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Thursday, March 18, 2010
Newsmax Pushes Obama Smear, Ignores Rest of Story
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax touted a March 17 Jerusalem Post article quoting Hagi Ben-Artzi, the brother-in-law of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu smearing Barack Obama as an "anti-Semitic president." But Newsmax couldn't be bothered to tell readers the rest of the story.

As the Politico reported, Ben-Artzi later appeared on an Israeli TV show, where he was greeted with archival footage bashing Netanyahu himself as a small-time, weak and petty politician.

Seems like Ben-Artzi is the Billy Carter of Israel. But Newsmax doesn't think you need to know that.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:49 PM EDT
Erik Rush Derangement Syndrome
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The desperation and mistrust currently observable amongst congressional Democrats would be pathetic if they did not actually wield substantial power. Like mindless creatures in a cult film featuring flesh-eating zombies, they are devouring their own, ritually sacrificing, extorting, bribing and bullying one another to pass the Senate health-care reform proposal, affectionately known as Obamacare.

Few Americans really understand that a bloodless coup is essentially taking place in Washington via these actions, nor how important this is to such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. Socialized medicine, this Foundation Stone of collectivism, is one they perceive will cement their power for all time.

While this is not entirely off the mark, its actualization is also far from guaranteed. The turmoil within their party - as opposed to the Republican opposition of which they have complained - still threatens to torpedo the legislation. Having passed, it is also eminently questionable as to whether it could survive the multitude of legal challenges that would be sure to arise.

The obsessive mania they are exhibiting is something I have seen before in drug addicts, every fiber of their being focused on obtaining the next fix.

-- Erik Rush, March 18 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 5:19 PM EDT
Kessler Renews His Man-Crush on Romney
Topic: Newsmax

We've previously detailed Ronald Kessler's man-crush on Mitt Romney (and a really creepy crush on Romney's wife), and how Kessler had to make the painful transition from McCain-basher to McCain fluffer after Romney lost the Republican presidential nomination.

Well, Romney has a new book out, and Kessler's man-crush is flaring anew.

In his March 17 Newsmax column, Kessler gives themost positive review possible of Romneys book, claiming that it's "hardly surprising" that it's debuting at the top of the New York Times best-seller list because "Polls consistently rate Romney the No. 1 choice among Republicans as a presidential candidate," adding that "the book’s popularity also comes from its quality and depth."

Kessler's slobbering continues:

Romney spares us the expected how-I-grew-up chapters. Instead, he weaves in anecdotes from his youth when they are relevant to a point he is making. In contrast to his restrained remarks during his presidential campaign, he takes on President Obama, launching stinging criticism of his domestic and foreign policies.

Two qualities make the book stand out: First, because of Romney’s background as one of the country’s most successful businessmen, the former Massachusetts governor injects real-life examples from his own experience of how free-market principles work and can be applied to bolster the U.S. economy and improve the way government works.

Second, Romney brings a candid, thoughtful approach to many of the most sensitive issues. 

After several long excerpts from the book, Kessler concludes: "In contrast to Obama, who constantly knocks America, Romney sees only greatness in this country. That refreshing outlook alone is worth the price of the book."

Kessler found a way to throw some of his trademark Obama-bashing into his Romney-fluffing. He must be in nirvana.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:02 PM EDT
CNS Misrepresents Survey of Doctors

A March 16 article by Christopher Neefus reported: "Nearly one-third of all practicing physicians may leave the medical profession if President Obama signs current versions of health-care reform legislation into law, according to a survey published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine."

Except it wasn't. The survey actually appeared in "Recruiting Physicians Today," an employment newsletter produced by Massachusetts Medical Society, "the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine," as well as on the NEJM's "CareerCenter" website. The NEJM has since told Media Matters that the survey had "nothing to do with the New England Journal of Medicine's original research."

Neefus also failed to disclose the method the survey was conducted -- an opt-in email survey. That makes the survey is far less than scientifically valid, something Neefus gives no indication of in his article.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:04 AM EDT
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Not Again! Another False Smear of Wallis by WND's Klein
Topic: WorldNetDaily
We've already noted how WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein made false and misleading claims in order to smear Jim Wallis. Well, it turns out Klein also falsely claimed that Wallis "labeled the U.S. 'the great captor and destroyer of human life.' " Media Matters has more.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:54 PM EDT
The ConWeb Runs to Fox News' Defense
Topic: Media Research Center

The ConWeb has long defended the existence of Fox News, despite its clear bias. When former New York Times editor Howell Raines penned an op-ed for the Washington Post criticizing his fellow journalists for allowing Fox News to "legitimize a style of journalism that is dishonest in its intellectual process, untrustworthy in its conclusions and biased in its gestalt," it was time for another rush to the ramparts.

Newsmax's Ronald Kessler responded not only by noting that "Raines is the same editor who presided over the Jayson Blair scandal," he resorted to his usual defense of the network:

In contrast, Fox News practices journalism the way The New York Times practiced it decades ago, when it was the pinnacle of the profession. Aside from opinion shows, Fox News has a rule that, on any controversial issue, guests from opposing sides must appear.

