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Friday, September 27, 2013
WND Gives Anti-Muslim Film's Director A Pass On His Deception
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Upon the release from prison of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula -- the film director whose trailer for his anti-Muslim film sparked protests in the Middle East and was originally thought to have played a role in the deaths of four Americans -- WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh fired softball questions at him, uncritically letting Nakoula claim that he made the film "Innocence of Muslims" "to warn America about the threat of Islamic jihad."

It seems, however, that  Unruh did not ask him about allegations by the film's actors that Nakoula deceived them about the nature of the flim. One actress told the Hollywood Reporter that the original script the actors followed was much different from the finished product, in which the actors' voices were redubbed to make it an anti-Muslim film. That, in turn, put the actors' live in danger, fearing reprisals for their parts in a film they were deceived about.

Unruh makes a big deal out of claiming that  Nakoula's film "garnered global attention when Obama blamed it for upsetting Muslims in Benghazi, who then attacked the Americans," though "the White House knew immediately that the Benghazi incident was an organized terror strike, not a random act of violence by an out-of-control mob of Muslims." Unruh doesn't mention that the film did, in fact, spark riots in the Mideast and elsewhere. The Week reported that protests occurred in more than 20 countries, killing at least 10 people.

Unruh quotes Nakoula lamely stating that “I want to apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding about my movie,” without any mention of what exactly he might have been apologizing for, or that death is slightly more than an "inconvenience."

Unruh also repeats an unsubstantiated claim by the father of one of the Benghazi victims that then-Secfretary of State Hillary Clinton "vowed that the person who made the video would be arrested and prosecuted." Unruh offers no evidence that the alleged Clinton statement has ever been verified.

Unruh rehashed much of his article the next day, adding that "Those who wish to contact Nakoula can respond to" Does that mean we can ask Nakoula about how he deceived his actors and overdubbed the original script without telling them? Because Unruh certainly isn't going to ask that question.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:35 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, September 27, 2013 11:09 PM EDT
MRC: 'Modern Family' Is 'Dangerous' Because It Makes You Sympathize With Gay People
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center's Evan Mantel is very unhappy that the TV show "Modern Family" is making him think of homosexuals as real human people:

This was a classic Modern Family. And as such, I am upset.  Wanna know why I'm upset? (if you don't, why are you even reading??? Why?)

I'll let you in on a little secret: I write for a conservative blog. (I'll wait for those gasps of shock to die down.) As a conservative blog on entertainment, I'm in a tricky predicament during episodes like these. With a crappy episode, (like this one; HIMYM LINK)it is easy to rip the flawed presuppositions.

But this was a good episode. I laughed. I cried. I felt. It moved me like good art is supposed to do. But that's the problem. It moved me. It made me feel joy for Cam and Mitchell after the Supreme Court over-ruled California's Prop 8.

And that is what makes this show great. And dangerous. It relies on feelings which mislead. There is no logical argument in favor of gay marriage, but the sweetness of Cam and Mitchell trying to outdo each other's proposal is touching. Their simple and spontaneous proposal was as sweet as the portrayal of those who don't agree with gay marriage as spitting babies was subtle.

This realization that gays are people too doesn't bode well for the future of the MRC's anti-gay agenda. Or is the MRC so committed to that agenda that Mantel's job is in danger because of his apparent increasing difficulty in demonizing gays?

(h/t Right Wing Watch)

Posted by Terry K. at 4:10 PM EDT
WND's Unruh Peddles Homeschooling Myths and Falsehoods
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It seems to be a requirement to be a WorldNetDaily employee that employees' children must be homeschooled, and WND is a major source of homeschooling propaganda -- to the point where it tacitly approved of child abuse in order to preserve homeschooling rights.

Bob Unruh (who, yes, homeschools his children) rehashed several homeschooling falsehoods in a Sept. 24 WND article.

Unruh goes Godwin right off the bat, stating in the lead paragraph that "Among major democratic nations, homeschooling already is banned in Germany, under a Hitler-era law." This is a fallacy WND has repeated for years, and it sleazily implies that anyone who doesn't support homeschooling as zealously as WND does is a Nazi. In fact, compulsory schooling in Germany has been a tradition for a good 200 years.

