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Thursday, July 8, 2021
Newsmax's Kerik Pushes Dubious Partisan Election 'Audits'
Topic: Newsmax

Like fellow Newsmax columnist Conrad Black, Bernard Kerik was graced with a pardon from President Trump for the felonies that sent him to prison for years. And like Black, Kerik is sucking up to Trump in an apparent effort to continue to justify that pardon.

In a June 7 appearance on Newsmax TV, Kerik defended the highly partisan "audits" of election ballots in Arizona and attempts to do them in other states:

"I'm telling you: The president is right," Kerik told Monday's "John Bachman Now" about former President Donald Trump's speech Saturday which levied claims of criminal voter fraud to be revealed in the coming months.

"Those investigations that are continuing to go on today are going to reveal overwhelming evidence of fraud, criminality, and other things that resulted in Joe Biden being put in the White House.

"It just takes time. This stuff doesn't happen overnight.

The media and Democrat narrative that those seeking to investigate fraud and audit elections are merely doing so to "overthrow" or "overturn" Biden's election is a smokescreen for the important work of protecting the integrity of honest elections, Kerik added to host John Bachman.

"Anybody that pushes against the president or pushes back against the president, or me, or [Rudy] Giuliani, or anybody else who was there, they basically say, 'you're trying to overthrow the election, overturn the election,'" Kerik said. "No, no, that's not what we're trying to do. What we're trying to do is get to the bottom of the election. We're trying to identify what really happened.

"And what really happened is not what was suppose to happen, and I have probably 2,000 or 3,000 sworn affidavits, sworn under the penalty of perjury – no different than walking into a federal grand jury – there's 2,000 to 3,000 sworn affidavits of people that witnessed criminal conduct in these voting polls in different states: Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and elsewhere."

Kerik then devoted his June 15 column to defending the Arizona audit by claiming how good its security supposedly is:

Democrats and the mainstream media have been aggressively denouncing the Maricopa County, Arizona election audit from the beginning.

At, first I didn’t understand why.

I thought that it was because they were afraid of what the results would be, but I now believe it’s something far worse.

The Democrats aren’t “just” afraid of the outcome – but they’re afraid that the audit results will be irrefutable and unimpeachable. They know that their efforts to discredit the audit process in Arizona will not stand up to scrutiny and here’s why.

The Arizona audit is being run impeccably, utilizing security and surveillance procedures with a longstanding track record of effectiveness.

To say that I was impressed after viewing the audit process for myself would be a massive understatement. I’ve spent decades working in security and law enforcement at the highest levels, and this is exactly the level of conscientiousness and attention to detail that I would demand for a sensitive or high-profile investigation.

They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; they’re using the same methods casinos have used for decades to catch cheaters.

Kerik is actually lying to you. Therehave been many security issues with the audit -- to the point that Maricopa County will replace all the county's voting machines at a cost of millions of dollars because the machines' chain of custody has been violated by the folks conducting the audit. The head of the company conducting the audit, Cyber Ninjas -- which has no experience working in the elections space -- has promoted pro-Trump conspiracy theories about the eleciton, and there's every reason to believe the audit is being conducted in a similarly biased manner.

Kerik also tried to discredit anyone who pointed out those security lapses:

After being briefed, visitors must forfeit cell phones, cameras, and any writing implements they might be carrying before they can be escorted to the audit floor. That’s why the Democrats’ claims of seeing auditors wielding blue and black pens are so implausible.

Actually, they're completely plausible. Observers found at least two instances of black pens on the conuting floor -- an issue because black or blue pens can be used to alter ballots. If Cyber Ninjas had experience working with elections, it would have known that.

Kerik continued his denial or reality:

If every state performed an audit like this one after every election, public faith in our democracy would be absolute and unshakable.

The audit process being used in Arizona has accuracy, integrity, and accountability, and there’s no way to cheat because everything is captured on film.

What Kerik didn't tell you: The livestream video of the audit is controlled by right-wing outlet One America News -- where reporters are fund-raising for the audit, a clear conflict of interest. That's yet another reason not to trust the audit.

But Kerik continues to support the audit becuase he thinks it will generate the biased result he wants -- which, of course, is yet another reason not to trust it.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:40 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, July 8, 2021 7:18 PM EDT
WND's Singleton Keeps Spreading Fear And Mistrust On COVID Treatments She Doesn't Like
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Marilyn Singleton is a prominent member of the fringe-right Association of American Physicians and Surgeons' misinformation crew about coronavirus and other subjects to whom WorldNetDaily has given a free rein without fear of fact-checking or balance. She hasn't stopped.

Singleton started her May 21 column by stating, "One of Albert Einstein's many aphorisms, 'three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed,' is particularly apt in the COVID-19 era." Needless to say, she didn't consider the misinformation peddled by herself and her AAPS cronies to be part of that; instead, she predictably lashed out at Anthony Fauci, the government and vaccine makers:

Patients and physicians have a choice. Despite the vaccine über alles narrative, only 60% of Dr. Fauci's staff have taken "the shot." The NIH's COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines are not mandates. Patients can opt for early treatment at a cost of $10 to $125 per entire course with effective repurposed generic drugs supported by real-time worldwide evidence. Sadly, as Kaiser Health News noted, despite being a "godsend" to reduce death and hospitalizations, "drug companies have no incentive to spend millions to test new uses for cheap, off-patent drugs."

The people are not stupid, merely ill-informed. Media outlets were increasing ratings at the expense of the truth; the drug companies were rolling in dough; researchers were letting politics guide their outcomes; and social media were censoring experts who disagreed with the wizards at WHO, NIH and CDC, and medical journals funded by Big Pharma.

Of course, Singleton is letting her right-wing political views guide the outcomes she wants -- not that she'll admit it.

