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Wednesday, April 5, 2023
NEW ARTICLE: The MRC's Gay Club Massacre Deflection
Topic: Media Research Center
After a massacre at a gay club, the Media Research Center tried to deflect from right-wing homophobia to push dubious claims the alleged shooter is nonbinary. It pulled a similar deflection after a 2016 massacre by obsessing over the shooter's Muslim identity. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:34 AM EDT
Tuesday, April 4, 2023
The MRC's DeSantis Defense Brigade Keeps Rolling Along
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center will lash out at any criticism of potential Republican candidate and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. In a Feb. 6 post, Tim Graham cited totally impartial fact-checker "'Fuzzy Chimp' at Twitchy": to complain that "leftists mangled an accurate Associated Press fact check correcting the false notion that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is mandating all female high-school athletes in the state to provide detailed information about their menstrual cycles." Oddly, he named none of the "leftists" who were purportedly "mangling" this fact-check, and it surely must have been painful for Graham to admit that something from the AP was found to be accurate since that blows up part of his "liberal media" narrative. Then Graham tried to embellish things, hyping a state sports official claiming the proposed mandate was "consistent with national guidelines for sports physicals" developed by medical associations and hyping that "Twitchy adds one important detail on the proposed new medical forms. They state 'This medical history form should be retained by the healthcare provider and/or parent,' not by the schools."

In fact, one medical association stated that the proposed mandate wasn't consistent with its guidelines, and one Florida county planned to store the menstrual information digitally via a "sports management software" platform, but "the platform’s privacy policy, and federal law, could require it to turn data over to legal authorities or other officials if they had a valid subpoena." Ultimately, the state decided against making the information mandatory.

Meanwhile, under the headline "Disney's Attack Dogs?" Nicholas Fondacaro advanced a conspiracy theory in a Feb. 9 post that anyone on ABC who criticizes  DeSantis is being ordered by its parent company, Disney, to do so:

With Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis seemingly eyeing a run for president in 2024 and his continued pressure on left-leaning Disney as they go increasingly woke, the multinational national corporation seems to have unleashed the hounds to smear him with lies on a national level. Enter the cackling coven of ABC’s The View (owned by Disney), who on Thursday unloaded truly insane accusations; accusing DeSantis of trying to remove ALL black history from Florida schools with the goal of “eras[ing]” all minorities.

Brad Wilmouth used a Feb. 10 post to serve as a loyal member of the MRC's DeSantis Defense Brigade:

On Thursday's CNN This Morning, co-host Don Lemon picked up on the story from Philadelphia of a racist video surfacing of high school girls mocking Black History Month, and exploited it to an horrifically partisan degree to pontificate against Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis's education policies.

And, even though he set up the segment by noting that the girls involved are in high school, he later incorrectly claimed they were in college and suggested that they might not have behaved so badly if they had learned about black history in high school.


Governor DeSantis, of course, did not get rid of the teaching of black history in schools, but instead imposed regulations to prevent the politicization of the subject.

Meanwhile, the MRC continued to lash out any criticism of DeSantis:

The MRC also made sure to take time to fawn over DeSantis as well for adhering to right-wing narratives. Catherine Salgado gushed in a Feb. 15 post:

On Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) made an announcement that puts Big Tech and Big Government on notice in the state of Florida, declaring there’s “a collusion between government and the private sector to deprive you of your rights.”

DeSantis discussed his legislative plans to restrict tech-government collusion Feb. 15, when he held a press conference to discuss his proposed Digital Bill of Rights in West Palm Beach, Florida, according to WPBF News. The governor took aim at social media and internet search engine censorship.

Florida’s Voice shared a clip from DeSantis’s press conference explaining his new Digital Bill of Rights. DeSantis said the bill of rights would not allow, “either formally or informally, any agreement between state or local government agencies and social media platforms for the purpose of content moderation.”

He cited the Twitter Files, particularly the FVBI's Twitter censorship work, and former NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s work to censor on Facebook. “Again, that’s a collusion between government and the private sector to deprive you of your rights,” DeSantis insisted.

Salgado went on to cheer that "DeSantis has also slammed woke environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards" -- another mandated right-wing narrative the MRC is pushing.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:28 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, May 2, 2023 11:39 PM EDT
WND Columnist Complains ChatGPT Won't Buy Into Vince Foster Conspiracy Theories
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Allan Favish is an attorney and conspiracy theorist whose big claim to fame is that in 2003, he got to argue before the Supreme Court to demand that the government release photos of the body of Vince Foster at the scene of his death -- a death conspiracy theorists like those who run WorldNetDaily have long obessed over. WND editor Joseph Farah gushed over Favish's ploy at the time of the case: "Attorney Allan Favish believes the public may learn something from 10 unreleased police photos of Foster and has taken the issue all the way to the Supreme Court. I believe he's right." But he went on to complain that "a seemingly skeptical Supreme Court grilled Favish, suggesting the public is no closer to finding out the truth about what became of Bill Clinton's lawyer in 1993," grousing that even right-wing Justice Antonin Scalia "was critical of the attorney's campaign to get the Foster death photos, at one point calling [Favish] a 'conspiracy theorist' about the case." The Supreme Court unanimously rejected Favish's ploy , which he did not take well (as WND dutifully reported).

Fast forward to today, and Favish remains obsessed by Vince Foster conspiracy theories -- and now he's mad that the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT won't buy into them. And, yes, he spent an entire Feb. 23 WND column complaining about it:

An artificial intelligence service called ChatGPT, developed by a company called OpenAI, will give you false information about the 1993 death of former President Bill Clinton's deputy White House counsel, Vincent Foster.

OpenAI describes itself as "an AI research and deployment company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity."

Mostly, though, he's mad that ChatGPT doesn't know about his tawdry, losing case to see pics of Foster's dead body:

On Jan. 29, 2023, I asked ChatGPT the following question: "What is the evidence that the government's conclusion that Vincent Foster committed suicide may be incorrect?" I received the following answer:

"There is no credible evidence to support the claim that the death of Vincent Foster was anything other than a suicide. Numerous investigations, including by independent counsels, the U.S. Park Police, and the Office of the Independent Counsel, concluded that Foster died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia in 1993. These findings have been supported by numerous forensic examinations and eyewitness accounts. Conspiracy theories suggesting otherwise are not based on credible evidence and have been thoroughly discredited."

