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A Year of Obama Hatred at WorldNetDaily

WND's columnists repeatedly make outrageous claims, demonstrating that it is indisputably Obama Hate Central.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 1/7/2010

When President Obama was inaugurated, ConWebWatch detailed how WorldNetDaily was emerging as Obama Hate Central -- a nexus for dubious claims and outrageous statements about him.

In the year that his followed, WND has fulfilled the promise of being that shining city on a hill for Obama-haters. Oh, how WND has fulfilled it.

Going full birther -- to the point of publishing fabricated claims and fraudulent "birth certificates" was only the most visible component of WND's war against Obama. WND also likened him to the Antichrist (on top of its continuous smearing of him as a Nazi), red-baited his nominees, promoted questionable polls, gave Jerome Corsi the space to peddle more dubious claims, and circulated lie after lie about him, while hiding behind numerous anonymous sources.

WND's columnists have joined the Obama-hating crusade, with Ellis Washington, Molotov Mitchell, Jackie Mason, and Erik Rush making notable and voluminous contributions.

But they are far from the only contributors to WND's Obama Derangement Syndrome. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the greatest Obama-hating hits from WorldNetDaily columnists.

Regarding Rick Warren's decision to give the prayer at Barack Obama's inauguration, assume for a moment that we had just elected a man to be president who, during the campaign, spoke to a rally of the Ku Klux Klan – all the while reassuring us how important his Christian faith is to him. Let's also assume that, during this rally, he told the assembled cone heads that he thinks America should return to the times when only white male landowners were allowed to vote.

The question is, could anyone in America be stupid enough to think that Rick Warren would give the invocation for this guy's inauguration?


On one hand, Obama needs someone who can give him cover with the Christian community. His goal is to hide from them the fact that he is a heretic and moral degenerate.

-- Mark Crutcher, Jan. 6 column

Within the first three days of taking office, Obama has signed five specific executive orders without any advice or the consent of the legislative or judicial branches – the same branches the founders believed were essential for effective and accountable government. This is an unprecedented number given past presidents like Kennedy, Carter and Clinton only signed one in the first few days of taking office and Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush signed zero in the same time frame.

Maybe Obama has abandoned the whole concept of a constitutional republic and is embracing early on what many of us feared: a Socialist dictatorship with our supreme, beloved leader Caesar Obama. Castro's Cuba, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China may soon see the list include Obama's America unless some of the Republicans in Congress grow a set of ... well, nerves.

-- Craig R. Smith, Jan. 26 column

As the Glorious Leader Obama (called "Caesar Obama" by one radio talk-show host) exerts his best efforts to place his Orwellian visage on the telescreens of the nation's media outlets, both traditional and Internet-based, citizens are inundated with the inevitability of Obama's increasingly statist rule.

-- Phil Elmore, March 26 column

"Hip" is how rapt reporters referred to the iPod the president and first lady gave the queen of England. Thanks to his fawning friends in the British and American media, Barack Obama got away with giving another foreign dignitary a vulgar gift.

Shades of the reality show "Cribs"...


The queen might have preferred a rare recording of the great cellist Pablo Casals performing at the Kennedy White House. Jacqueline Kennedy was a cultured lady with impeccable taste.

-- Ilana Mercer, April 3 column. (Actually, the queen requested the iPod.)

Lenin and Hitler used the national and economic disasters in their countries to ride to political victory. Conquest in a time of disaster! I believe the United States is in the midst of a similar development, spearheaded by Barrack Hussein Obama.


Watching him in his speech to enthusiastic naïve youngsters, I recalled the times when I saw Hitler in the same position in front of masses of enthusiastic people who adored him. There is much similarity between Hitler and Obama, both being adored by millions. Both have an agenda that declares the march into slavery to be a march into a better future. If you look at the front cover of my recent book, "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie," and take the photo of Hitler out and put Obama's in, it would look real.

-- Hilmar von Campe, April 4 column

The rest of the world isn't as stupid as the Bush Derangement Sufferers who elected an illegal immigrant as president.

Craige McMillan, April 9 column

The United States is actually perfectly poised for such a breakup. An illegal alien was elected president by just over half the nation's population. The elites that allowed him to take office as president know he lacks the necessary citizenship (perhaps the only application of "don't ask, don't tell" they've ever supported). Many of the voters suspect, too. But for the moment they have chosen to remain silent – because of their fear of losing everything in an economic collapse.

