The MRC's Selective Outrage on Sexual Harassment

The Media Research Center is happy to lecture about Harvey Weinstein -- but was mostly AWOL when prominent conservatives were exposed as sexual harassers and misogynists.

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The MRC Wants Jimmy Kimmel to Shut Up

The late-night host has some opinions on things near and dear to his heart, and the Media Research Center doesn't like it. At all.

Bogus MRC Media 'Studies,' Continued

Not only is the Media Research Center continuing to push out studies that pretend the network evening news is the entirety of "the media," it attacks real studies by actual researchers that take a much more accurate view of the media landscape.

Joseph Farah, The Right-Wing Zelig

Did the WorldNetDaily editor really march with Martin Luther King, pal around with radicals as a youth and dream up the "Left Behind" books first? That's what he'll tell you. Is it true? Who knows?

The Life and Death of A Right-Wing Talking Point loved to suggest global warming doesn't exist by highlighting the amount of time between "major" hurricanes hitting the U.S. -- until Hurricane Harvey put an end to that narrative.

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