I then asked: "Did the United States Supreme Court ever decide a case involving the death of Vincent Foster?" ChatGPT answered: "No, the U.S. Supreme Court did not decide a case involving the death of Vincent Foster."

In case my previous question was not specific enough to get a truthful answer, I then asked two more questions: "Did the United States Supreme Court ever decide a Freedom of Information Act case involving the death of Vincent Foster?" ChatGPT answered: "No, the Supreme Court of the United States has not decided a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case specifically involving the death of Vincent Foster."

I asked: "Did the United States Supreme Court ever decide a case involving photographs of the deceased body of Vincent Foster?" ChatGPT answered: "No, the United States Supreme Court has not decided a case involving photographs of the deceased body of Vincent Foster."

On Feb. 18, 2023, I repeated the same questions and received different inaccurate responses.

Because ChatGPT didn't give Favish the exact answers he demanded, he concluded: "ChatGPT has proven that AI can be just as inaccurate as the establishment media."

Posted by Terry K. at 6:50 PM EDT
Newsmax Continued To Push Outrage Even As Trump's Arrest Prediction Failed To Happen
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax made hay out Donald Trump's erroneous claim of imminent arrest, cranking out dozens of outrage-filled articles even though that prediction never came true on the day he predicted. And Newsmax was not about to let Trump's failed prediction get in the way of generating more outrage articles on his behalf. Even on the weekend of March 25 and 26:

Over the following couple of days, Newsmax outrage/pro-Trump pandering slowed down:

By March 29, the flip-flop was complete, with pro-Trump talking heads arguing that Bragg had no case against Trump after all:

When Bragg's grand jury announced that day a previously scheduled break for a few weeks, Newsmax seemed quite pleased. An article by Solange Reyner and Eric Mack hyped the development, which was followed by a Trump-focused article by Peter Malbin:

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Wednesday to praise a Manhattan grand jury that is examining his alleged role in a hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

The Manhattan grand jury is not expected to hear evidence in the case for the next month largely due to a previously scheduled hiatus, Politico reported Wednesday.

"I have gained such respect for this grand jury and perhaps even the grand jury system as a whole," Trump wrote in all caps. "The evidence is so overwhelming in my favor & so ridiculously bad for the highly partisan & hateful district attorney that the grand jury is saying, Hold on, we are not a rubber stamp, which most grand juries are branded as being, we are not going to vote against a preponderance of evidence or against large numbers of legal scholars all saying, there is no case here. Drop this sick witch hunt, now!"

That sudden respect for the grand jury didn't last long -- the next day, it was revealed that Trump would be indicted. Unsurprisingly, Newsmax reacted by ramping up the outrage machine. More soon.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:31 PM EDT
CNS Quickly Turned From Reporting Biden's Visit To Ukraine To Attacking Him Over It

It seems that was surprised enough by President Biden's visit to Ukraine that its initial coverage was actually somewhat balanced. Susan Jones' main story about the Feb. 20 visit was shockingly straightforward and devoid of her usual editorializing. A sidebar by Jones even more shockingly criticized Russian leader Vladimir Putin for starting war, a surprising move since CNS is also working to undermine U.S. support for Ukraine by criticizing Biden over the money being spent:

From both Republicans and Democrats on Sunday came a chorus of support for Ukraine -- one day before President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv, where he also emphasized continuing U.S. support for Ukraine, one year after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his unprovoked and vicious war.

The raging war has no end in sight, and that's a problem for some members of both parties, although congressional support for Ukraine remains strong, to hear both sides tell it.

He quoted President Biden as saying that the U.S. will "support Ukraine for as long as it takes."

"And I think when you see the president -- when you see him go to Poland next week and Warsaw, he'll make that case before the entire world and the Polish," Kirby said.

Jones also wrote an article hyping a couple Republican congresmen insisting that U.S. support for Ukraine "is still very strong" despite a Republican resolution insisting that the U.S. "must end its military and financial aid to Ukraine."

CNS soon reverted to form, however; just a few hours after her main story appeared, Jones devoted an article to a presumed Republican presidential candidate whining about the money the U.S. is spending in Ukraine:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was in Staten Island, New York on this holiday Monday to discuss law-and-order, while President Joe Biden was thousands of miles away, making a surprise visit to Ukraine, where Biden announced another half-billion dollars in aid to the war-torn country.

"They have effectively a blank-check policy," DeSantis said of the Biden administration, "with no clear strategic objective identified."


DeSantis reminded viewers of "Fox & Friends" that the Obama/Biden administration opposed sending lethal aid to Ukraine when Russia invaded and took Crimea:

Patrick Goodenough wrote an article that largely repeated Russian attacks on the U.S. over the visit:

Former Russian president and close Putin ally Dimitry Medvedev said Monday President Biden had received “security guarantees” ahead of his unannounced trip to Kyiv. The White House said it notified Moscow ahead of the visit “for deconfliction purposes.”

Medvedev, now deputy chairman of President Vladimir Putin’s national security council, made the claim in a post on his Telegram channel in which he also referred derisively to the president of the United States as “the old man from across the ocean” and to Ukrainian leaders as a “gang of drug addicts.”

The next day, Melanie Arter uncritically repeated a political attack on Biden over the visit that also touched on CNS' attempt to politicize a train derailment in Ohio:

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe criticized President Biden for visiting Ukraine on President’s Day instead of visiting East Palestine, Ohio, where residents are dealing with the aftermath of a train derailment that resulted in hazardous chemicals being released into the environment.

“Even if you look at how badly the Biden administration has mismanaged Ukraine up to this point and a war that many of us believe a strong president could have avoided. We believe that it was Biden's weakness in Afghanistan that prompted Putin to move on Ukraine in the first place,” Ratcliffe told Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday.

The same day, Micky Wootten -- CNS' point person on setting up the Ukraine overspending narrative -- complained that "On Feb. 20, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced President Joe Biden’s 32nd Presidential Drawdown, which includes $460 million in 'additional security assistance' for Ukraine. This raises the total value of assistance provided to $29.7 billion since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022."

