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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Joseph Farah's Obama Derangement Syndrome Flares Up Again
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It doesn't take much to send WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah into paroxysms of Obama Derangement Syndrome -- that was WND's bread and butter for years, after all -- and he went there again in his June 28 column:

Remember Barack Obama? I'll never forget him. He always thought more of himself that others did. But I digress.

I was just musing about a recent Politico story that carried the following headline: "Is Barack Obama Ready To Reassert Himself?" It was written by Jonathan Martin, Politico's politics bureau chief and senior political columnist. (How is that title for overdoing the use of the root word "politics"?)

Imagine my fear and loathing about the aforementioned headline. As far as I am concerned, the best thing about America politics since Obama left the presidency is that … he left, and would not be returning. Now it appears he's about to reassert himself. Should I be alarmed?

Naturally, this turned into rage against President Biden:

When it comes to Obama's old sidekick, 29 months into his illegitimate term in the White House, Biden has allowed approximately 5.5 million illegal aliens to enter our nation, a record, admitted without any oversight. It could be more. We just don't know.

Is that an issue for Obama? No, it was planned all along.

Does he regret anything Biden has done as president?


So what regrets does he have? Well, he regrets that Donald J. Trump might become president again – and nothing can stop him this time – no amount of cheating between now and the 2024 election, barring the unmentionable, Trump's assassination, God forbid.

After all, that can become a dreaded reality, especially to those who have witnessed them. John Kennedy … Bobby Kennedy … Martin Luther King Jr. … Gerald Ford's attempted assassination … Ronald Reagan's attempted assassination – all took place in many of our lifetimes.

What's to say it couldn't happen again?

Why does it seem that Farah is rooting for someone to assassinate Obama or Biden?

Then, of course, this evolved into rehashing yet agian discredited claims of election fraud:

Think about it. In 2020, the Democrats cheated. Since then, they have indicted Trump twice. Before that they conspired to impeach him twice. They also attacked him mercilessly during his presidency. During the 2020 election, Democrats conspired to get Joe Biden over 81 million "votes" – by far more than anyone, including Obama, ever got. Other than that highly inflated tally of Biden's, no president candidate ever achieved more than Trump's 74 million.


We can't even imagine how many Democrats expect an ending. We can't even imagine what they have at stake. They've even accused Trump of formulating an "insurrection," arresting some 2,000 of his supporters. Jan. 6 was nothing of the kind. Most see it as a "Fed-surrection" – among the dirtiest tricks ever done in the history of American politics.

We collectively shudder to see how this ends in 2024.

God protect Donald J. Trump.

No call of protection, of course, for Obama and Biden, further suggesting that he has a death wish for them.

Farah then spent his Aug. 2 column rehashing WND's bogus birther crusade:

Aug. 4, 1961, is, for many, a day that will live in infamy – even in these dark days of Joe Biden. It's Barack Obama's birthday – or so we believe.

At the height of its notoriety, it attracted controversy with as many as 50% of the nation and caused the book, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" by Jerome Corsi, a writer at WND and WND Books, to become a No. 1 bestseller.

Obama, himself, had raised questions about his birthplace when it was fashionable – as in his literary bio (below, right) from 1991 to 2007 in which his place of birth was Kenya. Coincidentally, 2007 was the year he began his presidential aspirations. I raise the moot question once again to play angel's advocate.

It ended, for all intents and purposes, in 2011 – the third year of his presidency – when he publicly released his "long-form birth certificate." Why did he take so long? Did he do it to set up a controversy or end one? Or to make us forget about it?

Today, it's as though we never had a debate. We don't even recall what the debate was about. Let me remind you: It was about who is constitutionally eligible to become president of the United States and vice president of the United States.

I don't remember much of a debate taking place around whether Kamala Harris was eligible in 2020 when she was on the presidential ballot. Her mother was born in India and her father in Jamaica. That issue was part of the debate involving Obama – there was a serious constitutional question of who confers birthright citizenship. In Obama's case, some contended that his mother conferred it since his father was born in Kenya. The founders were strict enough to think seriously about these matters – until Obama seriously confused the question and made it toxic to even discuss.

Well. we remember that WND suddenly stopped caring about birther issues in 2016 in order to avoid having that conversation about Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada (and who, not conicidentally, was endorsed by Farah for president that year prior to his embrace of Trump).That tells us that Farah was never concerned with having a legitimate debate about constitutional eligibility -- only with trying to stop Obama by any means possible.

Farah then decided that Obama's birth certificate never really mattered anyway:

It was never really about the birth certificate, anyway. As we have found out over the years, they are unreliable in most states, notably in Hawaii. There are two problems with them – even when we are talking about an original. I contend that no one has seen Obama's original. All we have seen is a copy – probably even Obama. An original is something wholly other. It was once one of the most personal documents we owned. Not so much in the age of digital everything and the iPhone.

We did an enormous amount of work on Obama. Others did too. I'm afraid it all ended without any serious resolution or conclusion.

Think of all the plans that were made earnestly. They continued right through the opening of 2011 state legislative sessions. A headline on a Politico story read: "Birther debate alive across U.S."

Yet Farah still whined, "In 2008, John McCain was asked to show his original birth certificate. Obama was not." As we documented, Obama showed a copy of his birth certificate that was certified by the state of Hawaii, which should have sufficed (and which even WND initally admitted was "authentic"). Then, somehow, Farah concluded by steering things toward Trump and Biden:

But the states couldn't agree on much in 2011. They agree on even less today.

Today, the Justice Department disagrees whether they think Biden should be investigated for taking bribes or whether Donald Trump should face at least four major felony indictments while seeking reelection. And today the Republicans are sure that Joe Biden didn't really get 81 million votes in the 2020 election. Meanwhile, the Democrats think Trump shouldn't be allowed to run ever again – even if it takes locking him up for 400 years to prevent it.

Farah will never admit he was wrong about his birther crusade because it help successfuly tar Obama -- no matter how untruthful the crusade was. And still he doesn't understand why his WND is struggling to survive when it continues to embrace such untruthfulness.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:50 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, September 23, 2023 1:34 AM EDT

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