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Sunday, March 1, 2020
Allen West's Dumb Rhetorical Excess

Media Research Center "senior fellow" and columnist Allen West has a propensity for some really dumb rhetorical excess.

In a Dec. 2 column, he actually declared that we are living in "the real Hunger Games." Why? Because some want to abolish the Electoral College and have a direct popular vote for president:

This was established to give the smaller states, more rural areas, an equal voice to the larger more populated centers, areas, States. Yes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 election, translating to some 12-13 states. In the Electoral College, it was a landslide victory for Donald Trump, who won close to 38 states. Now, what do we hear from the progressive socialist left? Yes, end the Electoral College, they prefer the tyranny of a pure democracy…the rule of “The Capitol” over the Districts.

Sadly, this is happening in many of the States in our Constitutional Republic, and I do not find it by coincidence. If there is one thing about the left in America, they are highly strategic. They are relocating into economically successful and strong conservative States and turning them blue, based upon the concept of “The Hunger Games”. They are fortifying themselves within the cities, the population centers, which are often strengthened by the academic, media, entertainment, cultural, and political elites.

The greatest amount of despair, despondency, death, crime, pestilence, and corruption is found in our large American cities…and we know who controls them. Thomas Jefferson was so very prescient, and correct, with this assertion. And isn’t it rather interesting that the left wants more public transportation and electric vehicles which regulate, constrain, the movement of Americans?

We are living in the real Hunger Games.

Yes, in West's right-wing mind, making everyone's vote for president count the same is exactly the same as "The Hunger Games."

On Dec. 16, West insisted that the FISA court was no different that the notorious Stasi intellligence agency in Soviet-controlled East Germany -- and, of course, immediately throws Bernie Sanders into the mix:

Last week, the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed that we have a New American Stasi. As a Member of Congress, I had voted against the renewal of the Patriot Act, a main reason was the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court. I could not, and still cannot, fathom having a “secret” court that has the power to grant warrants to conduct surveillance, spying, against American citizens without their knowledge, or ability to defend themselves. That is a complete and utter violation of our Fourth Amendment rights, yet this is what happened.

And last week, Mr. Horowitz confirmed my greatest concerns: Seventeen inaccuracies and omissions were made to this secret court in order to obtain warrants to conduct surveillance, spying, against American citizens. And yes, the entire Mueller special investigation which was enacted for one reason, but veered greatly off course, and certain political opposition have found themselves in sentenced to prison.

This is how things happen when progressive socialists are in power. What perhaps started with every good intention of keeping us safe from Islamic jihadists and terrorist attacks is now being used against political opponents. I have always admired the hypocrisy of socialists, communists, to claim the title of “Democratic”, such as East Germany did, and North Korea does today. It is a means by which they attempt to deceive and wrongfully label themselves…such as Bernie Sanders with his “Democratic Socialism.”


We have developed terms such as “Deep State.” We have folks calling themselves the #resistance. What we truly have developing is a New American Stasi…tactics are the same, as well as the objectives.

West would never concede that the people who actually in power -- that is, the Trump administration -- would behave in a Stasi-esque way, for instance, by trying to destroy the life of the whistleblower who exposed Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president.

In his Jan. 13 column, West ranted that following an election that saw Democrats gain full control of the Virginia legislature, Gov. Ralph Northam "and his leftist minions are following Lenin’s playbook with forcing universal background checks, banning certain firearms, and implementing red flag laws. And we should not be surprised." West did not explain why red-flag laws -- temporarily taking weapons away from people who may be a danger to themselves or others -- is just like communist gun confiscation.

By his Feb. 17 column, though, West had notched things down to being merely dumb. He portrayed all Democratic presidential candidates as being just as "soclialist" as Bernie Sanders and their rhetoric as "New Coke," adding: "There is nothing new and improved about the American progressive socialist left’s formula, it is all the same, a recipe for disaster." Still, he couldn't help himself by injecting a falsehood into his argument:

You recall, during the Carter administration when it was asserted that every American had a “right” to own a home -- the Community Reinvestment Act. Thirty years later, we saw the results of government intrusion into the private sector mortgage industry, a financial meltdown. Of course, we are told today by the left that healthcare is a right. That is how the left will always frame their objective of government control of economic means of production.

As experts have said for years -- and as we pointed out years ago -- the Community Reinvestment Act played an insignificant role in the 2008 financial crisis, since most of the mortgage lenders doing the subprime lending that drove the crisis were not subject to the CRA's provisions.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:40 AM EST
Saturday, February 29, 2020
MRC Still Downplaying 'Conservative Comedian' Crowder's Homophobic Attacks
Topic: Media Research Center

Last year, we detailed how the Media Research Center worked to reframe right-wing videomaker Stephen Crowder's homophobic attacks on then-Vox host Carlos Maza -- smearing him as a "lispy queer," among other things, which inspired Crowder's right-wing follower to doxx Maza -- by saying that Crowder is a "conservative comedian" who is apparently exempt from criticism (though that hasn't stopped the MRC from attacking the humor of comedians who are not conservative). It was only after Maza went public about the verbal abuse and doxxing that YouTube moved to demonetize Crowder's channel, for which the MRC granted victimhood status to Crowder.

