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Saturday, September 7, 2013
Newsmax Touts Veterans In Congress Opposing Syria Strike, Ignores McCain
Topic: Newsmax

Melanie Batley writes in a Sept. 7 Newsmax article:

Republican congressmen who have witnessed the horrors of war for themselves as combat veterans are among those leading the way in opposition to American involvement in Syria.

Reps. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan, Chris Gibson and Michael Grimm of New York, Doug Collins of Georgia, Ron DeSantis of Florida and Steve Stivers of Ohio have all come out saying they oppose air strikes.

Batley curiously makes no mention of the most prominent Republican who supports intervention in Syria: John McCain.Batley did note that "two GOP veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton and Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, have declared their support for military intervention," but made no mention of McCain.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:13 PM EDT
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Everyone knows Obama won’t be convicted of his high crimes in the U.S. Senate. That’s not the point. The point is he has repeatedly abused his power and violated the Constitution. He doesn’t even think twice about it. He acts as if he is above the law – even above criticism.

So will Americans awaken from this slumber that threatens the future of what has been the greatest bastion of freedom in the world for more than 230 years?

Will they rise up in righteous anger against Obama’s assault on liberty and the rule of law?

Or will they go quietly into the night and watch the sacrifices their forefathers made to guard this unique but short-lived experiment in self-government go down the tubes?

 -- Joseph Farah, Aug. 21 WorldNetDaily column

Thanks to the collusion and/or incompetence of his putative opponents in the GOP, Obama’s ideologically driven and purposeful destruction of America’s constitutional self-government moves steadily forward without let or hindrance. I have no doubt that a solid majority of Americans oppose replacing the U.S. Constitution with a Presidential Party dictatorship. I have no doubt that a significant number of them, particularly those who served in the military and remain faithful to the oath they swore to defend the Constitution, would be willing to risk their lives rather than live quietly under such a dictatorship.

But if it comes to the sort of civil conflict that is now building in Egypt, the American way of life will already have failed, and in precisely the manner envisaged by the elitist faction manipulators Obama represents.

-- Alan Keyes, Aug. 22 WND column

If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself this question: Why is House Speaker John Boehner having sleepless nights worrying about how he’s going to give Barack Obama just what he needs to continue destroying America – a hike in the debt limit, which is better than a blank check to spend as much money as he likes, all money the U.S. government doesn’t have?

-- Joseph Farah, Aug. 25 WND column

Whatever one may think about where Mr Obama was born – and I remain agnostic on that subject – it is blindingly obvious that his “birth certificate,” as displayed on the White House website, is a maladroit forgery.

Whatever one may think about whether Mr Obama is a wonderful president and a caring person and an excellent manager of the nation’s finances, his failure to get that bogus document investigated stinks. The failure of his staff, of all the relevant investigatory agencies, of all members of both Houses stinks. It is putrid.

-- Christopher Monckton, Aug. 27 WND column

Obama bet on the rebels in Syria fully knowing they are led by Sunni terrorists, including al-Qaida. Now there’s no turning back.

Why did he bet on them? The same reason he did in Libya and Egypt and will again and again. It’s a New World Order game in which the U.S. and its European allies make over the Middle East with talk of an “Arab spring” – and the media eat it up with a spoon and fork.

-- Joseph Farah, Aug. 27 WND column

I’ve heard that a $5 million class-action lawsuit has been filed here in California on behalf of those people who purchased copies of Lance Armstrong’s autobiography in which he swore that he had never used performance-enhancing drugs. Their claim is based on the fact that when they purchased the book, it was represented by the subject and his publisher to be non-fiction.

I am not a member of the lawsuit because I didn’t buy the book, having no interest whatsoever in the life of a professional bicyclist. Perhaps my interest would have been piqued if he’d won all those races riding a unicycle or while juggling dishes, but that’s pretty much the same reason I gave Obama’s memoirs a wide berth.

However, I pray the litigants win their multi-million dollar judgment. What an earth-shattering precedent it would set if every two-bit politician who decides, like Obama, to attach his name to a ghost-written book knew that his self-aggrandizing lies could wind up biting him in the wallet.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Aug. 27 WND column

Why did Obama even go to Israel? The Muslim Brotherhood advocate in the White House refused to speak to the Knesset. So what was he doing there? He went on the offensive against Israel, and he did it from the Jewish homeland, while the notoriously leftist Israeli press applauded Obama’s land-confiscation policy.

