Religious Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee

WorldNetDaily loves it when Christians invoke a federal law designed to stop zoning discrimination against religious institutions. It's much less happy, however, when Muslims make use of the very same law.

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25 Years of Hating Anita Hill

The Media Research Center will never forgive Anita Hill for nearly derailing conservative Clarence Thomas' bid to be Supreme Court justice, so it tries to denigrate her every chance it gets.

WND: Don't Do (To Trump) As We Did (To Obama)

WorldNetDaily has a lengthy track record of "conveniently forgetful news," complaining that others were treating Donald Trump the same way it treated Barack Obama.

CNS' Fossil-Fueled Bias, Part 2

The Media Research Center gets a lot of money from oil interests, so its "news" division is appropriately eager (or perhaps contractually obligated) to parrot the industry's agenda.

At WND, It's Donald the Divine

WorldNetDaily slandered Barack Obama as the Antichrist, but it's now pushing the idea that hand of God brought Donald Trump's election as president.

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