-- Craige McMillan, April 23 column

Some Catholic members of the Obama administration were invited to attend the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. According to the Washington Times, those invited included Joe Biden, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and DHS Chief Janet Napolitano.

Since Obama wasn't going to be there, none of them knew who they should pray to anyway. So they just skipped the event and stayed at the White House where they could pray to, er, with, their boss.

-- Hal Lindsey, May 8 column

The first Friday of June is to be recognized as National Doughnut Day. Appropriately, I think the poster child for said day is Barack Obama, because the two most popular kinds of doughnuts come in two types: one is a ring-shaped piece of dough covered with glitter and/or thick icing – the other is a piece of dough filled with jelly.

They may look good, and in moderation they may taste good, but the bottom line is they are about as good for you as the oil they are deep-fried in. They are hollow calories. They make you full for a short while – but in the end you need more calories, with the end result being you gain unhealthy weight.

That is what we have with Obama. He is a person covered in eye-appealing icing, with nothing in the middle, whose policies are the tangential equivalent of a crème/jelly-filled doughnut. He is without substance, and as a result of his administration, it will take tens of trillions of dollars to bail us out of the trillions of dollars of debt he is burying us under.

-- Mychal Massie, June 9 column

And so now we have our first Muslim presidency, just eight years after 9/11. The media can spin their subjugation and adulation a million different ways, but America did not vote for a "Muslim presidency," which is what this is. Everything this president has done so far has helped foster America's submission to Islam.

-- Pam Geller, June 10 column

The president is like an unattractive high school girl desperately looking for a date to the prom: Any boor can take her for a few compliments. It's only when she arrives home the next morning, deflowered, that she realizes she's been suckered.

-- Ben Shapiro, June 17 syndicated column (published by WND)

America's system of checks and balances, designed to safeguard against tyranny, is in shambles.

Thus, our tyrannical president, committed to replacing free and private enterprise with government-run socialism, is able to do so, virtually at will.

That same tyrannical president is able to downgrade national defense, drive the nation to the cusp of financial ruin and trash the best health care system in the world in favor of a government run HMO, again, virtually unchallenged.

Our tyrannical president is able to use tax laws as a tool for punishing the successful in order to reward the mediocre.

He is able to bow before foreign kings, denounce America and her leaders while on foreign soil and apologize for American superiority as though it were a curse rather than a blessing.

-- John W. Lillpop, June 19 "letter of the week"

America has, for all intents and purposes, a dictatorship. And when the professional joker Al Franken is seated as the junior senator from Minnesota, the dictatorial powers of this White House will be complete. To hope the blue dog Democrats will keep this power-hungry, arrogant narcissist in check is foolish.

This presidency is no longer about the will of the people. It is clearly the will of Obama. He has made it crystal clear that nothing and nobody is going to stop him. His concepts of spreading the wealth and putting chickens in every pot are right out the Marxist handbook. And given the media nor his own party will challenge any demand Obama makes, he will usher in an age of Marxism that will be the envy of Chavez and Mugabe.

Speaking of Robert Mugabe, he and our fearless leader have a lot in common.

-- Craig R. Smith, June 22 column

Maybe Obama's poll numbers will fall even more when doctors see an end to their freedom of conscience as this administration tries to turn them into executioners by forcing them to perform abortions or leave medicine. Maybe they'll drop even further when America waits in long lines for health care like they do government cheese.

-- Janet Porter, June 23 column

I am struck by the dichotomies between their righteous indignation over the sham elections versus America's indifference and apathy concerning our own stolen elections six months ago by Obama (who's most likely not even a natural born citizen), the Democrat Party and the government-controlled media. Other than hundreds of "tea parties" that broke out in cities and towns across America to memorialize the Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773, there have been no mass demonstrations in Washington, D.C., in front of the White House expressing outrage that 62.7 million voters, 54 percent of the voting population willfully elected a neo-Marxist with fascist tendencies as president of the United States.

-- Ellis Washington, June 27 column

As the modern-day freedom fighters begin to organize and strategize, the government chooses not to reform, but to entrench and expand its control over the people.

The similarity is remarkable, between the rise of the Democratic Socialist Party now in control of Washington and the rise of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany in the 1930s.

Led by an articulate orator, the German government set out to nationalize health care, transportation, manufacturing and law enforcement. The Obama government has set out to nationalize manufacturing of autos and the finance industry. The Obama-backed "cap and trade" legislation will effectively nationalize the energy and transportation industries. And Obama's nationalized health care program is on the front burner.

