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Monday, June 16, 2014
CNS Equates Gays With Satanists

The Media Research Center has an anti-gay agenda, so why wouldn't its "news" division try to portray gays as satanists? That's exactly what CNS managing editor Michael Chapman does in a June 11 article headlined "Satanic Temple: Gay Marriage is 'a Sacrament’":

While Chapman goes on to admit that the Satanic Temple considers heterosexual marriage to be as much of a sacrament as gay marriage, much of the article is given over to "why TST focuses on gay rights." It's clear that the only reason this article exists is for Chapman to liken homosexuality to satanism.

After all, CNS is part of an organization with an anti-gay agenda, so of course Chapman would do this.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:17 PM EDT
WND's Loudon Makes Armchair Diagnosis of Obama As Going Insane
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily will publish pretty much any smear of President Obama, so it was happy when one of its own columnists did the smearing. Drew Zahn writes in a June 6 article:

A prominent therapist and author has publicly questioned the mental stability of both Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl and the U.S. president who traded five terrorists back to the Taliban to secure Bergdahl’s release.

Dr. Gina Loudon is host of “Smart Life with Dr. Gina” on Money Biz Life Network and has appeared on or been cited by the BBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Fox News and more. Her columns also appear regularly on WND.

Earlier this week, Loudon told Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that Bergdahl’s anti-American rhetoric doesn’t suggest someone suffering from torture or even “Stockholm Syndrome,” but rather the mind of a man whose thinking had been twisted long before his capture by the Taliban.

She also suggested President Obama may relate to Bergdahl’s “anti-colonialist” rantings, and his recent “erratic” behavior may not be what we “deem sane.”


Dobbs asked Loudon why Obama would trade five terrorists for Bergdahl, a serviceman suspected of deserting his unit, but not even speak out about the imprisonment of decorated 25-year-old Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who sits in jail in Mexico for inadvertently crossing the border with a gun in his vehicle.

“I am very, very concerned about the mental stability of this president at this point,” Loudon said. “Some of his behavior seems irrational to me. It seems beyond that of just a typical, narcissistic, arrogant sort of ‘I’m a leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment’ kind of attitude.

“It really seems to me like this president is demonstrating behavior that is not only anti-American, but irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane,” she concluded.

Loudon followed up in her June 8 column by defending her armchair diagnosis:

First let me say that diagnoses are for purposes of medical treatment, and I do not diagnose or treat. I am a policologist, and it is my job to report on politics and psychology, and the impact of psychology on politics. That is what I do.

No one can accurately diagnose this president for medications or treatments he might need without talking to him – that is true. But that does not mean we surrender our First Amendment rights when we go to graduate school. If the leader of the free world is acting erratically, I would think it would be incumbent upon those who know the signs of instability the best to call out what they see, before something crazy happens, like the release of five terrorists in the exchange for a defector, or something! Thousands, tens of thousands of Americans, could die for that decision. How is that rational? And others have died and been “left on the battlefield” by this same president. This is top-level peril for all Americans. I believe someone needed to say something, and that is why I said it.

Loudon then goes on a tirade against Bowe Bergdahl's family, blaming the father for drawing attention to himself instead of a media jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in as she jumped to her own conclusions:

If one more stiff-lipped talking head talks about how “heartbroken” the Bergdahl family feels, and how we need to “withhold judgment,” they forfeit their credibility. We, the People didn’t make the Bergdahls the center of negative attention. Bob Bergdahl made a spectacle of his wife and deserter son when he praised Allah and made claim to our White House beside the loving approval of the American, Islamic-terrorist-sympathizing president.


This family is not pro-American, as I said in the Dobbs piece. In emails published in 2012, Bergdahl told his father of his growing disenchantment with the Army’s mission in Afghanistan. He said, “The future is too good to waste on lies. And life is way too short to care for the damnation of others, as well as to spend helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be American. The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting.”