Ailes keeps track of the statistics religiously to make sure the rule is enforced. What could be more fair and balanced than that?

Kessler has never provided an example of how this purported policy works in practice -- perhaps because it doesn't.

Kessler was followed by Brent Bozell, who devoted his March 17 column to bashing Raines, headlined "A Fraud Fights Fox News." Unmentioned by Bozell: His Media Research Center perpetrated a fraud against Raines, spending nine years insisting that a statement that Raines wrote in his memoir that Ronald Reagan "Reagan couldn't tie his shoelaces if his life depended on it" was an insult of Reagan's intelligence. In fact, Raines was writing about fly-fishing. Even after being called out on its lie, the MRC couldn't do a simple retraction; instead, it added a "clarification" to previous articles containing the quote with the note that "we regret the confusion."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:48 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:49 PM EDT
Aaron Klein Misleads Again
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Lying about Jim Wallis is not the only bit of misleading reporting WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein has served up this week. A March 14 article hides behind anonymous sources to claim that "a member of the U.S. government" met with activists who are trying to establish a Jewish Temple on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, where an Islamic mosque currently is. "The organizer talked on condition of anonymity and also on condition that WND kept confidential the name of the U.S. official who met with the Temple event planners," Klein writes.

As Richard Bartholomew points out, Klein provides a selective history of the Temple Mount "picked and chosen for the benefit of his American Christian Zionist target readership" and designed to prove that Muslims don't consider the site holy. Klein not only ignores "long-standing Muslim practice" toward the site, Bartholomew writes, he ignores "he full range of Jewish views on the Temple," which includes the fact that the Chief Rabbinate has posted a sign close to the site, in Hebrew and English, warning that "According to the Torah it is forbidden for any person to enter the area of the Temple Mount due to its sacredness." That conflicts with intentions of the far-right activists Klein so fawningly portrays to stage an ascent to the Temple Mount.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:24 PM EDT
CNS Lies, Misleads About Jennings
Topic: WorldNetDaily
Media Matters catches's Fred Lucas making false and misleading claims about Kevin Jennings in a March 16 article. Lucas falsely claimed that Jennings "advis[ed] a 15-year-old to use a condom in a sexual affair with an older adult man," asserted that "a person came forward alleging he was [the student] and told news organizations that he was 16 at the time of his conversation with Jennings" -- actually, his identity and age were verified -- and misleadingly described Jennings' position as founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network as having "promoted homosexual clubs in high schools.,"

Posted by Terry K. at 10:25 AM EDT
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

There is a dangerous alchemy transpiring under the Obama administration that has not been seen since Roosevelt attempted to pack the Supreme Court in 1937. This perverse alchemy is about turning something special into something common. And we have Obama to thank for it.

Don't tell me that Obama doesn't have unmitigated contempt for what we as a country represent and what our Constitution provides. Nor am I buying the argument that he really loves America and is a man of convictions, but that his convictions are wrong. You don't consciously destroy that which you believe to be good or of value. And if Obama is such a brilliant man, as some contend, his actions wouldn't be just naïve inexperience, but intentionally calculated to affect certain outcomes. But that is exactly what this chain-smoking, minatory minstrel from Chicago is doing.

It seems almost inconceivable that a self-professed, pot-smoking, cocaine using boozer in college, with less experience than a shoe salesman, could occupy the office he does – yet it has happened.

-- Mychal Massie, March 16 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 12:18 AM EDT
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
WND's Klein Botches Attack on Wallis
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In yet another one of his desperate guilt-by-association attacks, Aaron Klein targets Rev. Jim Wallis in a March 15 WorldNetDaily hit piece. But Klein's article is marred by falsehoods and distortions, not the least of which is dishonestly putting words in Wallis' mouth by claiming that the official "statement of faith" of Wallis' group, Sojourners, urges readers to "refuse to accept [capitalist] structures and assumptions that normalize poverty and segregate the world by class." In fact, the words "capitalist" or "capitalism" appears nowhere in the actual statement.

Media Matters has the details.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:07 PM EDT
Topic: Media Research Center
Media Matters' Ben Dimeiro demolishes a March 15 Media Research Center "Media Reality Check" by Rich Noyes purporting to detail "A Year of Spin for Liberal ObamaCare" in the media. Among other things, Noyes portrayed an ABC reporter relating the indisputable fact that the U.S. spends more than any other industrialized country on health care as 'champion[ing] the liberal side" and criticizes MSNBC's Keith Olbermann for "equating ObamaCare foes to suicide bombers" while ignoring that conservatives have used the exact same term against liberals in the health care fight.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:29 PM EDT
Obama Too Hip for WND's Smith
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Back in 2008, Craig R. Smith berated Barack Obama for the prospect of being 'our first hip-hop president":

I can only imagine how the world will embrace the leader of the free world when he introduces other foreign leaders with, "give it up for my man Vladimir." Giving "props" for joining us in a treaty. Or the first lady Michelle talking about "my man" the "daddy of my babies" when referring to the president. That should go over well everywhere from 10 Downing Street right on down to the streets of the Middle East.