In her June 3 column, Singleton led with an irrelevant right-wing rant against the critical race theory and gender identity, then tried to justify Black Americans' fear of the coronavirus by dredging up the infamous Tuskegee experiment -- bizarrely and maliciously suggesting that's what the coronavirus vaccines are -- while pushing her old (and dubious) favorites:

Black American slaves used to have some version of Simon Legree as their master. Now the woke white liberals have assumed that role. Even President Biden views BIPOCs as helpless morons whom only the government can rescue.

Of course, little BIPOCs are the perfect unsuspecting targets. Despite parental objections, new school curricula include Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory that teaches children to hate others based on skin color. Instead of learning the 3 R's, kindergarteners are encouraged to explore their gender identity and question the family structure. The latest data show that only 35% of fourth graders are proficient in reading and 41% are proficient in math. Instead of learning the necessary skills to race to the top of the ladder of success, they have the tools to win the victim triathlon. The prize: dependency on government resources.

COVID-19 added a new ingredient to the melting pot. Brown-skinned Americans fare more poorly with COVID than whites. Some reasons are sociological, such as crowded living conditions, working in service jobs that cannot be done from home and inconsistent access to health care. Some reasons may be physiological. Studies have shown racial differences in the body's ACE-2 receptors. These receptors help control inflammation, especially in cells lining the blood vessels. These are the sites where the "spike" protein of the SARS-Co-V-2 virus (that causes COVID-19) enter and infect healthy cells throughout the body. Notably, there may be more ACE-2 receptors in patients with hypertension, diabetes and coronary artery disease – conditions plaguing black Americans. Moreover, people with brown skin have lower levels of Vitamin D, a factor in the risk of contracting a SARS-Co-V-2 infection and the severity of COVID-19.

Knowing the higher risk, the DEI folks should have launched an education campaign informing BIPOCs about non-prescription supplements like quercetin, zinc and vitamin D, as well as prophylaxis or early treatment with inexpensive medications (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and fluvoxamine, among others) that can significantly reduce symptoms and prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

Instead, the public-health gurus waited for vaccines. The guise of "vaccine equity" drew attention away from legitimate concerns about the shots. Despite the increased susceptibility to COVID-19, black Americans remain skeptical of the shot. Folks still remembered the instances where the underserved were "helped" by the government. The 1932 Tuskegee syphilis study denied a group of black men treatment for 40 years. Without informed consent, an experimental measles vaccine was administered to babies starting in 1987. After too many African and Haitian children deaths to ignore, the program was halted.

Able to read, BIPOCs learned about the serious side effects that include sometimes fatal blood clots, facial paralysis, possible menstrual problems, heart inflammation, among others. They wondered why the less effective Johnson & Johnson vaccine was sent to underserved neighborhoods. They wondered why the government had to offer $116 million in prizes, trucks and customized firearms to encourage people to get the shot. They wondered why the government was going door to door to find BIPOCs to whom to give shots.

Singleton seems much more interested in spreading fear and mistrust than helping patients. That makes her a bad doctor -- albeit a member in good standing of AAPS.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:41 PM EDT
CNS Distorts Biden's Tulsa Speech (And, Of Course, Insults Him)

When President Biden went to Tulsa, Okla., to speak on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, did what it usually does when coverng a Biden speech: cherry-picking his words in an effort to distort them and/or make him look like a doddering idiot.

Susan Jones complained under the headline "'Guys Like Me': Biden Finds Common Ground With Black Victims of White Supremacists":

President Joe Biden said he went to Tulsa on Tuesday "to shine a light, to make sure America knows the story" of a white mob viciously attacking a successful black community one hundred years ago.

Biden told the story in great, gory detail -- how "one night changed everything -- everything changed."

The "guys like me" remark that so offended Jonesgot relegated to a speech transcript in which BIden (accurately) noted that the Ku Klux Klan was anti-Catholic as well as racist.

Jones then groused that "Biden talked a lot about 'hate,' using the word at least ten times in his speech, as he reopened very old wounds" -- falsely suggesting that Biden was actually endorsing the massacre, which he most defintely was not, as the transcript Jones attached to her article demonstrated.

In another article, Jones seemed annoyed that Biden tried to relate the Tulsa massacre to modern events:

President Joe Biden spent much of Tuesday urging the nation to focus on hatred, especially white-on-black hatred, or what he called "the stain on the soul of America."

Biden was speaking in Tulsa, Oklahoma, commemorating a violent attack by a white mob on the black community of Greenwood 100 years ago.

He drew a "line" from what happened in Tulsa way back then to hatred that "exists today still."

He also asserted that "terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today -- not ISIS, not al Qaeda -- white supremacists."

In her third article on the speech, Jones huffed that Biden brought up voting rights with a biased view of Democrat-promoted election reform bills:

On a trip to Tulsa where he focused on racial hatred and division, President Joe Biden brought up voting rights and the Democrats' push to pass H.R. 1, a bill that would relax voting rules and give the federal government more control over how states and localities run their elections.

Democrats continue to make the case that Republican state legislatures are specifically trying to suppress the black vote by requiring voter identification, for example, or by eliminating the unsolicited mailing of ballots to everyone on the voter registration rolls, which often are outdated.

Jones then went into right-wing-activist mode by defending Repubican-promoted election changes:

Texas is among the Republican-led states that has come under leftists' fire for election reforms it has so far been unable to pass.

As Gov. Greg Abbott described it, the bill, which he declared to be an emergency measure, would "prevent election officials from jeopardizing the election process and encouraging voter fraud through the abuse of mail ballots and drive-thru voting.” The bill also would promote transparency at the polls by ensuring that poll watchers in Texas are not obstructed from observing the counting of ballots.

"Our objective in Texas is to ensure that every eligible voter gets to vote and that only eligible ballots are counted," said Governor Abbott in a March news release. "In the 2020 election, we witnessed actions throughout our state that could risk the integrity of our elections and enable voter fraud, which is why I made election integrity an emergency item this session."

