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Friday, November 24, 2023
MRC Just Can't Stop Having Meltdowns Over Dylan Mulvaney
Topic: Media Research Center

How deep is the transphobia at the Media Research Center? It continues to be triggered that a transgender person was allowed to drink beer.

We've documented the MRC's freakout over Bud Light doing a promotion with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, taking part in right-wing attacks designed to punish the beer for not hating transgender people like they do and to punish Mulvaney for simply existing. Even though  that wave of hate has long since crested, the MRC just can't stop attacking Mulvaney. Chief transphobe Tierin-Rose Mandelburg spent a July 13 post mocking CNN for mistakenly misgendering Mulvaney (though Mandelburg intenitonally does the same thing without shame):

Uh-oh! CNN was in deep doo-doo on Wednesday after calling transgender TikToker, Dylan Mulvaney, a boy. Don’t forget, if you DON’T deny science, you’re a bigot. 

CNN correspondent Ryan Young used male pronouns to talk about Mulvaney when discussing the controversy over Bud Light's brief promotion of Mulvaney's "lifestyle."

“One bar was telling us,” Young began, “basically [that] they’re not going to serve it because they didn’t like the way Dylan Mulvaney was treated after this whole controversy started. He of course is the transgender person they were gonna sponsor and go along with, with Bud Light. They [trans activists] didn’t like how Bud Light didn’t stand by him after all this.”

Following the segment where he was not corrected immediately by himself or the other anchors, CNN released an apology.


What’s kinda funny and makes this whole thing all the more ironic is that CNN didn’t mess up by calling Mulvaney a “he.” Mulvaney is and always will be a boy. Where CNN really messed up was in sending an apology indicating that the network cared more about identity politics than actual facts. Go figure!

Of course, Mandelburg's freakout over Mulvaney and her deliberate misgendering is "identity politics" as well, something she'll never concede.

Tom Olohan cheered attacks on Bud Light for not hating transgender people in a July 31 post:

Fox News host Sean Hannity took a blowtorch to the management at Bud Light’s embattled parent company for letting their obsession with woke politics cost workers their jobs.

Hannity slammed Anheuser-Busch, which owns the ailing brand Bud Light during the July 27 edition of his show, after its financial downturn for genuflecting to the rainbow mafia led to the company laying off around 360 employees. These layoffs follow the national backlash to Bud Light’s disastrous decision to partner with “transgender” actor Dylan Mulvaney earlier this year. Hannity didn’t mince words: “This is the very thing that I feared and the reason I said ‘I hope it doesn’t go on long because some idiot in management made a dumb decision.’ We now have innocent hard-working people getting hurt because of incompetent dumb management.'"

Yes, trying to  expand brand appeal and not hating people is seen as "incompetent" in the right-wing bubble. When Mulvaney pointed out right-wing transphobia directed at her, Mandelburg had another meltdown in an Aug. 28 post:

Days since hearing Dylan Mulvaney’s name: 0.

Mulvaney, who gained his fame by parading around as a six-year-old and documenting his “days of girlhood” on TikTok, won the Breakthrough Creator award at Sunday night’s Streamy Awards where, naturally, he used the occasion to call out transphobia. 

Mulvaney wore a red satin minidress for the awards event, which recognizes social media content creators. Luckily, he tucked well enough that the straight-on camera angle didn’t display his male genitalia. He also wore matching heels - which I guess they make in men's sizes too, these days. 

If you watch closely, you can also see Mulvaney pulling up his strapless dress, likely because he doesn't have the boobs to hold it up for him. Actually, toward the end of the video, his dress ends up slipping a bit and exposing what looks like prosthetic, stick-on boobs - though I can't confirm that, nor do I wanna get close enough to double-check.

“My life has been changed for the better but also there's been an extreme amount of transphobia and hate and I know that my community is feeling it and I know that even our allies are feeling it," Mulvaney said during his acceptance speech.

Oh here we go with the dramatics!

Mandelburg then cheered how the right-wing hate dcampaign damaged Bud Light:

If you don’t remember, or somehow got it erased from your brain, Mulvaney is referring to the backlash he received after he partnered up with Bud Light for a marketing campaign to sell beer, which immediately sparked wild nationwide protests. I mean, the typical demographic for Bud Light drinkers is America-loving, country music-singing men...not men who frolic in dresses and wear lipstick. 

The Bud Light ad ended up costing the company $27 billion and stripped it of its title of America's favorite beer - though frankly, it wasn’t Mulvaney in particular that people hated - it was the fact that numerous companies chose to promote him and his delusions over actual women or people who’d actually be relatable to consumers.

Mandelburg really thinks hate is "relatable to consumers."

When Mulvaney appeared with other women whom the MRC has targeted over the years, Mandelburg had an even bigger meltdown in an Aug. 31 post:

If you asked me to think of a worse group of people to all be in one room together, I couldn’t do it. 

On Wednesday, a daymare occurred when transgender TikToker who ruined Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney and decapitated Donald Trump head holder Kathy Griffin -- among other professional narcissists -- gathered at Griffin’s house for a luncheon. Other than looking like a skit out of a clown show, the ladies (and a dude) boosted each others egos and displayed their blatant hypocrisy first hand. 

Supposedly, Griffin gathered pop singer Sia, comedians Margaret Cho, Ryan Asher and Julia Sweeney, actresses Rosie O’Donnell, Pamela Aldon and Laraine Newman, writers Mosha Lundström Halbert and Meredith Lynch, man who looks like a man and dresses like a little girl Mulvaney and none other than professional victim, stalker, dramatizer and liar, Taylor Lorenz.

This was a clusterf**k of women who think they’re top s**t. Spoiler: THEY AREN’T!

Oh, here we go with the dramatics!

Mandelburg was triggered by Mulvaney again in an Oct. 10 video, ranting that "fake girl Dylan Mulvaney talked about his first kiss as a 'woman.”' The video was cringe and made a mockery of real women." Two days later, Mandelburg lost it even further after Mulvaney won an award:

Nope. Unfortunately this isn’t satire. 

Of all the women in the world, the queer publication 'Attitude' selected for their awards ceremony a biological male who paraded around as a little girl to earn the “Woman of the Year” title. This is offensive for actual women. 

Powered by Jaguar, Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson's airline company, marked their 12th annual "Attitude" awards and attempted to highlight and support the LGBTQ community. I can’t say I’m too shocked that Mulvaney won the award, given the fact that he’s garnered a slew of support from delusional people who also like to pretend he’s a she.

Mulvaney accepted the award on Wednesday in London and was as melodramatic as you can imagine. He gave a more-than-four-minute speech and it, as you could have guessed, was chock full of woke crap.

Mandelburg then whined that non-right-wing media weren't spewing the kind of hate that she was over Mulvaney:

While there was undoubtedly some backlash regarding Mulvaney ruining Bud Light, legacy media has been nothing but supportive for Mulvaney and the rest of the alphabet mob. But playing the victim card is easier for Mulvaney than to accept reality. I mean, we all know he’s no good at believing fact over fiction.


Overall, it’s a huge slap in the face for a literal man to be awarded something meant for a woman. But then again, it's become commonplace for our society to put anyone who’s part of the LGBTQILMNOP mafia above anybody normal.

As if there's anything "normal" about spewing such unhinged hatred toward someone else merely for existing.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:31 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, November 25, 2023 6:06 PM EST

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