-- Pamela Geller, Aug. 27 WND column

Will you consider becoming part of the growing movement to translate impeachment talk into effective political action? Do you agree that Americans need a vote of no-confidence in Obama and all those (of any party) who are collaborating in his faction’s attack on constitutional government and liberty in the United States? If so, read the call to action here and here. Then let your yes be yes, for the perpetuation of liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

-- Alan Keyes, Aug. 29 WND column

Besides Darwin, Nietzsche and Freud, one of the greatest heroes of the political and academic left is Karl Marx (1818-1883), the father of communism and socialism, who plainly stated: “My life’s goal is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” I challenge anyone to demonstrate that, nearly six years into the Obama administration, Marx’s diabolical intent has not been enforced into every aspect of American life, culture, society and policy.

-- Ellis Washington, Aug. 30 WND column

“The president left for a golf outing after his brief press conference.” Thus Aaron Klein ends his WND report of Mr Obama’s announcement that he will ask Congress to authorize war against Syria.

Now hear this, Hussein. You do not, repeat not, play golf or any other game while you are planning to invade someone else’s country in the name of keeping the peace. You stay at your desk in the Elliptical Office, and you stop using Air Force One as your private jet at taxpayers’ expense, and you get on with the job that – whether or not you are entitled to hold it – you are being handsomely overpaid to do.

Stop playing at Presidents and start taking the lives of America’s servicemen seriously. Is that too much to ask? If it is, get out, and take the dreadful Biden with you.


My genuine British birth certificate provides no less entitlement to hold that office than Obama’s bogus Hawaiian certificate. Besides, unlike Obama, I share your Founding Fathers’ vision of life, liberty and happiness, of government of and for and by the people, and not gummint of the gummint, by the gummint, for the gummint.

-- Christopher Monckton, Sept. 3 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 1:07 AM EDT
Friday, September 6, 2013
CNS Unemployment Numbers Distortion Watch

It's the first Friday of the month, and you know what that means -- it's time for to hide the good news about the monthly unemployment numbers and cherry-pick the bad news.

And CNS unleashed a barrage of five cherry-picked articles, written by Terry Jeffrey and Michael Chapman:

None of these articles mentioned the fact that the economy added 169,000 jobs in August.

UPDATE: Chapman miraculously found a sixth isolated statistic to cherry-pick: "Number of Gov’t Workers Up 324,000 in One Month – Private Sector Down 278,000."

Posted by Terry K. at 5:35 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, September 7, 2013 9:48 AM EDT
WND Endorses Outhouse As 'Obama's Presidential Library'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A decade ago, WorldNetDaily portrayed Hillary Clinton's autobiography as "science fiction" in a staged photo. Now, WND is denigrating another Democrat in the name of "news."

Joe Kovacs uses a Sept. 4 WND article to voice his approval of a Utah man whohung a sign reading "Obama's Presidential Library" on an outhouse:

It doesn’t matter if you think Barack Obama is the No. 1 or No. 2 president in American history.

There’s an outhouse in New Mexico labeled “Obama’s Presidential Library” to accommodate both.

Located in Tucumcari, N.M., near historic Route 66, the man who posted the sign has no apologies for the message concerning the commoder-in-chief.

WND publishes juvenile stuff like this, yet insists it should be taken seriously as a news organization.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:18 PM EDT
MRC's Graham Demands Context For Republican, Ignores It For Obama
Topic: NewsBusters

We've documented how the context of one's words matters at the Media Research Center only when those words are spoken by a conservative. The MRC's Tim Graham manages to display that hypocrisy in the span of a day.

In a Sept. 4 NewsBusters post, Graham huffs that the Washington Post took remarks by a Republican politician out of context:

The Washington Post put conservative black minister E.W. Jackson on its front page again Wednesday, replaying its favorite “nutty” remarks. Reporter Laura Vozzella began: “Virginia Republicans have been keeping their distance from E.W. Jackson ever since the fiery minister, who has compared Planned Parenthood to the Klan and linked yoga to Satan, won the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.”

Vozzella and the Post could care less that Jackson said back in June "I do not believe that yoga leads to Satanism. One of my ministers is a yoga instructor.” It’s all about baking religious Republicans as fruitcakes.

Graham then quotes what Jackson actually said, and he did indeed link yoga to Satan. But he huffs further that the Post is "more interesting [sic] in mocking Christians than understanding their concerns."

The next day, Graham was upset that anyone would dare put President Obama's words in their proper context, complaining about the "strange media treatment of Obama's strange denial that he'd ever set a 'red line' against Syria's use of chemical weapons." He then uncritically repeated an attack on PolitiFact for pointing out that Obama did not actually deny he said it but was emphasizing that the standard against use of chemical weapons was an international one dating back nearly a century, not an arbitrary one he made up on the spot.