Unruh then recaps one prominent homeschooling case:

In the Romeike case, the family fled to the United States because German barred them from homeschooling. They obtained asylum, but the Obama administration appealed and obtained an order from a higher court that the family must return to Germany.

The dispute now is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Obama administration has argued in court that parents essentially have no right to determine how and what their children are taught, leaving the authority with the government.

Unruh does not mention that the Romeikes have also rejected private and religious schools in Germany, claming that they were "just as bad or even worse" than public schools. The Romeikes could have also chosen to work toward creating a school in Germany that more closely aligns with their claimed "Christian faith," but they apparently chose not to.

And the Obama administration did not claim in the Romeike case, as Unruh asserts, that "parents essentially have no right to determine how and what their children are taught, leaving the authority with the government."Unruh simply made that up.

Rather, the administration argued that "Romeike did not meet his burden of proving a well-founded fear of persecution" and "the Romeikes’ experiences with the police and legal system in Germany were a direct result of their failure to comply with German law prohibiting truancy, and were not the result of the German government’s desire to punish them for their membership in a protected group under the INA." The administration also pointed out that the Romeikes were not disproportionately singled out for persecution, and that the parents of homeschooled children and truants alike are treated the same under German law.

Finally, as one would expect from a homeschooling activist, Unruh's entire article is permeated with a pro-homeschooling bias, copiously quoting pro-homeschool activists and framing the opposition as intolerant Nazis.

In short: Another day, another reason nobody belives WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:51 AM EDT
Thursday, September 26, 2013
No, Terry Jeffrey, Obamacare Does Not Pay For 'Abortion-Inducing Drugs'

Terry Jeffrey rants in his Sept. 26 column:

Under Obamacare, the administration will force Catholics and other Christians to buy and/or provide coverage for services — including sterilizations, artificial contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs — that violate the teachings of their faith.

Well, no. The "abortion pill," RU-486, is not covered. The morning-pills that are covered, like Plan B and Ella, do not induce abortions. These drugs primarily work by preventing ovulation.

We realize it's an article of faith among right-wingers that Obamacare pays for "abortion-inducing drugs." But that's simply not the case. Jeffrey -- who purports to be a journalist in the business of reporting facts -- ought to know better than to put his ideology before the truth.

But apparently he doesn't -- and that's presumably one reason why he is the CNS editor in chief.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:39 PM EDT
WND's Farah Will Have Another Chance to Repent Next Year
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Joseph Farah's "National Day of Prayer and Repentence" is coming back next year:

After the success of this year’s 9/11 National Day of Prayer and Repentance, WND CEO Joseph Farah is pledging to continue the work next year.

“By any standard, the National Day of Prayer and Repentance September 11 was an unprecedented success,” said Farah, who conceived the idea along with messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the author of the bestselling “The Harbinger.”

“In only a few months, with the help of the Holy Spirit, it appears the effort mobilized hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of believers, to pray for the healing of our nation by repenting of their own sins. This has so encouraged me that we will immediately begin work on making the Sept. 11, 2014, bigger and better,” Farah said.

More than 1,000 churches and 250,000 individuals participated in the 2013 events and several celebrities, such as Chuck Norris and Charlie Daniels, endorsed the day as a way for America to rejuvenate itself spiritually.

Farah, of course, offers no proof that 1,000 churches and 250,000 individuals took part. And certainly there is some standard that would find the day to be something less than an "unprecedented success."

Most importantly, Farah has failed to tell his readers whether he used the day to repent for the numerous sins he has committed against President Obama in the form of the lies and misleading claims that have been published on his website over the past five or so years.

Well, perhaps Farah can do that next year, now that he's giving himself another opportunity to do so.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:22 PM EDT
NewsBusters' Noel Sheppard Embraces Matthew Shepard Revisionism
Topic: NewsBusters

Noel Sheppard, that scamp, is at it again. On top of his using an anti-Semitic image in a NewsBusters post, writing another post that required a correction, going on a massive Heathering bender, and using tired headline cliches, the NewsBusters associate editor has now embraced a book attacking Matthew Shepard.

