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Clinton Derangement Syndrome: The Evidence

Hillary Clinton's presidential run has inspired the ConWeb to spew all manner of hatred at her and her husband (again).

By Terry Krepel
Posted 5/29/2008
Updated 6/5/2008

Given that the core of the ConWeb as we know it today was founded in the late 1990s with a prime objective to attack the Clinton administration, it should be no surprise that Bill and Hillary Clinton have arguably the leading targets of ConWeb invective. With Hillary Clinton's presidential run, such hatred was destined to resurface with a vengence.

We saw a taste of that in mid-2006, when NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein likened Hillary to Kim Jong Il, referencing her supposed "best North-Korean-parliament rhythmical clapping." We saw more at the start of 2007, when Joan Swirsky, an occasional Newsmax columnist writing for the conservative site Family Security Matters (a favorite of Accuracy in Media, which lifts many of its guest columns from there) wrote:

It is in Hillary’s masochistic nature that once an abusive man apologizes or sweet-talks or threatens or charms or wields his real power, she will cave. When such a tyrant promises her even a smidgen, it is safe to say that she will stop representing the women and men and children of America and instead be in his thrall. Historically, she has been there, done that.

As 2007 progressed, Newsmax shied away somewhat from its historical Clinton-bashing, allowing WorldNetDaily to pick up that hateful little baton, as ConWebWatch has detailed.

Now, with the presidential campaign in full swing, so too is the ConWeb's undiluted hatred of all things Clinton. Indeed, it's almost like a disease -- let's call it Clinton Derangement Syndrome, to echo the "Bush Derangement Syndrome" conservatives love to accuse liberals of having.

Let's take a look at how this Clinton Derangement Syndrome has manifested itself across the ConWeb over the past several months:

Their primary standard bearer Hillary Clinton — a woman to whom honesty, openness, and forthrightness are strangers — studiously avoids direct answers to questions, preferring instead the comfort of scripted platitudes, dissembling, planted questions and feigned umbrage when blindsided by unprepared-for challenges.


Hillary Clinton, with European socialist blood coursing through her veins, is eager to pick up the fallen banner from her debacle of 1994 and tilt once again at mandatory coverage and centralized regulation, if given the chance.

-- Barrett Kalellis, Nov. 12, 2007, Newsmax column

Let’s put aside for a moment the point that Hillary doesn’t come anywhere close to Betty Crocker (she wouldn’t be caught dead making Bill’s dinner every night, when there are servants for that).

-- Tim Graham, Nov. 14, 2007, NewsBusters post

The Clintons poll, test, and focus-group everything. So when Bill Clinton aims a racially-loaded word like “boy” at Barack Obama, this is no accident. It is a calculated attempt to evoke white racist feelings at an almost subliminal, subconscious level as a way to help elect Hillary.

-- Lowell Ponte, Nov. 13, 2007, NewsMax column

Clinton campaign Communications Director (and KGB enforcer look-alike) Howard Wolfson claimed that the campaign had “no idea” what Novak was talking about. Absolutely!


That’s how the Clintons try to obliterate their opponents, with Hillary at the helm. As she runs for commander-in-chief of the United States, she’s already the commander of the Clinton secret police.

-- Dick Morris, Nov. 19, 2007, Newsmax column

Last week’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas — aired on CNN — proved one thing: For the second consecutive decade, CNN stands for Clinton News Network.

-- John LeBoutillier, Nov. 21, 2007, Newsmax column

Having staged questions at campaign events and debates, is it possible that Hillary, in the midst of several very bad weeks on the stump, orchestrated this entire crisis [of a gunman who took hostages at a Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire] to make herself look battle-hardened?

-- Noel Sheppard, Dec. 1, 2007, NewsBusters post

Maybe the question should not be whether Jesus and the devil are related, but Hillary and the devil.

I mean, let's face it, when you talk about the characteristics of Satan, they seem similar in a lot of ways to folks closely watching the actions of the Clintons.


There is no evidence that Satan and Jesus are brothers. Their words, actions and desires are completely opposite of each other. But, at the very least, one can build a strong circumstantial case that Hillary and Satan could well be siblings.

-- Craig R. Smith, Dec. 15 WorldNetDaily column

First came Hillary at her platitudinous worst, somberly informing the crowd that "the road to the White House for the next president begins here in Iowa." I'm guessing Hawkeye State caucus-goers didn't need that pointed out to them.

