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Na-Na-Norman, Good-Bye

Norman Liebmann abruptly disappears from NewsMax.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 5/3/2004
Updated 5/4/2004

A strange thing happened at NewsMax a few weeks back: Not only did the name of Norman Liebmann -- the former TV writer best known these days for his vitriol-filled insults of Democrats -- disappear from NewsMax list of pundits, all of his articles had been deleted.

E-mails to NewsMax requesting an explanation went unanswered, so we went to the source. And Liebmann replied: "After more than 200 readily accepted articles NewsMax refused to post my essay entitled, 'Gays: The Yet Is Worst To Come' - so I withdrew as a contributor. Nevertheless, I will keep chopping and hope the chips keep flying."

Liebmann also included in his response to ConWebWatch a copy of his resignation letter, as it were:

I'm at a loss to understand why NewsMax finds unsuitable my commentary on the epidemic of homosexual marriages, a cultural circumstance which the mass of Americans find an affront to Law and Decency. As it is a subject of editorial comment by every journalistic entity in the nation, it is mystifying and uncomplimentary that NewsMax has determined it to be a subject from which my reflections should be disqualified. It is equally mystifying that, after approximately two hundred readily accepted submissions to NewsMax, my articles are now discredited with disclaimers that undermine their credibility and integrity.

I am widely read on the Internet and do not receive indications that my essays are found objectionable, rather much the opposite. Peripherally, as to the manner in which I make my observations, I would suggest that just because something is humorous, it is not as a consequence trivial.

With regret, I am withdrawing as a contributor to your website. I have enjoyed our professional relationship and wish you and NewsMax success. Please delete all my articles from the NewsMax Archives. Thank you.

Norman Liebmann (Firehat)

For those who actually enjoy what passes for his sense of humor, Liebmann's rants remain posted at his personal site, called Firehat, though his essay on gays remains unposted at this writing. One does have to wonder what's in it that made NewsMax balk, considering it has run Liebmann's articles for five years with no apparent qualms. A little spasm of respectability, perhaps?

Update: An alert ConWebWatch reader has discovered Liebmann's anti-gay rant at a site called EtherZone, which calls itself "the intelligent news and opinion source." Liebmann's tone is no different than his previous (and current) Clinton-flogging; his readers are treated to such observations as:

  • "Homosexuality is spreading across this nation like a pox." "Homosexuals no longer regard America as our country, but their country - The United States of Gay - and they view heterosexuals as an occupying army."
  • "San Francisco is a charming city, but no heterosexual can get a fair trial there."
  • "Note: Gay lore has it that even Santa Claus was gay, that his favorite reindeer was named Prancer, and so was his boyfriend."
  • "The recent same-sex marital merger of Rosie O’Donnell and her same-sex counterpart in San Francisco can only render more indistinct the fine line between illegal and disgusting. ... Her sexual ambidexterity notwithstanding, there is no gender in which Rosie O'Donnell would not be found unattractive. "
  • "Note: Not everyone in San Francisco is sympathetic toward the androgynous hordes suffocating the city. One restaurant owner with a 'biker' clientele made his sentiments known by labeling the restroom doors 'Biggots' and 'Faggots.'"
  • "Nothing has slowed the HIV epidemic in San Francisco and they’ve tried everything from penicillin to bunk beds."
  • "An 'enlightened' 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has worked diligently to close the gap between hospitality and homosexuality. As one judge said, 'I believe there’s no such thing as a bad boy – and I’ve made it with most of them.'"

Like we said, given five years of this stuff from Liebmann, why would NewsMax suddenly draw a line now? But those spasms of respectability apparently leave Liebmann with the likes of the Etherzone denziens, one of whom equated the recent reading of names of American soldiers killed in Iraq to having "Ted Bundy read the names of his rape-murder victims before his execution."

We'd criticize Liebmann more, but given that he provided a nice response to someone whose critical articles about him are currently the top two links in a Google search for his name, we'll just let things stand without further comment.

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