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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
WND's Cashill Serves Up Sob Story Of Capitol Rioter Facing Accountability
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily loves to whitewash the stories of participants in the Capitol riot in order to portray them as political prisoners. Jack Cashill took a stab at one case in his Aug. 2 column:

The headline in the otherwise useless Kansas City Star caught my eye, "Kansas City man spent 6 seconds in Capitol on Jan. 6. Now he's charged with 4 crimes."

As veteran Star reporter Judy Thomas gleefully informs the paper's dwindling reader base, "The arrests have come as the massive Capitol riot investigation has picked up the pace, more than 2½ years after the Jan. 6 breach. The arrest tally now stands around 1,100, on charges ranging from demonstrating in a Capitol building to seditious conspiracy."

Why, one wonders, has the FBI "picked up the pace"? This is the same FBI that sat on Hunter Biden's laptop for nearly a year, doing little but hiding it.

All of Thomas' breast-beating is undone by two words, "six seconds." The headline begs the question, "What horrible thing must this 'Kansas City man' have done in those six seconds to deserve being arrested two-and-a-half years after the fact?"

When sane readers discover that Angelo Pacheco did exactly nothing in those six seconds, they have to question just how far out of control the FBI investigation has gone. This is no manhunt. This is a witch hunt.


An FBI special agent with the FBI domestic terrorism squad tells what steps she (an assumption) took that led to the arrest of this idealist turned "terrorist."

The agent was helped greatly by a citizen-narc, unknown to Pacheco, who allegedly reviewed his Facebook and Instagram pages, and likely his profile on KCPT, to tag Pacheco as a junior insurrectionist.

"Based on that information," the agent reviewed the photo on Pacheco's driver's license and identified him as being on the Capitol grounds Jan. 6, "wearing a distinctive American flag trapper hat on top of a white baseball cap."


Six seconds of nothingness. That's it. Reading this, I feel embarrassed for the agent and disgusted anew by the actions of the Bureau that employs her, the Department of Justice that oversees the Bureau, and the capo di tutti capi who runs this criminal enterprise.

Cashill didn't mention that there's also a picture of Pacheco hanging on scaffolding outside the Capitol building, suggesting his motives may not have been quite as benign as Cashill wants us to think.

Cashill then tried to justify Pacheco's appearance at the riot: "Even if Pacheco thought the voting in the 2020 election was on the up-and-up – please! – he had to know too how the FBI colluded with the intel community to rig the election agains Trump. He had every right to be upset." Cashill provided no evidence to support his conspiracy theory or why he thinks Pacheco shared his belief in it.

Cashill didn't note that Pacheco could have simply avoided all this by, you know, not entering the Capitol building -- there was no legitimate need for him to do so, even for six seconds. And the length of time does not matter; once Pacheco crossed the threshold of the Capitol doors, he committed a crime.Instead, he whined:

Six seconds was enough to nail Pacheco for his effort to "knowingly enter" a restricted building, to "disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business," to "engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct," and to "parade, demonstrate, or picket in any of the Capitol Buildings."

Four counts. All misdemeanors. And likely hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to ruin this one ambitious young man's life. Meanwhile, back in Washington, Hunter Biden …

Again, Pacheco chose to enter the Capitol and, thus, indisputably committed a crime by doing so. The government is not "ruining his life" by holding him accountable for his behavior -- that's called the American justice system. And we thought right-wingers believed in law and order.

Cashill also didn't explain why crimes should not be prosecuted if he approves of the commission of them. Then again, he loves criminals who commit the right crimes (like killing a black person), as his support for George Zimmerman and Derek Chauvin has demonstrated.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:52 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 3:43 PM EDT

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