But it got much -- much -- worse. Words can't express just how stilted Hillary was in a subsequent clip. Just when Clinton should have been at her most Comeback-Kid ebullient, Hillary exuded all the joie de vivre of an undertaker in a cold December rain.

-- Mark Finkelstein, Dec. 16, 2007, NewsBusters post

They may be the most corrupt, unhappy, unsatisfied, miserable, power-mad, ambitious, immoral people in public life. But they don't seek to change themselves. Their genius is in manipulating others, forcing them to change their ways.

Neither of these people have ever lifted a finger to help someone around them who was in trouble, in crisis. They wouldn't give a dime of their own money to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, nurse the sick. What they will do is use those perpetual needs in any society as means to empower themselves.

They will gladly spend your money – the more the better – and claim credit for being compassionate.


After all, if she were a genius at changing other people's lives for the better, wouldn't she have worked that magic on her no-good, puffed-up, ego-maniacal, lying, serial-adulterer husband?


Bill Clinton correctly labeled his wife "an agent of change." She has been, since her earliest years in college, a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist activist. Changing others is what it's all about for Hillary. As for herself, she hasn't changed a bit.


It is a reason to avoid people like the Clintons as you would avoid drug-resistant staph infections.

-- Joseph Farah, Dec. 29, 2007, WorldNetDaily column

She got rocked in Iowa last week, and things aren't looking good in New Hampshire tomorrow.

I guess that means it's time for the smartest woman in the world to choke up on camera, and tug at the heartstrings of folks that are easy prey for such passion plays.


I guess [ABC correspondent Kate] Snow wasn't interested in the possibility that the smartest woman in the world - along with her handlers as well as her husband who loved to get misty whenever he discussed how he felt others' pain - might have choreographed this whole emotional display.

-- Noel Sheppard, Jan. 7 NewsBusters post

We predicted Nov. 1, that at some point, tears would be a weapon in the Clinton campaign; however, modesty requires us to admit we picked the wrong Clinton for weepy duty. We thought Bill would be appointed to get teary over the rough treatment accorded his wife, but it was Hillary herself who played the sensitivity card.

There was a catch in her voice, a whimper, an expression of how deeply she cares. But we examined the TV tape minutely, and she was dry-eyed. Good thing, too. If this woman every really wept, her tear ducts would spew BBs and buckshot.

-- Michael Ackley, Jan. 14 WorldNetDaily column 

[WorldNetDaily managing editor David] Kupelian had harsh words about Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., stating if she were to be elected in November, American culture would descend into "a level of hell."

"Things are weird enough now with people Tasering each other and piercing every part of their bodies," he said. "[Hillary] reminds me of a 'Terminator' who can morph into any shape."

-- Jan. 15 WorldNetDaily article

In New Hampshire, [Chris] Matthews tried desperately to pin down the would-be commander-in-chief on how her Iraq policy differs from that of Barack Obama. She quipped, “You know, I don’t know what to do with men who are obsessed with me.” (True enough; ask Vince Foster.)

-- Ben Johnson, Jan. 21 FrontPageMag article

Mrs. Clinton, will you pledge that as president you will never appoint to any federal court, including the U.S. Supreme Court, anyone who has had a law license suspended for unethical behavior? Of course, your husband Bill Clinton’s license to practice law was suspended for five years for lying under oath in a court case.


In that spirit of encouraging others, will you and your husband prior to the Democratic National Convention volunteer to be tested for HIV, and to make the results of these tests public?

-- Lowell Ponte, Jan. 25 Newsmax column

The Democratic Party has paid a terrible price for its embrace of Bill and Hillary Clinton, a demented and devious duo of egomaniacs who will go down in history alongside the crazed Emperors Caligula and Nero of the late Roman Empire.

Lowell Ponte, Jan. 29 Newsmax column

Maybe McCain will try to fight back by confirming Hillary's well-known bisexuality and her lesbian affair with her beautiful assistant, Huma Abedin. Google "Hillary" and "Huma Abedin," and you'll get almost 6,000 hits.

-- Jack Wheeler, Feb. 4 WorldNetDaily column

Nothing can be more threatening to these politics than a successful, talented black man like Obama running as an American candidate rather than as a black candidate.

But a black off the plantation is the last thing Sen. Clinton wants. She wants blacks to feel impotent and vulnerable and in need of a political patron to hand them the goodies they need. 

-- Star Parker, Feb. 2 WorldNetDaily column

Have you ever hosted a party and had that one couple that just wouldn't leave?

