WND's Chief Medical Misinformer

WorldNetDaily loves Association of American Physicians and Surgeons president Jane Orient because of their shared agenda of right-wing politics and medical misinformation.

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Out There, Exhibit 64: 'Black-ish' And White At The MRC

The Media Research Center assigns white writers to pass (almost entirely negative) judgment on a TV show about black culture.

WND's Trump Fanfiction Writer

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch manages to liken Donald Trump to God, Jesus and Aristotle -- then claims his fanboyism is "moderate and reasoned."

Journalistic Crimes of the WND Author

Alex Newman smears teachers as criminals in his WorldNetDaily-published book. He's also written "news" articles for WND filled with falsehoods and deceptions.

A Fox News-Shaped Blind Spot

The Media Research Center can't bring itself to criticize Fox News for its pro-Trump bias -- even when it documents irrefutable evidence of the bias. And when the MRC can be moved to criticize Fox News at all, it hides behind Mark Levin to do it.

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