Graham, by the way, is the MRC's director of media analysis. This, apparently, is the kind of "analysis" that keeps him employed.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:45 PM EDT
Meanwhile ...
Topic: WorldNetDaily
FreeThoughtBlogs' Ed Brayton catches WorldNetDaily flip-flopping from attacking President Obama for wanting to bomb Syria without congressional approval to attacking him for seeking that very same congressional approval. Brayton concludes: "How convenient for the Worldnetdaily that Obama is wrong if he does it and wrong if he doesn’t. Either way, he’s obviously a traitor. Heads they win, tails he loses."

Posted by Terry K. at 10:14 AM EDT
Thursday, September 5, 2013
MRC: Soros Is So Evil, He Funded ProPublica Eight Years Before It Existed
Topic: Media Research Center

Fresh off his sloppily written attack on George Soros and Columbia University, the Media Research Center's Mike Ciandella is back a new bit of Soros-bashing, this time going after the nonprofit news website ProPublica. Ciandella huffs that "ProPublica is a liberal investigative journalism outfit that has received $300,000 from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations since 2000."

But later on, Ciandella writes that "ProPublica began operations in 2008 with funding from the liberal Sandler Foundation."

How could ProPublica have been receiving money from Soros "since 2000" when it didn't exist until 2008? Ciandella doesn't explain. Perhaps he's so desperate to attack Soros that the truth doesn't matter to him.

Needless to say, Ciandella makes no mention of the fact that Soros' contributions to ProPublican pale in comparision to the millions of dollars each year that prop up such right-wing media outlets like the Washington Times and Pittsburgh Tribune-Rreview.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:55 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, September 5, 2013 7:03 PM EDT
WND's Corsi Unleashes Nasty Tweets About John Kerry
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In case you needed another reminder that Jerome Corsi is a horrible human being who's motivated by personal destruction rather than the truth, the WorldNetDaily writer has been kind enough to provide us with one.

The spectacle of Secretary of State John Kerry trying to sell members of Congress on taking action against Syria for using chemical weapons sent Corsi into a paroxysm of attempted schadenfreude, and he spewed his venom into a series of tweets in which he mocks Kerry's Vietnam War heroism and the pronunciation of Kerry's wife's name:

These sound a lot like the hateful comments he posted at Free Republic prior to his publication of his anti-Kerry book,"Unfit for Command." Corsi made a half-hearted attempt to swift-boat Kerry again upon his nomination as secretary of state, which nobody cared about.

Corsi's mean-spirited insults are more evidence that he should never be taken seriously as a reporter -- as if his lies and dishonesty about President Obama hadn't already made that crystal clear.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:27 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, September 5, 2013 4:21 PM EDT
MRC Transgender Freakout Watch
Topic: Media Research Center

More than 40 organizations have signed a statement calling for respect and fairness in media coverage of transgenders, even Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. The Media Research Center won't be signing that statement -- it would interfere with its two basic modes of coverage of transgenders, mockery and fearmongering.

Tim Graham takes the former approach in an Aug. 31 NewsBusters post, complaining that People magazine "aggressively used female pronouns" in an article about Manning, while sneeringly calling Manning a "traitor-ettte."

The latter approach shows up in a lengthy Sept. 3 Culture & Media Institute screed by Katie Yoder:

Welcome to the brave new world of “the next civil-rights struggle.” From a California law decreeing that any student has the right to use any gender-specific restroom and play on any gender-specific sports team he or she (or she or he) wants, biology be d**ned, to LGBT activists counseling network honchos on more sensitive TV portrayals, transgender is all the rage among liberals and media types.

The campaign to normalize gender confusion relies on emotional appeal. The media present “adorable” “transgender” 6-year-olds or teen couples who transitioned genders together. Or, for a child still unsure of his or her gender, lefty sites like Huffington Post and Slate enthusiastically recommend transgender children’s cartoons and transgender kid camps where little boys dress as “princesses.” It’s all part of the effort to “loosen the reins of gender expression,” as NPR put it.

At the adult level, CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke with a transgender ex-SEAL “Warrior Princess” who advocated for transgender soldiers, while The Washington Post promoted “new hope” for transgender public bathroom use. The New York Times and the AP have decided to call convicted traitor Bradley Manning “Chelsea” (with all the matching pronouns) simply because he declared he wants to be a woman named Chelsea.

And no effort to force the public to celebrate “alternative” sexualities would be complete without ABC, CBS, and NBC giving viewers stories of transgendered “normal” people leading “normal” lives – except for the “unique challenge” of transitioning into the opposite sex.

Downsides? Consequences? Differing opinions? Don’t be silly. The accounts of rallies defending marriage between one man and one woman are censored. The stories of entertainment media redefining the family don’t break into the mainstream.

