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Terry's Non-Political Links

I'm not all about politics, y'know. When I'm not slaying the hypocritical dragons of the ConWeb, I do have a little fun. Here are some other interests, avocations and other folks' interesting sites that I'd like to share with y'all.

(Japanese animation)

A fairly recent avocation. I'm slowly turning into an otaku (fanatic). The stories are intriguing, the animation ranging from outrageous to breathtaking, and, well, they're just plain different from American entertainment, and different can be good. At right are a few of my current faves (clockwise from top left): Maison Ikkoku (romantic comedy), Now and Then, Here and There (dark, harsh future-world story of survival and hope in a hopeless world); the works of Hiyao Miyazaki (shown is My Neighbor Totoro; also check out Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service); Kodocha (manga, anime), a hyperactive comedy about a child actress; FLCL (Fooly Cooly), an indescribably weird yet stunning series; Cowboy Bebop (sci-fi adventure that filters American pop culture through a Japanese lens); and Serial Experiments Lain (psychological cyberthriller).

Some related links:

A summary of the works of Rumiko Takahashi, who created Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1/2, among others

Anime on DVD (news and reviews)

Anime News Network (more news and reviews)

Sushicam: Photo-heavy blog of an American living in Japan.


Well, not so much me as my brother-in-law, who runs a publishing house, South Platte Press, specializing in railroad history. But I designed the website for it, and I've also developed an affinity for the dramatic train-centric photos of O. Winston Link.


Sadly canceled after a 10-year run, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a classic, as deliberately cheesy as the films it makes fun of and outrageously funny, too.


I recently received my master's degree in multimedia journalism from Arkansas Tech University.


Home of the Huskers! Home of the Runza! Home of Dorothy Lynch! The place I was born and raised! The place I attended college! The place I began and furthered my journalism career!

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