Well, Maza has since gone out on his own to make videos for his own YouTube channel, and the MRC is attacking him once more.

In a Feb. 13 post, Alexander Hall complained that "The New York Times gave this “New York-based socialist” a prominent feature in their business section with two gigantic photos on separate pages," then engaged in revisionist history about Crowder: "Maza, aka @GayWonk, famously triggered the adpocalypse on YouTube when he blasted the platform for allowing conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder to poke fun at him during Gay Pride Month. Shortly afterward came a wave of 'carpet bombing' demonetizations and potential rule changes that restricted free speech on the platform." Hall made sure not to mention Crowder's vicious homophobia.

The next day, Clay Waters, the MRC's designated Times-hater, went after the Times article itself, bizarrely and counterfactually portraying Maza as the aggressor and Crowder as the victim: "Maza, whose Twitter bio refers to Tucker Carlson as a white supremacist, targeted conservative Steven Crowder in 2019. After Crowder mocked him as a 'lispy queer,' YouTube was pressured into demonetizing Crowder’s YouTube videos." (Waters doesn't mention that Maza's claim about Carlson is backed up with evidence.)

Waters also insisted that Maza is "no slouch at internet bullying," while conveying further victimhood on Crowder by complaining that the writer of the Times article showed "hostility toward Crowder" by referring to him as "a bargain-bin conservative comedian." Needless to say, Waters couldn't be bothered to describe the full extent of Crowder's homophobic attacks.

The MRC is quite invested in portraying Crowder as a victim. In December, Hall gave Crowder a platform to rant that "the purge is coming" in the form of YouTube proposing content reforms to cut down on "malicious insults" and "veiled threats" -- you know, what Crowder did to Maza. Which, of course, led Hall to invoke revisionist history to claim that Crowder was merely "mocking" Maza.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:46 AM EST
WND Columnist Merges Sanders Derangement With Soros Derangement
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Brent Smith started off his Feb. 14 WorldNetDaily column with a dire warning:

If this doesn't get you out to vote, nothing will. And it's just three simple words. Simple, but excruciatingly painful: President Bernie Sanders.

The old saying, elections have consequences, is no truer than it is today. And I can think of nothing more consequential than the election of Sanders.

I would estimate that the vast majority of ignorant millennials and college students who have and will cast a ballot for Sanders have no idea what they're really voting for.

All they know is that Bernie has promised them an endless array of free stuff and money.

But below the surface lies a horror of unimaginable misery – something Americans have never experienced.

That's some quality fearmongering right there. But that wasn't enough for Smith -- he decided to wrap right-wingers' other favorite bogeyman in to the mix, starting off by saying, "just for kicks, I'm going to float a "conspiracy" theory out here" regarding Sanders' campaign manager, Faiz Shakir:

Inside his shirt may be a tag that reads, "Property of George Soros."

So here's my theory.

What has George Soros dreamed of for decades?

He's been trying to find a way to take down the United States and remake it in his image. But Soros knows it can only be done from within, and until now, there hasn't been a vehicle to accomplish the task.

George Soros is a billionaire. He is, for want of a better term, the original social justice warrior. He made his fortune for the sole purpose of indulging his idea of social justice. But don't take my word for it.

In an interview, Soros said: "I realized [as a young man] that it's money that makes the world go round, so I might as well make money. … But having made it, I could then indulge my social concerns." Invariably, those concerns centered around a desire to change the world generally – and America particularly – into something new, something consistent with his vision of "social justice."

And he's admitted to having a God complex, or as he puts it, a "Messianic" complex.

Enter Bernie Sanders, a radical Marxist who, due to the panic he is causing, many think has a legitimate shot. Is it possible that Soros ("look, Mama, it's the devil." h/t: the Waterboy), after all these years, believes he has finally found his vehicle, his puppet, in Sanders to help him fulfill his dream to "change" America?

For me and my tinfoil hat, I think it's more than just possible – it's likely.

And it's a two-for-one conspiracy theory to boot.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:51 AM EST
Friday, February 28, 2020
As Sanders Gets Popular, CNS Unleashes Volley Of Attacks On Him

Like Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders made a good showing in Iowa. Like Buttigieg, CNS panicked and targeted Sanders with negative reporting designed to trigger its right-wing readership by hammering on a single point. With Buttigieg, it was his sexuality; with Sanders, it was hanging the word "socialist" or "communist" on him at every opportunity, with the word itself or others implying extremism (from CNS' right-wing point of view, that is), attacking his policies, or digging up decades-old statements by the senator.