For a Feb. 22 article, Goodenough repeated a narrative CNS pushed at the time of Russia's invasion that the war is Biden's fault because he provoked Russia by not decisively shutting down Ukraine's interest in joining NATO:

Twenty-six years ago, then-Senator Joe Biden ridiculed the notion that Russia might respond to NATO’s eastward enlargement by drawing closer to China or Iran.

Addressing an audience in Washington in 1997, Biden said that when Russian lawmakers with whom he discussed the issue suggested that expanding the alliance into Moscow’s backyard might prompt Russia to “look to China,” he had wished them “lots of luck in your senior year.”

“And if that doesn’t work, try Iran,” he recalled telling the Russians.

With U.S. concerns aired this week that China may provide “lethal aid” to Russia’s war on Ukraine, and amid signs of a deepening Russia-China-Iran collaboration in the economic, military, and diplomatic spheres, the remarks by the then-ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are worth revisiting.

Goodenough didn't mention that NATO is a defensive alliance and does not engage in military offensives -- nor did he note that Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which his co-worker Jones agrees was unprovoked, proved that Ukraine's desire to join NATO was not without merit.

Jones followed with an article that seemed to approve of former Republican Vice President Mike Pence sounding like Putin: "It appears that former Vice President Mike Pence and Russian President Vladimir Putin agree on one thing: Ukraine is the vehicle by which the West aims to stop Russia from re-establishing the former Soviet Union." Jones went on to hype that "Pence accused President Biden of 'failed leadership.'"

Posted by Terry K. at 1:25 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, April 4, 2023 1:38 AM EDT
Monday, April 3, 2023
MRC Brings Anti-Drag Hate, Misinformation Into The New Year
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center slipped in a bit more dragphobia at the end of last year. In a Dec. 27 post, Clay Waters gave violence aimed at a bar that hosted a drag night a pass because it purporedly wasn't violent enough:'

A long New York Times Christmas Day editorial, pompously titled “How Americans Can Stand Against Extremism,” made a mountain of right-wing intolerance out of one or perhaps two molehills of ideologically motivated vandalism.

Whoever shot the small steel ball through the front window of the Brewmaster’s Taproom in Renton, Wash., this month wasn’t taking chances. The person wore a mask and removed the front and rear license plates of a silver Chevrolet Cruze. The police still have no leads.

(Well, the Times does want everyone to mask up, again.)

The Times even illustrated its editorial with a picture of the cracked window. The lack of proof that it was a politically motivated attack didn’t matter, there was fear to stir up and extrapolations to be made.

Just that like how the MRC must always stif up fear about drag queens?

The MRC's chief transphobe, Teirin-Rose Mandelburg, raged at a comfortable-but-ugly shoemaker for taking part in a drag gathering in a Dec. 30 post:

I knew I made the right choice when I never fell into the “Crocs are back in style” trap that many other young people did in the more recent years. 

According to a flyer posted by RuPaul's Drag Con Instagram account, Crocs Europe will be sponsoring a children's fashion show at the 2023 Drag Convention on January 8. The shoe brand once focused on — ya, know — making shoes, but now cares more about pushing progressivism.

And its target audience is our kids. 

In the Instagram caption, the announcement read, “Hit them with your catwalk, kids 👠 Bring it to the runway with your parent/guardian for the #DragConUK 2023 Kids Fashion Show, Sunday 8th January on the @crocseurope Main Stage!” It then continued with more specifics for kids to know when and where to go, adding, “No pre-registration required. All kids under 18 are welcome, please report to the Main Stage at 12:45PM to participate 💓”

Any parent who would allow their kid to attend an event like this is partaking in what I call "child abuse." Not to mention the parents that bring their kid to participate in drag gear for the event. 

Shame on them.

Mandelburg unsurprisingly threw the "groomer" slur around as well:

It really is disturbing that RuPaul's drag team thinks kids should be not only invited to but encouraged to participate in an event that undoubtedly will be oversexualized and inappropriate for their innocent eyes. It's also disturbing that companies and groups that used to be great for kids are joining in on the pro-grooming crusade.

Several days later, Mandelburg cheered that her hateful mob had the desired effect:

Crocs has holes in its shoes and now in its story too. 

At the end of December, the billion-dollar shoe brand, Crocs, announced its sponsorship of a kids drag fashion show for the RuPaul’s Drag Convention in London this past weekend. After ample backlash condemning the grooming behavior of the company, Crocs Europe silently deleted all signs of sponsorship. 

Did they think we wouldn’t notice?


While Crocs likely caved to the ample and justified backlash, Teletubbies, another sponsor of the event, maintained it’s position.

Of course, she would never refer to her manufactured "backlash" as a mob effect, even though her employer loves to refer to any group of people advocating for liberal views as a "mob."

Mandelburg used a Jan. 16 post to rage at a drag event in Texas:

These people need Jesus. 

An “all-ages” drag show event in Dallas had a great audience turnout, including local legislators, parents and children, according to Taylor Hansen of the Texas Family Project. 

The event opened with audio that condemned “far-right” protesters who think that drag queens shouldn’t interact with children. Yeah … those crazy right-wingers …


Councilmen Jesse Moreno and Paul Ridley were in attendance as well as State Representative Venton Jones. The three gave speeches while drag queens stood in solidarity and the audience roared.

Moreno’s speech thanked the audience for the attendance and claimed that “there is no place for hate in the city of Dallas.” He declared it his purpose to “educate” on “basic human rights” and “dignity” which apparently include the “right” to groom kids by bringing them to a drag show.

As for dignity, it's a drag show.

But Mandelburg is dishonestly portraying the show in question. As an actual news organization reported about the manufactured outrage, which took place at a weekly "drag brunch" at a bar, it was never advertised as an "all ages" drag show -- right-wing activists maliciously portrayed it as such because children were never explicitly prohibited, and the only children at the event in question were brought by a parent to watch the protest:

Had it not been for a group named Protect Texas Kids, there may not have been any kids at a recent drag brunch in Dallas that drew protesters yelling slurs and threatening violence.

Ahead of the Jan. 14 event, the anti-LGBTQ organization Protect Texas Kids began posting online about the weekly drag brunch at BuzzBrews, suggesting that, because the neighborhood restaurant did not explicitly ban children, organizers were catering to children and, thus, grooming them for sex.

Threats and harassment ensued. The bar owners were accused of pedophilia. A protest was organized. And Veronica Olivo, a friend of one of the drag performers, decided to go in solidarity with her two preteens as a form of counterprotest.

