The Talking Point Two-Step

While the Media Research Center mocks the argument that funding for public broadcasting shouldn't be cut because it's an infinitesimal amount of the federal budget, the head of its "news" division demands funding for the border wall for the exact same reason.

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CNS On Impeachment, Part 3: Ridiculousness

More bias! More copy-and-paste boilerplate! The most ridiculous defenses of Trump presented with a straight face! knows how to protect its favorite president.

The MRC's Climate-Teen Meltdown

The Media Research Center has spent months heaping hate and scorn on Greta Thunberg for her climate-change activism -- but it has all but censored the far-right leanings of Naomi Seibt, conservatives' answer to Thunberg.

Out There, Exhibit 75: Your One-Stop Pro-Trump Talking Points Shop loves to publish multiple articles pushing the same exact talking point du jour -- sometimes on the same day.

Drag Queens and Nonbinary and Cross-Dressers, Oh My!

It's not just transgenders: The Media Research Center's war on non-heterosexual people continues.

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