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The Value of the ConWeb: Headlines

The headlines ConWebWatch counted in its computing of the value of conservtive news sites.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 7/5/2004

The following are the stories or headlines counted by ConWebWatch as pro-Republican, -conservative or -Bush, or anti-Democrat, -liberal or -Kerry on the front pages of NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, and the Media Research Center web sites, and the commentary page of WorldNetDaily, during June 20-26. Headlines without links were off-site stories. Images are presented at the size they originally appeared.


These images promoting NewsMax's magazine and a Michael Moore-bashing book also appeared on the NewsMax front page. (All images appear at the same size they originally appeared on their respective sites.)

N.Y. Post's Orin: White House Press Corps Favors Dems
N.Y. Times Flip-flops on Iraq-al Qaida Ties
Clinton in Interview Meltdown over Contrition Credibility (also promoted on front page as "Clinton Goes Bananas on British TV")
Clinton Offers Faint Praise for Kerry
Clinton Book Review: 'Sloppy, Self-indulgent and Often Eye-crossingly Dull'
Bush Campaign Fund Reaches $218M
Work-Shirking Kerry Hit With Ethics Complaint
Bishops: Kerry, Pro Choicers 'Cooperating with Evil'
Organizations to Counter Moore's Anti-Bush Flick
Bush Loses Key Aide for Latin America
No-Show Senator Kerry Takes Home Full Senate Paycheck
Aides Contradict Kerry on Iraq-al Qaida Connection
Reagan Trounces Clinton
Kerry to Return Cash From Arrested Korean
California Dems Again Try to Reward Illegal Aliens
Democrats Anti-choice on Dem's Pro-life Plate
Democrats Long Ago Deserted Jews
Kerry Makes Shocking Announcement: He'll Do His Job!
Watchdogs: Bush Bashers Break the Law
You Fund ACLU's Attacks on God
New Book: 'Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man'
Dems Pay Felons in Registration Drives
Michael Moore Wants Your Children
Kerry Flops in Rare Appearance at Work
Clinton Gave 500,000 Bureaucrats Your Charge Card
Democrats Try to Destroy Nader
Campaign Flees Taint of 'Crooks for Kerry'
Media Hasn't Sued for Kerry Records
Democrats Welcome Cheerleader for Terrorists
Gennifer Flowers: Clinton a 'National Disgrace'
Cavuto: How Fox News Became a Giant
FEC Won't Have Decision Soon on the Fake 'Documentary'"
Kerry, Politics and Vietnam
Now It's Kerry's Turn to Have Divorce Records Unsealed
Clinton Sabotages Democrat Senate Nominee
Democrat Establishment Wages War on Bald Eagles
'Crooks for Kerry': We Won't Send Rapists to Your House
Here's a Real Documentary: 'Michael Moore Hates America'
Chicago Finally Tackles Failed Government Schools
Big Labor Puts the Screws to Kerry
George Soros and his plan to help John Kerry
Moore: Americans are 'The Dumbest People on the Planet'


The above images promoting various WorldNetDaily-published books and magagzines also appeared on WND's front page.

Clinton enraged over Monica questions
N.Y. Times review of Clinton: 'Sloppy'
Clinton's devastating 'Intelligence Failure' (x6)
Kerry took money from arrested figure
The book Kerry doesn't want you to read (x7)
What liberals really mean when they talk
Hillary's attempt to muzzle Farah, other Net journalists (x4)
A Kerry-Kerry ticket
Bubba comes clean for cash
70% favor Reagan over Clinton
Bill Clinton & 'My Life': Spanish flies for CBS guys
The pastiche of a presidency, imitating a life, in 957 pages
Grand jury got different story than Clinton book
Lies and lying liars: WND probes 'Party of Treason'
AP: Clinton book just isn't worth it
Liberal network's ratings fall
Bill Clinton & his 'Aw, shucks' defense of infidelity
Why Hillary cannot be president
'Fahrenheit 9/11' violates campaign-finance law? 
The real Kerry: Flip-flops, payoffs, tax hikes, lies (x3)
Flowers alerts lawyers on Clinton
Filth, fraud, fascism: Exposing 'The Party of Treason' (x3)
When the news is unfit to print
Media miss what's missing in 'My Life'
Moby's Dick
Bad-boy Billy and his enablers
The rehabilitation of Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan, God & Jesus Christ
Felons sent door-to-door to sell Kerry
Moore foes to hold film festival
Judge sorry for likening Bush, Hitler
'Fahrenheit 9/11' violates campaign-finance law?
Bill Clinton: Sellout
Clinton silence on Flight 800 speaks volumes
There are liberals under my bed!
Clinton 'fabricated' damning conversation
Liberal factphobia

Pelosi's 'American Jobs Plan' Sounds Familiar to Republicans
Support Marriage to Reduce Abortion Rate, Pro-Lifers Argue
'Bored Out of Our Skulls' by Clinton Memoir, Goldberg Says
Clinton Book 'Sloppy, Messy, Self-Indulgent,' NY Times Says
Pro-Life Group Documents Another Planned Parenthood-Girl Scout Tie
Kerry's 1971 Remarks Return to Haunt Us, Lawmaker Says
Despite Hype, 'Fahrenheit 911' Not Shown in Over 1,000 Theaters As Planned
Left-Leaning Summer Music Tour Canceled
Anti-Bush Group Sending Felons Door-to-Door
Orwellian Language Alive and Well in Washington, Tax Group Says
Liberal Group Defends Sending Ex-Cons Door-to-Door
Judge Apologizes for Comparing Bush's Election to Rise of Dictators
Lewinsky: Clinton is a 'Liar and a Creep'

Media Research Center

This image promoting Brent Bozell's new book also appeared on the MRC front page.

For Clinton, Dan Rather is Putty in His Hands
Liberal Media’s Reagan-Bashing Record
Dreaming of a "Bush Nightmare"
Dan Rather Nods Through Clinton Whoppers
Clinton's Cheerleaders
Bill's Friends in the Media
Bill’s Boring Book of Bunk
Promoting a Leftist Lunatic

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