“I told them that we were going to an art performance where the guys dress up like girls, and that you might hear some dirty jokes,” she said with a laugh. “They were like, ‘Well, you do that at home anyway.’”

They were the only kids at the show.

Outside, outraged protesters called their mom and other patrons “child groomers” and “pedophiles” — with little appreciation for the irony that their protest was the only reason kids were inside.

The news outlet pointed out how Hansen play ed a key role in manufacturing anti-drag hate:

Hansen has been increasingly influential in conservative spaces, and his work has often prompted harassment of drag events and local businesses, including a drag brunch at Roanoke’s Anderson Distillery and Grill that drew white supremacists and a cascade of threats online.

So Mandelburg has unhinged hatred toward people who are different from her and is willing to lie and mislead in order to portray them as negatively as possible. (And this is the second time this year we've caught her spreading misinformation for her hateful cause.) Sounds like she's the one who really needs Jesus.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:26 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, April 3, 2023 11:36 PM EDT
CNS Even Nitpicks Biden Getting An Ash Wednesday Blessing
Topic: just loves to nitpick at President Biden for failing to being a right-wing ideologue -- though its writers are becoming more likely to lack the courage of their convictions by refusing to put their names on their partisan bias. An anonymously written Feb. 24 article did this again:

President Joe Biden, as first reported by The Daily Mail, had a private Mass in a room at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, on Wednesday, as back in the United States the White House was announcing that Biden had nominated to a federal district court a magistrate judge endorsed by pro-abortion politicians.

The White House put out a press release that day, stating that Biden had nominated U.S. Magistrate Judge Kato Crews to the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

Crews had been recommended to Biden as a district-court nominee in a letter that Democratic Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet of Colorado had sent Biden on April 29, 2022.

That's a desperate stretch of guilt-by-association there, even by CNS standards.And it's clear that CNS is trying to blur any distinction between "pro-abortion" and "pro-abortion rights"; while they may be clearly pro-abortion rights, the article offers no evidence that either senator is "pro-abortion."

On top of that, the anonymous CNS writer further complained that "Father Wieslaw Dawidowski, a Polish priest in Warsaw, put an English-language posting on his Facebook page, stating that he had said Mass for Biden in a room next to Biden’s hotel room and had put ashes on Biden’s head. The posting included photos of the priest in the room with Biden."

Remember, the boys who run CNS think they're more Catholic than the pope, so they lilke to impose their right-wing Catholic views on their readers.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:41 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, April 3, 2023 8:48 PM EDT
MRC Angry About Non-White Cartoon Characters Talking About Non-White Things
Topic: Media Research Center

In its grand tradition of hating cartoons that don't reinforce right-wing narratives, the Media Research Center has previously freaked out over the cartoon "The Proud Family" because it focuses on characters who are not white or heterosexual. So when the cartoon covered topics in black history, Elie Ehrhard spent a Feb. 7 post ranting about "anti-white hate" and so-called critical race theory:

Season two of the Disney+ children's cartoon Proud Family: Louder and Prouder premiered on the streaming service last week. The ten-episode second season is filled with critical race theory (CRT) propaganda and anti-white hate. 

Critical race theory ideas and racial division are littered throughout the series, but three episodes in particular stood out. 

"Reparations," the third episode of the season, has already garnered a great deal of attention on Twitter. Conservative accounts such as Christopher Rufo and End Wokeness highlighted a clip at the end of the episode in which the kids sing a rap for reparations as part of a debate team performance.

As Rufo noted, "This Disney clip is pure critical race theory, including the insane conspiracy theory that Lincoln did not free the slaves."

Ehrhard didn't explain how, exactly, a rap song about reparations involved the high-level academic concept of critical race theory. And Rufo is on record as cheering his negative narratives he helped create surrounding the term without actually defining it because "The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think 'critical race theory.’" So citing Rufo isn't exactly the win Ehrhard thinks it is. But she wasn't done complaining:

Hatred of Lincoln and the United States in general is in full force again in episode 10, "Juneteenth." This particular episode is such a historical mess it's hard to know where to begin. 

Proud Family is set in the town of Smithville, California, and in the episode the citizens plan to honor the town's founder, Christian A. Smith. But Maya (Keke Palmer), the main character with a CRT-style middle school teacher, discovers that Smith was actually a slave owner. He owned a plantation in their town.  

How is that possible? Maya's teacher tells her that it is because the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to Confederate States and Union border states did not have to free their slaves.

Um...California was not a border state. It was a free state with little connection to southern slavery and plantation ownership. Placing a slave-holding plantation there is a stretch, to put it mildly.

Actually, California does have a history of slavery despite its declared status as a free state, witih blacks and Native Americans forced into indentured servitude to mine for gold. (We'll concede that there probably weren't many plantations in California.) Nevertheless, Ehrhard huffed that "the show doesn't care about reality and is more than happy to confuse children about American history."

Ehrhard finally got to the "anti-white hate" part by whining over an episode in which "a handsome black student at the school asks a white girl, Zoey (Soleil Moon Frye), to a dance. Her mostly black friends at the minority-predominant school are furious." She chooses to interpret the episode this way:

Eventually, the black boy admits to Zoey that he only dates white girls. She decides not to go to the dance with him, "especially when it hurts my friends."

Do the girls who mistreated Zoey ever apologize for their behavior towards her? No, instead she apologizes to them.

"I'm sorry, guys. I really didn't get it," she says.

So, the episode teaches non-white girls that it's okay to ostracize and mistreat a white girl if she dates a black boy. Such tolerance!

You know, Elise, not everything must be viewed through your pro-white lens. Maybe the lesson here was that the "handsome black student" was the jerk for being interested in Zoey solely because she's white.

This was followed by a Feb. 11 post by right-wing movie critic Christian Toto complaining that the "Juneteenth" episode "features a wall-to-wall Critical Race Theory-style sermonizing," though he didn't explain what, exactly that "sermonizing" had to do with CRT. Then he touted a fellow right-winger also dumping on the show:

The right-leaning host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” shared her views without any Big Tech censors to stop her or show guest Jesse Kelly.

“This is a reflection of what our culture has become, a big bunch of grievance-mongering whiners … ‘America sucks because of this, it sucks because of that,'” said Kelly, a nationally syndicated radio show host.

