At WND, It's Donald the Divine

WorldNetDaily slandered Barack Obama as the Antichrist, but it's now pushing the idea that hand of God brought Donald Trump's election as president.

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Out There, Exhibit 66: Against History

The Media Research Center spent a good part of the Obama years complaining that the media described historic events as "historic."

CNS Camps Out on Hack Ridge

A blogger slobbers all over Mel Gibson -- while censoring any mention of the actor and filmmaker's ugly personal history.

Tim Graham, Terrible Media Critic

There's a reason the Media Research Center bigwig sticks mostly to friendly, sheltered confines to peddle his anti-media attacks: It keeps him from getting schooled in person about how his "media criticism" is all about ideology and rarely about journalism.

WND's Bashful Birthers, Part 2: Bashful No More

Donald Trump's election made it OK for WorldNetDaily to be loud-and-proud birthers again -- and to help Joe Arpaio peddle more findings from his incompetent "cold case posse."

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