Noel Sheppard writes in a Sept. 24 NewsBusters post:

The 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard is considered one of the nation's most notorious hate crimes.

Yet when a new book comes out by a gay author contending that Shepard was not killed because of his sexual orientation, America's media appear disinterested in reporting the new revelations.

"The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard" author Steve Jimenez sat down with NewsMax TV's Steve Malzberg Monday to discuss his book and his findings.

As we noted when WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah embraced this revisionism, Sheppard won't tell you that Jimemez worked on a 2004 ABC 20/20 segment that made many of the same claims as his book, so they're not all that "new." Further, Jimenez's key salacious claim -- that one of Shepard's killers, Aaron McKinney, had previously had sex with Shepard -- is undermined by the fact that McKinney denies it, as well as the fact that McKinney tried to mount a "gay panic" defense at his trial.

Sheppard also highlights that "the Advocate, the self-proclaimed "world's leading source for LGBT news and entertainment," published a very positive piece about Jimenez's book," adding, "So one of the leading sources for LGBT news and entertainment is out front on this story willing to give its readers these new revelations so that they can decide what the truth is."

Sheppard didn't mention that the Advocate has also published an article critical of the book, with the author noting:

I find problems with the fact that killer Aaron McKinney, who Jimenez accuses of doing drugs and having sex with Matt prior to the murder, never admits to sleeping with men. If he did indeed have sex with Matt or was bisexual, he can’t bring himself to “admit” it, even now. McKinney either didn’t have sex with Matt or is gripped by internalized homophobia, which is still homophobia. That seems relevant.

Perhaps Sheppard should take his own advice and publish more facts so his readers can decide what the truth is. But then, he's not exactly known for that, is he?

Posted by Terry K. at 3:24 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: The Enemy Of Obama Is WorldNetDaily's Friend
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WND sides against the president and America by supporting the regime of Syrian dictator Assad -- and, by extension, Russia's Vladimir Putin -- on the Syrian civil war. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:52 PM EDT
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
NewsBusters' Idea Of A 'Level-Headed Lib': One With Conservative Views
Topic: NewsBusters

It appears that NewsBusters likes its liberals the way Fox News likes them: in name only.

Under the headline "Normally Level-headed Lib Kirsten Powers Goes Berserk at Daily Beast," Ken Shepherd writes in a Sept. 19 NewsBusters post about his disappointment that the Powers wrote something liberal:

"The Republican Party is destroying America" with a "murder-suicide" pact in the U.S. Congress to "shut down" the government.

You might expect such over-the-top language from anyone at MSNBC and quite a few at CNN, but, alas, that's from the pen of one Kirsten Powers, a liberal Fox News contributor who has struck us in the past as a rather rational lefty who doesn't resort to the same tired talking points. After all, she is a pro-life Christian who was great on the Kermit Gosnell issue. And let's not forget she's been good on the Benghazi matter. But today, however, she was railing that Tea Party-friendly congressmen in Washington "seem determined to take us all down with them."

At no point in her September 19 piece did it occur to Powers that President Obama is being equally if not more intransigent by issuing inflexible veto threats rather than entertaining some concessions like, I don't know, a bill to suspend implementation of ObamaCare -- including the individual mandate -- to AFTER the 2014 midterms, which could then serve as a national referendum on ObamaCare: If you love ObamaCare, vote for Democrats. Hate it and want it scrapped or significantly gutted, vote for the GOP.


On most other issues, Powers has been a staunch but intellectually honest liberal pundit. It's a shame she's sticking with the liberal media's herd mentality on this issue.

Of course, NewsBusters does what it can to enforce a herd mentality on the right by going all Heather on anyone who dare deviates from conservative dogma. Why won't Shepherd let conservatives do what he's encouraging Powers to do?

