Suddenly Reluctant Birthers At WND

Donald Trump finally forces WorldNetDaily to pursue -- very unenthusiastically -- the issue of Ted Cruz's eligibility, and it gives him benefits of doubt it never granted to President Obama. Even birther extraordinare Jerome Corsi flip-flops to protect Cruz.

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Anti-Abortion Damage Control, Redux

Just as it did when an abortion doctor was murdered in 2009, the ConWeb rushes to spin away a fatal shooting spree inside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Slanties 2016: The Slant Awakens

There aren't many stars, but there's definitely a war going on in the ConWeb, with the usual misinformation and wackiness that entails. It's time once again to recognize their efforts.

The Peacock Conspiracy

WorldNetDaily writer Steve Peacock's job is to portray any U.S. spending "... in Kenya!" as being on direct orders of President Obama himself, despite the complete lack of any evidence to prove it.

The Debate Double Standard at the MRC

When Donald Trump complained about biased debate questions from Fox News, the Media Research Center said nothing. But CNBC asks questions of GOP candidates that weren't right-wing-friendly, and it goes ballistic.

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