought the views of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann toward gays and lesbians important enough to merit the lead segment on his Monday show.

A Nov. 9, 2011, post by Hadro was perturbed that CNN show shocking footage of gays attending church and featured "a Christian pastor who accepts gays and lesbians in his congregation and disputes historic, biblical teaching on the immorality of homosexuality." Hadro seemed even more disgusted that "CNN also featured clips of congregants praising the church's affirming stance on gay and lesbian relationships." Apparently, such graphic footage of non-heterosexuals praying to a Christian God is utterly offensive to Hadro.

Hadro devoted a Dec. 9, 2011, post to complaining that CNN gave "quality airtime" to "the director of a film on the coming-out story of a lesbian teenage girl." Even worse for Hadro, CNN's Frederika Whitfield "asked no tough questions" of the director "and instead teed her up to explain what the film is trying to accomplish."

Why, you'd think that NewsBusters would never conduct such a softball interview. That, of course, would be wrong, as a slobbering interview NewsBusters associate editor Noel Sheppard conducted with "treasured friend of the Media Research Center's and NewsBusters favorite" Ann Coulter all too clearly demonstrates.

In a Jan. 23 NewsBusters post, Hadro cleverly spotted how "CNN's Kareen Wynter aired a gushing portrait of an openly-gay beauty pageant contestant, emphasizing her mission to 'make a statement' about her orientation," thus continuing CNN's pattern of allegedly being "in the tank for gay rights."

On Jan. 26, Hadro's eagle eye found that CNN "aired a coming-out story that could have doubled as a promotional piece for the GLBT community." This happens to be "the openly-gay grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts." Hadro complained that, according to the grandson, "conservatives are wrong on gay marriage and his goal is to change their minds. And CNN gave him the air time to do exactly that." Yeah, nobody should ever be exposed to something that may conflict with their beliefs. Why, that's practically un-American!

In a Feb. 20 post, Hadro complains that comedian Ricky Gervavis said in a CNN appearance that it's "child abuse" for "religious fundamentalists" to tell "their five-year-old children that if they turn out gay, they will burn in hell." Hadro doesn't explain why Gervais' statement is so offensive to him, but it obviously is or he wouldn't have highlighted it.

"Unvarnished support for the GLAAD"

Hadro used an April 25 post to huff that "CNN continued to show its unvarnished support for the GLAAD" for an interview by anchor Kyra Phillips that was allegedly "dripping with sympathy for a lesbian mother recently removed by the Boy Scouts as local cub den leader because of her orientation." He further complains:

Phillips fawned over the subject's son as she asked him such questions as "tell me what makes your mom such a great den leader" and "Do you think it's pretty cool to have two mommies?" CNN claims to be a serious news network, but Phillips' "interview" could have passed for Oprah any day of the week as she helped Jennifer Tyrrell carry out her "mission" of changing the Boy Scout protocol of no gay den leaders.

Of course, having a lesbian Boy Scout leader is hardly the same thing as a gay male Boy Scout leader. But all gays must be denigrated by Hadro and his MRC co-workers, apparently.

(On the subject of GLAAD: An Aug. 6 MRC Culture & Media Institute item by Matt Philbin purported to detail CNN's "special relationship" with GLAAD, the chief complaint being that "CNN has mentioned or turned to GLAAD for opinions and expertise on gay-related stories at least 41 times in the last two years." Philbin didn't mention what an absurdly tiny amount of references that is for a two-year period on a 24-hour news network.)

In a May 15 NewsBusters post, Hadro complained that CNN went "above and beyond journalistic standards" to report on how "a man pushing for same-sex marriage made a viral video of himself and his deceased partner." Hadro huffed: "The fact that the report came on the heels of President Obama's announcement in favor of gay marriage last week – where CNN hosted an overwhelming majority of pro-gay guests – might say a lot about CNN's cheerleading for same-sex marriage."

Hadro then complained in a May 17 post:

CNN continued its ridiculous narrative of tying gay rights to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, on Tuesday's Starting Point. Anchor Brooke Baldwin and her panel battered Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall for blocking the nomination of a gay prosecutor to the state's bench, even though Marshall argued that he was unfit for the position because of his activism and not his orientation.