Posted by Terry K. at 11:05 PM EDT
Bradlee Dean Still Playing the Victim
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Bradlee Dean does a fine job of playing the victim in his Sept. 18 WorldNetDaily column, parlaying an online petition into a conspiracy against him and his ministry:

This week I received some information that my ministry was being petitioned by, which is funded by none other than the international criminal George Soros, in an attempt to prevent my participation at the Minnesota State Fair. We also became aware of the fact that he who is petitioning the ministry is representing himself under a feigned manner and has no affiliation with the Fair. Outside of the fact that I have nothing to hide, the truth and facts, which bear forth my fruit, will expose their lies and those advocating crimes toward our American republic.

Dean might be taken a little more seriously if he didn't begin his alleged recitation of "the truth and facts" with apparent falsehoods.

First, did not petition Dean -- is an online platform used to circulate petitions. Dean offers no evidence that anyone in the employ of has targeted him.

Second, neither the Soros Files nor Discover the Networks list as a recipient of Soros money. Earlier this year, received a $15 million investment from a trust created by the founder of eBay.

Then, Dean does something peculiar: He responded to the petition's charge that his ministry "crosses the line by advocating violence" not by denying it but, rather, by ticking off random instances of children molested or killed by presumably gay adults and playing guilt-by-association with others. Like this:

What of Kevin Jennings? Obama’s first “safe school czar” is the founder of GLSEN, that is, Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network. Kevin Jennings wrote a forward [sic] to a book called “Queering the elementary education” [sic].

Jennings is a hero and icon of the organization NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association. NAMBLA’s motto: “Sex before eight before it is too late.”

Dean provides no evidence that Jennings is a "hero and icon," and his foreword to "Queering Elementary Education" has nothing to do with sex; Jennings called for valuing "every human being as a precious gift" and looked forward to the day when students could "walk down our streets without fear."

Dean laughably concluded his column by stating, "Friends, this is not about attacking any particular people," pretending he hadn't just spent the entire column attacking particular people.

Once again, Dean's column also includes a request for donations to fund his lawsuit against Rachel Maddow, despite the fact that the lawsuit has been dead for months.

So where are those "truth and facts" Dean promised? History shows he's not capable of telling the truth.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:35 PM EDT
AIM Columnist Mixes Anti-Intellectualism, Anti-Environment Ranting
Topic: Accuracy in Media

Nicholas Guariglia uses a Sept. 24 Accuracy in Media column to rant about people smarter than he is:

None of this is to say climate change is not happening.  It is to say, however, that if climate change is in fact happening, it may be due to heretofore unmeasured-and, in retrospect, somewhat obvious-”natural variables,” such as the behavior of the Sun.  Nevertheless, President Obama is gearing up for a push of his anti-CO2 climate change agenda, this time by unconstitutionally using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to bureaucratically enforce, through fiat regulation, what his administration cannot get passed democratically through Congress.  And remember, this is the same EPA that spawned the outbreak of the once nearly-eradicated malaria by arbitrarily banning the insecticide DDT (to the silence of environmentalists, humanitarians, and journalists the world over).

This phenomenon-the trillions wasted by the IPCC; the millions dead because of the EPA-is the result of what can only be called “the credentialist fallacy.”  The credentialist fallacy is a dogmatic interpretation of reality, one where greater importance is placed on an authority’s credentials than on its merits.

Meanwhile, Guariglia provides no credentials whatsoever to back up his pontifications, and boy, does it show.

Take, for instance, Guariglia's laughable claim that the EPA is responsible for "millions dead" because it banned DDT. First, the EPA could not (and did not) ban DDT use outside the U.S., and as we've documented, there was never a global ban on DDT usage.

Guariglia also conveniently ignores the fact that, as we've also noted, malaria-carrying mosquitoes were developing a resistance to DDT due to its overuse, reducing its effectiveness.

We would have examined Guariglia's arguments on the merits whether or not he has any credentials to speak of (which, again, he doesn't). And the merits of  Guariglia's mix of anti-intellectualism and anti-environmentalism is decidedly lacking.