As the same-sex marriage debate proved, the media ruthlessly shut down dissent when they find a pet cause.

Yoder went on to declare that it was "language abuse" to refer to Manning with feminine pronouns. Yoder concludes by huffing:

The normalization of transgender is probably a done-deal. The left has declared it a civil rights issue and the media – news and entertainment – have their marching orders. Fresh from their victory on same-sex marriage, they’ll employ the same tactics.

Trans characters will be turning up in your favorite sit-coms, and ribbons will appear on awards shows. Look forward to a parade of “Princess Boys,” Chelsea Mannings and Miss/Mr Universes, all with a poignant story and all scrambling to sort out their restroom accommodations. 

Graham and Yoder certainly has their marching orders to disparage people different from themselves. That's what the MRC is paying them to do, after all.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:38 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: Black Box Reporter
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily expects its readers to trust Reza Kahlili, who hides behind a fake name and disguise and almost exclusively uses anonymous, untraceable sources. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:21 AM EDT
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
At CNS, A 29-Year-Old Quote Is 'News'

CNS has a peculiar idea of what constitutes "news." First it was jokes from late-night comedians, then it was snide attacks from right-wing pundits.

Now it's ancient quotes from a celebrity. Here's how a Sept. 4 CNS article by Michael W. Chapman begins:

Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson, 76, who is retiring from movies it was reported today, is, unlike many liberals in Tinseltown, a staunch pro-lifer who said in a 1984 interview about abortion, “I’m positively against it. I don’t have the right to any other view."

And, yes, the rest of the article is all about what Nicholson said about abortion 29 years ago.

Funny, we thought conservatives believed celebrities were supposed to shut up and sing or whatever. Apaprently, if you're conservatively correct, you're allowed to say whatever you want. Indeed, CNS publishes columns by Charlie Daniels, who clearly has not been told by Chapman to shut up and sing.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:13 PM EDT
Another Sketchy Figure Endorses Farah's 'Day of Prayer And Repentence'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We've detailed the rogue's gallery of fringe figures who have endorsed WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah's 9/11 "Day of Prayer and Repentence." Add another one to the list.

An Aug. 31 WND article by Scott Greer details how "Carl Gallups, author of 'The Magic Man in the Sky' and the coming WND Books release 'The Rabbi Who Found the Messiah,” says America is “on the precipice of no return'" ... as he endorsed the 9-11-13 National Day of Prayer and Repentance, which was prompted by a commentary from WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah." Greer continues:

He said the choices America has made are alarming.

“We … have destroyed the lives of tens of millions of American babies. In the same year the Supreme Court declared abortion to be legal (1973), we passed the Federal Endangered Species Act. In that year we declared that a turtle’s nest and a turtle’s egg were more precious and sanctified than a human baby within its mother’s womb,” Gallups noted.

He’s also concerned about the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage and the homosexual culture.

“Our Supreme Court has, in effect, declared that we do not know what constitutes a real marriage. Men are marrying men, women are marrying women, and our military and society at large are openly celebrating the sodomite lifestyle. The New Testament book of Romans, chapter one, declares that when these things happen it is a certain sign that God has ‘given them over to a depraved mind,’” Gallups commented.

Speaking of depraved minds, Gallups arguably is one. He's the mastermind behind PP Simmons, the "online ministry" that's little more than an anti-Obama propaganda mill. Through PP Simmons, Gallups has promoted the idea that Obama is the Antichrist, and he has pushed numerous birther claims. Gallups once used his radio show to invite any "Obot" to call in and prove that Obama is a citizen; when one did, Gallups cut him off

We will assume that Gallups will not be repenting any of his dishonest, reprensible behavior on the day he's endorsing.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:29 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 7:04 PM EDT
MRC Drags Columbia U. Into Its Anti-Soros Crusade
Topic: Media Research Center

It's been a while since the Media Research Center has inflicted its obsession with George Soros on its readers, so we were due. And the MRC delivers with an Aug. 28 "special report" by Mike Ciandella using Soros to attack the Columbia University journalism school.

But as with many MRC "special reports," this one falls into the not-so-special category, sloppily written to suggest more sinister connections than the facts bear out.

Ciandella's big claim is that "Columbia has received $9.7 million from left-wing billionaire George Soros, more support than he has given to all but three other schools." But if you go to the section of the report detailing that, Ciandella says that the donations are since 2000, and his lack of further detail tells us that the amount is for all Soros donations to Columbia, not just to the j-school as he suggests.

(By contrast, the the Koch Family Charitable Foundations, operated by conservative billionaire Koch brothers, have given more than $29 million to George Mason University since 1985, and Ciandella doesn't seem too concerned about that.)