There is always a right to dissent in America. America is founded on that freedom. Those facts will wash out, and I stand by my prediction that this is a leftist, anti-American, anti-colonialism vein that runs through the Bergdahl family, and that Bowe Bergdahl cost American lives.

Loudon seems not to understand that the right to dissent also depends on the responsibility to base that dissent on facts, not armchair analysis based on political smears. She should stop confusing right-wing talking points with objective reality.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:48 AM EDT
Sunday, June 15, 2014
MRC's Graham Upset Planned Parenthood Leader Makes Slightly More Than His Boss Does
Topic: NewsBusters

Tim Graham complains in a June 5 NewsBusters post:

Planned Parenthood likes to paint itself as a crucial provider of affordable women's health care to the poor. But it also aids the rich. reports that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s 2012 IRS Form 990 shows that CEO Cecile Richards made over one-half million dollars – $523,616 – for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2013.

In fact, for that 2012 reporting period, PPFA’s 12-member executive team tallied a combined income of $3.87 million.

When questioned about it, Richards has replied “None of my salary is paid for by the federal government.”  But if “[n]early half of Planned Parenthood patients rely on Medicaid coverage,” as Planned Parenthood claims, does Richards think she’d draw checks that big if government funding of more than $500 million a year were removed from Planned Parenthood’s total revenue of $1.2 billion?

What Graham won't tell you: Richards' salary is something of a bargain. 

Compare Richards' salary to that of Graham's boss, Brent Bozell, who in 2011 made a whopping $422,804 for managing a tiny fraction of the revenue -- the MRC had $11 million in assets at the end of 2010.

It seems that, if anything, an argument can be made that Richards is underpaid. And by the same standard of salary vs. revenue, Bozell is grossly overpaid. Not that Graham will ever admit it, of course -- after all, it took a round of public shaming before Graham to finally receive credit for writing Bozell's syndicated column after years in the shadows.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:23 PM EDT
Meanwhile ...
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Dr. Conspiracy makes a valiant attempt to untangle some of the links between WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi and birther Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They involve a man named Dennis Montgomery, who was a paid informant for Arpaio and just so happens to live very close to self-proclaimed birther expert Douglas Vogt, and a billionaire named Tim Blixseth, who is a player in Arpaio's latest dubious investigation against Attorney General Eric Holder and who just so happens to have been interviewed by Corsi.

Don't expect to read about any of this at WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:41 AM EDT
Saturday, June 14, 2014
Clinton Derangement Syndrome, Newsmax Edition
Topic: Newsmax

Let's face it, Hillary. You've never excelled at anything except being an activist in college and standing by your man Bill.

You were a lousy senator from New York. You were a lousy secretary of state — and not just because of Benghazi.

You have no issue to run on, except that you're a woman. And the only thing you have going for you is that you're still married to Bill and everyone loves and adores him now that he is powerless.

Hillary, you don't even have the demeanor or the personality to be president. Did you see yourself in that Diane Sawyer interview?

Do you think anyone wants an in-your-face person like you to be president? Someone who acts arrogantly — "I'm Hillary Clinton and I want to do what I want to do and so I'm going to do it."

-- Michael Reagan, June 12 Newsmax column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:47 PM EDT
Friday, June 13, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: WorldNetDaily's 'Shack' Attack
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WND has spent years obsessing over a spiritual novel for failing to advance its fundamentalist Christian agenda. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 7:37 PM EDT
Thursday, June 12, 2014
MRC Bashes Connection Between Cop-Killers And Right-Wingers, Ignores Cop-Killer's Fondness For MRC
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center is doing what it can to bash anyone who dares point out the fact that cop-killers Jerad and Amanda Miller had links to right-wing ideology:

  • A June 9 NewsBusters post by Jeffrey Meyer complains that Michael Eric Dyson tried to "connect the shooting in Las Vegas to conservative media and politicians."
  • a June 10 NewsBusters post by Laura Flint grumbled that MSNBC's Joy Reid said that the shootings proved the rise of “right-wing extremism.” Flint groused: "MSNBC is leaning forward so heavily on this meme that it’s falling over itself to paint blood on the hands of mainstream conservatives for the violence of mentally-disturbed extremists who have nothing to do with the conservative movement."
  • A June 10 MRC item by Kristine Marsh complained that a CNN writer cited the Southern Poverty Law Center -- which is somehow an accessory to terrorism because "when Floyd Lee Corkins tried to shoot up the conservative Family Research Council in 2012, he later admitted he targeted the conservative organization because the SPLC listed the FRC as a 'hate group' for it’s 'anti-gay' stance on marriage"-- in "blaming the right for the deadly cop shootings in Las Vegas."Marsh continued, "It’s pretty rich to talk down to conservative media for using hateful and negative language while on the network that employs Al 'White Interlopers' Sharpton, but again, nobody ever accused liberals of too much self-awareness."

Unmentioned by all of these MRC writers: Jerad Miller's Facebook page includes likes for MRC operations NewsBusters and, as well as For America, the political operation run by MRC chief Brent Bozell.

That alone puts the lie to the MRC's claim that pointing out the Millers' link to right-wing media is inaccurate. Plus, it's utterly hypocritical given the MRC's past eagerness to link mass killers to liberal causes.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:03 PM EDT
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Christopher Monckton Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Christopher Monckton is a birther dead-ender, and birthers gonna birther. So Monckton spends his June 10 WorldNetDaily column blaming President Obama's decision to trade Gitmo detainees for Bowe Bergdahl on him not being a "natural-born citizen":

Why, then, did Mr. Obama take that bizarre decision? One reason stands out above all the rest. He is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. He is a citizen of Indonesia. He does not consider himself as owing any loyalty whatsoever to the United States Constitution, which debars him from holding the office he occupies. During his first election campaign, he spoke openly of the Constitution as an obstacle.

He was brought up as a Communist. He despises the liberty and democracy and prosperity that has made the United States powerful. He loathes capitalism. He execrates the West. He has on several occasions either identified himself as a Muslim or identified himself with Islamic causes. On the basis that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” he has shown himself relentlessly unwilling to stand up for America in the face of Islamic terror. And now he has shown himself willing to stand up for Islamic terror in the face of America.


But the intellectual and military history of the West in general and of the United States in particular means nothing to Mr. Obama. For, even if he were born in the United States, even if the Hawaiian “birth certificate” on the White House website/crime scene were not a transparent forgery, even if he had renounced his Indonesian citizenship and had obtained U.S. citizenship, even if he had not claimed a university grant on the basis that he was a foreigner, even if his draft card were not a forgery, he hates America and all that she stands for.

Even if the birther conspiracy theories Monckton spewed were not discredited, Monckton would continue to spew them anyway.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:19 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
CNS' Hollingsworth Serves As Right-Wing Stenographer Yet Again
Topic:'s Barbara Hollingsworth has a disturbing tradition of simply serving as a stenographer of right-wing talking points, making no effort to seek out an alternative view. She does this again in a May 29 CNS article in which she regurgitates "eight pervasive 'myths' about the Affordable Care Act," as claimed by the right-wing National Center for Policy Analysis.

Hollingsworth simply takes the NCPA's word for their claims and makes no apparent effort to seek out any response.

The sad thing is, Hollingsworth is a senior editor at CNS. You'd think someone claiming a title of senior editor would be capable of doing more than copying right-wing talking points. That's apparently not how that works at CNS.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:07 PM EDT
WND Hates The Police Almost As Much As Vegas Cop-Killers Did
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily didn't show up on Las Vegas cop-killer Jerad Miller's Facebook like list (though a couple of WND's friends did), but it might as well have. After all, both WND and Miller share a disdain for the police.

