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Then and Now: Bill and Kobe

Contrast and compare what conservatives have had to say about certain high-profile rape accusations.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 8/11/2003

"I told you several days ago about the mysterious IRS audit of Juanita Broaddrick. You do remember, don’t you, that this is the woman who came forward with an entirely credible rape accusation against Bill Clinton?

"In fact, I believe her. I believe Clinton raped her. Please remember also that Clinton has never said that he didn’t do it."

-- Neal Boortz, NewsMax, June 1, 2000

"Kobe Bryant is an athlete. This means that he is a target. After virtually every NBA basketball game you will find women hovering around arena exits who are willing to throw themselves into bed with almost any athlete that walks out of that door. Some of these women just want another notch on their garter belt. Some of them are looking for something more – they're looking for money – lots of money. ...

"False accusations of rape are by no means unusual. In some cases, they are the rule. ... (One study) found that 'False rape allegations constituted 41 percent of the total forcible rapes reported during (a 9-year) period.' A Harvard law professor reports that the woman in charge of prosecuting sexual-assault crimes in New York reported that out of approximately 4,000 rape allegations in Manhattan each year, about one-half of them just didn't happen. Another study states that 50 percent of all rape allegations lodged on college campuses in the United States are false. "

-- Neal Boortz, WorldNetDaily, July 22

* * *

"'Bimbo eruptions.' That's what Republication strategist Mary Matalin, during the 1992 presidential campaign, called allegations of extramarital affairs against candidate Bill Clinton. But, unfortunately for the president, Juanita Broaddrick is nobody's bimbo. ...

"A Fox poll, following 'Dateline's' Broaddrick interview, shows that 54 percent of Americans believe Broaddrick's allegation. Only 23 percent find the charges untrue. And, post-impeachment trial polls show that 84 percent of Americans believe the president both committed perjury and obstructed justice. This means most Americans consider the president a felon and not just a run-of-the-mill felon but a rapist felon."

-- Larry Elder, NewsMax, March 4, 1999

"However this turns out – and Bryant remains innocent until proven guilty ...

"Bryant, given his wealth, youth, looks and fame, stands as a magnet for women seeking to shake him down for money. True, a woman falsely accused former Dallas Cowboys stars Erik Williams and Michael Irvin, claiming Williams raped her while Irvin videotaped the alleged crime. The allegations proved baseless. But, in this case, Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert claims to possess solid physical and testimonial evidence – sufficient, he says, to prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt. Again, we know little until a trial – assuming the matter goes that far."

-- Larry Elder, WorldNetDaily, July 24

* * *

"... But I do think, now that this allegation has come forward on Broaddrick, that Clinton will not finish out his term. ... You cannot have a sitting president with a rape allegation hanging over his head."

-- Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax, Feb. 28, 1999

"Basketball great Kobe Bryant is accused of rape and yet another media circus has begun. I don’t know Kobe or his accuser. But I do know the American way. And the American way says there is a presumption of innocence – until the accused is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

"... If any immediate judgment can be made about the case, it should fall in Kobe Bryant’s favor. It falls in his favor because the system says he is innocent until proven guilty. ... I was shocked to see MSN’s online survey that this weekend showed some 48 percent of those voting were inclined to believe the accuser and not the athlete. "

-- Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax, July 21

* * *

Even left-liberal America is afraid. They are afraid to speak the truths they know, lest their particular interest group lose influence. Feminists are afraid to denounce a serial harasser and rapist ...

-- Vox Day, WorldNetDaily, July 7

"The fact that a new study shows that women are far more likely to lie about sex than men, in contrast with conventional wisdom, happens to lend some support to Kobe Bryant's story does not indicate that my column last week was an attempt to justify Kobe Bryant's behavior. ... According to the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit's 1983 study on false allegations, 39.57 percent of the alleged rapes investigated were false. ...

"In any case, Kobe will have to look for his defenders elsewhere, considering his 32.1 points per game against KG and the boys in last year's playoffs. Lock him up and throw away the key – please!"

-- Vox Day, WorldNetDaily, July 26

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