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Monday, July 25, 2022
NEW ARTICLE: The Bogus Mule Team At WND
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily went all in to promote the dubious election-fraud film "2000 Mules" -- then tried to ignore how the film was repeatedly being discredited. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 9:00 AM EDT
Sunday, July 24, 2022
From Honoring To Heathering: The MRC Turns On Alyssa Farah
Topic: Media Research Center

We're almost starting to feel bad for Alyssa Farah. We've noted the rift between her and her father, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah (who says he wasn't invited her to her wedding earlier this year), presumably stemming from his continued embrace of Donald Trump and his false election fraud conspiracy theories even after he incited the Capitol riot, actions that caused Alyssa -- who at one time was the Trump White House communications director -- to break with him.

In a December 2020 post, Curtis Houck was happy to tout her White House job as a retort to incoming President Biden having the first all-female White House communications staff. In October 2021, Kristine Marsh came to Farah's defense during a guest-host stint on "The View" when the other co-hosts "badgered and berated her for working for the Trump White House at all"; Marsh noted that Farah "explained that Trump’s rhetoric around denying the election results was what caused her to resign and told the View hosts she didn’t vote for him in 2016, which was a small relief to them."

But Farah's refusal to defend Trump not matter what and to not hate Democrats and President Biden as much as right-wing dogma demands -- not to mention her apparent desire to be a permanent host on "The View" -- has made the MRC slowly flip-flop and turn her into a victim of its Heathering process, in which it attacks fellow right-wingers for straying ever so slightly straying from that dogma because no dissent is tolerated. In a Jan. 16 post, Tim  Graham complained that Farah -- now Alyssa Farah Griffin after her marriage -- didn't spew hat at Biden during an appearance on Brian Stelter's "Reliable Sources": "At least Stelter asked Alyssa Farah Griffin about the lack of press conferences. She didn't exactly attack the White House for hiding Biden."

Marsh did praise Farah Griffin for bashing former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in a Feb. 8 post, though she did make a point of noting that she "now works for CNN." The next day, Marsh praised her again for defending the notorious Florida "don't say gay"bill. In a March 14 post, however, Nicholas Fondacaro criticzed Farah Griffin for advocating a no-fly zone over Ukraine, delcaring that would be an "escalation" of the conflict there; he did praise her on March 17 for arguing with co-host Whoopi Goldberg in a way that when Goldberg responded, she "refus[ed] to look Farah in the eye."

Fondacaro's hostility to Farah Griffin increased after that. When Biden's sister appeared n the show to promote her book, Fondacaro sneered in an April 12 post that "self-proclaimed Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin couldn’t think up an original question and essentially asked Hostin’s again." Translation: Farah Griffin wouldn't spew hate her at the woman for the sin of being a Biden. The next day, Fondacaro ranted against the co-hosts favored sensible gun regulation and that  Farah Griffin "didn’t push back on any of this nonsense."

Fondacaro seemed to be complaining that Farah Griffin wasn't an obnoxious enough right-winger in a May 10 post on the show's co-hosts discussing abortion in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade: "As self-described Republican and guest co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin was trying to bring up how “there was an anti-abortion clinic that was targeted violently,” Goldberg interrupted to wave off any mention of the topic." The next day, Fondacaro whined that she has "honestly been rather squishy with defending conservative and Republican policies." He was still Heathering Farah Griffin will agreeing with her in a May 13 post noting that "self-described conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin got to the heart of the debate and why the pro-life side was so adamant about their position."

Fondacaro set the tone for the MRC's rage at Farah Griffin in a May 24 post:

During a contentious appearance on ABC’s The View on Tuesday, former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway frazzled the cast in the way only she can. There to promote her new book, Here’s the Deal, Conway confronted the liberals with President Biden’s failures and blasted the liberal media for targeting her family. She also called out sell-out conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin for abandoning conservative principles for her selfish interests.


The sparks really flew when Griffin tried to portray herself as a defender of America and democracy citing her exit from the administration after the 2020 election. “I left three months before you did, for my children. I have four of them. And I said less drama, more mama,” Conway shot back. “I think you stayed a whole month after the election that you were having a problem with.”

Griffin rudely interrupted Conway to proclaim she supposedly stayed in order “to help my junior staff get jobs.” She then took a cheap shot at Conway by suggesting she took an oath to support Trump and not the Constitution.

Building off that false premise, Griffin tried to suggest Conway was for the Capitol Riot but Conway had receipts showing her opposition. Conway then called out Griffin’s self-serving actions of abandoning conservative principles in an attempt to be a media staple for bashing Republicans:

Alyssa, if you're saying that somehow you think we're supposed to think that you've seen the light and not just see your name in lights, that's not fair.

“That’s such a cheap shot,” Griffin whined at the truth.

Given that neither Conway nor Fondacaro describe exactly how Farah Griffin supposedly "abandoning conservative principles" or described the "selfish interests" for which they were purportedly abandoned -- or even for what, exactly, she "sold out," that truly was a cheap shot.

Again: The only criticism the MRC has ever laid on Farah Griffin has been not loving Trump enough and not hating Biden enough. That's Heathering at its finest -- and, apparently, reason enough to try and destroy her for no longer being part of the cool kids club.

Interestingly, there was no mention whatsoever by the MRC of Farah Griffin's pedigree as the daughter of the operator of one of the most virulent fake-news conspiracy websites out there. So it hasn't thrown her completely under the bus (yet).

Posted by Terry K. at 10:20 PM EDT
CNS' Jones Gets Annoyed When Oil Industry Profits Are Brought Up
Topic: serves as reliable stenographers for the oil industry, so it's no surprise that it's a bit sensitive about folks pointing out oil industry profiteering. Susan Jones grumbled in a June 6 article:

President Joe Biden and his administration continue to blame Russia's war on Ukraine for spiking gasoline prices. But some administration officials also blame oil industry profiteering.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told ABC's "This Week" that "the price of gasoline is not set by a dial in the Oval Office."

"And when an oil company is deciding, hour by hour, how much to charge you for a gallon of gas, they're not calling the administration to ask what they should do; they're doing it based on their goal of maximizing their profits.

"It's been very striking right now to see these oil companies, who have become almost ridiculously profitable, and you hear these oil executives on the record talking about how they're not going to increase production. Why would they? They're doing great right now.

As we've previously noted -- and Jones didn't -- the Dallas Federal Reserve office surveyed 139 oil and gas companies in March about trends in the industry, and one of the questions asked, "Which of the following is the primary reason that publicly traded oil producers are restraining growth despite high oil prices?" Nearly 60 percent responded, "Investor pressure to maintain capital discipline"-- i.e., investors want prices high so they can make money.