(Biden in a news release called the Texas bill an attack on "the sacred right to vote" and an "assault on democracy.")


But to Biden and his fellow Democrats, rules like the ones mentioned above will suppress the vote, even though American voters have never had so many options for early voting, absentee voting, and in-person voting.

These articles were followed by one from Melanie Arter pushing CNS' "cognitive decline" narrative by noting that Biden talked to a couple of young girls about ice cream before the speech:

Before giving his speech in remembrance of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre - considered to be one of the worst incidents of racial violence in U.S. history - President Joe Biden wandered off stage to see if two white girls want ice cream.

As soon as the president was introduced, he stepped up to the podium, asked the predominantly African-American crowd to have a seat.

“Please if you have a seat, sit down, and I gotta make one check,” he said.

The president walked over to the two little girls who were seated in the front row off to the side of the stage and talked to them and their mother.

He walked back on stage, and announced, “I just had to make sure that two girls got ice cream when this is over.”

“Imagine how excited you’d be when you’re 4? 5?” he asked their mother. “Almost 5 years old coming to hear a president speak. My Lord, in my faith we call that purgatory.”

That's not news -- that's a political attack done to push a malicious partisan point.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:19 AM EDT
Wednesday, July 7, 2021
MRC Attacks Teen Who Used Graduation Speech To Speak Out Against Abortion Laws
Topic: Media Research Center

In a June 4 Media Research Center post, Kristine Marsh complained that an ABC reporter "almost seemed disappointed to hear pro-life conservatives weren’t the hateful bigots the media portrays them to be" in responding to a Texas student's "pro-abortion valedictorian speech attacking a Texas abortion law" that "is getting major praise from the liberal media." That reporter -- and Marsh -- needn't have worried; she and her MRC co-workers more than made up for any perceived deficit of hate, devoting a whopping seven posts in three days to the subject.

Abigail Streeman kicked off the hate parade on June 3 by maliciously branding the teen as "pro-baby killing":

Celebrities and journalists are rallying around Texas teen Paxton Smith for giving an unapproved pro-abortion commencement speech during Lake Highlands High School’s graduation ceremony. Among those who are showing their overwhelming support for the young teen are Olivia Wilde, Adam Scott, Molly Jong-Fast, and many, many more. It truly is hard being pro-baby killing isn’t it?


Smith ended her rant by emphasizing that she “cannot give up this platform to promote complacency and peace when there is a war on my body and a war on my right. A war on the rights of your mothers, a war on the rights of your sisters, a war on the rights of your daughters. We cannot stay silent.” Really??

Marsh whined in a separate post:

The liberal media is in love with a Dallas high school student who used her valedictorian speech to wail about a Texas law restricting abortions. Of course, the hosts of The View were enamored as well with the “brave” teen “making a stand” holding up "democracy" and “speaking truth to power” ie: the Republican party.


It shows what the media’s priorities are, when every year they largely ignore the massive gathering of pro-life young people at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Yet at the same time, they’ll give all kinds of attention and praise to one young woman abusing her school’s platform to give a political message fear mongering about women’s rights under attack by the GOP. 

In her post on the ABC reporter, Marsh also denigrated Smith's speech as a "tirade" and complained she was "getting no punishment from her school for giving a highly political, unapproved graduation speech."

Kyle Drennen joined the hate parade as well:

After arguing weeks earlier that a new pro-life measure in Texas was a “public health threat,” on Thursday, NBC’s Today show hailed a high school valedictorian in the state for using her graduation speech to launch into a pro-abortion tirade trashing the law. While the policy protecting unborn children was labeled “controversial” in the report, the student’s nasty political screed was touted as a “powerful” address greeted with “positive reaction.”


If you’re a radical leftist, you get instant adulation from the media and tweets of encouragement from Hillary Clinton. If a conservative student stood up to support the law, they would likely be ignored or attacked.

Scott Whitlock contributed his own meltdown, grumbling that the CBS morning show "began by hailing a Texas teen who hijacked her graduation speech to complain about the law. Gayle King marveled, 'wow.'"

Alex Christy ranted about the teen making a TV appearance, where he claimed she sounded "more like a partisan than a non-political, controversy-avoiding high schooler":

On Thursday afternoon's CNN Newsroom, co-host Victor Blackwell welcomed on newfound liberal darling Paxton Smith, the Texas high schooler who, according to CNN's chyron, went "off script, on a mission" during her valedictorian address to blast Texas' heartbeat bill. Predictably, Blackwell had nothing but praise for the allegedly non-political Smith and tried to turn her into a celebrity with a political career ahead of her.


Unfortunately, viewers wanting to see CNN interview and sing the praises of a valedictorian who goes viral using their speech to condemn abortion should not hold their breath.

Brad Wilmouth further complained:

Hosting his late night MSNBC show, disgraced former NBC News anchor Brian Williams made obvious his pro-abortion bias by taking the time to cheer on a high school valedictorian in Texas who lied about what her speech would be about so she could speak out against her state's new law against abortion.

In the last few minutes of The 11th Hour show on Wednesday, Williams played almost two minutes of a speech given by a Texas high school senior, Paxton Smith, who used her valedictory speech to attack the state's new heartbeat law that protects unborn babies after a heartbeat can be detected.

Lauding Smith as having more "bravery" than most politicians, Williams also admired her dishonesty in slipping her speech into her speaking slot by lying about its content as the MSNBC host oozed:


Then, almost two minutes of Smith's speech aired in which she complained about the possibility of not being able to get an abortion if she became pregnant by accident, and suggested that giving birth might ruin her life. She wrapped up by claiming that there was a "war" on her body by pro-life supporters.

