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Sunday, August 27, 2023
WND's Brown Ramps Up Anti-Transgender Hate
Topic: WorldNetDaily

As part of his campaign of anti-LGBTQ hate, Michael Brown unsurprisingly supported the Supreme Court ruling that allowed a Christian website designer to refuse to offer her services, trying to parse the ruling in his July 3 column:

That's why some of the Christians who have come under attack in recent years had served LGBTQ+ customers for years. Some of them even had LGBTQ+ employees. But when it came to creating artistic content that violated their beliefs (such as creating a wedding cake or designing a floral arrangement for a same-sex ceremony), they declined. And for that, they were dragged into court, with their lives turned upside down.


That's why the Supreme Court's decision should have been 9-0 and applauded by people from all backgrounds. The fact that it was 6-3, with many Americans outraged over the ruling, reminds us of just how confused our nation has become.

May truth and sanity prevail.

Brown was back to cheering a British TV personality's anti-transgender hate in his July 12 column:

Do you remember when Ann Coulter was laughed to scorn on Bill Maher's TV show when she stated that, out of the announced Republican candidates in 2015, Donald Trump was the most likely to become president? "Trump? No way! You're crazy!" Who knew she would be so accurate in her prediction?

Now, what if I told you several years ago that Piers Morgan, well-known as a strong ally of the gay community, would become one of the loudest, most persistent voices against trans-activism? I imagine I would have been laughed to scorn, just as Coulter was.

The difference is that I did not make any such prediction.

That's because Morgan was known as a very strong ally of the LGBT community, not to mention a good friend of Elton John. If anything, I would have predicted that Morgan would also take up the trans cause, just as he had taken up the gay cause.

To my knowledge, he had not been on the record for separating the T from the LGB, nor, to my knowledge did he affirm the reality of gay identity while taking issue with the idea of trans identity.


To this moment, Morgan remains a passionate defender of same-sex relationships and, in his opinion, doesn't think most people really care to debate this anymore. Yet on broadcast after broadcast, he is challenging the madness of trans activism. (As always, when I speak of this "madness," I am not attacking individuals who truly and deeply struggle with gender dysphoria. I'm speaking about the societal madness of arguing that you are whatever sex and gender you perceive yourself to be. That idea is nothing less than madness.)

Ah, yes, the ol' "I'm not attacking people" claim he loves to take refuge in. But, again, he's framing a refusal to not not hate transgender people as "societal madness" demonstrates that he really is attacking people. Brown closed by cheering Morgan's hate: "You're on the right path, sir, step by step. We'll be waiting to greet you when you make it all the way home."

In his July 14 column, Brown cheered "influential gay blogger Andrew Sullivan" for complaining that LGBT activists tried to "reprogram children" into not hating LGBT people:

He hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what the "queers" did.

But where he was wrong was in saying that "we gays" never targeted children. That is patently false.

Who, then, were these "queers"? They were part and parcel of the larger gay-activist leadership, not least, in the realm of children's education. (And remember one of the best-known cries of early gay activists: "We're here, we're queer, get used to it.")

That's why, for well over a decade, this has been the official policy found in the Los Angeles Unified School District Reference Guide: "'Gender identity' refers to one's understanding, interests, outlook, and feelings about whether one is female or male, or both, or neither, regardless of one's biological sex."

This was not peripheral to the larger gay-activist agenda. It was right in the center of it, part of the radical war against heterosexual normativity and the hated gender binary.


Please don't tell me today that this was not part of the gay activist agenda from early on and that it was somehow hijacked by queer activists. All of this was mixed and mingled together. In fact, the pro-gay and pro-trans narratives were inextricably intertwined.

That's why, in my sarcastic poem, "Here At School the Slant Is Gay," I included these lines: "GLSEN will fill in for Granny and help kids find their inner-trannie."

Yes, Brown wrote an anti-LGBTQ poem. That's how much he hates these people.

Brown cocluded by touting how "my colleague at Focus on the Family, Jeff Johnston, has done the heavy lifting when it comes to documenting the gay indoctrination of children," then ranting: "It is now incumbent on us as parents, educators, ministry leaders, social media influences and activists to undo the damage that has been done and restore innocence and sanity to the kids of this world. It's the least that we can do." According to Brown, it's "innocence and santiy" to make sure chilren hate LGBT people and "indoctrination" to teach them not to.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:57 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, August 27, 2023 11:58 AM EDT

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