Still, Jones complained every time oil industry profits are brought up. In a June 10 article blandly headlined "Biden: ‘Every Once in a While Something You Learn Makes You Viscerally Angry’ " -- that thing was the exhorbitant rates foreign shipping companies charge -- Jones later noted:

At the end of his speech, a reporter asked the president if he planned to go after Exxon’s profits.

“We are going to make sure that everybody knows Exxon's profits. Why don’t you tell them what the profits were this quarter? Exxon made more money than God this year. And by the way, nothing has changed. And by the way, one thing I want to say about the oil companies. You talk about how they have 9,000 permits to drill. They are not drilling,” Biden said.  

“Why aren't they drilling? Because they make more money not producing more oil, the price goes up, number one. And number two, the reason they’re not drilling is they are buying back their own stock, which should be taxed, quite frankly, buying back their own stock and making no new investments, so I always thought Republicans were for investment. Exxon, start investing, start paying your taxes,” he said.

Again, Jones didn't dispute it. Jones expanded that into a larger complaint in a June 15 article:

President Joe Biden reportedly has sent a letter to various U.S. oil and gas executives, "talking about record high profit margins, saying you need to raise your output, raise your refining capacity as well," CNBC's Brian Sullivan reported early Wednesday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Reading from the letter he'd just obtained, Sullivan said, quoting the president: "You and your companies have an opportunity to take immediate action to increase supply of gas, diesel, other refined products."

This time, though, she did give a platform to the industry to respond, stating that "Forbes magazine reporter David Blackmon asked ExxonMobil for a response to Biden's criticism and received this reply," which was largely a non-answer answer justifying the record profits because of losses early in the pandemic:

"We reported losses of more than $20 billion in 2020, and we borrowed more than $30 billion in 2019 and 2020 to support our investments in production around the world. In 2021, total taxes on the company’s income statement were $40.6 billion, an increase of $17.8 billion from 2020."

Actually,that pandemic-driven loss was driven mostly by writing down the value of $19 billion in assets, not by an actual loss of that amount of money.

Jones served up a similar complaint in a June 23 article:

President Joe Biden "wants to do everything" he can to lower gasoline prices because "he understands the importance of it," Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

But doing "everything" does not include attending today's meeting with oil company executives, whom Biden continually vilifies as profiteers.

This time, Jones didn't dispute the characterization.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:52 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, July 25, 2022 6:30 PM EDT
Saturday, July 23, 2022
The MRC-Fox News Pipeline Grows (And One MRCer Quietly Disappears)
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center pipeline to Fox News continues, as two more MRC staffers have followed in the footsteps of Lindsay Kornick and Gabriel Hays to peddle their right-wing bias at a presumably more lucrative employer.

Alexander Hall, the MRC's chief crier of "censorship" by "big tech" and its one of its Elon Musk fanboys, left the MRC at the end of May to become and "associate editor" for Fox News Digital, where he started in mid-June. interstingly, the MRC has disabled Hall's archive in an apparent attempt to keep people like us from perusing them for even more examples of bias.His Fox archive, however, doesn't disclose that he used to work for the MRC -- all the better to maintain the "fair and balanced" fiction, it seems.

Around the same time, Kyle Drennen similarly decamped for Fox News to become an editor at Fox News Digital. His departure could be considered something of a surprise because he had been at the MRC since 2007, where h  was associate editor of NewsBusters and had the title of "senior news analyst" at one point; his association with the MRC actually began in 2005, when he was an intern. Drennen's MRC archive hasn't been disabled, so the bias he brings to Fox News is available for all to see. One his main jobs at the MRC before his departure was choosing daily "Editor's Picks" of media ttacks from other website; it may or may not be coincidence that in the month or so before he left the MRC, three of those picks were from Fox News.

That's quite a pipeline. No wonder the MRC so vociferously defends Fox News from any criticism -- can't afford to offend a future employer, after all. The pipeline is such, however, that the MRC really should disclose the conflict of interest of so many Fox News employees being former MRC workers, and that Fox News can't claim to be "news" with the hiring of so many obviously biased "editors."

Meanwhile, another longtime MRC employee also went away -- but under more mysterious circumstances. Dan Gainor was a loyal MRC apparatchik who who was also a vice president who ran its Free Speech America operation that was dedicated to crying "censorship" whenever right-wing extremists were held accountable for their words. Just a year ago was the beneficiary of a fluffy profile from the right-wing Washington Examiner, and as recently as April he was appearing on Fox News shilling whatever MRC "study" had been released. But sometime in May, Gainor and the MRC parted ways; he describes himself on his Twitter page only as a "freelance opinion editor for Fox," which we suspect is not a full-time job, and an occasional Fox News columnist. HHis Fox News archive has the same new bio, while his MRC archive, like that of Hall, has been disabled.

It's unclear what happened -- neither Gainor nor the MRC are talking. Gainor clearly did not leave for a more lucrative opportunity, and he also did not retire, since he didn't get the same fawning treatment Rich Noyes got. But it seems Gainor's loyalty has gone for naught if he can be disappeared from the MRC so quickly and quietly. He has a lot more time to spend on Twitter, though, judging by his feed.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:06 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 23, 2022 10:16 AM EDT
WND Columnist Complains About Modern Art
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jerry Newcombe complained in a June 7 WorldNetDaily column:

A recent visit to a museum of modern art got me thinking about how much of it is meaningless.

Ecclesiastes begins with these famous words: "Vanity of vanities … All is vanity." All is meaningless.

As a book in the Bible, Ecclesiastes is a terrific precursor to the Gospel of Christ. It shows us how life apart from God has no ultimate purpose. Ecclesiastes shows our great need for Jesus, who by His broken body and shed blood has purchased peace with God and everlasting life, which He has made available to all who believe.

But, alas, much of modern art today reflects a nihilistic worldview. Much of art today is just "vanity of vanities."

Some modern art is interesting, but how is a painting with an eye over here and a leg over there and a grotesque uglifying of the human form "art"?

Every time I see eyesores that pass for modern art – for instance, the weird sculptures prominently displayed at some airports – I think, "That artist must be laughing all the way to the bank." My wife adds, "Why should they call it art when a 3-year-old could create it?"

Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, which teaches a Christian worldview to youth, has written an upcoming book, "Truth Changes Everything." For this article, he gave me a sneak peek of the art chapter and permission to quote him.

Myers writes: "I appreciate many works of modern art, but often I'm left wondering what it was about that previous age that give us Michelangelo's David, while our age's 'famous' works include Marcel Duchamp's 1917 display of a urinal, entitled 'Fountain,' symbolizing that everything is waste to be flushed away. It is impossible not to notice the difference. Today's attention-getting art exhibits often feature blank canvases or galleries scattered with random objects. According to postmodern author Glenn Ward, this is not a lack of skill, but an intentional effort to 'disrupt bourgeois fantasies about art.'"