Here's what CNS has published on Sanders and socialism since the Iowa caucuses:

Regarding Sanders' statements praising certain policies in China and Cuba, CNS typically buried or censored completely Sanders prefacing the statement by expressing his opposition to authoritarian regimes. That statement never made any CNS headline, of course.

Those weren't the only attacks, of course. Craig Bannister did his bit as a Trump campaign surrogate by cheering how "Rudy Giuliani posted an embarrassing video of Sanders on Twitter," mand loyal stenographer Melanie Arter highlighted how President Trump claimed without evidence that "Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is leaking information on Russia, because the Democrats don’t want Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to represent them" (not that Arter made an effort to fact-check Trump, of course).

CNS even tried to play gotcha with Sanders in an anonymously written Feb. 7 article:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D.-Vt.) says on the websitefor his presidential campaign that “[c]limate change is a global emergency” and “the Arctic is on fire.”

By contrast, the National Weather Service is reporting today that it is 45 degrees below zero in Nuiqsuit, which is in northern Alaska.

The weather service is predicting that the high today in that part of Alaska will be 44 degrees below zero and the low will be 47 degrees below zero.

That, of course, is an old right-wing climate denier trope, claiming that the fact that it still gets cold in the winter disproves the fact that the earth is getting warmer. In fact, Arctic temperatures are the second warmest on record, and permafrost and ice sheets are melting.

CNS knows that its parent, the Media Research Center, will never apply the standards of fairness and balance to it that the MRC demands from other media outlets -- after all, CNS' "media bias" is one that its parent approves of.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:27 PM EST
MRC's Philbin Thinks Criticizing A Conservative Athlete's Death Threat Is 'Cancel Culture'
Topic: Media Research Center

Oh, those wacky death threats. Aren't they just silly and unserious?

The Media Research Center's Matt Philbin thinks so. He spent a Feb. 18 post complaining that former San Francisco Giants player Aubrey Huff wasn't invited to a 10th anniversary gathering of the 2010 team's World Series appearance because of his history of threatening and offensive tweets -- which, of course, Philbin falsely framed by insisting that Huff was disinvited because of his support of President Trump and declaring that "cancel culture has made the big leagues."

And what is the "culture" that's supposedly being "canceled" here? Well, death threats for one. Like Huff's tweet saying: "Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must. By the way most the head shots were theirs."

Most normal people would see this as an implicit death threat at the very least and an explicit one at worst. Not Philbin, though --  he declared this threat to be "serious" and "silly" and then sneered: "Okay, maybe the tweet wasn’t a good idea. Lefties are triggered (sorry) by men, boys and guns in the best of circumstances, but put the three together, toss in a political reference and you’ve got soiled culottes all over the Bay Area."

Interestingly, Philbin never quoted from this tweet, only included a screenshot that has since mysteriously disappeared.

Another Huff tweet argued that Americans should kidnap attractive women from Iran so they can "fan us and feed us grapes, amongst other things." Philbin proclaimed this to be a "joke," even though the MRC sees no humor in jokes from actual comedians if they choose a conservative target. Similarly, Philbin gave Huff a pass on his defense that his tweets are "locker room humor" that "is meant to be satirical, and sarcastic."

None of the Huff tweets Philbin cited, undercutting his narrative that Huff is a victim of his backing of Trump.

Philbin concluded by, er huffing: "Look, Huff is a dinosaur -- a throwback to the dark ages of the 2010s. The Giants know it, and they have a responsibility to shield the people of San Francisco from the kind of monster who would say, 'To the fans, you were always amazing to me. And just because I might not share some of your political views (which are stupid) I still repect your right to express them.'" Weird that the MRC never defends a liberal for acting like a "dinosaur."

Posted by Terry K. at 2:44 AM EST
Updated: Friday, February 28, 2020 9:07 AM EST
Thursday, February 27, 2020
CNS Entertains Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Patrick Goodenough started off his Feb. 19 article in a somewhat promising way:

Did the coronavirus that emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year originate from a market where live animals were sold alongside seafood? Or is there another explanation – one that may be linked to China’s leading institute dealing with virology, virus pathology, and emerging infectious diseases?

Debates over the issue have been raging online, even as scientists around the world are, as Science News reported last week, “furiously exchanging data, including genetic details of viruses that have infected people.”

Conspiracy theories birthed by the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, now named COVID-19, include claims of a Chinese bioweapon, deliberately or accidentally discharged.

Unfortunately, Goodenough felt the need to justify the existence of those conspiracy theories. He claimed that "Beijing’s poor record of transparency – in this and previous coronavirus outbreaks" was enough justification, touting how "some critics, while not necessarily promoting the notion of a bioweapon, are calling into question the assertion that the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was the source. They are raising questions about a possible link with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), located less than nine miles away."

He then gave space to Republican Rep. Tom Cotton to peddle that very conspiracy theory:

“So we don’t know where it originated. But we do know that we have to get to the bottom of that,” Cotton said. “We also know that just a few miles away from that food market is China’s only biosafety level-4 super laboratory that researches human infectious diseases.”