It's 1:00 in the morning, you're exhausted and still facing cleaning up a mess, but the couple show no willingness to go away. The guy is in the kitchen blowing in your wife's ear, and his wife is looking you right in the face, denying she stole your gold pen set while ink runs down her pant leg. You show them the door and even threaten to call the police, but they refuse to leave. What do you do?

In this case, the United States is hosting the party, and "that couple" is the Clintons.


When they're in power, the Clintons are like the hot dogs I just ate. I know they're loaded with a lot of horrific things that aren't good for me – but, once there's nothing I can do about it, I don't really want to know exactly what.


As for the party our country is hosting, it's 3 a.m., the food and drinks are all gone, the kids' piggy banks are missing, the wife's panty drawer has been pillaged, and that couple still won't leave ...

-- Doug Powers, Feb. 11 WorldNetDaily column

When the campaign trail gets tough, Hillary turns on the public waterworks. She has recently cried three times to gain voter sympathy.

Is this emotional behavior acceptable for a potential leader? And is crying a tactic she plans to use as president in negotiations with foreign tyrants?


Here's a better idea: Hillary, forget 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Your true calling lies in a starring role on a daytime soap opera.

-- Chelsea Schilling, Feb. 11 WorldNetDaily, column

It's time for Hillary to hoist up the trousers of her sansabelt suit, stiffen the old upper lip and make the iron maidens and harridans of the world proud. Hillary possesses all the charm of Grendel's little sister, would he have had one – a trait that would not go unnoticed in dealing with radical Islamic factions, should she employ her true nature.

-- Mychal Massie, Feb. 12 WorldNetDaily column

It is indeed wonderful to smell the stench of death around Hillary’s campaign: the infighting, the leaks, the firings, the resignations, the money troubles, the media speculation.


No gloating over the demise of the Clintons until and unless she has withdrawn from the race. A long way from now. But that day may be coming.

-- John LeBoutillier, Feb. 14 Newsmax column 

Shrillary is anything but likable – and her voice sounds like a rusty nail scraping a blackboard. I won't comment on her looks – except to say most people are sick to death of seeing her. Period. End of story.

-- Joseph Farah, Feb. 14 WorldNetDaily column 

Hillary looks like a robot — like a Stepford Wife. Her latest stand-up stance — with the microphone in one hand and her other arm stretched out like a minister giving a blessing — is yet another phony stance.

-- John LeBoutillier, Feb. 19 Newsmax column

If Ms. Clinton is both resignedly sweet and explosively sour, we need to ask hard, harsh questions.

Can America risk having a president with mood swings with her finger on the nuclear button?

-- Lowell Ponte, Feb. 26 Newsmax column

Like him or loathe him, you get the feeling that you could enjoy having a beer with Bill Clinton, you don't get that feeling that you could enjoy anything with Hillary Clinton — except maybe anesthesia.

-- Brent Bozell, as quoted by Phil Brennan, Feb. 26 Newsmax column

Underneath the veneer of the practiced smile and the strategically used giggle, there is a rage that is always close to the surface. It was on display in the debate.

Hillary Clinton is furious that America has not agreed to her coronation. She doesn’t understand why voters are rejecting her and embracing Barack Obama. She just doesn’t get it.

-- Dick Morris, Feb. 29 Newsmax column

So the questions for Ohioans who vote Tuesday for Clinton will be a choice of three alternatives:

Did you vote for Ms. Clinton because you hate capitalism and international trade?

Did you vote for her because you are a racist who would not vote for any black candidate for president?

Or did you vote for Hillary Clinton simply because you are stupid and gullible enough to believe anti-NAFTA words and promises from the former ruling family that created NAFTA?

Note that an affirmative answer to any one of these three questions gives intelligent business people good reason never to invest another penny in Ohio.

-- Lowell Ponte, March 3 Newsmax column

At least Eliot Whoremonger paid for his adulterous sex. Bill Clinton, in only one of reportedly hundreds of extra-marital affairs, paid nothing to a White House intern whom he had perform oral sex on him while he was telephoning a congressman in the Oval Office.

-- Les Kinsolving, March 18 WorldNetDaily column

But ethics and morality died in America when President Clinton brazenly refused to resign after being caught lying under oath, losing his law license, committing sexual acts with an intern almost as young as his daughter, and being the first elected president ever impeached. 

-- Lowell Ponte, April 18 Newsmax column

Still, some Americans can't imagine Democratic politics without Hillary. They need to get over it. She's a bad habit, like smoking, doing drugs or chewing your fingernails.