Because our elite class has rejected God, they are left with a purposeless, absurd universe – and their art and writings reek of despair. Such a worldview isn't creative – it's anti-creative.

Newcombe then seemed to be arguing for directly representational art:

The New England Primer sold 120 million copies and was used as a textbook for several decades. This little book taught many of our Founding Fathers how to read and even taught them theology. It included the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which is used to this day in many Presbyterian and Reformed churches.

The opening of that catechism famously says: "Q. What is the chief end of man? A. Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever."

Life with God has meaning. Life without God is meaningless.

Newcombe seems to have forgotten what happened the last time a leader openly despised modern art ("degenerate art," one might call it) and championed classical representations of the human form.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:45 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 23, 2022 12:46 AM EDT
Friday, July 22, 2022
MRC's Graham Boosts Corporate Narrative Of Jean-Pierre As Incompetent Diversity Hire
Topic: Media Research Center

In case you didn't think that Curtis Houck's hateful narrative of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as an incompetent official who got her job only because she checked off diversity points for the Biden administration (for being black and LGBT) came straight from the top levels of the Media Research Center, his boss Tim Graham reinforced it in his July 1 column:

The reviews are in for the new White House press secretary, and it’s not good. Politico ran a story headlined “Karine Jean-Pierre’s tough debut: Unforced stumbles and press corps grumbles.”

Reporters Max Tani, Alex Thompson, and Allie Bice wrote “it’s been a rocky first month” for Jean-Pierre, so bad that she’s already “increasingly found herself sharing the podium or splitting briefings with John Kirby,” who appears to be a “co-press secretary."

“Some black communications officials in and outside the administration” complained the White House “has set her up to fail” by having Kirby “hovering nearby and taking the lead on foreign policy."

Worse yet, she’s become a GOP “punching bag,” and “her stumbles in several instances have made her appear underprepared — in moments quickly weaponized by the right.”

Radio host Vince Coglianese calls her “Ka-ringe Jean-Pierre.”

Anyone who tunes in the briefings can see it. She’s woefully under-prepared. She’s like the Kamala Harris of press secretaries. Being a pioneering example of diversity in hiring only takes you so far.

Note that Graham described Coglianese only as a "radio host," failing to note that heis also the editorial director of the right-wing Daily Caller. Graham is trying to hide that most criticism of Jean-Pierre is coming from the right, which was already predisposed to attack her because, as an employee of the Biden administration, she is the enemy.

Graham went on to whine:

It’s clear that the “objective” White House press corps strangely misses the days of Trump, when they could be praised as bold defenders of democracy. Now, all these Biden voters don’t really relish being an “a–hole” and asking challenging questions at the risk of angry tweets from leftists comparing them to those dastardly Fox News questioners like Peter Doocy.

The network bosses have no interest in displaying clips of their correspondents sparring with a Democrat press secretary, as they did under Trump. All we can expect is anodyne press-secretary talking points.

Then again, Graham and the rest of the MRC absolutely loved talking points when the press secretary was the beloved Kayleigh McEnany, who relied on a binder of notes as much as Houck and Graham complain that Jean-Pierre does. And he and Houck certainly didn't spar with McEnany during an April interview, preferring to lob slow softballs instead.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:51 PM EDT
CNS Lets Ron Paul Whine About The Capitol Riot Hearings
Topic: has spent its time this summer whining about the first hearing of the House committee looking into the Capitol riot, then effectively censoring the rest of them. It also called on Ron Paul -- whom CNS also let rant about NATO and cheer his son's efforts to obstruct U.S. aid to Ukraine -- to complain about the hearings as well. In a June 13 column, Paul invoked the usual right-wing talking points that the hearings are a distraction from problems facing President Biden and that they will hide evidence that so many of them were secret "government informers":

With so much going wrong in areas Americans are most worried about, the Democrats have for some reason decided that the ticket to electoral success in November is to bring back “Insurrection Theater” in the form of new hearings on the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

The House Jan. 6 Committee even hired former ABC News President James Goldston to make a show of June’s primetime hearings. That makes sense, because like all mainstream media productions, these hearings have had nothing to do with getting at the truth behind the events of Jan. 6 and everything to do with trying to drum up more partisan anger and fear.

What we won’t see in the hearings is any of the 14,000 unreleased hours of surveillance. What little we have been able to see so far has raised more questions than answers about the official telling of the events. We also won’t hear anything about how many of the “insurrectionists” were actually government informers or even provocateurs. And we certainly won’t get any answers as to why the police actually seemed to be opening the doors and inviting the people inside.

Maybe that’s because the Jan. 6 Committee is a star chamber, where the only Republicans – the deeply unpopular Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – have been hand-selected by Nancy Pelosi.

Paul also played the trope that the hearings are a failure because nobody was watching them:

As we have seen over the past two years of COVID lies and deceptions, pushing fear and anger can be very effective in politics, and both parties are guilty. But this time it doesn’t seem to be working. Though all major networks except Fox News preempted their prime-time programming to carry the hearings live, Americans did not flock to the production.

While the low-ranked MSNBC and CNN did see a boost in viewers, the Democratic Party production hardly took the U.S. viewing audience by storm. As The Daily Caller reported, “CBS News’s ‘Capitol Assault Hearings’ had 3.36 total viewership and 780,000 in the 25-54 demographic, according to TV Series Finale.”

As we've pointed out, about 19 million people watched the first hearing over all outlets, which puts the lie to the claim that nobody watched it.

Paul concluded by inserting his tired old war against the Federal Reserve:

The Democrats are betting that selling fear and anger is a winning ticket for November. While Republicans share a good deal of the blame for the current economic crisis, pretending it’s all the Democrats' fault will likely bring in big returns.

Meanwhile, no one at all wants to talk about how the Fed, with the participation of Congress, is leading us to economic disaster.

And he's accusing Democrats of desperation?

Posted by Terry K. at 6:02 PM EDT
WND Mourns Death Of COVID Misinformer And Dubious Doc Zelenko
Topic: WorldNetDaily

From the early days of the COVID pandemic, WorldNetDaily was a huge fan of Vladimir Zelenko, a doctor in a Hasidic Jewish community in New York who declared that his treatment of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and other drugs for COVID cured every single patient he tried it on -- never mind the statistical improbability of that, or that he had no competent documentation to prove it. Zelenko departed the community shortly afterward when community leaders rebuked him for making irresponsible claims, but he went on to fame and fortune in the right-wing community that WND occupies, in which legitimate doctors are ignored and denounced and fringe figures like Zelenko whose research is shady at best -- and whose "Zelenko protocol" still lacks any legitimate research into its effectiveness -- are treated as the real experts. WND loved Zelenko so much, in fact, that earlier this year it made a business deal with him to offer readers a discount code to buy a supposed COVID preventer called Z-Stack from his website.