-- Henry Lamb, July 4 column

Look how they never picked on Barack Obama. Barack Obama sat in the Senate for two years and never showed up. He took your money, the taxpayers' money, for literally nothing. When he was a state senator, he spent all his time looking for a job as a United States senator. As a United States senator, he spent all his time looking for the job as the presidency. He took your money for nothing, but nobody ever never criticized him. This is totally immoral and indecent. Could this happen in private industry?


He would have been sued, he would have been eliminated, he would have been destroyed if he tried this in private industry. But this immoral person who took a job and never showed up on the job and took everybody's taxpayers' money for nothing, nobody criticized him. They couldn't find the words to criticize, no matter what kind of piece of thievery that actually was. But Sarah Palin, who just did nothing wrong, is now considered the worst criminal of all time. Why? Because they're sick, lowlife, fraudulent people. They're fearful to such an extent that they can't tolerate her. They know she's going to do something that's going to beat them. They don't know how or why, but they can't face it. They fear it, they're panicking over it.They're terrorized by it to such an extent that they sound irrational and insane. And while they're condeming her, they sound nuts themselves. They sound like they belong in a sanitarium. They're irrational and hateful and sick, and you aought to be ashamed of yourself. You have no right to be in politics if you can't face a real opponent. You lowlife --

-- Jackie Mason, July 9 video

Obama has been angling for a way to expand government's influence over children since taking office. I believe his message to the NAACP was intended to tell his followers that he has found a way. As I have repeatedly said, Hitler knew, Stalin/Lenin knew, and Mao darn sure knew, that the first step in successfully taking over a country is to take over the education (read indoctrination) of your children.

-- Mychal Massie, July 21 column

Barack Obama hates white people – especially white men. Sorry folks, but the truth will set you free!


Barack Obama is Jeremiah Wright Jr. He is the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus! He embodies the aspirations of every left-wing black group that wants to tear down this country and take power away from the "oppressive" white man. He's not an obvious race hustler like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson; but Obama is a smooth pathological liar – with a wicked heart.


Both Obama and his friend Henry Louis Gates are racist. Keep in mind also that Gates' attorney, Charles Ogletree, was Barack Obama's law professor at Harvard. We're dealing with liberal-elite, cunning black intellectuals.

-- Jesse Lee Peterson, August 4 column

For example, take Gandalf's admonition to Frodo: "Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again." Just like Gandalf had to wage constant battles with the forces of evil in his day – Sauron, the equivalent of Satan, Saruman, a corrupt puppet of Sauron, the former mentor of Gandalf, and the legions of Sauron's foot soldiers, useful idiots Tolkien calls Orcs – so do we battle the fascist tactics of President Barack Obama in modern times.

Gandalf just as easily could have been discussing the decline of Western Civilization and America in the Age of Obama.

It amazes me that just 20 years after the great Ronald Reagan brought peace, economic stability and record prosperity to the United States as the tyrannical evil empire of Soviet communism began to crumple throughout the world, this diminutive Marxist professor, Barack Obama, is not only systematically deconstructing the fabled "Reagan Revolution" brick by brick, policy by policy, but he has arrogantly proclaimed FDR's "New Deal Part 2." Recall that it was these unconstitutional programs like Social Security, WPA and AFDC that first addicted Americans to the destructive narcotic of socialism as it plunged the United States, Europe and most of the civilized world into a self-destructive love affair with the welfare state.

Frodo replied to Gandalf: I wish it need not have happened in my time. Frodo is like most Americans today – good, hard-working people who want to believe that their president will not willfully lie to them, yet are they so willfully naïve to believe that a government that will soon control their entire lives from cradle to grave will not decide who lives and who dies? That's delusional thinking.

The Jewish people believed this Big Lie 80 years ago, and Hitler took their gold teeth from their mouths, cut the hair from their heads and made soap and lampshades out of their flesh for profit!

-- Ellis Washington, Aug. 22 column

Apparently, shouting at the president is objectionable, but his collectively sodomizing the American people in perpetuity is acceptable as long as it is done with a sense of decorum.

-- Erik Rush, Sept. 3 column

I was at the D.C. rally, and I can tell you that the voices were not shrill, though some of them were at times loud – as well they should have been. But take a cue from Che Prez, because he comes from the ranks of the enemy – the enemy who invented loud and shrill.