Kelly couldn’t contain her anger at the parade of misinformation aimed at impressionable minds.

“This is absolute filth,” Kelly said.

“The anger that they put in the mouths of these little kids….Meanwhile, as if any little kid is walking around America today, saying, ‘we want reparations,” Megyn Kelly said. “They’re trying to plant these ideas early.”

“How crazy is it that Disney is coming fresh off a year where the CEO got the ax … after all those losses they’ve chosen to double and triple down on everything that has turned off American families,” Jesse Kelly said. “It’s all activism, all the time. It’s crazy that this is allowed to go on in the boardroom.”

“They’re trying to make these children hate America,” Megyn Kelly said. “Just the racism of it. This is a channel that’s supposed to appeal, I guess, to black families. What black families? Do they assume all black families hate America and wanna demand reparations and say we haven’t gotten past slavery? Who are the black families they’re having out with?”

So it's "absolute filth" for black people to talk about racism (let alone admit that it still exists) in a way that white people like Kelly and Toto don't approve of? And this is what all this anger is about: non-white cartoon characters discussing non-white things.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:44 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, April 3, 2023 11:55 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE -- Fake News At WND: Coronavirus Edition, Part 5
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily is so desperate to smear COVID vaccines that it's touting even more dubious misinformation-spreading doctors and even presenting baseless, irresponsible speculation as "news." Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 2:05 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, April 3, 2023 2:06 AM EDT
Sunday, April 2, 2023
The MRC's Faith In Elon Musk As Twitter Savior Is Wavering A Bit
Topic: Media Research Center
In the course of little more than a year, the Media Research Center has completely flipped from accusing Elon Musk of playing too much footsie with China to defending him against criticism he was playing too much footsie with China. Now, the MRC has found a way to flip things even more, by defending Musk from criticism by China itself. Joseph Vazquez completed the flip in a March 1 post:

The Washington Post and CNBC tried to wokescold Twitter owner Elon Musk for advancing the Wuhan COVID-19 lab leak theory. The outlets attempted to achieve this by pushing … Communist Chinese state propaganda.

The Post, owned by liberal billionaire Jeff Bezos, published a Feb. 28 story with a nutty headline that set the tone for the ludicrous argument: “Chinese state media calls out Elon Musk over coronavirus tweet.” The Post referred to Musk’s response to a tweet alleging that former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci funded gain-of-function virus research in Wuhan. “He did it via a pass-through organization (EcoHealth),” Musk tweeted in response.

The Post flexed the faux virtue-signaling of none other than the Chinese Communist Party-tied Global Times to rebuke Musk in its sub-headline: “Global Times newspaper criticizes Musk for advancing a ‘conspiracy theory’ about the virus’s origin.”

CNBC’s Feb. 28 headline promoting the communist propaganda needs no explanation: “China’s CCP warns Elon Musk against sharing Wuhan lab leak report.”

Funny, we don't recall the MRC ever gratuitously reminding us that Fox News is owned by right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch, and it certainly didn't remind us that the New York Post was a biased pro-Trump newspaper (owned by right-wing billionaire Murdoch) whenever it wrote about Hunter Biden's laptop.

Thje same day, however, Gabrela Pariseau had a brief crisis of faith in Musk when a right-wing congressman's Twitter account got suspended:

Twitter suspended Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) personal account with “no explanation” Wednesday. 

“My personal Twitter account –@BasedMikeLee – has been suspended. Twitter did not alert me ahead of time, nor have they yet offered an explanation for the suspension. My team and I are seeking answers,” the senator tweeted.

Twitter later restored the account again without explanation, according to Sen. Lee. “Thanks to all who assisted in operation #Free @basedMikeLee. Still no explanation from @Twitter as to what happened,” he later tweeted.

Pariseau later added an update from Musk: "Elon Musk explained Sen. Mike Lee's (R-UT) brief suspension in a tweet. 'His personal account (@BasedMikeLee) was incorrectly flagged as impersonation, which is not totally crazy, since it is based,' Musk Tweeted."

The next day, however, there was a new "Twitter files" drop, and Vazquez returned to do the stenography:

The latest batch of Twitter Files released by Twitter owner Elon Musk blew the lid off a coordinated effort to create “state-sponsored blacklists.”

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi, who unveiled the latest batch March 2, pointed to the George Soros-funded Atlantic Council and the government-backed Global Engagement Center as two of the entities responsible for creating blacklists to target Americans. Taibbi reported that “On June 8, 2021, an analyst at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab [DFRLab] wrote to Twitter: ‘Hi guys. Attached you will find… around 40k twitter accounts that our researchers suspect are engaging in inauthentic behavior… and Hindu nationalism more broadly.’” The Council reportedly suspected the 40,000 accounts of being “‘paid employees or possibly volunteers’ of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).” The problem, wrote Taibbi, was that the list “was full of ordinary Americans, many with no connection to India and no clue about Indian politics.”

Like his co-workers, Vazquez doesn't seem to understand that because Taibbi is doing the bidding of Musk, he's not an "indepdendent journalist."

Meanwhile, the crisis of Musk-faith continued. Catherine Salgado complained in another March 2 post about an "ominous" ban against threats:

Twitter’s new “Violent speech policy” now has an ominous ban against “wishes of harm” on the platform.

Twitter frequently updates its platform policies, particularly since Elon Musk took over. But this new update could be detrimental to free speech. The “Violent speech policy” did not appear in Twitter’s policies until the last month, based on the Wayback Machine, which did not show the update until after a Feb. 1, 2023 archive (the archive doesn’t show it). The new policy does appear to be an updated version of Twitter’s previous Violent Threats Policy and Glorification of violence policy.

“You may not threaten, incite, glorify, or express desire for violence or harm,” Twitter’s new Violent speech policy reads. The new policy adds that Twitter has “a zero tolerance policy towards violent speech in order to ensure the safety of our users and prevent the normalization of violent actions.”

These objections apparently come from self-interest because an MRC division fell afould of them: "One example of speech that could be mistakenly censored under this policy was when Managing Editor Michael Chapman tweeted that, rather than watch Biden’s State of the Union Address, Americans would prefer to 'Eat pieces of broken glass.'" Salgado didn't disclose that CNS is the "news" division of the MRC.