Zelenko died last month -- surprisingly, not from COVID but from cancer -- and chief WND COVID misinformer Art Moore served up a hagiographic obiturary in a June 30 article:

When Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko countered the government and  medical establishment orthodoxy in his development of a successful treatment for COVID-19, he knew he was on borrowed time.

On Thursday, his colleagues at Zelenko Labs announced "with immense sorrow" that he has died after a four-year battle with cancer.

In 2018, Zelenko was diagnosed with pulmonary artery sarcoma, an extremely rare disease that has a 100% mortality rate. He had open heart surgery and lost his right lung, then had very difficult chemotherapy treatment. More surgery and more chemotherapy followed in subsequent years.

In an interview with WND in March 2020, Zelenko said he believed that after having a "foot and a half in the grave," God spared him for a reason.

"My purpose in life has really become to try to relieve pain and suffering. Not to think about myself."

He attributed the discovery of his "Zelenko protocol" for COVID-19 of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin, steroids and other drugs to divine intervention.

He published a peer-reviewed paper of his data showing an 84% reduction in hospitalization of high-risk patients with his out-patient treatment. Teaming with Prof. Martin Scholz of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in Germany and Dr. Roland Derwand of Munich, Germany, the paper was published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents.

About that "peer-reviewed paper": A blogger reported that Zelenko's co-authors are hydroxycholorquine enthusiast, and the journal where it was published is linked to another HCQ enthusiast, Didier Raoult, which has published other dubious studies on the medication with equally dubious links between the authors and Raoult, raising questions about editorial independence. Raoult also tried to sue and doxx his critics for demonstrating his shoddy research, showing a certain lack of temperament for research.

Moore spent the rest of his article defending the honor of hydroxychloroquine and touting how Zelenko's so-called research got attention from Donald Trump and was criticized by Anthony Fauci. He didn't disclose the business deal WND had with Zelenko.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:49 PM EDT
Thursday, July 21, 2022
MRC Hates Crossover Dems In GOP Primaries -- But Loved Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos'
Topic: Media Research Center

Media Research Center executive Tim Graham devoted a June 14 post to complaining that not enough attention was being given to Democrats supporting extremist Republicans in GOP primaries in the hope of having an easier candidate for Democrats to defeat in November:

We’ve seen the liberal networks and the top liberal newsmakers lament at great length about the deadly grip that Donald Trump has on the GOP. So let’s put this story on the desk for CNN and the rest: Why are the Democrats funding Trump die-hards in GOP primaries? 

Sophia Cai at Axios reports under the header "Democrats play with fire in GOP primaries": 


Liberal journalists were highly agitated when Rush Limbaugh ran an "Operation Chaos" campaign in 2008 urging Republicans to vote in open primaries for Hillary Clinton to drag out the primaries. So they should at least report on this.

Kevin Tober similarly grumbled about the tactic in a June 30 post:

On Thursday night's Don Lemon Tonight, Lemon and two of his guests CNN commentator Nia-Malika Henderson and Republican political strategist Scott Jennings discussed anti-Trump Republican Liz Cheney's primary challenge and whether she can survive it, or if she will be ousted on August 16. 

"Liz Cheney is doing well in terms of raising tons of money but we all know that that doesn't necessarily translate to votes" Henderson claimed adding that "she's essentially kind of pleaded with Democrats to cross over and help her win this primary in August because she knows that the writing is on the wall for her."

Lemon jumped in and cut her off to claim "that makes sense" and asked "why wouldn't they do it? I mean if they really cared they should do it!"


Lemon is now using CNN's airwaves to lobby for Democrats to sabotage the Republican primaries in Wyoming. Keep in mind the leftist media melted down when conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh launched "Operation Chaos" and encouraged his listeners to switch parties and vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primaries to prolong the process. 

There is a double standard here, of course (this is the MRC, after all): Graham and Tober didn't mention that their employer approved of Limbaugh's operation in 2008. Graham himself was upset when one writer suggersted drossover voting was illegal, and Matthew Balan complained that one news report "brushed aside the possibility that Rush Limbaugh’s 'Operation Chaos' strategy to meddle in the Democratic primaries might be a partial explanation" for why Republicans were becoming registered Democrats. P.J. Gladnick similarly demanded that Limbaugh get credit:

I have to give the Christian Science Monitor credit for at least discussing Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos which is his plan for Republicans to register as Democrats in order to vote for Hillary Clinton so as to cause yet more disorder in the Democrat party [sic]. One can search in vain in Google News for dreaded term "Operation Chaos," but with the exception of the Christian Science Monitor, the mainstream media shuns any mention of it despite the fact that registrations of Democrats in Pennsyvania are at record levels due to "mysterious reasons." Often when reading or watching media outlets describe the record number of Democrat registrations in the Keystone State without giving credit to Operation Chaos, I feel like channeling the late great comedian, Sam Kinison, who was famous for yelling: "Say it! SAY IT!!!"

Graham, ghostwriting for his boss Brent Bozell, declared in April 2008 that "Mrs. Clinton's situation is so dire she's relying on Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos," calling on his multitudes of listeners to vote for Hillary to keep the race going." Gladnick returned to cheer how "Rush Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos' has caused disarray among the Democrats" and that, again, he should be given credit. Matthew Sheffield hyped somebody's rap video "inspired in part by Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos.

Finkelstein himself noticed how then-MSNBC host Chris Matthews "mused about the potential impact of Operation Chaos on the upcoming primaries -- but he did not criticize it like he did Democratic crossover voting. Warner Todd Huston whined that CBS wouldn't give Limbaugh his deserved credit for "egging on these crossovers." Again ghostwriting for Bozell, Graham endorsed the operation by claiming that "Voting for Hillary in the primaries through Operation Chaos is about as naughty as they are willing to be" (years before the Capitol riot proved this benign interpretation of right-wing radio listeners wrong). Noel Sheppard pondered: "Are 'Totally in the Tank for Obama' media members focusing on Rush Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos' in order to force Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton out of the race?" Sheppard later gushed at the idea a "second phase" might be "in the works" if Clinton challenged Obama at the Democratic National Convention.

Graham reprised his hypocrisy by complaining in a 2012 post that the head of Daily Kos urged followers to ape Limbaugh by adding chaos to the Republican primairies. And Gladnick cheered a possible return in a 2016 post:

Oh you rascal!

Rush Limbaugh today announced that he might launch Operation Chaos 2. For those of you who have forgotten, the original Operation Chaos was launched by Rush during the 2008 primary season in order to help Hillary Clinton with the goal of prolonging the Democrat primary season.