“Now, we don’t have evidence that this disease originated there [at the WIV], but because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question to see what the evidence says,” he continued. “And China right now is not giving any evidence on that question at all.”

Curiously -- since he's probably the closet thing to a real reporter CNS has -- Goodenough offered no pushback or balance, refusing to mention that people who know more about the subject than Cotton does have debunked his claim. The Washington Post reported:

In response to Cotton’s remarks, as well as in previous interviews with The Washington Post, numerous experts dismissed the possibility the coronavirus may be man-made.

“There’s absolutely nothing in the genome sequence of this virus that indicates the virus was engineered,” said Richard Ebright, a professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University. “The possibility this was a deliberately released bioweapon can be firmly excluded.”

Vipin Narang, an associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said it is “highly unlikely” the general population was exposed to a virus through an accident at a lab.

“We don’t have any evidence for that,” said Narang, a political science professor with a background in chemical engineering.


After Cotton’s Sunday remarks, Narang said, “These kinds of conspiracy theories are unhelpful.”

“I don’t think it’s particularly helpful, and it’s borderline irresponsible to — and it’s without evidence, so at this point it’s a conspiracy theory — peddle it,” he said. “Cotton should spend more time funding the agencies in the United States that can help contain and combat the virus rather than trying to assign blame.”

That seems like relevant informtion, but Goodenough apparently deemed it unnecessary for his article. Instead, he quoted Ebright from a Twitter thread suggesting that the coronavirus could have been "a natural accident or as a laboratory accidentand ignoring Ebright's statements in the Post denouncing the idea that the virus is an engineered bioweapon.

We hate to see Goodenough bowing to CNS' increasingly virulent right-wing bias, but that's what appears to be happening.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:08 AM EST
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
MRC Melts Down Over 'Throuple' Who Wants To Buy A House
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center is vehemently opposed to the mere existence of anyone who is not exclusively heterosexual, let alone allowing such a person to be depicted, in real life or fiction, in the media (at least not with a healthy dose of shame for being who they are). So when the HGTV show "House Hunters" featured a "throuple" looking for a suitable house, a meltdown was inevitable even though they were contributing to the Trump economy by buying a house. Crank up the sneering condescension, Alexa Moutevelis:

The nuclear family is so 20th Century. That’s what our culture is telling us repeatedly. The latest iteration comes from HGTV’s popular program House Hunters, which featured it’s very first “throuple” (a three-person polyamorous couple) in an episode that aired Wednesday night.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the episode, titled “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” introduced married couple Brian and Lori, who have two biological children together, and their partner Angelica “Geli.”


"I didn't plan on being in a relationship with a married couple, but it just happened very naturally, organically," Geli said. Yes, what could be more natural and organic than a three person relationship?

"The past four years, I've been living in Lori and Brian's house, so buying a house together, as a throuple, will signify, like, our next big step as a family of five rather than all four of them plus me," Geli said. Sounds like Geli has been a little jelly (jealous) of the original nuclear family. Those poor kids!

Moutevelis seemed to be encouraging residents of the city the throuple is moving to harass and shame them in her stead: "By the way, they might have some additional trouble fitting in, Colorado Springs is known as one of the most conservative cities in the country, home to Focus on the Family and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Moutevelis concluded by whining that "Again, pushing polyamory is not a new cultural phenomenon. ... To get really weird, Freeform’s mermaid drama Siren even boasted an interspecies triad," before closing with one final sneer: "I don't even want to think about the latter happening in real life, let's just hope HGTV doesn't turn it into another special episode."

Moutevelis' obvious hatred undercuts any other message she might be trying to send.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:43 PM EST
For WND's Brown, There Is No Bottom Where Trump Is Concerned
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We've detailed how WorldNetDailiyu columnist Michael Brown has made it more than abundantly clear that he'll ride or die with President Trump no matter how evil he gets, as long as he continues to deliver the goods that boost the right-wing agenda Brown supports. Brown summed it up again in his Feb. 5 column:

President Trump's State of the Union message, coupled with the Democratic response, reminds me of why I voted for Trump in 2016 – and why I plan to vote for him again in 2020. The contrasts are just too extreme. I am conscience-bound to vote against the radical left and to vote for the causes Trump will uphold. Everything else pales in comparison.

I am voting against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up the president's speech for the whole world to see.


And so, when I vote for Trump, I am voting against the socialism of potential Democratic nominee like Bernie Sanders. The effects of his proposed policies, along with those of other leading candidates, would be disastrous.

I feel conscience-bound to cast my vote, a vote that will be meaningful.

I am also voting against every Democrat (including Speaker Pelosi) who chose to sit rather than stand when the president called on Congress to ban late-term abortions.

My conscience doesn't allow me to skip the election because Trump does not live up to all my ideals. Nor does it allow me to cast a protest vote for another candidate who cannot possibly win.