Guariglia later writes, "An ignoramus has no business arguing the periodic table with a chemist." As he has demonstrated, an ignoramus also has no business ranting about the environment.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:56 PM EDT
Obama Derangement Syndrome, Larry Klayman Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Last Wednesday, the great usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, after having been indicted by an Ocala, Fla.,citizens’ grand jury, was convicted by a people’s court of defrauding the American people and Floridians by proffering them with a fake birth certificate. See

As readers of this column and WND know too well, Obama is not a natural-born citizen eligible to be president of the United States, as he was not born in this country to two American citizen parents. However, to justify his fraud and his elections to the highest office in the land, and after years of inquiry, in 2011 the Obama White House posted on its website a birth certificate purporting to show him having been born in Hawaii. The problem is, however, according to forensic experts, the birth certificate is altered and forged.

The day of reckoning has come. Obama, having failed to plead in response to the indictment that was served upon him, waived his right to a jury trial. Thumbing his nose at We the People, as the citizens’ prosecutor, I appeared before a citizens’ court judge and presented evidence from Cold Case Posse investigator Michael Zullo showing that Obama tricked voters into electing him in 2008 and 2012. As a result, the citizens’ judge found him guilty on two counts of falsifying information to federal and state election officials. He was thus sentenced to the maximum prison term for these offenses of 10 years and ordered to immediately surrender himself into the custody of the citizens of the United States and Florida.

Of course, Obama will not willingly obey the law of the people. He will attempt to hide behind the iron fences of the White House, perhaps cowering under his desk for fear that the people will rise up and demand his ouster.

On Nov. 19, 2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great republic, I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda – among other outrages, to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and resign from office.

-- Larry Klayman, Sept. 20 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:45 AM EDT
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Noel Sheppard Headline Cliche Watch
Topic: NewsBusters

In case you were wondering if NewsBusters associate editor Noel Sheppard faced any meaningful discipline from his employer for his second use in a year of an anti-Semitic image, the answer appears to be no -- Sheppard is still blogging away.

Sheppard has been a busy fella of late. Not only did he use the anti-Semitic image, write a post that required a correction and go on a massive Heathering fit, he even found time to squeeze in some of his favorite headline cliches:

Newt Gingrich Smacks Down Robert Reich on Debt Ceiling: 'This Is Historical Baloney'

Bill Kristol Schools Tavis Smiley on Why Republicans Oppose ObamaCare

NewsBusters clearly has no problem with such lame, shoddy and offensive work -- Sheppard is still employed there.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:56 PM EDT
WND's Farah Returns to Matthew Shepard Revisionism
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We said we'd get back to Joseph Farah's Sept. 18 WorldNetDaily column, and so here we are.

The main thrust of Farah's column is to engage in Matthew Shepard trutherism:

A new book, “The Book of Matt,” written by a sympathetic “gay” man, Stephen Jiminez, finds that virtually everything that has been reported about Matthew Shepard’s death is wrong.

To recap the story, Shepard was a homosexual in Laramie, Wyo., who was unquestionably tortured and murdered in 1998 and left hanging on a fence. It was not until a day later that his body was discovered.

Police found a bloody gun linked to the crime along with Shepard’s shoes and wallet in the trunk of two men – Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson.

On those facts, there is little question.

But, according to the new book, the story told by the murderers that they killed Shepard because he was a homosexual who came on to them is flat wrong. Shepard was not a martyr in the battle with homophobia. He was simply the victim of consensual homosexual relationship gone bad – as too many do.

Nevertheless, over 15 years, Shepard has achieved a degree of sainthood in the homosexual movement. He became the poster boy for hate-crimes laws, movies, songs, books, scholarships and disinformation galore. He’s been an icon of the phony war on homophobia that has chilled free speech and free association.

It turns out the hero was a meth dealer. He and the lead attacker were also friends and lovers. His death was the result of a squabble over a large amount of meth he had in his possession.

Farah doesn't mention that McKinney -- the person that Shepard was supposedly  in a "consensual homosexual relationship" with -- mounted a "gay panic" defense during his trial, and he doesn't mention that McKinney has denied any such relationship.

Most importantly, Farah doesn't tell you that Jimenez (whose name Farah misspells) served as a producer for a 2004 segment of ABC's "20/20" that first forwarded such reality-denying claims, which set off a wave of Shepard revisionism at WND when it first aired.

Further, as Media Matters points out, Jimenez is also a friend of Henderson's defense attorney, which further raises questions about his objectivity.