Keep in mind that for Operation Chaos 2 to work, a Republican candidate will need to be the obvious winner of the primary season early on so that voters can cross party lines, where permitted, in order to cast their votes for Bernie. At the very least this could help make the Democrat primaries more fun to watch as they stretch on and on and.....

Graham and Tober don't get to accuse people of hypocrisy when theyand their employer have exhibited the exact same hypocrisy. Sit this one out, boys.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:16 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, October 23, 2022 2:39 PM EDT
Farah Declares WND Is Saved, Doesn't Prove How
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah has been cranking out a lot of money begs over the past few months to try and save WND from the latest "existential threat," insisting he needed $100,000  by the end of June -- while refusing to admit that he is largely to blame for that threat because of his insistence on publishing misinformation, falsehoods and conspiracy theories. In his June 30 column, he abruptly declared that WND has been saved for now:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support, for all your assistance and comfort, and for the generous bounty and relief granted to WND and all our staffers in the last couple of months.

God is truly answering our prayers for help in transitioning from dependence on Big Tech and the worldly ways of doing the seemingly impossible, to alternate ways of sustaining this mission for the long haul. Through your generosity, we have been given a blessed reprieve from the urgent and imminent financial crisis we have been facing.


During our recent fundraising campaign, we have raised a little over $200,000 (to be precise, $210,694.42), which has met our urgent needs and taken us out of crisis mode. In addition, we have been promised, by one particularly generous donor, another very significant contribution in the next week. Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity in stepping up and partnering with WND in this way.

Farah said nothing about who donated to WND or  the identity of the "particularly generous donor" who promised "another very significant contribution." Shouldn't Farah tell us all of this in the interest of full disclosure and transparency about where his money is coming from? Then again, it's not like he has cared about financial transparency before; he rarely discloses the names of the folks who pay for his increasingly frequent bailouts.And, as usual, he doesn't disclose exactly what all this money will be going for -- another important thing given that he has offloaded much of WND's so-called journalism to the nonprofit WND News Center. He also doesn't break down how much went to the News Center and how much went directly to the still-for-profit WND.

Farah then went all gushy:

I am now convinced beyond doubt that WND, America's first conservative, independent, Christian online journalism organization, now in its 26th year, will continue its calling of bringing you the REAL news, grounded in TRUTH, and not in deranged ideology or power politics. Certainly, there has never been an era in American history when lies were more ubiquitous and destructive, and Truth more desperately needed, than right now. So, we are energized and happy to carry on, as we have every day 24-7 since 1997, shouting the Truth from the rooftops, so to speak. HALLELUJAH!

This, of course, is all lies. Remember that WND thought Barack Obama's birth certificate was "REAL news" for eight years, and WND's record on telling the truth is, well, lacking. WND has been rabid supporters of Donald Trump for years, so its claim that it's not based in "deranged ideology or power politics" is a lie as well. And Farah's statement that "there has never been an era in American history when lies were more ubiquitous and destructive" is particularly ironic because the misinformation WND has published about COVID and its treatments have been particularly ubiquitous and destructive (in that there's a good chance a WND reader or two has died because of that).

Farah concluded by gushing:

We will continue to have challenges in this world. But we can and will do all that He requires of us.

Jesus said in Matthew 21:22: "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

That's what I plan to do – just as Jesus said. Because I have faith in what He promised, for meeting our immediate needs.

Once again, thanks to all of you for proving out God's Word.

Meanwhile, Farah has yet to prove out God's word by asking for repentence for all the lies WND has published over the past 25 years, nor has he given any indication he will change his deceitful methods -- meaning there will be another "existential threat," and more money begs, coming sooner than later.


Posted by Terry K. at 7:54 PM EDT
Newsmax's Hirsen Thinks New 'Top Gun' Film Saved Manhood
Topic: Newsmax

James Hirsen spent a good oart of his May 31 Newsmax column gushing over Tom Cruise and recounting the long production process of his new film, "Top Gun: Maverick." He then declared that the filme has saved both America and manhood:

In part because the new movie is a sequel to a film released over three decades ago, it includes themes that a whole lot of people have been hungering for. It is unapologetically pro-America, pro-military and pro-manhood.

Social media posts tell the story of spontaneous hoots and hollers from gleeful movie attendees being emitted at cineplexes around the globe.

In Taiwan specifically, according to the Central News Agency of Taiwan, audiences who were present at the premiere of the film broke into applause and cheered at the sight of their national flag being displayed onscreen in the movie.


“Top Gun: Maverick” is one of the first slices of entertainment media in quite a while that is not just entertaining. It is a nod to visceral manhood, which over time has been relegated to the cutting room floor.

Hirsen didn't explain what his defintion of manhood is or how the film fulfills that particular vision. Apparently guys flying jets is what passes for manhood in Hirsen's world. Hirsen went on to lament:

Once upon a time Americans had a common bond in the television that they watched and the movies that they viewed. Hasn’t been that way for a while now.

But there really are palpable things that serve to bind any society together as a culture. One of these things is having a common body of literature, or in modern-day terms, a common body of entertainment fare. Something that everyone is tuned into at a given time.

These media components have the capacity to serve as a kind of glue that secures people together in a life experience. It also can translate into a unifying cultural dynamic.

Hirsen didn't mention that conservatives like him did a lot to destroy common culture because they deemed it too liberal. A couple months earlier, Hirsen smeared the Pixar film "Seeing Red" as "occult" because it showed the Chinese culture that millions of people live -- he was apparently mad that they weren't Christians -- and attacked film's allegory of puberty as "debasing" even though it's an experience a full one-half of the planet has.

It seems Hirsen will attack any "common culture" that doesn't reflect his right-wing political sensibilities. If society won't bind around his own personal interests, he would rather ensure it stays unbound.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:52 PM EDT
Shady Men's Rights Activist Still Writing CNS Columns, Hating Women

A few days after we documented the shady history of men's rights activist Edward E. Bartlett after he wrote a few columns that published, CNS apparently decided that was the excuse it needed to publish more stuff by him. We've already noted Bartlett blaming women for men committing gun massacres, but there's more.

A May 17 column featured Bartlett complaining that "leftists began their long march to politicize and weaponize Title IX, expanding its focus during the Obama Administration to include sexual misconduct. And now we’re seeing Title IX being harnessed for the purpose of promoting a radical transgender agenda." Bartlett clearly despises Title IX, so it's weird to see him defend it against the "radical transgender agenda," which he never actually defines.

