A Bevy of Bogus MRC Media 'Studies'

The Media Research Center rushes to defend President Trump from the negative media coverage he has earned by presenting narrowly tailored, biased talking points presented as "media research."

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Leo Hohmann's Muslim Freakouts

Muslim politicians, a church sold to a mosque, Muslims in general -- the WorldNetDaily reporter fearmongers about them all.

WND's Fake News About Measles

The anti-vaxxers at WorldNetDaily have long railed against the measles vaccine -- until a measles outbreak occurred in a Somali-American community, which WND suddenly decided to blame on Islam.

The MRC Plots Revenge

The Media Research Center couldn't save Bill O'Reilly's job, but it's trying to save Sean Hannity's by hiding the truth, and it's lashing out at anyone who dares to criticize President Trump.

WND's Cynical Exploitation of Seth Rich

WorldNetDaily doesn't actually want to solve the former DNC staffer's murder -- that would mean it could no longer use his death as an excuse to bash the Clintons and push conspiracy theories.

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