Newsmax's Anti-Haley Shenanigans

Newsmax's coverage of Nikki Haley's Republican presidential campaign was largely negative. Was it because she didn't place enough ads on Newsmax?

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Economist Wars At The MRC

Amid its touting of biased economists who peddle right-wing, anti-Biden narratives, the Media Research Center obsessively attacked Paul Krugman for not playing along -- and ignored Larry Kudlow apologizing for his doomsday economic predictions.

The MRC Flips Over Elon Musk, Part 21: Burying The (Very Recent) Past

The Media Research Center insisted on talking about anything but Elon Musk's embrace of an anti-Semitic smear -- while hurling a Nazi smear at a critic of how Musk has run Twitter/X.

Blowing The Whistle On Bad, Hateful Journalism

WorldNetDaily's sparsely read Whistleblower magazine, the baby of managing editor David Kupelian, pushes the the same misinformation, fake news and right-wing obsessions as its parent website.

The MRC vs. Media Literacy, Part 2

A second Media Research Center report assailing efforts to teach people to be discerning about the media they consume is as wildly biased as the first -- right down to the repeated smearing of Germans as censorious Nazis.

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