Salgado then stated the MRC's real objections to it -- that conservatives might be held accountable for what they write and post:

“One of the biggest problems with blanket censorship policies — censorship policies on the whole really — are the subjective nature of their enforcement,” noted MRC Free Speech America & MRC Business Director Michael Morris. “Take the popular satire site The Babylon Bee for example. Will The Babylon Bee be able to quote Monty Python to poke fun at government leaders like Senator Hirono? Facebook certainly didn’t allow it. Will Twitter?”

This issue with this Twitter policy is that it can very easily be misapplied. “Violent speech” is already more vague than “violent threats.” Individuals have been censored before for stating facts about biology that LGBTQ-identifying users somehow interpreted as “violence.” The Babylon Bee and Dr. Jordan Peterson have both fallen victim to such censorship on Twitter.

The new Twitter policy also appears similar to the language in the UK Online Safety Bill, which aimed in late 2021 to criminalize trolls for “likely psychological harm.” Whenever intention, wishes, or “likely” psychological harm come into play, the problem is that those measures are entirely subjective. Anything now can be labeled violence or “harm” by leftists, and anyone can be accused of inflicting some sort of emotional upset.

Elon Musk’s Twitter should be wary of being too vague or subjective in its policies, as missteps could seriously damage Twitter’s recent pro-free speech trend.

Remember, the whole point of the MRC's anti-"big tech" narrative is to keep conservatives from having to face the consequences for what they write.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:22 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, April 2, 2023 11:22 PM EDT
CNS Tones Down The Musk-Fluffing

Despite spending a lot of time early on parroting its Media Research Center parent in hyping Elon Musk's interest and ultimate ownership of Twitter, appears to have grown tired of the story since the start of the year. Aside from biased, incomplete coverage of a House hearing in February called by Republicans in response to the "Twitter files," it hasn't done much beyond that.

A Jan. 16 article by managing editor Michael W. Chapman hyped how "Several House Republicans introduced a bill on Jan. 13 that would prohibit federal workers from using their position to advocate for censoring free speech expressed on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, and on other outlets," adding:

Emails and other documents released by Twitter in recent weeks, the "Twitter Files," show that the FBI and some members of Congress colluded with Twitter over two years to suppress and censor certain Twitter posts they did not like, particularly conservative viewpoints.

In addition, the FBI paid Twitter more than $3 million.

As we pointed out when its MRC parent pushed this same talking point, the FBI paid Twitter that money to complete document requests, not to "censor" anyone.

Chapman also dutifully repeated propaganda from his bosses (not that he disclosed that conflict of interest, of course) by claiming that "An MRC post-election poll showed that 36 percent of Biden voters were NOT aware of the evidence linking Joe Biden to corrupt financial dealings with China through his son Hunter,' reported NewsBusters. 'Thirteen percent of these voters (or 4.6% of Biden’s total vote) say that had they known these facts, they would not have voted for the former Vice President.'" Chapman also didn't disclose (as we have) that this poll was bought from McLaughlin & Associates, which was Trump's hired pollster in the 2020 presidential campaign, raising questions about its bias and credibility.

A Jan. 18 article by Craig Bannister tout an analyst's “5 Reasons Corrupt Media Are Ignoring the Scandalous ‘Twitter Files,’” but this person is just someone writingf at the right-wing Federalist website. One of those alleged reasons was “Reporters Prefer Their Role as Propagandists to Journalists” -- ironic, since Bannister and the rest of CNS are serving as propgandists for Musk by uncritically repeating whatever he says.

Bannister served as the servile stenographer of another propagandist in a Jan. 27 article:

The news media’s collusion with Big Tech to cover up information reflecting poorly on President Joe Biden is a revelation by the Twitter Files document dumps that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Thursday.

As guest host on The Ingraham Angle, Chaffetz discussed how Twitter documents show media and Big Tech coordinated efforts to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop scandal:

As we've noted, there was no reason anyone should have taken the initial laptop reports at face value given theNew York Post's status as a highly biased pro-Trumppublication and the Post's failure to provide independent verification that could withstand scrutiny.

Bannister helped Musk play victim -- with additional aid from the hand-picked writers pushing those selectively chosen "Twitter files" in a Feb. 16 article:

“True,” Twitter Owner Elon Musk agreed Wednesday, retweeting video and analysis of Journalist Glenn Greenwald, Podcaster Joe Rogan and Author Taibbi describing how the corporate media switched from praising Musk to portraying him as a Hitler-like figure – and how they’ll do the same to anyone who even slightly dissents from their ideology.

Musk retweeted Greenwald’s retweet of a video clip from Rogan’s recent interview with Taibbi, one of the publishers of the Twitter Files exposing the coordinated censorship and propaganda misdeeds of the giant social media platform, prior to Musk’s purchase.

Bannister was completely silent about the shenanigans Musk engaged in while taking over Twitter that may have soured people on him, such as his suspending the accounts of journalists who criticized him, his catering to far-right extremists, the increase in hate speech on Twitter since he took over, or that he ordered Twitter engineers to create a method to give his tweets maximum visibility whether Twitter users subscribed to his feed or not.

There were also, of course, the usual commentary pieces siding with Musk:

Ron Paul uncritically repeated another Musk narrative in a Jan. 30 column:

Thanks to the latest release of the “Twitter Files,” we now know without a doubt that the entire “Russia disinformation” racket was a massive disinformation campaign to undermine US elections and perhaps even push “regime change” inside the United States after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016.


Thanks to the latest release of the “Twitter Files,” Matt Taibbi reveals that the Hamilton 68 project, which claimed to monitor 600 “Russian disinformation” Twitter accounts, was a total hoax. While they refused to reveal which accounts they monitored and would not reveal their methodology, Twitter was able to use reverse-engineering to determine the 600-odd “Russian-connected” accounts. Twitter found that despite Hamilton’s claims, the vast majority of these “Russian” accounts were English-speaking. Of the Russian registered accounts – numbering just 36 out of 644 – most were employees of the Russian news outlet RT.

It was all a lie and the latest Twitter Files release confirms that even the “woke” pre-Musk Twitter employees could smell a rat. But the hoax served an important purpose. Hiding behind anonymity, this neocon organization was able to generate hundreds of media stories slandering and libeling perfectly legitimate organizations and individuals as “Russian agents.” It provided a very convenient way to demonize anyone who did not go along with the approved neocon narrative.