Bartlett served up some old-school anti-communism in his May 19 column by ranting about the Frankfurt School, which led him to whine about the purported existence of "critical feminist theory," which he claims is based on "the widely held belief that feminism is working for the utopian goal of 'gender equality.' In reality, feminism has very little to do with promoting equality of the sexes, as revealed by the federal Violence Against Women Act. Anyone who has been following the riveting Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial knows that female-initiated partner violence is a major problem in our society." He concluded by huffing: "Celebrate women, negatively stereotype men, and overturn capitalism. It’s all part of the CFT agenda. And for most persons, it continues to fly pretty much under the radar."

Bartlett spent his May 26 column complaining about gender identity and cheering right-wing backlash to it: "At long last, however, we are witnessing a culture shift on the issue. Parents are seeing their parental rights eroded into thin air, and female athletes are predictably losing to their stronger and taller transgender counterparts. Even more troubling is when as boys and girls are told that their normal adolescent insecurities are evidence of long-suppressed gender dysphoria."

Bartlett opined more about the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial in his June 6 column, embracing the misogynist narrative that Heard was the evil feminist aggressor and Depp the victim:

Why does progressive gender ideology appear to incline women to mental illness?

Many forms of mental illness are the result of a cognitive disorder -- in other words, distorted thoughts about oneself and the surrounding world.

But feminists do not believe there is such a thing as “objective truth.” One writer revealed the women’s studies courses she had taken “led into an absurd intellectual alcove where objective truth is subordinate to academic theories used as political propaganda.” And one feminist treatise referred to science as a “masculine disorder.”

So imagine abandoning one’s rational faculties, and instead going through life subject to the whims of your feelings -- as well as a series of vacuous slogans such as “gender equality,” “women rule,” and “the future is female.”

Bartlett rehashed that narrative in his June 21 column blaming feminists for allegedly excluding fathers from the lives of their children:

So how do we explain America’s failure to assure the involvement of fathers in their children’s lives? Analyst Robert Franklin reveals the cascade of father-removing policies that begins the day a woman files for divorce:

  • Family courts that fail to abide by common-sense joint custody policies, and judges that refuse to enforce child visitation arrangements.
  • Rules that impose unreasonably high child support payments, unconscionably causing low-income dads to be put in jail for non-payment.
  • The states that allow children to be placed for adoption without even telling the dad.

In addition, domestic violence training programs routinely depict the father as the abuser, when in truth, the majority of partner violence cases involve the woman as perpetrator and the man as victim.

Bartlett blames Marxism for this, of course, for making women think they're people with worth. Can't have that in Bartlett's world. Yet he never demands that men be the kind of person that women will want to stay married to.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:07 AM EDT
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
MRC Attacks Any Discussion Of Gun Regulation As A Call To Grab Guns
Topic: Media Research Center

Part of the Media Research Center's duties in the right-wing media bubble is to fearmonger that any reasonable approach to regulating guns -- or, really, any attempt at all to do so -- is the same thing as total nationwide gun confiscation. That hysteria only grew after a series of gun massacres in May.

Alex Christy complained in a May 25 post that "CBS late night hosts Stephen Colbert and James Corden reacted to the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on their Tuesday-taped shows by urging America to pass gun control and bash America and Second Amendment defenders." Christy then complained that Colbert had on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, whose country bolstered gun regulations in the wake of a massacre in which a right-winger murdered dozens of Muslims, which Christy vaguely referred to only as "the Christchurch shooting." When Ardern pointed out the country's "pragmatic" approach to gun regulation and that "you don't need a military-style semi-automatic weapon" to fight crime or to hunt, Christy huffed in response:

While New Zealanders may be “pragmatic,” Americans are very protective of their rights and that is before we tackle nonsensical verbiage like “military-style semi-automatic,” a concept that seemed lost on Colbert, “And so what are-- what are the results of that? Has there-- does it feel like a less-free country to anyone down there? Has there been any sort of backlash for this having happened?”

Christy didn't explain why an assault rifle is necessary for hunting.

Nicholas Fondacaro ranted the sdame day:

The Wednesday after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the cast of ABC’s The View was in a fighting mood. Co-host and Holocaust downplayer Whoopi Goldberg was on the warpath against Republicans. She threatened to physically attack them and deputize people to go after them. She also warned law-abiding gun owners to “get ready” because “they're going to come” for your guns.

Goldberg kicked off the show by spewing the media’s favorite lie from the anti-gun rights Gun Violence Archive. “We are 145 days into the year, and there have already been 212 mass shootings in America,” she proclaimed.

NewsBusters has already debunked the GVA’s deceptive methodology.

As we've documented, the GVA number is not a "lie" -- it's a perfectly valid measure of mass shootings that the MRC hates because it undermines  the right-wing narrative that there aren't enough of them to worry about and consider adding gun regulations because of them.

Kevin Tober used a post to whine that newscasts were talking about guns:

A day after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas in which nineteen children and two teachers were shot and killed, the evening news networks continued their ghoulish coverage of standing on the graves of the children who died to lobby for the Democrat Party’s gun-grabbing agenda. 

The most obnoxious coverage as per usual was from leftist hack and pseudo journalist Rachel Scott who screeched and sneered at Republican Senators for blocking the Democrat’s “popular” gun control laws.

Tober clearly doesn't think it's ghoulish to pretend that guns played no role whatsoever in the slaughter of 19 schoolchidren and two adults, or that it's part of an evil liberal agenda to point that inconvenient fact out. He also didn't explain why Scott reporting that made her a " leftist hack and pseudo journalist."

Fondocaro returned in a May 26 post to screech that merely talking about gun regulations in other countries equals and endorsement of gun-grabbing in the U.S.:

Whenever someone claims “no one is talking about taking your guns,” point them to this CBS Mornings segment from Thursday. Leaning on Holly Williams from across the pond in London, the network pushed for the British and Australian-style of sweeping gun bans and confiscations. And not only were they eager to do away with AR-style weapons but also “all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns” and “private ownership of all handguns.”


She also spoke to former Australian Prime Minister John Howard who opined: “The greatest civil right you have is to stay alive. Staying alive and being free from random attack is a far more precious civil rights than owning a gun.”

What’s missing is the fact that here in America we have a right to keep and bear arms acknowledged by the Constitution. And part of that is having the ability to ourselves ensure what Howard described as “The greatest civil right you have is to stay alive.”

Coming back from the video portion of the segment, Williams parroted the false line that there have been hundreds of mass shootings this year and added that “here in the U.K., there are so few guns on the streets that even the police don`t generally carry firearms.”

Again, Williams omitted the real facts. The U.K. has a soaring violent crime rate including home invasions and robberies. And with the police going unarmed, it’s not unheard of to have police getting help up and robbed themselves.

Fondacaro didn't explain why he clearly believes discussion of how other countries regulate guns must be censored -- or why he apparently believes  his rage is so precious that it can't be copy-edited, which would have caught missing words that made his rant even more nonsensical.