Smith even got trashed in audio form on the June 4 NewsBusters podcast. Guest co-host Curtis Houck declared that Smith "ma[d]e it all about herself by going on a sort of abortion rant," then pretended the MRC doesn't hate her for not acquiescing to its right-wing agenda: "The problem isn't that she was pro-abortion -- no, we would wish her views were different, but this is America. The issue is she took over a day wait for and work their whole lives for, where families are there to celebrate their family members and loves ones' achievement of graduating college -- or graduating high school, excuse me. Graduating high school isn't quite what it used to be in terms of the pinnacle of one's education, but it's still important. So the idea that this girl hijacked it here is pretty narcissistic, to borrow a term here."

But if a high school student used her graduation speech to make an anti-abortion statement, Houck and his MRC buddies would never denigrate her as a narcissist who hijacked the ceremony.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:39 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, July 7, 2021 9:51 PM EDT
CNS Pushed Doctor's Dubious Claim About COVID 'Herd Immunity'

WorldNetDaily isn't the only ConWeb component who was promoting Marty Makary desperately downplaying the coronavirus. Melanie Arter wrote in an April 28 article:

Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins University professor of public health, said Wednesday that there are more people with tuberculosis right now in the United States than those with COVID-19.

CDC Director Rochelle Walenksy changed her mind Tuesday about what she predicted weeks ago of there being “impending doom” of coronavirus cases going up, vaccinations not being where they need to be and deaths continuing to climb.

She said that looking at the curve now, she sees it stabilizing or coming down.

“Look, I respect Dr. Walensky. She’s showing humility there that she basically got it wrong. We knew that the infection was circulating in young people then where the case fatality rate is similar to seasonal flu. If you look at our numbers today, we're about 1/3 the daily cases of seasonal flu during a mild flu season,” Makary told Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”

San Francisco had 20 cases yesterday, most asymptomatic. What do you call that? Is it a public health emergency? Because if it is, we're gonna be in a perpetual emergency, because more people have tuberculosis than coronavirus right now in the United States. So I think we have a distorted perception of risk now,” he said.

Makary predicted last month that the U.S. would reach herd immunity by April.

Arter didn't bother to fact-check Makary, so she didn't tell her readers that fact-checkers found Makary's claim about herd immunity was based on flawed data, namely his unsupported claim that 55% of Americans already have a "natural immunity" to coronavirus due to previous exposure.

And, of course, it's utterly irrelevant to compare coronavirus to tuberculosis, especially given that TB has been tamed through vaccinaton and Makary seems to be discouraging people from getting vaccinated for COVID. Which is an issue, because COVID cases have been rising where vaccination rates are low, which seems to further undermine Makary's claims about "herd immunity."

Arter also engaged in a little recycled reverse mask-shaming: "As previously reported, President Joe Biden took heat yesterday for wearing a mask outside to announce that vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks outside unless they are in a crowd." As we previously reported, Arter buried the reason Biden did that: he illlustrated his point by leaving the podium mask-free after his speech.

And, thus, the creeping WND-ization of CNS continues.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:18 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, July 7, 2021 6:27 PM EDT
Newsmax's Black Tries To Rewrite History of Capitol Riot Again
Topic: Newsmax

The sheer amount of slobbering sycophancy Conrad Black feels he must do in an apparent effort to show Donald Trump that pardoning him for his financial crimes was worth it is amazing. In his June 2 Newsmax column, Black once again tries to justify the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and blame it on anyone else but Trump, as part of a rant against fellow conservative George Will because he likened the riot to 9/11:

On Jan. 6 of this year, some members of a crowd of over 200,000, attending an address by President Trump — who detailed the questionable aspects of the apparent result of the presidential election — marched on to the U.S. Capitol and some hundreds of them penetrated the building and caused relatively minor damage to it.

Five people died, but only one, a Trump supporter, died of unnatural causes — shot in the neck by a still unidentified Capitol Police officer.

There were many vivid photographs of the occasion including the spectacle of some of America’s leading legislators hiding under their desks wearing tinfoil protective gear.

In their desperation to represent the episode as an attempt by the outgoing president to incite an insurrection, (which requires taking over the armed forces, police, and media outlets as happens in countries that have coups d’état), the media falsely represented the death of one Capitol policeman as a result of having been beaten over the head by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher, a complete fabrication.

Legislative buildings are attacked fairly often, as in Paris in 1934; smashing into some of the world’s most famous buildings with hijacked airliners has only happened once.

Trump did not incite anything, except a peaceful demonstration after a very questionable election result. None of the 18 lawsuits that directly challenged the constitutional or legal integrity of the vote or the vote-counting system were adjudicated.

Black seems to have forgotten that Trump also said, "We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore." But Black has some more history to rewrite:

The 2020 election, next to that of 1876 which was resolved by an agreement between the candidates after a partisan vote in a congressional commission, was the most dubious presidential result in American history.

The real issue here is that the Trump-haters, like George Will, want to charge Trump falsely with seeking an insurrection after losing an unexceptionable election, when he was merely expressing the anger of his partisans over a dubious vote-counting process, aggravated by the abdication of the judiciary from its constitutional co-equal role with the legislative and executive branches.


A man of Will’s influence has an ethical and professional obligation to avoid the willful propagation of defamatory nonsense. He said on the same program that for the first time in American history many members of Congress are afraid of their own voters.

They were elected because those same voters agreed with what they said: they all found Trump the preferable candidate.

Black then ventures into outright lying:

A presidential election result that was highly questionable, despite the frenzied efforts of an air-tight media pretense that all the late drops of unverifiable heavy Biden votes in a few key states were squeaky clean, and which the judicial system at every level refuses to judge for process reasons (a divided Wisconsin Supreme Court said the challenge in that state had to start at the lower courts and work up — impossible given those deadlines), naturally leaves the 75 million voters who supported the ostensibly losing candidate upset. That they would demonstrate is understandable, and when the speaker of the House and mayor of Washington refused the capitol police chief’s request for reinforcements, some hooliganism was predictable.

