The Great Black Kool-Aid Drinker

WorldNetDaily columnist Jesse Lee Peterson is so ridiculously pro-Trump that he calls the president "the Great White Hope" -- apparently oblivious to its original as an racist, anti-black insult. He also bought into the Pizzagate hoax.

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CNS' Managing Editor of Gay-Bashing, Part 2

Michael W. Chapman is still using his Media Research Center-provided platform to rage against the LGBT community.

WND's Bitcoin Bubble

How desperate is WorldNetDaily to stay alive? It's now trying to save itself by giving away a dubious cryptocurrency variant to donors.

Another Member of CNS' Trump Stenography Brigade

Melanie Arter is too busy dutifully transcribing what comes out of the White House press office to be concerned about things like fact-checking.

Jack Cashill's Gallery of Rogues

The WorldNetDaily columnist finds more dubious people to defend: a felon and conman, a terrorist, an alleged blackmailing governor -- and George Zimmerman (again).

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