Curtis Houck did pretty much the same thing in a May 31 post lashing out at CBS again for reporting on how Canada has regulated guns:

The liberal media and their allies have made it abundantly clear that their claims about “common sense” gun control measures have been a giant smokescreen for gun bans and confiscations. Such was the case on Monday as CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today trumpeted far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s proposal to ban handgun ownership and institute buybacks for weapons viewed as scary-looking.

Co-host Gayle King seemed enthused at this crippling of private citizens being able to defend themselves, boasting of “a sweeping proposal on gun violence not here but in Canada” with Trudeau having “introduced far-reaching gun legislation that has never gained any traction here in America.”

Like Fondacaro, Houck did n't explain why such reporting must be censored.

Aidan Moorehouse complained the same day that a CNN panel wasn't balanced because there wasn't an absolutist right-winbg gun nut involved:

With a few notable exceptions, most of the liberal media’s coverage of the debate around gun control has been an echo chamber of misinformed, underinformed, or just plain uninformed gun control activists, leaving little room for real debate. Perhaps this slant in coverage was why CNN thought they could somehow frame a friendly discussion between washed-up 2020 presidential candidate/liberal Republican Joe Walsh and gun control activist Fred Guttenberg on Tuesday’s New Day as a balanced perspective on both sides of the issue.

John Berman began by saying that, although the question of gun control is a complex and multifaceted one, “A lot of people look at this and say, ‘Hey, if we can just get rational people in a room together, they could figure out some solutions to this.’” 


While they’re certainly entitled to their opinions, and Berman noted there wasn’t any yelling, what made this interview so ludicrously biased was its framing. 

Joe Walsh is a political nonentity everywhere outside a liberal newsroom, and thus doesn’t constitute a majority opinion in the pro-gun bloc at all, so to present him as the “rational” side of the gun control debate frames every voice that doesn’t support raising the age of purchasing an AR-15 or doesn’t hate the NRA with a burning passion as undeserving of a voice at the table. Does the media even want an honest conversation?

Does Moorehouse think an "honest conversation" about guns can happen when one of the parties is an Second Amendment absolutist who thinks it's treason to have even the slightest regulation of guns and has no interest whatsoever in compromising or finding middle ground? And who chooses to ignore that a key part of gun massacres are the guns?

Posted by Terry K. at 9:10 PM EDT
ConWeb Throws A Fit When Fox News Is Less Than 100% Transphobic
Topic: The ConWeb

Fox News has very much earned its status as a anti-transgender outlet -- it pushed the hateful narrative about a Loudoun County, Va., student who was "wearing a dress" who assaulted a female student  (in fact, the students had consensual sexual contact before the incident), was one of the leaders in demonizing transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, and it aired dozens of segments maliciously portraying transgender people as "groomers." But that's not enough for the ConWeb -- Fox News must be all-transphobia, all the time.

When Fox News hired Caitlyn Jenner as a commentator earlier this year, trtanphobic WorldNetDaily columnist Michael Brown threw a fit over the channel offering a "celebratory embrace of Jenner as an iconic trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community" and declaring that Fox News could no longer trusted to hate the same people he does: "In short, just because Fox was pro-Trump doesn't mean Fox was (and is) pro-Bible (as if support for Trump equated with support for the Bible). And just because Fox is more conservative politically and fiscally than CNN or MSNBC doesn't mean that Fox is conservative morally or spiritually."

In darly June, Fox News committed the offense of not spewing hate in a segment about a transgender teen -- and the ConWeb exploded in outrage. The Media Research Center's Tierin-Rose Mandelburg whined in a June 10 post:

Oh come on! Seven million people saw a viral YouTube video of a transgender teenager and none other than Fox News just gave the delusion another platform to spread on.

At the 10 o'clock hour today onAmerica's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino, the show highlighted the story of Ryland Whittington to show the company’s support of the LGBTQ community during Pride Month.

Dang it, I guess I’m gonna have to find a new channel to watch.

Mandeburg even suggested that it would be better that the teen killed himself rather than transition. In response to the teen's mother declaring that “I’d rather have a living son than a dead daughter,”Mandelburg sneered, "Nobody wants anyone to harm themselves in any way, I don’t think that indulging delusional sense of identity is the way to combat that."

Mandelburg concluded her post with another whine: "The only thing this story led me to understand is that Fox is a bit more woke than I’d like to admit. Prayers go out to the millions of people that saw this segment and think that transitioning the youth isn’t child abuse." Are there any prayers for someone who thinks the only possible response to transgender is to engage in her own form of child abuse by spewing hate and encouraging suicide?

(By contrast, the MRC was silent when former Fox News host Megyn Kelly attacked her former employer over the segment despite actually defending trans rights in a Fox News interview six years earlier.)

Newsmax joined the hate parade with a June 11 article by Jay Clemmons arguing that the Fox News audience (well, right-wing transphobes) was "stunned" that a transgender teen wasn't treated as evil:

Fox News stunned its audience Friday after it aired a sympathetic transgender story about a biological girl who had "transitioned" beginning at the age of 5 to become a boy.

As part of Fox News' special series called "America Together: LGBTQ+ Pride Month," Fox correspondent Bryan Llenas featured a Southern California family who decided to help make their female child a transgender boy named Ryland, now 14.


Shortly after the Fox report aired, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro slammed Fox for airing the pro-transgender segment as a "complete betrayal."

"Every element of this [Fox News] video is propagandistic, dangerous garbage," Shapiro said.


Likewise, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles knocked Fox News for spotlighting a controversial issue that goes against the beliefs of its Christian viewers.

"Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer when my conservative news outlets don't encourage parents to trans their little children," he said.


The sentiment was largely the same among regular Fox viewers.

One commenter wrote, via Twitter, "You're done with me now. Stop pushing the woke trans abuse of children. The media is the enemy of the people. That includes Fox News too. Nobody needs your propaganda."

Clemmons went on to complain that this story, along with the hiring of Jenner, demonstrated how the channel "has been undergoing a transitioning of sorts itself as it moves away from its more traditional base of viewers." Newsmax's TV channel has been gunning for the right-wing audience who thinks Fox News isn't transphobic or pro-Trump enough.

The MRC's "news" divisiobn,, want a piece of that hateful action too. It published a June 14 commentary by Suzanne Bowdley of the right-wing, anti-LGBT Family Research Council's "news" operation, the Washington Stand, issuing the well-worn complaint about being sad that Fox News doesn't offer the 24/7 homophobia and transphobia she demands:

For the last handful of years, no one’s been under the impression that Fox News is particularly conservative. But at least they were reasonable, many thought. After Friday’s glowing endorsement of transgenderism, the benefits of those doubts are gone.


