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Unreformed Gay-Bashing

WorldNetDaily's business web site partner picks up a few of WND's anti-gay habits.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 3/16/2005

There hasn't been much to write about BizNetDaily, the web site WorldNetDaily does in partnership with Christian business magazine Business Reform, since its creation in early 2003, mainly because little original reporting actually happens there. The news items are all outside links; the rest of the content is filled with advice and commentary.

But as ConWebWatch has previously noted, WorldNetDaily has an anti-gay streak, and now Business Reform is starting to push that agenda, as a couple recent articles illustrate.

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The Business Sect(ion)

A March 4 article (registration required) details the top 10 "pro-gay" companies. Anywhere else, that would be a positive article, but not here. As the article states, among the reasons for doing the list is that "[b]y knowing which companies are moving the furthest away from God's Word as it relates to human sexuality, you can then make better investment and product decisions. We all know that to hurt a man badly, your best bet is to slug him in the wallet." Another reason: "The zombies are out there -- in all their pallid effeminacy -- and this list is just a brief field manual for their primary strategic positions."

The list offers such descriptions of the list members as:

  • "American Airlines has become notorious for their gay-friendly public stance."
  • "Replacements Ltd. is dead set on changing our culture by drawing 'strength' from their homosexual employees and supporting the GLBT cause both within their ranks and without."
  • "Besides all the pro-homosexual practices and policies of the company, Nike sealed their spot in our list thanks to the fact that they sponsor gay rugby leagues." (Emphasis theirs.)
  • "This company, believe it or not, was started by Christians. With all Christian-and-alcohol debates aside, the Coors family business has long since stopped promoting family values."

The article also offers the top 10 "anti-gay" companies (and here, that's a good thing):

  • Perot Systems is praised because company founder and ex-presidential candidate Ross Perot "actually rescinded the domestic partner benefit policy that the company had put into place during his absence. ... Way to go, Ross."
  • Shaw Industries and R.R. Donnelley & Sons are honored because "[t]hey've done nothing, to the best of our knowledge, to support the GLBT cause in any significant way."
  • New NGC, Inc., doing business as National Gypsum Company, makes the list for "[n]o non-discrimination policy, no domestic partner benefits for employees, and no hand out to the GLBT community. And yet they do about $1.5 billion in business annually. What more can we say?" How about the fact that gypsum is rarely, if ever, an issue for the average homosexual? (The same thing applies to raw steel, as International Steel Group also made the list.)

Another article is subscription only, and only the first few paragraphs are on Business Reform's web site. But you don't need to read it all to get the gist. Here's the first paragraph:

There are two enemies facing you as a Christian businessperson today. The first is the media. The other is the homosexual agenda, which leads the other by the nose. And, as in so many wars for the hearts, minds, and wallets of men, these two primary opponents are working in unison to put you out of business and claim the culture at large for their own.

The promotional link to this article reads, "Governmental mandates for hiring homosexuals? The day is approaching sooner than you might think. Learn how to stem the tide."

We didn't feel like paying $38.95 to read the rest. On the other hand, it might be worth the money to see just how much the magazine regrets naming scandal-ridden former WorldCom chairman Bernie Ebbers the "all time greatest Christian Entrepreneur" in a article a couple years back.

Beyond stories like these, BizNetDaily’s original business-related commentary is generally conservative, anti-government and anti-tax, occasionally citing Bible verses, as befits conservative publications like WND and Business Reform. But its columnists have deviated from that line on occasion to offer dubious observations. Steve Marr, "former CEO of the fourth largest import-export firm in the U.S.," has suggested that abortion is to blame for the financial shortfalls of Social Security, opined that "the free market will likely remove [liberal talk radio network] Air America from the airwaves without any help from the right" and claimed that "[a]s the quality and morals of public education continue to decline, home schooling is becoming an even bigger business that challenges the traditional education system."

Marilyn Barnewall -- her end-of-column bio states that "Forbes dubbed Barnewall 'the dean of American private banking'" -- claimed in February that the AARP is "affiliated with drugs and porn" because it has advocated the passage of medical marijuana laws and because an employee once worked at Playboy and Penthouse.

And, of course, there's the occasional plug for the works of precious metals trader Craig R. Smith, but nowhere is it noted that Smith is an "adviser and founding sponsor" for the company that's currently syndicating WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah's radio show, as ConWebWatch has noted (and which the BizNetDaily article doesn't).

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