As we documented, the people behind the Hamilton 68 project pointed out that they never claimed to be exclusively tracking Russian bots.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:44 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, April 7, 2023 12:51 AM EDT
Saturday, April 1, 2023
MRC's Graham Mad That Right-Wing Anti-'Groomers' Were Besmirched
Topic: Media Research Center

Media Research Center executive Tim Graham complained in a Jan. 17 post:

Here's an easy way to determine a "fact checker" isn't harping on facts, but on dismissing arguments against the Left. On Tuesday, PolitiFact lined up in solidarity with LGBTQ+ activists by throwing a "Mostly False" at the Instagram account of "Gays Against Groomers." PolitiFact dislikes this group so strongly that it wouldn't use their name and blurred it out of their reproduction of the Instagram post. 

Worst of all, it's sad when "fact checkers" undermine themselves with trans lingo like "gender-affirming treatments" when they are obviously gender-REJECTING treatments. They promoted their Madison Czopek article with this tweet:

Experts said gender-affirming treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapies are not experimental. More research can be done, but the current standards of care are based on research and evidence.

Gays Against Groomers argued "All ‘gender affirming care’ for children is 100% experimental. There are zero long term studies on the effects the drugs and surgeries will have on them." This article carried no fewer than 29 uses of "gender-affirming" in all its Orwellian glory.

Yes, the guy who prefers the euphemistic (and arguably Orwellian) term "pro-life" instead of the more accurate "anti-abortion" is mad that others use a term that doesn't fit with his anti-trans narrative. This being Graham, of course, he didn't identify anything that was actually egresiously false in the fact-check, complaining instead that "the 'Experts' in this article are all LGBTQ activists" -- as if homophobic "experts" should be trusted instead.

The real laugher, though, is the headline in which Graham claimed that PolitiFact "malign[ed]" Gays Against Groomers by, um, fact-checking them or something. In fact, it's hard to malign them because they're yet another group of right-wing grifters. As Media Matters details, Gays Against Groomers is run by right-wing pro-Trump conspiracy theorists trying to cash in on anti-LGBTQ hate among conservatives (like Graham).

But this is all apprently cool with Graham because the group helps to advance right-wing narratives. Meanwhile, he has his own narrative to advance by lashing out at PolitiFact for issuing a fact-check that offended his transphobic sensibilities:

This article strongly underlines everything people don't like about so-called "independent fact-checkers." They aren't at all "independent" and "facts" aren't their primary business. Their primary business is reinforcing leftist narratives.

Again, Graham couldn't identify any fact that was wrong, instead quibbling that it didn't conform to anti-trans narratives.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:26 AM EDT
WND Columnist: Trump 'Imperfect' For Pushing COVID Vaccine, But Re-Elect Him Anyway
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Oh Donald, what are we going to do with you?

One might actually believe that former President Trump needs to "come clean" to get our full support, but it seems pretty unlikely. He isn't all that big on admitting his mistakes. Maybe it simply isn't possible. A handful of the righteous might honor an act of good conscience – but the rabid pack of leftist predators would turn his words into teeth with which to tear him to pieces.

We may love him. We may be grateful for the purposeful combativeness that led to the America First movement, as close to a national resurrection from near death as can be imagined. We may not think there is anyone better suited to fight the powers of darkness without being compromised from without. He is happily too rich to be bought. But can we look without seeing a man already compromised from within? A man who is still bragging about the vaccine that "saved millions"?

It didn't. There isn't just a question of troubling "baggage." God help him, but he stands at the front of an endless procession of hearses.

Trump got played. He got steered into a partnership with the devil, masquerading as Tony Fauci & Company. The maniacs who had sought that one chink in his armor had finally reached their epiphany. It's been noted that he is something of a germaphobe, whose concern for the well-being of the electorate is paramount.. So, they hooked him into panic porn along with the rest of us. They set the stage to maximize the death count, both real and pretended.


Did the president grasp that, by law, no vaccine could gain "emergency approval" if there were effective alternative treatments? Did he cease and desist in suggesting any such alternatives when it was made clear that they might render his cherished OWS moot? Did he invite the Frontline Doctors into the White House for further discussion when they proclaimed their treatments successes from the Capitol steps? Did he object to their being slandered and silenced by the national media? Did Dr. Scott Atlas really get his attention? Did Donald Trump really perform his due diligence?

Do we need to become "Never-Trumpers" to ask these questions? Or do we need to address these issues as we might with a beloved family member? "Dammit, Donald, you can do better!" Can we see in Trump a man of magnificent accomplishment, however dreadfully imperfect?

Do we need to ask who else is there who might actually be able to turn the tide against our approaching national annihilation?

Our prayer must be that in 2024 the fear of God (and/or of a righteously enraged electorate) might caution the cheaters and frauds just enough that the awakening giant of patriotic America may finally begin to prevail.


Trump the Imperfect is the perfectly singular instrument for an America First victory. He knows how deep the rots goes, and he knows it in his gut. All the better to maintain the triumph, we pray God is willing, when we have risen to join him, to fight for him.

And to reelect him.

-- Jim Darlington, Feb. 23 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 12:45 AM EDT
Friday, March 31, 2023
MRC's Jean-Pierre-Bashing Watch
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center's Curtis Houck hadn't had Peter Doocy to man-crush over for a while, so when he returned to Fox News after a month of paternity leave, Houck was ready for some serious Doocy-fluffing in the writeup for the March 1 White House press briefing:

Though he had been back for a few weeks since the February 1 birth of his daughter with wife and Fox Business correspondent Hillary Vaughn, Wednesday marked Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy’s first White House briefing since January 27. Not surprisingly, he was still prepared as he grilled the ever-inept Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on whether President Biden is “afraid of China.”

Doocy started with that very question: “Why is President Biden afraid of China?” Jean-Pierre insisted that he’s not and her evidence was comical as she invoked Biden’s visit to Ukraine.

“Look, this is not a President who's afraid of anything. It was a historic trip that many of you said was brave, so clearly, this is a president that's not afraid to go to a war zone,” she said, arguing that Doocy’s question was bunk because...journalists loved Biden in Ukraine?