Hadro also performed a drive-by Heathering of Margaret Hoover, calling her a "phoney-conservative."

In another May 17 post, Hadro got back to complaining about gays being on TV, grumbling that CNN's Suzanne Malveaux wasn't mean to a gay activist:

Zach Wahls is an activist lobbying Congress on behalf of gay rights issues, and yet CNN's Suzanne Malveaux rolled out the red carpet for him with nary a critical question on Thursday's 12 p.m. hour of Newsroom.

When Wahls, the author of a book titled "My Two Moms," made light of the "big gay scourge" that some say America faces, Malveaux laughed and flattered him "That was really funny, Zach." Sensing an opportunity, she added "Do you think that we need to use more humor to get – to further this discussion?"

As in, those opposed to same-sex marriage need to lighten up a bit, and some humor will help "further this discussion." Malveaux certainly did her part to further the gay agenda by teeing up the gay activist with complete softballs, enabling him to air his agenda with no debate.

Yeah, because no activist has ever before used a TV appearance to further his agenda.

Hadro kept up the freakout in an August 1 NewsBusters post, in which he declares CNN "the network that encourages gay activists and promotes the gay agenda." Hadro didn't explain what "gay agenda" he was referring to.

Ironically, Hadro used this post to attack CNN anchor Kyra Phillips for not talking about gay marriage -- and, more to the point, rehashing right-wing talking points that gay marriage isn't important during an interview with an anti-gay minister. Hadro also made note of a post by his MRC co-worker Tim Graham earlier in the day that attacked CNN for having as a guest a 10-year-old "who's the toast of New York liberals and The New York Times (pardon the redundancy) for wanting to give a speech in his class in favor of 'marriage equality.'"

Hadro then laid out his anti-gay list of particulars:

Gay activists fighting the Boy Scouts' ban on openly-gay scouts and den leaders received encouragement and downright sappy interviews from CNN.

CNN hailed openly-gay Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) as a gay "pioneer" while badgering social conservative Tony Perkins over why homosexuals "bother" him "so much."

CNN compared nominating a gay activist to a state's judiciary with desegregation.

CNN has boosted gay rights activists in their fight to win public favor on "marriage equality."

Anchor Don Lemon compared Mitt Romney defending traditional marriage to former Governor George Wallace pushing for segregation.

Shortly after President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, CNN's guests favoring gay marriage outnumbered those opposed five to one. The network continued its brazenly pro-gay coverage into the evening.

Allowing "pro-gay" points of view on a news network does not necessarily make CNN "pro-gay." Complaining about it, though, arguably makes Hadro anti-gay.

Don Lemon comes out, Hadro objects

When CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted that he was gay, Hadro acted pretty much the way you'd expect -- portraying it as a terrible thing that merely confirms the MRC's bashing of him as biased. Hadro howled in a May 16, 2011, post that "Lemon has a history of pro-gay bias at CNN, featuring soft interviews of pro-gay figures and hinting that Christian churches preach the same hateful message against homosexuality that the fringe Westboro Baptist Church promotes – 'God hates fags.'" Hadro's main issue, it seems, is that Lemon treated gays with respect instead of scorn; among the examples of so-called "pro-gay bias" he offers is that Lemon asked former Army Lt. Dan Choi, who was expelled from the military after his homosexuality became public, "Was it worth the prize [sic] for speaking out?"

The next day, Hadro took umbrage at Lemon's apparently heinous suggestion that gays should be treated with respect:

CNN anchor Don Lemon grabbed headlines over the weekend with his Twitter announcement that he is gay. On Monday his co-workers provided plenty of time for him on two separate shows to share his story and his own views on the gay-rights issue, and showered him with support. As if that wasn't enough, he asked them in turn to do the same for others "who choose to come out."

"I really appreciate all the support, and I hope you continue to support not only me, but other people who choose to come out," Lemon told afternoon Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin.

Hadro again complained that "Lemon has himself provided a podium for gay rights activists to makes themselves heard, though he claims objectivity on the issue."

Having to generate outrage every time somebody says nice things about gays in the media -- or, at least, fails to rain hate upon them -- must be a difficult job. But that's what the MRC is paying Hadro to do, so rage he must.

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