You may not be old enough to remember the antics of the hippies in the '60s, but they mastered the art of loud and shrill to move the country irreversibly to the left. Loud and shrill ended the Vietnam War. Loud and shrill kicked the deadly "green movement" into high gear. Loud and shrill reduced God's role to that of a bench player. And loud and shrill brought Barack Hussein Obama out of the manger and into your wallet.

-- Robert Ringer, Sept. 18 column

The Nazis had a word for what Barack Obama declared in the United Nations General Assembly last week.

When a city or a district or a nation was "clean of Jews," it was pronounced "Judenrein."

The goal of the Nazis was, of course, for all of Europe to be cleansed of Jews – then the whole world.


In other words, Barack Obama is in favor of an ethnic-cleansing operation – one that will eventually require the forcible removal of all Jews, no matter how long they have lived in these areas, no matter what they paid for their properties, no matter what.

That's because the monsters who control the Palestinian Authority, even the so-called "moderates," demand that all Jews leave. Jews will simply be unwelcome in this future Palestinian state. End of story. It's a non-negotiable demand.


I know Americans have their own problems with Obama, but why are we sitting around quietly while he embraces policies that would reduce Israel to Auschwitz borders?

It's this simple: If ethnic cleansing is wrong, so are Obama's policies in the Middle East.

-- Joseph Farah, Sept. 30 column

Don't you dare point out in polite company that socialized medicine in Germany provided the mechanism for the Holocaust.

Don't do it.

Even though it's undeniably true from a historical standpoint, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and their accomplices in the Big Media will vilify you, ridicule you and accuse you of minimizing the tragedy of the Holocaust.

But I don't really care if they play that card with me. They've already played the race card. They've already played the Nazi card. They've already played the "extremist" card. Consider me inoculated from the venomous poison of these vipers.


Am I suggesting that socialized medicine of the kind being promoted in America today leads inevitably to holocaust and mass murder?


But I am saying it is a necessary prerequisite for government-directed holocaust and mass murder to occur.

It's also clear that the kind of state-enforced medical rationing and the politicization of medicine observed in Germany before and during Hitler's reign of terror would not be possible without that first step of nationalized health care.

This does not mean Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are little Hitlers in the making. I am not calling them Nazis, though they share some common values and common friends with the German national socialists. I am saying their statist work in the area of so-called "health-care reform" can make it possible for some future American version of Hitler to carry out his most diabolical plans.

-- Joseph Farah, Oct. 5 column

The year is 1988. Obama is a community organizer in Chicago. He tells us he is making $13,000 a year. Although Iran guards its nuclear secrets less zealously than the Obama camp guards their man's grades and LSAT scores, we do know that Obama did not graduate with honors from Columbia University.

That much said, he tells his street friend "Johnnie" that he has decided to go to law school: "The minute I told him the schools to which I'd applied – Harvard, Yale, Stanford – he had grinned and slapped me on the back."

Harvard, Yale, Stanford? Oh, to be Obama!


When affirmative action quietly morphed into "diversity," and the rationale for unearned glory shifted from compensation to cultural variety, Obama could not provide that either.

Growing up in a white family in the least black state of America without "Dakota" in its name, he contributed less "blackness" to the cultural stew than I would have growing up in Newark.

Still, Obama looked sort of black, even as he lived white, and that proved enough for the easily satisfied. "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," said the inimitable Joe Biden.

And yet, none of this would have gotten Obama elected president, if he had taken his wisdom from, say, a Clarence Thomas and not a Bill Ayers.

-- Jack Cashill, Oct. 15 column

The White Rose letters were simple, but scathing indictments of the Nazi anti-Semitic genocide, and the loss of German life in the war. But most eloquently, the White Rose demanded that, for their own honor's sake, Germans, themselves, repudiate their support of Hitler so they would not carry the eternal shame as a nation of having marched for Hitler until the allies defeated the Reich utterly.

We do not yet pay a high price for speaking out against the communist takeover of our country by the revolutionary Obama administration, under the glazed gaze of a nearly corrupt Congress. The effort it takes to strike a keyboard is all we expend. The letters of the White Rose were written, printed and mailed by ordinary citizens who knew that, at each step, they were risking torture and execution if they were caught.

History looks at the rise and fall of the Third Reich and wonders how oceans of rational human beings could participate in such an obvious regime of atrocity. Will history judge us the same way?