Still, that amount over 13 years is still one-fourth of what the Unification Church doles out every single year to keep the conservative Washington Times alive.

Ciandella also asserts that "Of the 40 full-time members of the faculty, 27 work at explicitly left-wing outlets including The Huffington Post, Slate, The American Prospect, Mother Jones, Salon, The Nation and Greenpeace." But "work for" typically means being paid, and Ciandella provides no evidence that the professors who "work for" these "left-wing" outlets receive money for their contributions. For instance, the Huffington Post does not pay its bloggers.

Ciandella goes on to huff that "Many of these professors not only write for these liberal outlets, but actually work full-time for them as well," citing as one example "Thomas B. Edsall with the Huffington Post." In fact, Edsall hasn't worked for the Huffington Post since 2010.

Further, Ciandella is using "left-wing" and "liberal" interchangeably, which further indicates the level of intellectual sloppiness in his report.

Ciandella even takes the respected Columbia Journalism Review for allegedly being "left of center":

On February 19, 2013, CJR published a fairly ironic report bashing the conservative-leaning Donor’s Trust, while referring to (and agreeing with) a report which claimed that Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the liberal Tides Foundation were “markedly more transparent about where money comes from and where it goes.”

Ironically, Ciandella doesn't disclose whether his employer, the MRC, has received any Donors Trust money. That lack of disclosure is typical here: Ciandella's report is bereft of endnotes that would detail where he got his information from, which a real researcher would do.

That's how bad and biased this report is.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:23 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 2:25 PM EDT
How Is Mychal Massie Lying About Obama This Week?
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It's not too far from the truth to say that you know Mychal Massie is lying because his lips are moving. And he tells more lies in his Sept. 3 WorldNetDaily column:

Based on the color of Obama’s skin do we ignore the fact that his administration played a major role by backing the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the terrorist responsible for the bomb that destroyed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, despite Obama’s feigned concern over Megrahi’s release? Based on the color of Obama’s skin I guess we should overlook that Obama’s backdoor maneuvering resulted in Megrahi being released from prison to live in Libya.

In fact, the U.S. opposed the release of Megrahi, as demonstrated by correspondence with Scotland by the State Department, which specifically states that "we are not able to endorse the early release of Megrahi under any scenario."

And since this is Mychal Massie, whose hatred of Obama borders on the pathological, we get a massive dose of Obama derangement, in which Massie likens the president to Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy:

Race-mongers and those who use color of skin as a cudgel to silence any and all criticism of Obama should be forced to answer the following questions.

Was Hitler bad because he was German or because he was an Erebusic evil consumed by hatred? Was Ted Bundy bad because he was white or because he kidnapped, raped, engaged in necrophilia and confessed to murdering at least 30 women? Is Fidel Castro bad because he is Cuban or because he is a vicious dictator who installed a failed political system and has murdered and imprisoned his people at the same time he was taking their property by constraint? Was Saddam Hussein bad because he was an Iraqi or because he imprisoned, tortured and murdered his own people? Are child-molesting Catholic priests bad because they are Catholics or because they are priests who used their positions molest children?

Massie is a depraved liar regardless of his race.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:10 AM EDT
Newsmax's Gizzi Tries to Claim MLK For Republicans
Topic: Newsmax

CNS' Terry Jeffrey is not the only right-winger who's trying to claim Martin Luther King Jr. for conservatives. Newsmax's John Gizzi joins the party in a Sept. 1 article pushing the idea that King was a Republican:

It is impossible to know whether King was Democrat, Republican, or independent. His home state of Georgia did not have registration by party, so allegiance to a political party depended on which primaries a voter chose to cast a ballot in.

The Atlanta pastor kept this to himself. His choice of primaries to vote in is not known and, as the intellectual force the civil rights cause, King carefully avoided embracing political candidates.

But there is some evidence as to where his party leanings were, including the observations of the Republican who was Martin Luther King's congressman.

"I believe Dr. King was a Republican," Fletcher Thompson, who represented the Atlanta area in Congress from 1966-72, told Newsmax. "Most of the blacks in the late 1950s and at least up to 1960 were Republican. Our party was sympathetic to them and the Democrats were the ones enforcing 'Jim Crow' laws and segregation."

But, as Gizzi later concedes, Thompson "never personally met King." That, of course, doesn't keep Gizzi from using Thompson to suggest King's political leanings, even as he goes on to admit that "Republican orators increasingly denounced" King for his "embrace of the anti-Vietnam War movement and his friendship with the far left."

Posted by Terry K. at 1:48 AM EDT

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