Again, Farah also wrote this in his column:

But there’s a lesson to be learned here for those who prefer the truth to actions based on lies: Some unscrupulous people will twist and distort reality to achieve their objectives. In fact, some will do anything to get their way politically. They will use any means necessary – including, but not limited to, total fabrication.

Farah most definitely won't tell you that he will eagerly twist reality and engage in fabrication to get his way politically. And the way Farah wants to push is that gays are lying scum, and he doesn't care about facts that prove otherwise.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:52 PM EDT
MRC Unhappy All Muslims Aren't Being Blamed for Terror Attacks
Topic: Media Research Center

The author of a Sept. 23 Media Research Center item appears to be a little sheepish about her work because it lacks a byline. (The version of it on NewsBusters, however, indicates it was written by Katie Yoder.) And we can see why, given the utter stupidity of this so-called "media research." Here's how it starts:

Dare a top newspaper journalist to play connect-the-dots and chances are he’ll fail miserably – at least with drawing the line between Islam and terrorism. In Nairobi, Kenya last weekend, Islamist militants took over a high-end shopping mall and began executing non-Muslims. In Pakistan, Islamist suicide bombers detonated at a Christian Church on Sunday.

Yet on Monday, September 23, 90 percent of the top ten (via circulation numbers) daily newspapers’ headlines in the United States censored the words “Islam” and Muslim” from Nairobi and Pakistan reports. One – the New York Daily News – didn’t even have a headline for the latest Islamic terrorist attacks. That’s journalism at its finest. 

That's right -- Yoder is complaining  that the media isn't playing guilt-by-association by linking all Muslims to terrorists. That's religion-baiting at its finest.

If that's the way the MRC operates, may we suggest Yoder's next assignment: Count how many newspaper headlines labeled Scott Roeder, murderer of abortion doctor George Tiller, as a "Christian."

Posted by Terry K. at 5:34 PM EDT
WND Lets Anti-Gay Group Mislead About Book Banning
Topic: WorldNetDaily

An unbylined Sept. 20 WorldNetDaily article states:

Librarians across America are set to observe ”Banned Books Week” by highlighting titles that recently have faced censorship.

But the librarians themselves this year are being accused of banning books.

The claim comes from advocates for the community of ex-”gays.”

“Every week is ‘Banned Books Week’ for the ex-gay community,” says Regina Griggs, executive director of Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays.

“Books about leaving homosexuality are routinely censored in high schools and community libraries across the United States, while gay-affirming books are readily available for any young person questioning their sexuality,” she said.

Strange thing about this article, though: At no point does it mention any specific incidents of ex-gay books being "banned," and it only cites a single incident of these books supposedly being "banned":

“Kristin Pekoll, the librarian in charge of young adult books at the West Bend Community Memorial Library in Wisconsin, advocates for children’s books with gay themes but refuses to accept our donation of ex-gay books for children,” she said. “Public libraries are supported by all citizens, and it is appalling that tax dollars are supporting such narrow minded thinking and viewpoint discrimination.”

WND didn't mention that this case dates back to 2009, or that what opponents of "books with gay themes" wanted to do to them was far worse.

CNN reported that some opponents wanted to hold a "public book burning" of the offending titles, and a man at one public meeting told the city's library director he should be tarred and feathered.

Of course, there's no mention of the other side of the story -- specifically, what Pekoll had to say. In an essay, Pekoll points out that the whole controversy began because the library's website linked to a list of LGBT-friendly books, then moved to a request to remove specific LGBT-friendly titles from circulation or restricting them to adults only even though many were considered books for young adults. Pekoll concluded:

Last year when I decided to stand up for over eighty book in the West Bend Community Memorial Library's young adult collection, it wasn't because I though every single book on the list was gold-star material. It was because I believe that every book has a reader and every reader has a book. When you deny that person, espeically that teenager, his or her book -- when you ban that book -- you ban that kid.

It's hypocritical for PFOX to complain about censorship when apparently endorsed the censorship of books it found offensive. And it's just more bad reporting on WND's part not to tell the whole story. But then, we're used to bad reporting from WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:57 AM EDT

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