Maybe that's what your conscience dictates, but not mine.

Brown tackled a thornier issue in his Feb. 14 column: "How should Christian conservatives respond to President Trump's statement that he would have no problem voting for a gay president?" But this ended up not being thorny at all -- in Brown's eyes, Trump's personal friendliness toward gays is outweighed by the anti-LGBT policies pushed under his adminstration:

Trump's policies have consistently pushed back against LGBT activism and for Christian conservative rights.

That's why last year, the HRC (the world's largest gay activist organization) labeled Trump the "worst president on LGBTQ issues ever."


To be clear, I stand against LGBT people being "attacked" or "targeted." But when the HRC uses that language, it often means this: "The Trump administration is pushing back against the radical extremism of queer activism." For that, I am glad.

Brown went further in his faux-sympathy tack, again cheering Trump's anti-LGBT polilcies while parenthetically adding: "Again, I have no joy in seeing those who identify as LGBT feel attacked. And I do not want them hurt. I simply believe that many of their goals are detrimental to the overall well-being of our society, which is why I oppose them."

Oh, knock it off. One of the acts under Trump that Brown is that, citing the HRC entry he quoted, "Less than two hours after Trump and his virulently anti-LGBTQ activist Vice President Mike Pence were sworn into office, all mentions of LGBTQ issues were removed from the official White House webpage." Acknowleding the existence of an entire group is "radical extremism"? And eliminating all mention of it is not an attack on that group?

Brown is overjoyed by the prospect of the Trump administration having a policy that Christians have and deserve more rights than non-Christians, undoubtedly helped along by "the nearly 200 conservative judges who have been appointed by Trump" Brown also gushed over.

Brown concluded: "That's one reason my vote for him in 2016 was justified. And that's why I believe my 2020 vote for him will be justified as well."

In short, there is no bottom, at least as long as Trump's policies hate the LGBT community as much as Brown does.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:42 AM EST
Tuesday, February 25, 2020
NEW ARTICLE: Drag Queens and Nonbinary and Cross-Dressers, Oh My!
Topic: Media Research Center
It's not just transgenders: The Media Research Center's war on non-heterosexual people continues. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 9:30 PM EST
CNS Once Again Wants To Make Sure You Know That Buttigieg Is Gay

We've documented how the gay-haters at are desperate to remind you that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is gay and married to a man. With Buttigieg's emergence as a major candidate following a strong performance in the Iowa caucuses, CNS suddenly felt the need to drive home that message anew.

An anonymously written Feb. 7 article carried the headline "Buttigieg on What U.S. Looks Like to Teens: ‘They See Gay Nightclubs Opening Up Across the Country’" and made sure to warn readers: "Buttigieg himself is an avowed homosexual who is in a same-sex marriage." We suspect that CNS has never called anyone an "avowed heterosexual." The sexuality-obsessed hits kept coming after that, which made sure to rope in Buttigieg's "same-sex husband," Chasten (most of which, curiously, are anonymously written). Here's what CNS has published in just the two weeks since the Iowa caucuses:

That's 13 articles in two weeks directly or obliquely referencing Buttigieg's sexuality.

That onslaught was joined by CNS reproducing a Feb. 13 column by gay-hating WorldNetDaily columnist Michael Brown under the headline "I Will Say What the Political Leaders Cannot Say about Pete Buttigieg" in which he did exactly that: "Choosing an out and proud “married” gay man to run for president, let alone become president, would contribute to the further degeneration and moral confusion of our society along with further attacks on our most fundamental rights." (More on that later.)

By contrast, CNS published just a few articles about  Buttigieg's political positions, most of which were cherry-picked and slanted to make him appear as liberal as possible:

Given that CNS' news coverage appears to be directed by notorious gay-hater Michael W. Chapman, its obsession with Buttigieg's sexuality should not be a surprise.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:17 AM EST
Monday, February 24, 2020
Alveda King Descends Even Further Into Pro-Trump Sycophancy
Topic: Newsmax

Alveda King's descent into pro-Trump sycophancy has continued apace with her recent Newsmax columns.

In her Jan. 24 column, King gushed over President Trump speaking at the annual March for Life anti-abortion rally -- or as she put it, "we top the whole week off with the president of United States of America, Donald John Trump, in a historic event, addressing the crowd at the March for Life Rally under the authority and in the presence of God Almighty. Who could ask for anything more?" In her "llinks of interest" at the end of her column, she included someone talking on grifter evangelist Jim Bakker's show offering "Three Reasons Who [sic] God Chose Donald Trump."

King slobbered even more over Trump for his appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast in her Feb. 7 column:

[I]n a moment of heart-wrenching transparency, President Trump revealed the challenges of embracing agape love, by declaring "I’m trying."

For a brief political hiatus, all were prayerful. What a blessing.

My February week of prayer in Washington, D.C. ended at The Museum of The Bible with a delightful and uplifting oasis experience at An Evening to Inspire," an event taking place in the midst of this phenomenal week. Pray for America everyone.

