Slanties 2019: Into the Slantie-Verse

As the web the ConWeb weaves continues to spread under new writer Donald Trump, it's time once again to highlight the worst ConWeb reporting and craziest ConWeb opinions of the year.

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More Catholic Than The Pope

The Catholic guys who run are so uber-right-wing Catholic that they have the temerity to believe they can lecture Pope Francis about Catholicism.

WorldNetDaily's Favorite Criminal Ex-Congressman

WND loves Steve Stockman so much, it's promoting a conspiracy theory that the former congressman was sent to prison on financial fraud charges because he's a victim of the "Deep State."

MRC vs. Acosta: The Battle Rages On

When the Trump White House pulled the press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta, the Media Research Center had no problem ratcheting up the hatred even more -- so much so that its "news" division rooted for CNN's lawsuit to reinstate Acosta to go down in flames.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-MRC

The Media Research Center loves the conservative congressman so much that it campaigned for him to become House GOP leader -- while also burying and censoring claims that ignored sexual abuse in a previous job as a coach.

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