Maybe the network was trying to get back into the Human Rights Campaign’s good graces, after being dinged on this year’s Corporate Diversity Index after years of a perfect score. Still, the idea that anyone could be supportive of a movement so sinister and lethal to children is mind-boggling to viewers, who’ve seen the heartbreaking results firsthand. The pain and regret from teenagers who latched on to these new identities because of the adults in their lives is real. 

She then cited examples of transgender people who regret their transition that right-wingers like her are exploiting to fuel their anti-trans hate.

CNS also cheered Shapiro's hate in a June 17 article by intern Janey Olohan:

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is railing against the Fox News Channel for airing a sympathetic segment highlighting a family that encouraged their young daughter to identify as a boy from the mere age of five, calling the report “despicable,” and “a complete betrayal of anything remotely resembling conservatism or decency.”

In Monday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro dissects and refutes, piece by piece, the “insane propaganda” of the Fox News segment, “California transgender teen, family hope to be an inspiration to others,” promoting the transition of the young girl.


Shapiro called Ryland’s transition from such a young age “child abuse,” stating that, “the vast majority of children who display signs of gender dysphoria desist over time.”

He called the report “horrifying propaganda,” and ridiculed the mother, Hillary Whittington, for referencing her Christian faith to justify transitioning her daughter as an infant.

Olohan even parroted Shapiro calling the teen's mother a liar for defending her child:

“I’d rather have a living son than a dead daughter,” Ryland’s mother told “America’s Newsroom” – a claim Shapiro calls mere propaganda, not fact:

“There is no credible evidence that transition alleviates suicidal ideation among children who identify as LGBTQ+.”
Olohan did no fact-checking whatsoever of Shapiro to make sure he really dod "refute" everything in the segment. She apparently didn't consider the possibility that it was Shapiro and not Fox News who was serving up "propaganda." That's sadly par for the course, given how CNS is teaching its summer interns how to peddle right-wing bias instead of learning journalistic principles.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:20 PM EDT
Jack Cashill Obama Obsession Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

How has WorldNetDaily columnist Jack Cashill been obsessing over Barack Obama and his family lately? Let's take a look. He spent a June 8 column complaining that Obama wanted to install a large propane tank at his Martha's Vineyard property:

On an island that is as prone to storms as Martha's Vineyard, it would not be unusual for a home to have a back-up generator, but no one apparently has a commercial-grade 2,500 gallon tank at a price tag that could range as high as $75,000.

It should be noted that propane is a byproduct of either petroleum refining or natural gas processing. This means propane is subject to the same law of supply and demand as its sources. People who heat their homes with natural gas are told to expect a 54% increase in next year's energy costs, but then again the Obamas stopped looking at price tags long ago.

Proponents like to think of propane as "clean" – which it would be to the average sensible human being – but it is hardly clean by green standards. The fact that it produces only half the carbon dioxide of a charcoal barbecue will not help Greta "How dare you" Thunberg sleep any easier.

That segued into a promotion for an upcoming film by his favorite charlatan filmmaker:

All this being considered, what are the Obamas up to? According to Joel Gilbert's dazzling new film, "Michelle Obama 2024," the Obamas and their globalist friends are grooming Michelle to be elected – or perhaps appointed – president in 2024.

I recently got a sneak preview of the film, which Gilbert will premiere at the National Press Club in Washington in mid-July. Gilbert makes a convincing case that the puppeteers who orchestrated Obama's ascent are prepared to do the same for Michelle, come hell or high water.


The "hell" is the Obamas to trigger. They did so in 2020 with the George Floyd mayhem, and their language has only grown more incendiary since. Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 thinking he could bring the nation racial peace. The Obamas are anticipating that a mule-driven half of America will do the same for Michelle in 2024.

And if things don't work out as planned and America descends into chaos, there are those 2,500 gallons of propane. With heat and light to spare, the Obamas could be more popular than ever.

In his June 29 column, Cashill seemed to be wishing that Obama's mother had aborted him:

If Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, had been alive today, we can be confident she would have been among the loudest voices at whatever pro-abortion protest would have her.

As Obama describes his mother in his memoir, "Dreams from My Father," Ann was "a lonely witness for secular humanism, a soldier for New Deal, Peace Corps, position-paper liberalism." And she was all these things before such things were cool.

Her parents were a bit more traditional. In the summer of 1960, they faced a dilemma. Their daughter was pregnant, and she had alerted them that the father was black. Today, a mixed-race couple can make a living just starring in TV commercials.

That crack seems enlightening; one wonders if racism and disdain for mixed-race couples and their offspring is part of what drives Cashill's abject hate for Obama. Indeed, he continued to obsess over Obama's birth:

So bound are they by the expectations of their audiences and their publishers, however, that not even the least sympathetic of Obama's biographers dares pull on the thread that would unravel the whole sacred Obama nativity story.

What if Ann were pregnant before she arrived in Hawaii?

Once that thread is pulled, everything else makes sense. That thread would explain why the family breadwinner, Madelyn Dunham, quit her stable job in the banking business to leave for Hawaii.

That thread, once pulled, would explain the unseemly haste of Ann's alleged hook-up with the already-married Kenyan and his willingness to assume the role of father.

That thread would explain why Stanley Dunham would remain great pals with the Kenyan Obama even after he allegedly knocked up Stanley's underage daughter.

That thread would explain, too, why Ann dropped out of the University of Hawaii when she would allegedly have been no more than two months pregnant and then dropped off the radar altogether.

That thread would explain why not even Ann's personal biographer can account for Ann's whereabouts from February 1961 to the alleged birth in August of that year. It would explain too why no photos of a pregnant Ann or a newborn Barack have surfaced.

That thread would explain why Ann and the Kenyan did not spend so much as one night under the same roof and why Ann hightailed it back to Seattle with a baby allegedly only a few weeks old.

Finally, that thread once pulled, would explain why Barack Obama and the DNC would pay big bucks for the fixers at Perkins Coie – of Steele dossier and Alpha bank fame – to keep Barack's birth certificate out of the hands of anyone who wanted to see it, starting with Democratic attorney Philip Berg.

But Cashill's thread-pulling conveniently ignores the fact that Obama's "long form" birth certificate said exactly the same thing the certificate released before the 2008 campaign did: that Barack Obmaa Sr. was his father. His claim that the Obama campaign paid Perkins Coie "big bucks" solely to suppress his birth certificate is a longstanding, and debunked, right-wing conspiracy theory -- that money paid for all legal services.

Obama has been out of office for more than five years, and Cashill can't stop making up things about him. The fact that he insists on clinging to fact-free birther conspiracy theories is more evidence that the poor, deluded guy needs some professional help.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:24 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 9:36 PM EDT

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