There were no "late drops of unverifiable heavy Biden votes in a few key states." Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House Black is trying to impugn without using her name, is not in charge of the Capitol police and. therefore, could not have blocked any request for reinforcments during the riot. And it was not DC Mayor Muriel Bowser who delayed deployment of National Guard troops to quell the riot, it was the Defense Department.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:42 PM EDT
WND's Moore Peddles More Dubious COVID Claims
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It seems that WorldNetDaily writer Art Moore just can't stop uncritically promoting dubious claims about coronavirus and its vaccines. For instance, he gushed in a May 17 article:

When Greg Abbott announced Texas would lift its mask mandate and other coronavirus restrictions, President Joe Biden chastised the Republican governor for his "Neanderthal thinking."

But just two months later, Abbott has been vindicated, announcing the state had no COVID-related deaths over the previous 24 hours.

Moore didn't mention that the listing of no COVID deaths on May 16 was a blip that was likely a function of that day being a Sunday, when statisticians tend to have the day off. By contrast, statistics show there were 37 deaths reported on May 15 and 34 on May 17. While the 7-day average for deaths has continued to go down, there have still been hundreds of COVID deaths in Texas since May 16.

On May 26, Moore wrote:

Arguing for people who choose not to be vaccinated, a Johns Hopkins professor estimates that nearly half the country has natural immunity due to prior infection that protects them from COVID-19.

Dr. Marty Makary, in an interview Tuesday with "The Vince Coglianese Show" on WMAL in Washington, claimed the United States already has achieved the objective of herd immunity, combining the vaccinated with those who have been infected. He estimates 85% of the population is immune to the novel coronavirus.

"Please, ignore the CDC guidance," he said, calling it the slowest "most reactionary CDC in history."

But Makary is wrong about how many Americans supposedly have immunity from COVID-19. He had claimed in a February Wall Street Journal column that the U.S. would achieve herd immunity based on that "natural immunity" claim, but fact-checkers found the claim wasn't supported by the data.

Moore wrote in a May 31 article: "A citywide initiative in Mexico City to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 patients resulted in a plunge in hospitalizations and deaths, two studies found." But Moore cites only one study involving Mexico City, and he omits the facts that the study is based on a database analysis, not clinical study, and it was a preprint that had not been peer-reviewed.

Moore added, "Earlier this month, as WND reported, a significant decrease in cases in India coincided with the national health ministry's promotion of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine treatments." But as we documented, there was no proven link esdtablished between the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in India and the decline of cases there.

Moore wrote in a June 10 article:

Yet another study has supported former President Trump's suggestion that the common malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19.

This time, a study on 255 patients by St Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey found that when used in a high dosage and with zinc, the drug increased survival rates nearly three times for severe cases in which patients were on ventilators.

Establishment media mocked Trump in April 2020 when he said hydroxychloroquine is a "powerful drug on malaria, and there are signs that it works on [the coronavirus], some very strong signs."

But the study does not claim that, and Moore gets the name of the combined drug wrong. In the study, hydroxychloroquine was paired with azithromycin, not zinc, and the combination did not increase survival rates "nearly three times." Depending on how the data is calculated, survival could increase by as much as 198 percent, which is not "nearly three times." Also, the study came from a preprint server, not a medical journal, meaning it has not been peer-reviewed; experts have noted that the study is an observational one, not a clinical one, and experts have questioned the study's design.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:45 AM EDT
Tuesday, July 6, 2021
NEW ARTICLE: Unprofessional Jealousy
Topic: Media Research Center
The Obamas are having financial and professional success after leaving the Oval Office, and Tim Graham and the rest of the Media Research Center simply can't deal with it. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 9:20 PM EDT
Chuck Norris Again Turns His WND Column Into A Paid Ad
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Joseph Farah gushed in his June 2 WorldNetDaily column:

I've known Chuck Norris for about 15 years. He's been a dear friend ever since I asked him, rather boldly, to be a columnist for WND. He's done everything I could ask and more – much more! Like promote himself as a WND columnist! I never dreamed that with a motion picture career, a television career, a martial arts career and a gonzo entertainment career like his he would ever do that. That's Chuck Norris. Now a young 81, he has given people who work with him his all.

And what's worst or better – I don't know which – he has a become a better columnist than ME. I don't know how he does it! He writes every week and has since the day he started. He has not disappointed.

He has with us in the best of times and the worst of times. He's a true friend.

And so is his wife, Gena, and his pastor, Todd DuBord.

Actually, as Farah almost certainly knows -- and as we noted a decade ago -- Norris doesn't actually write his columns; they are apparently ghostwritten by DuBord. We're not aware of Norris ever disputing that this is going on.

Then, Norris (well, DuBord) again used his column in a most unprofessional way: shilling for a company for which he's a paid spokesman. We've already documented how Norris has abused his column privilege by turning it into a blatant ad for a gold-selling firm (which WND apparently has no problem with, given how it also did an article on Norris becoming the company's paid spokesman). After spending a good part of his June 7 column ranting about the size of the national debt -- which somehow only President Biden got the blame for, even though his beloved Donald Trump increased federal debt by a whopping $7.8 trillion during his presidency -- it was time for his sales pitch:

It's high time for all Americans to quit waiting for federal or state governments to provide for your welfare, protection, relief and especially for permission to reboot your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It's time for Americans to quit hoping the feds will stabilize your money. It's not going to happen.

We need to protect what God has been good enough to give and to entrust to us: our faith, family, freedom and finances. I believe one of the best options for doing that is learning more and investing more in precious metals like gold and silver, as my wife, Gena, and I have been doing for 40 years. Through thick and thin, they've provided the financial backbone to our lives and livelihoods, and even brought us and our nonprofit mission, KickStart Kids, through some very tough times.

After researching a number of companies, we felt Goldco set the standard for integrity, the best advice and for helping Americans protect and grow their money. That's why I am proud to be an official spokesman for Goldco. In fact, Goldco is the only company I recommend for gold and silver.