WND's archive is strewn with recent headlines like these:

Those headlines were partially in service of promoting the new WND-published book "Police State USA," in which Washington Times reporter Cheryl Chumley fearmongers about "the militarization of the police," complete with melodramatic description of the erosion of citizens' rights:

In five years, we will really start to wonder what happened to America. In 10 years, our kids won't know the America of our youth. And in 25 years, we won't recognize America at all.

The Constitution will be a relic, tossed on the same trash heap as the Bible. The notion of God-given rights will be replaced by government control, and privacy rights will have crumbled along with Fourth Amendment guarantees that protect us from warrantless searches of home, possessions and self.

“Police State USA” chronicles how America has arrived at the point of being a de facto police state, and explains what led to an out-of-control government that increasingly ignores the Constitution and exploits 9/11 security fears to justify spying on its citizens. Stunning new surveillance technology now makes it easier to keep tabs on people. The acquisition by police departments of major battlefield equipment emboldens officials to strong-arm those they should be protecting. The failure of the news media to report government violations of citizens’ rights sets the stage for this slippery slope.

That attitude doesn't seem too far removed from that of Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda, who murdered two police officers and another man in Las Vegas on Sunday before killing themselves. TPM reports that a sheriff's deputy said of the Millers: believe they equate government and law enforcement with fascism and those that support with Nazis. ... They believe that law enforcement is the oppressor and they are associated with the Nazi movement."

While there doesn't appear to be any direct link between the Millers and WND, they clearly swam in the same far-right cesspool. And the Millers were all too eager to act out hatred of police that WND merely hinted at.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:01 AM EDT
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Newsmax Gears Up To Boost GOP Florida Governor's Re-Election
Topic: Newsmax

Back in 2010, Newsmax got heavily involved in the Florida governor's race -- it tried to anoint Bill McCollum as the Republican nominee by trashing his primary opponent Rick Scott, but when Scott defeated him in the primary, Newsmax quickly flip-flopped, supported Scott despite its previous trashing of him, and helped him to victory (complete with $100,000 donation).

The Florida governor's race is coming around again, and Newsmax is firing up the campaign to help Scott win re-election.

A June 8 Newsmax article by Elliot Jager touted how "A campaign commercial by Republican Gov. Rick Scott asserting that former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist — a Republican turned independent turned Democrat — allowed college tuition to increase up to 15 percent every year has been determined to be 'mostly true' according to the Miami Herald."

Newsmax doesn't like Crist any more than it didn't used to like Scott. In the 2012 Republican presidential primary in Florida (where Newsmax is headquartered), Newsmax was a huge booster of Newt Gingrich, trying to portray chief rival Mitt Romney as having a "'Charlie Crist' problem."

Posted by Terry K. at 9:15 PM EDT
WND's Buddies Get Some Love From Vegas Cop-Killer
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The Media Research Center isn't the only part of the ConWeb that got some love -- well, a like, anyway -- from cop-killer Jerad Miller's Facebook account. A couple of WorldNetDaily's friends can be found there too.

One is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the far-right medical group that opposes mandatory vaccinations -- a stance that is undoubtedly contributing to the return of formerly conquered diseases like measles -- and has dabbled in Clinton conspiracy theories. WND has been a reliable promoter of AAPS' conspiracies, at one point even having a top AAPS official, Lee Hieb, write a column.

Another entry on Miller's Facebook likes page is the Facebook page of perpetual Oregon candidate Art Robinson, a close friend of WND managing editor David Kupelian. Kupelian and WND have long boosted Robinson's losing campaigns by glossing over issues that hurt his candidacy -- like building a homeschool curriculum around a series of decidedly racist 19th-century adventure novels or unsubstantiated claims of political retribution against Robinson's children. WND has also uncritically promoted Robinson's anti-global warming petition by avoiding the fact that many, if not most, signatories to the petition have degrees bearing no relevance to climate science.