Amidst skipped handshakes and emotional speech rip-ups, America experienced a week of prayer; spearheaded by non-other than our nation's 45th president.

To be honest, while President Trump chose to avoid shaking hands with his adversaries during the week of the impeachment saga, I must admit that I agree with his wisdom.

There is actually scripture covering that: 

"Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure." (1 Timothy 5:22)

King took Trump's "I'm trying" out of context -- he was making meaningless blather pandering to the NPB audience for "the love they show to religion," adding, "They like people.  And sometimes they hate people. I’m sorry. I apologize. I’m trying to learn." After that, he immediately ranted, "When they impeach you for nothing, then you’re supposed to like them? It’s not easy, folks." If King thinks Trump is showing "heart-wrenching transparency" or expressing any kind of genuine agape love by pandering to his audience, she is apparently very easily fooled.

King is so in thrall to Trump that not only did she rewrite his words to make him more honest than he is, she found a Bible verse to justify his petulant refusal to shake hands during his State of the Union address. 

That's the very definition of a Trump sycophant.

(Oh, and Newsmax is still letting Trump call herself "Dr." even though her doctoral degree is honorary.)

Posted by Terry K. at 9:34 PM EST
Updated: Monday, February 24, 2020 9:44 PM EST
MRC Embraces Roger Stone Conspiracy Theory
Topic: Media Research Center

For an operation that tends to pride itself on being in the respectable part of the conservative spectrum, the Media Research Center sure felt the need to glom onto a conspiracy theory involving a friend of President Trump. Nicholas Fondacaro rants to set the scene in a Feb. 13 post:

Tameka Hart, the forewoman in the federal trial against Roger Stone, was exposed on Wednesday by Daily Caller investigative reporter Chuck Ross for once being a Democratic candidate for Congress, on top of being a staunch anti-Trump opponent. While the story continued to spread online, the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) tried to hide the revelation from their viewers.

On Thursday, the networks continued to insist (via obsession) that the only controversy with the case was Attorney General William Barr requesting a shorter incarceration period than what prosecutors were demanding.

A simple review of Hart’s Twitter account proves how politically motivated she was by far-left politics.

Jeffrey Lord followed two days later complaining that Hart is "a far left wing activist" and whining: "A biased, left-wing activist, anti-Trump, anti-Stone juror on the Stone jury? Ho-hum. Nothing to report here, move along." Fondacaro then repeated his complaint that "the lead juror in the Stone trial had a long history of anti-Trump statements and had once run for Congress as a Democrat."

Needless to say, Fondacaro and Lord will never concede that the Hart story isn't really a story at all. Why? Because Hart did not hide her history during jury selecction. As an actual news organization reported:

[T]he juror’s identity was always known to both Stone’s defense and prosecutors throughout pretrial proceedings, and she disclosed her background, including a Democratic bid for Congress, in public pretrial jury selection proceedings.

Stone’s defense and his trial judge had the opportunity to question Hart directly and challenge her eligibility.

Potential jurors were also asked if they, any close friend or family member had ever run for or held federal, state or local office, and if they had formed any opinion about Trump or Clinton, or if their possible connection in the case “would make it difficult for you to be fair and impartial to both sides?”


It is not known how Hart answered the social media question, or whether she had commented publicly on Stone. But Hart, in jury screening observed by the public, said she had not formed an opinion about Stone, and was seated after both sides had a chance to press her. Hart’s identity was apparent to observers, but court rules forbid naming jurors publicly.

The Supreme Court standard for juror qualification is that they need not “be totally ignorant of the facts and issues involved … It is sufficient if the juror can lay aside his impression or opinion and render a verdict based on the evidence presented in court.”

According to a court ruling released Wednesday, Stone’s defense did move, unsuccessfully, to seek a new trial alleging bias by another juror, but not Hart.

And Fondacaro and Lord are certainly not going ot tell you that another juror in the Stone case -- defended Hart as "perhaps the strongest advocate in the room for a rigorous process, for the rights of the defendant and for making sure that we took it seriously and looked at each charge," adding: ""Without her in the room, we would have returned the same verdict, and we would have returned it more quickly and without looking as deeply into the evidence. ... I'm firmly convinced of that."

Yes, there is that inconvenient fact that all 12 jurors agreed to convict Stone of the charges against him.

But then, neither Fondacaro nor Lord actually want impartiality here -- they want bias, just not the kind they're accusing Hart of. Because Stone is a friend of Trump, and the MRC exists today has a Trump protector, that means Stone must similarly not be held accountable for his behavior, and that everyone else, not them, has a biased agenda.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:05 PM EST
WND's Mercer Blames 'Caucasian America' For Letting Non-White Immigrants In
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily columnist Ilana Mercer is not a fan of immigration and tends to pal around with white nationalists, which makes her Jan. 30 column completely unsurprising. In it she's mad at "Caucasian America" for not banning non-white immigrants:

The duped, historic majority of the U.S. will willingly cede political and institutional dominance in return for the constitutional safeguards – for the abstractions – offered by democracy. This, Democrats know only too well.