Doocy countered that, along with China being allowed to fly “spycraft over the U.S.” and nothing happened to them, Biden hasn’t shown a willingness to punish them when they “may have created something that has killed more 1.1 million people in this country”.

Jean-Pierre said a whole lot of nothing as, on the balloon, Biden “did take that down...collected information from it...protected on national security information on the ground, and “protected the American people.”

Houck then gushed that Doocy "dropped the hammer" with a question about the origins of COVID, then whined that "A meandering essay later about Biden’s “leadership” ensuring “the economy is growing again” and “tak[ing] on COVID” and Biden showing leadership by having “the intelligence community” discuss amongst themselves, she moved on."

Houck was still fanboying over Doocy's return in a second post on that day's briefing:

Along with the return of Fox’s Peter Doocy on Wednesday to the White House Press Briefing Room and some tough questions for the ever-inept Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on TikTok, there were a host of other topics that piqued our interests, including Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) revoking Disney’s self-governance status, the D.C. City Council attempting to rewrite their criminal code, the murder of a Catholic bishop, and the alleged bigotry from the Richmond, Virginia FBI field office.

Then Houck got lazy again, summing up several succeeding briefings in a single March 7 post:

With briefings on Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, the ever-inept Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has had a lot of camera time as of late and the liberal media came at her with questions of substance and activism. Most notably, they’ve hit her from the left on the D.C. crime bill, Florida and Texas addressing the Biden border crisis, illegal immigration, Tennessee passing legislation to protect children from graphic sexual content, and Tucker Carlson.

Thankfully, others showed up with questions about the anti-cop riot in Atlanta, energy independence, green technology hypocrisy, government surveillance, and Russian sanctions.

Below are the five worst and then the five best questions from the last four briefings. Each category is presented in chronological order.

Needless to say, the "best" questions advanced right-wing narratives and the "worst" questions didn't. and the top "best" question is from Doocy.

Kevin Tober popped up to once again smear Jean-Pierre as an incompetent diversity hire in a March 12 post for the sin of not speaking as glibly as he demands:

On Friday night, President Biden’s thoroughly unqualified diversity hire press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes for a wide-ranging interview. While to any competent Democrat press secretary, this would be an easy interview to get through, but as she has proven before, that is not the case with Jean-Pierre who even on her best day is seemingly incapable of putting a coherent sentence together. 

Due to recent reports that have been circulating in the press that the Biden administration is considering a return to the Trump-era migrant detention policies, Hayes simply asked for a confirmation of whether these reports have any merit. 

The result was a meandering, incoherent response that barely sounded like English: "So, what I want to be very clear here and I've answered this question, as you know Chris many times in the briefing room, and we as a administration has as well."


You have to wonder if this somehow is a second language for her. She is in way over her head and should never have been hired for this job. If the Biden regime wasn’t so obsessed with diversity, she wouldn’t be the Press Secretary. 

Houck then trotted over to Fox News to slag Jean-Pierre some more for a March 19 TV hit:

With the topic in his wheelhouse, NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck was back on the Fox News Channel late Friday/early Saturday forFox News @ Night to sound off on the latest antics from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and the White House’s purposeful restricting of press access to President Biden amid a litany of domestic and foreign crises.

Reacting to a mini-skirmish from Thursday’s briefing in which even friendly liberal journalists blasted Jean-Pierre and her team for keeping Biden from even traditional press conferences with foreign leaders, Houck said the issue “shouldn’t be partisan” and certainly at a time when people “want to hear from the President.”

Oddly, Houck didn't find the Jean-Pierre "antics" he described so egregious that he could be bothered to write about that for his employer.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:57 PM EDT
Despite No Actual Indictment, Newsmax Cranked Out Dozens Of Outrage Articles Anyway
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax didn't complain when Donald Trump's March 18 declaration that he would be arrested the following Tuesday didn't match reality -- after all, it squeezed 38 articles out of it. In order to keep the outrage going, Newsmax had to move the goalposts, publishing an article on March 21 -- the day of Trump's original delcared arrest -- that Trump "is likely to be indicted Wednesday, with his surrender and arraignment coming next week." And, yes, the manufactured outrage and the attacks on DA Alvin Bragg from its retinue of pro-Trump talking heads (and Trump himself) kept going on March 22:

That's 15 more outrage articles. By contrast, Newsmax published a single wire article noting that "A federal appeals court on Wednesday directed a lawyer for Donald Trump to turn over to prosecutors documents in the investigation into the former president's retention of classified documents at his Florida estate." Then, beause another prediction had failed: it was goalpost-moving time in the form of an article by Eric Mack trying tomove the goalposts:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's grand jury hearing evidence about former President Donald Trump's alleged involvement with a hush-money payment to a porn star will not meet Wednesday, according to multiple reports.

"It could be anything from an illness to a logistical scheduling issue to someone basically, you know, gave [Bragg] a little tap on the head there and said, 'Are you sure you want to do this? Are you seeing the reaction out there?'" Trump attorney Joe Tacopina told Newsmax's "John Bachman Now" shortly after the news broke.

Tacopina told host Bianca de la Garza that warnings for Bragg's overreach might be coming "not from the partisan right but from all sides of the aisle" on "how horrific this would be."

That was followed the next day by another goalpost-moving article by Mack:

In a surprise move, the New York grand jury probing former President Donald Trump's case has suspended its activities this week and will reconvene next week.

Multiple press sources, including ABC News, say the grand jury will meet Thursday on another case it is reviewing and is expected to resume the Trump case on Monday.

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg is also reportedly seeking to bring one additional witness before the grand jury next week.

Harvard law professor and author Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Wednesday that Bragg is likely having "second thoughts" about his criminal case against Trump, and that could be the reason he gave the grand jury off time this week.

Needless to say, the lack of credible knowledge of an imminent indictment or arrest of Trump wasn't going to keep Newsmax from keeping up the fearmongering on March 23:

There was also a column by pro-Trump pollister John McLaughlin claiming that "According to our new poll, the only real crime Donald Trump has committed is being the frontrunner to beat President Biden, and the voters know it." The outrage continued on March 24:

That's an additional 17 articles over those two days. There was also a wire article on Trump attorney Evan Cochran appearing "in court Friday after being ordered to answer questions before a grand jury investigating the possible mishandling of classified documents at the former president's Florida estate."

And that's not all. More soon.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:42 PM EDT

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