The use of ghetto slang during the primaries and even today may be a clear indication just how the Obamas intend to "roll" if given the privileged seat in the Oval Office. Of course, having no sense of decorum and awe is nothing new to Democrats. Bill Clinton did a masterful job of disgracing the office, and I expect no less from Obama if given the chance.

But he will be so fly!

I can see it now. Air Force One decked out with "22s" and spinners. Maybe even a set of hydraulics. Watching the hip-hop president in the Oval Office with his baseball cap on backward coping a gansta lean in the big chair. Should be really pimp, don't you think? 

Even though Obama has never spoken like that in public, Smith still wants you to think he has. So Smith's March 15 WorldNetDaily column is devoted to whining about every minor deviation from the King's English Obama has made:

It has become rather embarrassing to watch Mr. Obama make a mockery of the office of the president of the United States. It has nothing to do with his deaf ear to the American people on health care or any other outlandish policy he is promoting. It is simply his demeanor and behavior, making him a running joke.

Each time Mr. Obama gives a speech, the opening lines consist of, "I want to give a shout out to …" or he acknowledges someone who is "in the house." What way is this for the leader of the free world to act?

I can see that type of behavior coming from a celebrity or an entertainer, but the president of the United States? Has basic presidential decorum been cast aside for a hipper, cooler, more modern leader?

I sure hope not. The office deserves more respect than that.

He also insists that "there may have been more truth in that [2008] column than I thought at the time." Uh, no -- if the worst example of ghetto slang Smith can come up with that actually came from Obama's mouth is "in the house," he hasn't proven anything.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:15 PM EDT
New Article: The League of Newsmax Columnists
Topic: Newsmax
Three Newsmax writers are working either for or with The League of American Voters -- but Newsmax has been loath to tell its readers about that even as it promotes the anti-Obama group's attacks. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 9:51 AM EDT
NewsBusters Falsely Claims CRA Contributed to Financial Collapse
Topic: NewsBusters

In a March 15 NewsBusters post, Anthony Kang criticized a "60 Minutes" report on the financial crisis because it "didn't mention the role of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act in forcing banks to loan to high-risk credits."

In fact, experts have concluded that the CRA played no substantial role in the financial crisis.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:25 AM EDT
Monday, March 15, 2010
WND Columnist Bashes Media Bias, Ignores WND's
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jim Fletcher writes in his March 15 WorldNetDaily column:

Yahoo News! Reported recently on the Sarah Palin stand-up appearance on whatever show Jay Leno is hosting now. One can YouTube the performance, and it appears to be a pretty funny routine by a media-savvy politician, Palin.

The reporter for Yahoo, however, no doubt is a left-leaning Democrat. Note the following statement, after some description of Palin's performance:

"Still, there are some who suspect that Jay Leno's staff 'added both applause and laughter in postproduction' to make the appearance look like more of a success."

You're ahead of me, I hope. You get it, don't you? The phrase "some who suspect" is probably as old in journalism as the first Sumerian cuneiform broadsheets. The phrase really means, "I'm making this part up to justify my criticism of this individual."

"Some who suspect" is a magic bullet, because those "anonymous" sources can't be tracked down to see in fact if anyone did this.

Palin goes from a fairly funny public figure to just another phony right-winger.

It's an effective tactic used by leftists in the media.

And it's still wrong.

Fletcher might have a point if the Yahoo! article was presented as a news story. But it wasn't -- it appears in a "week in review" post on Yahoo's Buzz Log blog. Unless Fletcher is holding blogs to the same standards as professional reporters, he has no point.

Further, the words "some who suspect" in the Yahoo! post are linked to a Seattle Weekly blog post in which an actual named person makes the allegation that the laugher for Palin was canned.

Also, Fletcher didn't have to go so far to find anonymous sources and "some say" claims: WND is infested with them. As we've detailed, WND reporter Aaron Klein -- whom Fletcher lionized just a couple weeks ago -- is a frequent user of anonymous sources, even granting anonymity to terrorists. Indeed, a March 14 article by Klein builds yet another claim around an anonymous source, that "a member of the U.S. government" met with Israeli activists who are agitating to build a Jewish temple on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, currently the site of an Muslim mosque. He writes: "The organizer talked on condition of anonymity and also on condition that WND kept confidential the name of the U.S. official who met with the Temple event planners."

And here's Joseph Farah himself invoking the "some say" hedge:

Some people say it's not important where Barack Obama was born. Some think the Constitution is just an archaic old document – or worse, that it's a "living document," one that changes meaning over time.

Why do Klein and Farah get a pass when a blogger doesn't? After all,bogus anonymity is just as effective a tactic when used by the right-wingers at WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:09 PM EDT

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