Moreover, being pushover-passive on matters domestic, Caucasian America is generally pro-immigration, the more exotic and culturally incongruent, the better. It makes for a warm and fuzzy feeling about The Self. But while Americans don't see race; the people they're importing see nothing but race.

Take Indian Americans. They're a relatively new addition to the United States' top-down, state-planned, multicultural mess of pottage. Most Indian Americans have "arrived in America over the past two decades." But they are highly aggressive politically and reliably Democrat.


As many in the corporate world know all too well – once an individual of South-Asian descent gets into a position of power, he is inclined to hire others of the same persuasion, talent be damned. Meek Anglo-Americans, on the other hand, hire by talent, not by tribe. Honky just doesn't have that screw-or-be-screwed DNA to do battle with the Other's flinty duplicity.

This mercenary, extractive approach to politics prevails among the immigrants being imported at a furious rate by the immigration-industrial complex. Asians, aforementioned, are especially primed to seek, and aggressively extract, advantage from positions of power.


In the context of democracy and its discontents, Anglo-American elites and policymakers have courted and engineered their own demise. No other group expresses such incontinent exhilaration at the prospects of turning their historic populations into minorities.

Mercer then attacked Kamala Harris' Indian heritage, adding: "Angry, anti-white and highly receptive to theories that blacken the West and porcelainize the undeveloped world – Kamala and her kind cannot be trusted to relinquish race as an organizing principle, in favor of a complete commitment to a constitutional design, in the America she and her progeny hope to inherit."

Mercer went on to depict strife currently happening in Western democracies as being the cause of "non-Western people" being allowed to live in those countries:

Because flooding Western democracies with non-Western people has created societies without social capital, societies that share no enduring bonds other than the quest to extract as much power and possessions possible from the political process.

Western nation-states are now imperiled entities. Their central authorities have worked to erode delicate sectarian and ethnic balance within, and thus hope for lasting comity among disparate communities.

By using their police powers to swamp their already fructuous populations with alien nations – where are the referenda on mass immigration? – governments have undermined ethnic balance in Western democracies and, with it, the fellow feeling so essential to democracy's endurance.

Consider: Before Comrade Ted Kennedy's coup of 1965, America was, by and large, a biracial nation. To quote author Ann Coulter, "From 1620 to 1970, the U.S. was demographically stable. … The country was about 85 percent to 90 percent white, almost entirely British, German, French and Dutch, and 10 percent to 15 percent African American." In other words, America was largely a biracial compact; never a multicultural "nation of immigrants."

Blacks and whites were only just beginning to come to terms with each other and with a shared, painful past.

Arguably, by opening the floodgates to mass, Third World immigrants, the government of the day forever upset the teetering biracial balance within America.

Mercer has previously waxed nostalgic over pre-1965 immigration policies in the U.S., which largely blocked anyone who was not of northern European desent from moving to the U.S. and were largely driven by racism and eugenics. Yes, Mercer thinks diversity is a "coup."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:10 AM EST
Sunday, February 23, 2020
MRC Can't Stop Being Triggered by Greta Thunberg, Then Bullying Her
Topic: Media Research Center

The reaction from the Media Research Center to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg when she emerged last year consisted largely of insulting and bullying her for her activism. The insults and bullying haven't really stopped.

Gabriel Hays seems to be emerging as the MRC's chief Thunberg bully. In a November post mocking her for a magazine recognizner her as among those who, in his words, "are contributing to the delusion and hysteria of the next female generation,: Hays sneered that Thunberg was a "tantrum-throwing, Swedish Climate Change child, adding: "She’s definitely a nice caricature of the left, that’s for sure. Her anger and resentful 'How dare you?!' speech has become the greatest internet meme depicting the left’s tolerance."

In December, Hays ranted about the idea of someone making a documentary about Thunberg: 

Oh, great, another super lefty is getting the fawning documentary treatment from Hulu in the near future. It was reported on Wednesday that everyone’s favorite diminutive doomsday cult leader Greta Thunberg will be immortalized via documentary by the streaming platform. Ugh, no more, please! Ahem, we mean, Yay! Greta Thunberg’s getting a movie everybody! She’s so awesome (because saying otherwise means we’re guilty of child abuse.)

Hays' Thunberg Deranghement Syndrome flared up again in a Feb. 12 post incensed that another documentary about Thunberg was coming:

“Dora the Extorter?” “Exploited Development?” “How I Nagged Your Mother?” Whatever the eventual title, be afraid. Greta Thunberg is headed for TV.

During the BBC Showcase on Feb. 10, the network announced production of a docu-series on the life and and propaganda of the Swedish Scold. In a statement the BBC said, “The series will follow Greta’s international crusade, which takes her to the front line of climate change in some of the most extraordinary places on earth as she explores what actions could be taken to limit climate change and the damage it causes.”