-- Jeanette Pryor, Oct. 19 column

As big media well knows, Obama's records have been "sealed" for a reason. Otherwise, they would be filing freedom of information requests, fighting the blackouts in court, doing front-page news updates on a daily basis and endlessly editorializing over their efforts.

Instead, they've taken to ridiculing those asking for the evidence the Constitution demands of anyone assuming the presidency. When Obama's student records finally show up listing him as a foreign citizen applying for college, the ruse is over. The laws he signed – including those funding programs and authorizing borrowing – are not worth the paper or electrons they're printed on. It's going to be quite a show. But then, who knew?

-- Craige McMillan, Oct. 22 column

The Duplicitous Despot and his criminal minions – most notably David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Anita Dunn, and Mark Lloyd – are out to shut down Fox News. No subtlety about it. They take seriously Mao's belief that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. After all, Anita Bandita looks to Chairman Mao when it comes to her philosophical inspiration.


When the reincarnation of Al Capone, David Axelrod, says of Fox that "It's really not news – it's pushing a point of view," it would be laughable if the stakes weren't so high. But as Tucker Carlson said, it's outrageous for a liar like Axelrod to say that Fox News commentators aren't being truthful.

It's like the schoolyard bully claiming that it was really his victim who bullied him. The bullies at the Kremlin House in Washington, of course, are all too aware that Fox is really the only station that is actually reporting the news, while the fringe media (ABC, CBS and NBC), along with CNBC and MSNBC, are going to great lengths to keep their viewers in the dark about what is really happening – particularly in Washington.


If I ever believe that we're getting close to that point, you'll read about it here first. In the meantime, let's be thankful that our illustrious president was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, because I have heard from a reliable, high-level source that he barely beat out three other equally worthy opponents for this great honor: Bernie Madoff, Charles Manson and Michael Vick.

-- Robert Ringer, Oct. 30 column

Obama declared it is time for Middle East peace "without preconditions." This dovetails Javier Solana's assertion that if Israel and the Muslim nations don't sign a peace agreement soon, then the international community should force an agreement.

The president does not appear to be a friend to Israel. He does, however, look to be a close ally to the global government and its coming leader, the Antichrist.

-- Craig Treadwell, Nov. 12 column. (WND loves to liken Obama to the Antichrist.)

This a great Thanksgiving, to see the complete destruction of this man's political career. And let's get him a job where he belongs, and somewhere he can make a living and be comfortable and stop wasting the time and all the -- all the misery that he's trying to create for the American people.He doesn't mean to create it, but that's his personality. That's his character; he can't help it. He doesn't know what he's doing, and sooner or later, if he loses enough influence, this will become the greatest country in the world again, as it should be, without the influence without Barack Obama.

So thank God for this country. This is a great Thanksgiving day for America, and America was never in better shape now -- than it is now because now we see the end of the influence of Barack Obama. Good luck to you. Find a job.

-- Jackie Mason, Nov. 26 video

So make no mistake about it. You have a body in the Oval Office, but not a leader. What we do have is a man who will throw his grandmother, pastor, friends and past presidents under the bus to avoid responsibility. He's a man who chooses to vote "present" so as not to be on record for taking a stand and a man who even blames his own country.

We have no president in America. We have no leader in the Oval Office. We are, in essence, rudderless in a world of very turbulent waters.

-- Craig R. Smith, Nov. 30 column

I can't get worked up by the specter of Tareq and Michaele Salahi frolicking with Rham, Barack and Biden. Trashy people crashed the White House. So what? The place was packed with nasty, noisome parasites. An extra pair should make no difference. Quite the contrary: There's something apropos about a couple of reality-show exhibitionists, who themselves "have left an extensive paper trail in federal bankruptcy and state court filings," brazenly elbowing their way into a party of ponces. (From the White House are issued shake-down schemes that make Bernie Madoff, much less the Salahis, look like babes in grand-larceny boot camp.)

Besides, the Salahis, like Obama, are of their time and place. Obama was launched by the Queen of Kitsch, day-time talker Oprah Winfrey. He now sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It's entirely fitting that a supermarket culture should have representation at the White House.

-- Ilana Mercer, Dec. 4 column

I can't help noticing the similarities between the Democrats' drive to pass Obamacare, and the methods used to collectivize agriculture in the Soviet Union.