Goldco's specialists can help you roll over or transfer assets from a 401(k), IRA, TSP, or pension account into a gold IRA. They work with mints around the world to source gold coins and bars and ensure that the gold you're buying is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. And they can even help you take a distribution in cash or gold.

The time for action and change is now! It's time for you to look beyond the dollar for your ongoing financial security and safety. Investing in precious metals is your way through and out of the next five years of inflation.

It's your life, future and finances. Take action now before it's too late. Contact a Goldco representative ASAP. At very least, go to their website and ask for the next edition of my FREE Goldco Church Norris Special Report and Bonus Newsletter. And tell them Chuck sent you!

Does Norris really need the money that badly that he feels he has to turn his column into someone else's paid ad? And does WND care so little about journalistic ethics that it lets Norris do that?

Posted by Terry K. at 5:45 PM EDT
MRC's Double Standard On Corporate Whoring
Topic: Media Research Center

Media Research Center writer Scott Whitlock is so filled with hate that he's absolutely obsessed with smearing CBS employees as "WHORES" (his all-caps, not ours) because some CBS shows are used to promote other things under the ViacomCBS corporate umbrella -- despite the fact that the MRC does the exact same thing by using its own "news" division,, to promote MRC interests.

Apparently unable to stop his irrational, insatiable hate, Whitlock ranted in a June 2 post under the headline "Corporate WHORES at CBS Bury Parent Company’s 4 BILLION Tax Dodge":

ViacomCBS is engaged in an elaborate, sketchy effort to hide, funnel and move around money in an apparently successful attempt at avoiding paying almost four billion in taxes. That’s according to a bombshell report in Tuesday’s print New York Times. Yet CBS News journalists, who have hammered other companies for not paying taxes, skipped reporting on the story Monday night and Tuesday morning.


Yet back in April, fretted over companies not paying their fair share after Donald Trump cut corporate rates. writer Stephen Gandel whined, “Many of those same companies had together paid billions of dollars in annual taxes prior to Trump's presidency.” Also in April, CBS, as well as ABC and NBC, censored a study saying Joe Biden’s corporate tax hikes would cost one million jobs in two years. That probably won't impact ViacomCBS, what with the company's creative accounting.


Keep all of this in mind the next time the supposedly objective journalists at CBS News talk about objectivity and journalistic toughness.

Meanwhile, CNS has done more of its own whoring in the form of touting the words of leader Brent Bozell:

Additionally, CNS editor Terry Jeffrey wrote a fawning obituary of right-wing financier Foster Friess, refusing to disclose until the second-to-last paragraph that Friess was a major donor to the MRC.

That's whoredom at its finest. Yet Whitlock doesn't seem interested in admitting his employer is no different than CBS.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:25 PM EDT
Money Talks: CNS Editor Writes Fawning Obituary For Major MRC Donor
Topic: editor in chief Terry Jeffrey spent a June 7 article writing a gushy obituary that started this way:

Foster Friess lived a life that exemplified the American ideal in both the trajectory he followed and the values he embraced.

He grew up in the small northern Wisconsin town of Rice Lake and attended the public high school there—where he played center on the basketball team, ran hurdles for the track team and starred in both sports.

At the same time, he was recognized as an honor student and named valedictorian of his class.

Through hard work and dedication, his father, who did not have the opportunity to go to college, and his mother, who did not even attend high school, taught him lessons at least as valuable as those he learned in school.

Jeffrey went on to tout how Friess met his future wife -- "who was, literally, a beauty queen" -- at college, then enlisted in the Army, then started an investment firm with "select" clients. Taht was followed by mor gushing over Friess' philanthropy efforts. but it wasn't until the final three paragraphs of this 32-paragraph article that Jeffrey revealed the reason why his article exists: first, the actual news angle that Friess died, and then, that he was a donor to his parent organization, the Media Research Center:

Friess, who was 81, died of bone marrow cancer in Scottsdale, Ariz., on May 27. He is survived by his wife Lynn—to whom he was married for almost 59 years—and by their four children--Traci, Stephen, Carrie and Michael--and by fifteen grandchildren.

“I knew Foster Friess for over 30 years,” said Media Research Center Founder and President Brent Bozell. “Few were more generous in their funding of the MRC and more generous in spirit to me personally. I am going to miss that giant, soft, goofy, profound soul.”

Foster Friess was a giver, not a taker—who constantly gave back to the communities, the country, and the causes that gave him and so many other Americans the opportunity to live fulfilling lives.

More importantly -- which Jeffrey didn't explicitly point out -- one of the things Friess gave was part of Jeffrey's sallary. Jeffrey didn't report how much money Freiss gave to the MRC, but he gave enough to be given "diamond" status at its 20th and 25th anniversary galas.

However much it was, it was clearly enough that the MRC felt the need to order one of its employees to write a fawning obit for him. Who says money doesn't talk?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:54 AM EDT
Monday, July 5, 2021
MRC's Double Standard On Big Tech's Political Donations
Topic: Media Research Center

In April, the Media Research Center started a campaign to get its fellow right-wing nonprofit organizations to get them to refuse donations from "big tech" companies, with chief Brent Bozell claiming that "Silicon Valley’s money is toxic and it’s poisoning our society. ... We must act together to end Silicon Valley’s corrupt grip over Washington and our public discourse.” In that letter, Bozell had praised the Heritage Foundation for having "turned down two six-figure contributions from Google and Facebook." The next month, the MRC praised Heritage again for officially signing Bozell's pledge "so long as the platforms suppress conservative viewpoints." That's a bogus argument, of course; the MRC has never proven that "big tech" companies "suppress" conservative viewpoints exclusively.