So we’ll see Thunberg (which definitely does not rhyme with “Funberg") yelling at hapless politicians and hobnobbing with concerned celebrities, interspersed with classic tearjerker shots of supposedly starving polar bears, and footage of the burning Amazon Rainforest. (Context-free footage that is, since many of the fires are necessary for the environment and global incidence of fires has been on the decline in general since 2003. But we digress.)

The statement continued: “as she travels Greta meets not only leading scientists but political leaders and business heavyweights, exploring the scientific evidence with them and challenging them to change.” Oh gee, more viral ‘How dare you?!’ moments. That should be a ratings bonanza.


"The films will also chart her own journey into adulthood as she continues to be confronted by the real world consequences of inaction,” said the Beeb. Sounds like a compelling case on borderline child abuse.

Never mind that Hays is the one talking like an abuser here, with his incessant, immature mockery and abject hatred of Thunberg.

Hays wasn't the only MRC writer to be triggered by Thunberg, though. Kyle Drennen complained that "radical teenage climate crusader" Thunberg was named Time magazine's person of the year with no mention fo "Thunberg's extreme beliefs." Kristine Marsh dismissed Thunberg as a "radical Swedish teen climate change activist," whining that "The media has spent months propping up the "climate crusader"with dozens of fawning reports that skip over her extreme beliefs.

Looks like a few someones got a memo to push a narrative that Thunberg is "radical" and "extreme."

In January, Marsh defended vicious right-wing attacks on Thunberg by playing whataboutism:

It seems only liberal kids are "off-limits" to the media. The media had no issues smearing a group of Catholic teens as racists for smiling while a liberal activist beat a drum in their faces.  Several outlets had no problem attacking President Trump's teenage son for doing...absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, a Swedish teen radical who thrust herself into the global spotlight, lecturing world leaders for "stealing her dreams and childhood" gets the royalty treatment by the media and even Hollywood.

As much as Marsh would like to believe otherwise, making a mild pun on Barron Trump's name in congressional testimony is not an "attack" on him, though the MRC has had no problem with actual attacks on the minor children of Democratic presidents.

In a Jan. 28 post, Sadi Martin called Thunberg a "fanatic," huffing: "The leftist media loves to try and push the idea that those who are "fighting" for whatever cause is most popular to them are heroic, but trying to compare a 16-year-old girl who is known for screaming at world leaders for "ruining the planet" while doing basically nothing to actually solve what she sees to be a problem is a pretty big stretch, to say the least.

Even the most benign action by Thunberg triggers the MRC, In a Feb. 9 post, Rachel Peterson grumbled: "Hollywood’s favorite 17-year-old climate change expert Greta Thunberg kicked off the documentary mash-up during the Oscars on Sunday night. In a montage, she thanked David Attenborough for getting her interested in the environment through his documentaries." Yes, the MRC attacked Thumberg for saying something nice about a filmmaker.

Saying nice things about Thunberg also puts you in the crosshairs. In a Feb. 8 post, Tim Graham was apoplectic that actor Harrison Ford praised her, insulting his (and Thunberg's) intellectual capabilities in the process:

It's fascinating that a movie star with no science degree is hailing the "wisdom" and "disclipline" of science in the same breath as he hails a 17-year-old high school dropout with no science degree. The "young people" Ford is touting have no scientific degrees. In that "ideological campground," as long as you're on the "right side of History," so you don't need to know all the science. 

Funny how education and expertise suddenly become important when it suits the MRC's conservative agenda. A few years ago, the MRC demanded coverage of a right-wing petition criticizing climate change even though few of the petition's signatories had any relevant education or expertise in climatology.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:05 PM EST
Updated: Friday, March 6, 2020 10:09 PM EST
CNS Hides Jewish Activist's Extremism In Order To Attack Tlaib As Extreme
Topic: managing editor Michael W. Chapman complained in a Feb. 11 blog post:

When former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a conservative Democrat and a Jew, challenged Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) about her alleged anti-Semitism at a Muslims for Peace event on Sunday at Rutgers University, several police officers surrounded him and then forcibly removed him from the event. 

Chapman's benign description of Hikind seriously undersells his actual behavior. The very idea of his being a "conservative Democrat" is dubious because he believes the Democratic Party is too far left for him. Indeed, he's actually pretty far right: we've reported that he was once a follower of the terrorist Meir Kahane and a reliable voice for far-right WorldNetDaily Jerusalem-based reporter Aaron Klein to attack the liberal-leaning Israeli government under Ehud Olmert. We also caught Hikind doing a weird blackface stunt.

But Chapman isn't interested in telling the full truth. He must hide Hikind's extremism because his mandate is to portray Tlaib -- who has been a CNS target ever since she was elected in 2018 -- as an extremist.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:41 AM EST

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