-- Larry Eubank, Dec. 9 column

Obama is like a child TV star who rose to fame because he eloquently delivered a cute catchphrase ("Hope and Change" as opposed to "Hey, Mikey! He likes it!"), but now finds himself an adolescent in a grown-up world and faced with the task of actually manning up to the responsibilities of a new job for which he applied. Yet, instead of stepping up to the plate, Obama is relying merely on his celebrity status to coast through the sometimes ceremonial and often dire decisions a chief executive must make.

Katharine DeBrecht, Dec. 10 column

And, clearly, Obama had a dysfunctional life growing up -- a white Marxist mother, a black African Muslim father who was a drunk and a philanderer, then, of all things, an Indonesian Muslim stepfather. And, of course, there were the years he spent in a Wahabbi Muslim school in Indonesia (Wahabbi schools being most famous for teaching students hatred of Western countries).

-- Robert Ringer, Dec. 11 column. (The claim that Obama attended a radical madrassa in Indonesia was disproved almost as soon as it was first made nearly three years ago.)

During this Christmas season, America should be reminded that President Barack Obama has perpetrated more vicious attacks against the Christian faith than any other president in the history of America.

-- Ellis Washington, Dec. 26 column

You will be told by our unconfirmed president, Barack Obama, and the godless bunch of politicians what to believe. In the global ideological battle for the role of God in human society, they stand contrary to our founders. They are neither Christians nor patriots but enemies of God and the Constitution. They aim to replace God's commandments by making people believe that they know how to solve every crisis. We are not in a battle between socialism and capitalism. That is only the outside. The real battle is between God and almighty man, between truth and lies.

-- Hilmar von Campe, Dec. 26 column

It will come out that Obama has been a homosexual all along. No one will be surprised.

-- Molotov Mitchell, Dec. 30 video

As if to reinforce the idea that its Obama Derangement Syndrome will be even more severe in the new year, WND began 2010 with a Jan. 1 column by Dr. Frank Rosenbloom depicting a dystopian fantasy so hateful and divorced from reality that one has to wonder if Rosenbloom is taking secret liberties with the prescription medications he has access to as a medical doctor:

It's Jan. 20, 2017, and we are gathered together in a small house on the edge of a lake in Eastern Texas. We comprise multiple families and by occupation include former college professors, lawyers and physicians. All of us are conservative, forced to withdraw from our professions and seek refuge in an out-of-the-way place in a red state. Three months ago, we refused to sign the required pledge to abide by the "Freedom of Choice" law, which mandates the promotion of abortion, homosexuality and other anti-Judeo-Christian acts.

All eyes are glued to NBC News, the sole remaining newscast, for coverage of the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama for his third term in office. In 2015, both houses of Congress voted to abolish presidential term limits. No amendment to the Constitution was needed, they argued, as it had become irrelevant in a "real democracy." Challenges to the new law were struck down by the Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Michelle Obama stating: "The people have spoken."

Important speakers at the event included Prime Minister Nancy Pelosi. She was recently elevated to her new position for a 10-year term by presidential order. Pro-Consul Harry Reid, lifetime Senate leader, and Vice President and Propaganda Minister Joe Biden also spoke.

The new Chinese premier, Chew Us Up, spoke for over one hour, praising President Obama for inviting China to share the naval base at Pearl Harbor following their successful retaking of Taiwan. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lauded Mr. Obama for his efforts to promote socialism. Chavez and his wife will be vacationing with President Obama and Chief Justice Michelle Obama in Australia after the inevitable fall of that isolated nation to the ongoing Chinese naval blockade. He also noted the recent Chinese occupation of Mongolia as a major step toward relieving the pressure of overpopulation in his country.


When states went bankrupt, the federal government seized control with the help of Mr. Obama's civilian domestic security force, The Acorn Brigade, also known as the "Nut Squad." In exchange for federal bailouts, the states had to relinquish all states' rights. Mr. Obama redistributed the property repossessed by the states to previously illegal immigrants and the poor. This, along with government-funded free health care, ensured that one party rule would continue indefinitely.

Conservatives predicted that it would happen, but the warnings fell on mostly deaf ears. Now, as many former supporters of Mr. Obama suffer the same fate, they realize, much too late, the consequences of ignoring history.

Dec. 24, 2009: the night the U.S. died, a day that will live in infamy; it will be viewed by future generations as the darkest day in world history. The names of the perpetrators of the death of freedom for the entire world, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid,will be remembered, alongside those of earlier tyrants, for all time.

We'd ask if there was anyone around to talk Rosenbloom down from his bad trip, but this state of derangement is exactly the way WorldNetDaily wants him.

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