So it was a little strange to see a May 28 post by Autumn Johnson complaining that Facebook wasn't donating money to conservatives:

Facebook has decided to resume political donations — excluding conservative Republican members of Congress like Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Josh Hawley, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Rep. Steve Scalise.

The social media giant says it will no longer give donations to political candidates who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election. The news comes after Google and Amazon announced that they would pause donations to these political candidates as well.

Facebook paused all political donations after the deadly riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

“As a result of our review, the FBPAC Board has decided to resume contributions, but not to any members of Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 election following the events at the Capitol on January 6,” Facebook Public Policy Director Brian Rice told employees. “While a contribution to a candidate for office does not mean that we agree with every policy or position that a candidate may espouse, we believe this decision is appropriate given the unprecedented events in January.”

If conservatives weren't supposed to take Facebook's money due to the MRC's arm-twisting, why is it now upset that Facebook won't donate to them anyway?

Johnson went on to tout how Republican Sen. Ted Cruz "announced that he will no longer accept donations from Facebook." But she didn't explicitly state that Cruz favored rejecting presidential election results from two states with the intent of throwing the election results into chaos.

Then, in a June 3 post listing this as an example of the "WORST Censorship" that month -- despite the fact no rational person thinks not giving a political donation to someone equates to "censorship" -- Casey Ryan complained further about this situation by suggesting that Trump's bogus attacks on the election were somehow legitimate:

Trump and elected officials had concerns regarding the integrity of the last election, but rather than at least listen to their concerns, Facebook is punishing them.


Politicians should not rely on Big Tech contributions considering that Silicon Valley has appeared to have no respect for the First Amendment. But Facebook has exposed its blatant bias by choosing to punish primarily Republican officials who were elected by the American people. Forbes reported that a majority of Republican voters “believe Trump’s claims that Biden’s win was due to widespread voter fraud.” Facebook has now planned to punish the politicians who share the concerns of their constituents over the integrity of last year’s election.

Ryan surely knows that no Trump- or Republican-promoted attack on the election has advanced in any court, or even that they have held up under the most cursory scrutiny. That means these Republicans weren't concerned about "election integrity" -- they were enabling a lie. No candidate who enables lies so egregious that they threaten to undermine American democracy deserves political support, and Ryan doesn't make the case for why they do.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:00 PM EDT
MRC Sours On 'Nancy Drew' Reboot
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center liked the CW's "Nancy Drew" reboot at first -- but only because one episode pushed a right-wing talking point in passing. Dawn Slusher gushed in an April 1 post:

The CW’s ghostly drama Nancy Drew, (based on the beloved series of children’s books), featured a historical mystery Wednesday night, but real history was made when the show had the courage to admit the truth about the racist and eugenicist beginnings of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. And no, this is no April Fool’s joke, as hard as it is to believe!

Actually, all that happened wds that one character said that "Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to support eugenics." Which is arguably true. What's less true is Slusher's assertion that racism was wrapped up in that. As we documented when the MRC launched a factually challenged smear campaign against her in 2015, there's no evidence that Sanger was particularly racist or that Planned Parenthood was founded based on racism.

Ah, but the bloom fell of the rose pretty quickly, if only because "Nancy Drew" wanted to reflect what was happening in the world instead of pushing right-wing talking poiints, and Slusher's viewing assignment turned into hate-watching. Thus, Slusher complained on May 6 that a new episode of the show focused on racism -- which the MRC absolutely hates -- prompting her to feel the need to lecture her narrow right-wing audience about how saintly the police supposedly are:

We’ve already seen Hollywood use fictional stories to paint the police as violent racists, but Wednesday’s episode of the CW’s Nancy Drew might take first place for the most over-the-top and racially divisive anti-police storyline. Not only were police vilified, but a few white suspects who aren’t officers were thrown in as evil participants who harassed an innocent black woman for good measure.


The line, "They all cry for their mothers," was an obvious reference to the George Floyd case, which was an outrage to most everyone and resulted in a guilty verdict for the officer. And, of course, they inserted Fraser’s desperate claim that Dolores was resisting arrest into the dialogue when it’s clear that Fraser was just an evil racist who took his hate out on an innocent black person.

The liberal lecture being that we can then assume the same is true for any officer in real life who ends up having to use deadly force on suspects who resist arrest. When in fact, most officers face a life-and-death split-second decision while doing their best to protect their community, and it has nothing to do with race whatsoever.

But as long as Hollywood and the left keep pushing these false narratives and make-believe stories, it’s only going to create further fear, division, and hate - the very things the left claims to be fighting against.

The following week, Slusher found another reason to be outraged at "Nancy Drew" -- not only did it discuss race again, there was a gay kiss:

Another week, another liberal racial episode of the CW’s Nancy Drew. This is obviously not the beloved character you may remember from the classic childhood series by Carolyn Keene. And, now, it looks like the show is going to help promote a spinoff with yet another liberalized version of a beloved childhood character from another book series - Victor Appleton’s Tom Swift.

Wednesday’s episode, “The Celestial Visitor,” introduced Tom (Tian Richards) at the start as he helps Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the “Drew Crew” solve a mystery. Only, because it's 2021, this version of Tom Swift is black and gay.


Tom shares in the victimhood, too, telling Nancy he can’t come out to his father because he doesn’t want to be seen as “his gay disappointment.” In the end, though, Tom decides to send a strong message to his father by getting Nick, who is straight, to kiss him for a picture he ends up posting on his social media for his father to see.


Fingers crossed, prayers up, God willing, I would just like to watch television without a liberal lecture and not have anymore classic childhood characters politicized.

Of course, it's clear Slusher is the one who sees Tom Swift as a "gay disappointment." And these shows don't lecture nearly as much as she does.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:46 PM EDT
The MRC's Latest Anti-Gay Targets: Plastic Bricks and Cereal
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Reserarch Center absolutely despises anyone who commits the offense of not being heterosexual. It has expanded that fight to inanimate objects like plastic bricks and cereals. Matt Philbin ranted in a May 20 post:

Having neutered the notoriously toxic masculinity of Mr. Potato Head, progressives are continuing their long march through the toy industry. Lefties intent on remaking the world in their image know their project depends on indoctrinating the young. 