-- Jane Chastain, April 24 WorldNetDaily column

Although Hillary Clinton likes to compare herself with the movie character "Rocky" – claiming that, like the underdog prizefighter, "I never quit, I never give up" – many longtime Clinton observers say a more apt comparison would be with "The Terminator."

After all, the "Terminator" also never gave up. But in addition, he (or she in "Terminator 3") was obsessed with attaining a single, urgent, all-important goal, was able to morph into any other form to help reach that goal, and was willing to sacrifice any and all who got in the way.

Now, the dramatic May edition of WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine proves once and for all that the New York senator has a lot more in common with the malevolent cyborg than the heroic boxer. It's titled "QUEEN OF DARKNESS."

-- April 28 WorldNetDaily article

But try to imagine Hillary Clinton as president – and Bill as first lady. The toxic cultural/governmental environment would be almost beyond imagination with the elevation of "the queen of darkness" as "father of our country."

You could expect a radical increase in shocking, self-destructive and criminal acting-out by lost souls lashing out blindly in a desperate expression of revenge toward the contemptible society that could dare elect such a person as president. Perhaps a huge upsurge in mass shootings, such as we've seen recently. Or maybe more "bug-chasing" – that's where people actively try to get infected with AIDS. Maybe homegrown suicide bombers committing horrific terrorist acts – not for Allah, but just for kicks, for non-specific revenge against the human race. No one can say what form it will take, but expect more and more weird, destructive behaviors designed for maximum shock.

Of course, nobody would be able to prove any cause and effect. But remember these words: Elevating a person like Hillary Clinton to the presidency of the United States will unleash hell in America in a way very few of us can even comprehend, let alone remedy.

-- David Kupelian, May 2 WorldNetDaily column, also appearing in above issue of Whistleblower

Most of the experience political pundits have been counting out the Lizard Queen for months now. But as with any epic horror star, it's unwise to assume she's done. Those who fail to learn the lessons of "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" may regret counting out the Lizard Queen too soon.

-- Vox Day, May 5 WorldNetDaily column

A prostitute is whatever you need her to be. While Hillary's price may be a bit higher, possibly the future of America, she is nothing more than a prostitute. Give her what she wants, and she will give you what you want.

-- Craig R. Smith, May 12 WorldNetDaily column

HILLARY CAN still win the Democratic nomination, provided the superdelegates vote for her. I think they will. Over 60 percent are men, and men cannot resist Hillary.

Granted, Hillary is no spring chicken. Her fleshly allure has diminished over time. But Hillary has other ways of bending men to her will.

-- Richard Poe, May 17 blog post

Hillary claimed the assassination comment slipped out because the Kennedys were on her mind ever since the announcement of Ted Kennedy's brain tumor. Gee, if Hillary gets anymore concerned with Ted's well-being we'll all be targets of a fantasy assassination.

It's a sad, sad sight. As the nomination slips through her fingers, Hillary is hard at work baking Sirhan Sirhan a cake with a file in it. And while that cake's in the oven, next to her famous cookies of course, you may find Hillary hunched over a Ouija board in a desperate attempt to channel the spirit of James Earl Ray.


As for the superdelegates, in past years, some of them died in unfortunate auto accidents and plane crashes on their way to the convention, so you just never know what might happen. And I only say that out of concern for Sen. Kennedy.

-- Doug Powers, May 26 WorldNetDaily column

Now, trusting Hillary to keep her word and make way in four years might seem insane, but then, with the woman already musing openly about assassinations, it's arguably the prudent route for Sen. Obama.

-- Vox Day, May 26 WorldNetDaily column

As she exits stage left, we hear the haunting melody of Hillita’s fading farewell:

Please weep for me, Clintonistas.
The truth is I never left you.
Through each primary
I changed my image
To what the polls said
You wanted from me.

Don’t gloat at me, Barackistas.
The truth is you came from nowhere.
When it was my next
You took it from me.
Why do this to me?
I barely knew you

Don’t trash-talk me, Obamistas.
The truth is I’m just one of you.
I always have been.
Now that you’ve ruined me,
I’ll need some new perch
To keep on cackling.
Help rehab me, all you lefties.
The truth is you owe it to me.

You mainstream newsies,
It’s you who made me
In your own image.
Now don’t forsake me.

Say what you will, vast right-wingers.
The sad truth, I still have Bubba.
Or did the last time
I thought I saw him.
He owes me big-time,
That big-mouth loser.

-- John L. Perry, June 4 Newsmax column

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