This is the crowd WND runs with -- as well as the crowd a cop-killer runs with.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:59 AM EDT
Monday, June 9, 2014
NewsBusters Silent About GOP Operative Booking Bergdahl's Critics on TV
Topic: NewsBusters

Jackie Seal writes in a June 6 NewsBusters post:

Last night on FNC’s The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly sat down in an exclusive interview with six soldiers who served with Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

When Kelly asked them about accusations floating around that they’re just engaging in “swiftboating” and “playing politics” by speaking out, the men voiced their frustration. One soldier told her, “I don’t know how he [Bergdahl] felt about us, but we would all die for him and he left.”

It was a remarkable reaction from the men Bergdahl left behind. It was clear earlier in the discussion that their frustration with Bergdahl isn’t necessarily one of anger at him, but of concern for why he felt the need to leave them all behind, something thse men pointed out is not what a soldier of “honor and distinction” would do.

Bergdahl’s platoon leader made the point that speaking out about Bergdahl leaving has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with wanting to know the truth behind why he left.

But Seal leaves out one important fact: Those platoon members are working through a Republican operative to get on TV.

Richard Grenell and his public relations firm have been coordinating interviews for the soldiers, including the ones who appeared on Kelly's show. Buzzfeed reports that Grenell has "played a key role in publicizing critics of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl."

That seems to be a fact worth noting. But apparently, Seal and NewsBusters didn't think so because it interfered with the right-wing media's narrative that Bergdahl is a deserter, never mind that Bergdahl has not had a chance to tell his side of the story.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:56 PM EDT
Bad Timing: WND Dismisses Domestic Terror As 'Theoretical' While Domestic Terror Hits Las Vegas
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Greg Corombos writes in a June 8 WorldNetDaily article:

The Justice Department is resurrecting a program designed to thwart domestic threats to the United States, and Attorney General Eric Holder says those threats include individuals the government deems anti-government or racially prejudiced.

The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee was created in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but was scrapped soon after the 2001 terrorist attacks as intelligence and law enforcement officials shifted their focus to threats from outside the country. The committee will be comprised of figures from the FBI, the National Security Division of the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee.

In his statement announcing the return of the committee, Holder said he remains concerned about the specter of attacks prompted by Islamic extremists, but he said this committee will be tasked with identifying other threats.

“We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Holder said.

Around the time that WND was posting this article, however, Jerad and Amanda Miller were murdering two cops inside a pizza restaurant, following by shooting another man to death inside a Walmart, where they both eventually took their own lives.

Yet Corombos quotes Horace Cooper, co-chairman of the black-conservative group Project 21, as dismissing domestic terrorism as a "theoretical problem" and the resurrected task force as "more about a political agenda than it is in protecting Americans."

Perhaps Cooper and WND should ask the Millers' victims how "theoretical" domestic violence is.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:09 PM EDT
Las Vegas Cop-Killer Loved the MRC
Topic: Media Research Center

Jerad Miller has been identified, along with his wife, Amanda, as the perpetrators in the Las Vegas incident in which three people, including two police officers, were shot to death before he and his wife committed suicide. Turns out he was a big fan of Brent Bozell's Media Rsearch Center empire.

Among the 107 entries on what appears to be Miller's Facebook "likes" page are the MRC's NewsBusters and, as well as Bozell's quasi-super PAC operation For America.

Why point this out? Because turnabout is fair play. The MRC  has regularly highlighted the supposed liberal links to other shooters, including Floyd Corkins, who has been described has having been inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center; the MRC complained that "media isn’t interested in holding the SPLC accountable for its rhetoric." The MRC has also highlighted how "Chris Dorner, an ex-cop on a vengeful rampage against police officers in Los Angeles, praised liberal media personalities in his oddly chatty 'manifesto' posted on Facebook. " (Dorner's manifesto also contained praise for conservatives, which the MRC conveniently failed to mention.)

Will the MRC tell us what of its rhetoric may have inspired Miller? Will the MRC even admit that Miller was a fan? Don't count on it -- as of this writing, no MRC outlet has devoted any original coverage to the shootings.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:58 PM EDT

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