Thus, Lego has announced “‘Everyone is Awesome,’ its first LGBTQ-themed set,” according to USA Today’s Christine Fernando. Lego is launching the toys in “Pride Month” in June, which, as we know, is Ramadan for the leather speedo set.

Fernando explains, “The colors in the set are inspired by the rainbow flag, according to the statement.” And they probably don’t hurt when you step on them. But just the rainbow flag? Surely intersectionality demands the inclusion of other victim groups.

Yes, Philbin is mad at Legos, which should apparently always be considered heterosexual. On top of Philbin's bizarre sneering that anyone who's not heterosexual is part of "the leather speedo set," whatever that means, he went on to huff, "No doubt Lego will follow up with a Portland Public Library set where the purple drag queen can really strut his stuff. And with all those new letters in the alphabet soup, surely there will be many opportunities for follow-ons. (And, yes, the MRC also had a meltdown over the whole Mr. Potato Head thing.)

Alexa Moutevelis brought that same hateful, dismissive tone to a May 25 post raging at Kellogg's for offering an LGBTQ-themed cereal:

It's that time of year again - time for corporations to rainbow-up and start pandering to the LGBTQABCDEFG crew for “Pride Month” in June!

This year, Kellogg’s is partnering with GLAAD for a new “Together With Pride” cereal, which has already hit stores. This is an update from past gay cereal campaigns, which were only offered online. Now can you get woke messaging in your face in the grocery aisle!

The cereal is described as “berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter.” Gotta admit, that’s the gayest cereal I’ve ever heard of - way to play to stereotypes!

The box has all your favorite Kellogg’s cereal characters rallying around the bowl, including Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Snap, Crackle and Pop. A little Frosted Mini Wheat is pictured holding a rainbow flag with a triangle on it, which I had to look up. Apparently, the rainbow flag alone was not inclusive enough and they had to add elements “to represent marginalised LGBT communities of colour” and transgenders.


Yeah, that’s what everyone wants in their breakfast – cereal with a side of social justice activism. Just another way they force feed their propaganda down people’s throats.

As if the MRC's anti-LGBT hate isn't propgandizing its readers to hate people different from them.

This isn't even Moutevelis' first time raging against cereal. In response to a similar 2019 campaign by Kellogg's, she huffed, "Have you ever eaten Froot Loops and thought, 'This cereal isn’t gay enough?' Do you seek a safe space to eat your Rice Krispies? Are you concerned that your Corn Flakes aren’t sufficiently woke? Well, now Kellogg’s has the solution!" She spat in her conclusion: "Equality and inclusion in a breakfast food – it's social justice cereal! I think I'm gonna lose my breakfast."

Moutevelis doesn't seem to realize that it's her toxic hate -- inculcated by the MRC, which pays her well to spew it -- that's making her ill.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:54 PM EDT
MRC Repeatedly Attacks Actor It Also Dismisses As A 'C-Lister'
Topic: Media Research Center

A May 28 Media Research Center post by Abigail Streetman dismissed actor Bradley Whitford -- whom she weas attacking for being "ignorant and Trump deranged," "twisting the truth and spewing left-wing propaganda all over social media" and making "several unhinged and false claims" in a TV appearance -- as a "C-lister." But, as with Bette Midler, the MRC sure does spend a lot of time focusing on this supposedly irrelevent "C-lister."

Whitford's actual sin here was to note that the Repubilcan Party "worships an insurrectionist" and calling Donald Trump a "disturbed sociopath." For all her hateful invective "twisting the truth" and making "false claims," the only evidence Streetman offers to counter Whitford is to huff, "I guess Whitford forgot that Trump specifically said “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” during the rally on January 6." But Streetman conveniently overlooks that  Trump also said, "We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore."

Whitford got another post devoted to him the next day, taken from the same TV appearance. Charlotte Hazard complained that "left-wing actor Bradley Whitford ranted to his fellow liberal that 'we cannot get anything done if we don't protect democracy and pass H.R.1.,' referring to federal legislation being pushed by Democrats to rig all future elections in their favor." Hazard then went on to receite right-wing talking points against the bill. Scott Whitlock cited Hazard's post in a post that same day in a roundup featuring how "those silly celebs were at it again this month, attacking their favorite conservative Republican targets."

That's three posts in two days highlighting the views of a supposedly irrelevant "C-lister."

That's not all. The MRC has referenced Whitford in 25 posts since January 2020, largely in roundups of "hollywood" expressing opinions on things that the  MRC disapproves of, under headlines like "33 Hollywood Elites Stoking Anger, Bigotry, Lawlessness Over George Floyd’s Death," "Celebrities FLIP OUT Over Trump RNC Speech AKA ‘Dear Leader’s Illegal South Lawn Klan Rally’" and "‘How Fake Is It Now?’ 10 Hollywood Ghouls Mock Trump Having COVID."

The MRC also took offense to Whitford joining his fellow actors on the TV show "The West Wing" reuniting to encourage people to vote in the election. Lindsey Kornick whined in August that the reunion is "just what America doesn’t need," adding that "At this point, the only time The West Wing is brought up is for liberals to whine about the good old days with Democrats in charge." Gabriel Hays melted down in a September post: "The real vexing aspect of this stupid reunion special, besides you now trying to disassociate what may have been one of your favorite TV shows, from the pro-civil unrest, Trump Derangement Syndrome-suffering left, is that in between each of the episode’s acts, an annoying liberal will lecture you about voting."

Again: That's a lot of digital ink being spilled on someone who the MRC wants you to think is nothing but an irrelevant "C-lister."

Posted by Terry K. at 10:46 AM EDT

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