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Sunday, August 6, 2023
How Has WND's Brown Been Hating LGBT People Lately?
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We're continuing to catch up on Michael Brown's animus toward LGBT people (which he wants you to believe is only against "activism") with his June 2 WorldNetDaily column, in which he again cheered right-wing anti-LGBT hate and again complained that the Los Angeles Dodgers honoreed the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their community service:

For many years I have been saying that LGBTQ+ activists will overplay their hand, resulting in a moral and cultural revolution in the opposite direction. The May 31 headline story on DrudgeReport, "War on Pride," with a "No" graphic to two men, says it all. The accompanying headlines read, "Anti-Target Rap Tops iTunes"; "Revolt on Chick-Fil-A"; "Bud Light Sales Down 30%"; "Gays Leaving Florida."

Drudge also could have added some of the backlash to the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrating the Catholic-mocking Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the list. This was yet another step too far.

The pushback is accelerating, and for good reason.

Of course, to those (or to you) who identify as LGBTQ+ (and to LGBTQ+ allies), all this is the latest manifestation of hatred and bigotry, and people like me are leading the homophobic, biphobic, transphobic charge. We are haters and bigots in your eyes, narrow-minded, uncaring, religious fundamentalists, moral hypocrites who are obsessed with people who do not conform to our norm.

Brown once again claimed against all evidence that his anti-LGBT hate isn't hate and is somehow noble becaiuse he is right and LGBT people are evil:

Yes, I get it. And yes, it grieves me that millions of Americans who get up in the morning and go to work and school and take care of their families – everyday people living normal lives – will feel hurt and personally attacked by the very pushback I celebrate. That gives me no joy or sense of triumph.

But that's the whole point.

It is not bigotry or hatred that drives me (and others of like mind). It is the incessant, unavoidable, ever-increasing attack on our most basic human values that drives us.

It is bombarding toddlers and young children with the idea that they could be a boy one day and a girl the next.

It is female students fearing to use their own school bathrooms because of the presence of boys who identify as girls.

It is males competing against females in athletic competitions and men wearing women's swimsuits in ads.

It is drag queens not only reading books to little children but shaking their hips (and worse) in their presence, even to the point of physical touching.

It is the chemical castration and genital mutilation of minors.

It is educators and school counselors undermining family values and going behind parents' backs.

It is forcing a radical agenda on those who disagree and penalizing them for their failure to comply.

It is celebrating extremist, deeply offensive groups like the anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Brown then bizarrely insisted that homophobes like him are the real victims - then, even more bizarrely, likened the group to white supremacists:

But this is what you have to remember: They endured years of LGBTQ+ Pride nights without speaking out. They didn't rock the boat, even though they might have been personally offended. It was only when the activists went a step too far. That's when they spoke out.


Can you imagine the uproar if the Dodgers honored a group of white supremacists wearing blackface and called "The Brothers in the Hood"?

Or a group of Gentile anti-Semites wearing Hasidic Jewish garb and called "The Rabbis of the Foreskin"?

Or a group of gay-hating women dressed as effeminate men and called "The Swishers"?

Or a group of Islamophobes dressed as imams carrying AK-47s and called "Allah's Holy Messengers"?

These scenarios are so absurd as to be completely unimaginable. Yet, as the inevitable result of decades of LGBTQ+ activism, the Dodgers are celebrating and honoring nun-mocking, Catholic-despising drag queens.

For his June 5 column, Brownonce again tried (and failed) to explain that he attacks only "activism" and not people:

For almost 20 years now, I have been guided by this principle when it comes to LGBTQ people and issues: Reach out to the people with compassion; resist the agenda with courage. But how, exactly, is this done? And how does it play out in terms of the people we are called to reach and the agenda we are called to resist?

There are Christians who avoid the culture wars because they are too toxic, fearing that any involvement will only turn LGBTQ-identified people away from the faith. "Let's just love them like we love everyone else," they reason, "building relationships with them, not being offensive in our speech or conduct, and leading them to Jesus."


How can we love people in such a way that they recognize our love for them while we reject their personal perceptions and most fundamental values? And how can we love people in a genuine, Christlike way while openly opposing the things they fight for?

Many Christians still use the old adage of, "Love the sinner but hate the sin," thinking this is a good way of describing our attitude towards LGBTQ-identified people.

But, as many an ex-gay, ex-trans person has told me, they heard those words as, "You hate me." That's because, for them, being gay (or trans) was not something they did but who they were. (In the same way, I do not do heterosexual; I am heterosexual.)

On the other hand, in many cases, no matter how much we love people as people, unconditionally and with a genuine heart, if we do not affirm their expressed sexual orientation or gender identity, we will be considered hateful.

Brown went on to complain that a Twitter poll he conducted showed that "85% of those who identified as pro-LGBTQ believe that there is no way I can lovingly say, 'I believe homosexual practice is sinful' or 'I don't affirm transgender identity.'" He then claimed without evidence that "We fully understand the human issues involved, most all of us having friends or family members or colleagues who identify as LGBTQ.," though he went on to note that "A trans-identified relative of mine cut me off years ago because of my public stands on the relevant issues, despite my appeal to him to meet with me privately and tell me his story, just so I could better understand the pain he had lived with." Then, after declaring "compassion," he framed that in his certainty that he is right and LGBT people are wrong (if not evil):

As I have often said, we need hearts of compassion and backbones of steel.

So, on the one hand, if you cut us, we should bleed love. On the other hand, we will not be moved.

This is the holy tension with which we live. May God give us the grace to reflect His heart and mind.

We've noted how Brown's June 7 column weighed in on the tiny meltdown over a crew member for the Chrtistian TV show "The Chosen" displaying a small pride flag, in which he insisted that anti-LGBT hate be treated as some kind of virtue. For his Jne 12 column, he was back to cheering that very anti-LGBT hate:

As I've stated elsewhere, these Americans didn't sign up for the increasingly radical cultural madness, for the assault on children, and for the stripping away of the rights of others. That's why so many are now pushing back against "Pride."

And it's not just the conservative, Bible believers. It's the average drinker of Budweiser beer. It's the average shopper at Target. It's the average parent with a kid in school.

They're not going for the blur-gender, omnigender, pregnant man, menstruating males, castrate-the-kids nonsense.

And they're not going for the constant, in your face exaltation of everything gay and trans and queer related. As Matt Walsh tweeted on May 30, "As you prepare for Pride Month, we must also remember to celebrate:

"Bisexual Health Awareness Month
International Transgender Day of Visibility
National LGBT Health Awareness Week
National Transgender HIV Testing Day
Non-Binary Parents Day
Lesbian Visibility Day
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, & Biphobia
Harvey Milk Day
Pansexual & Pan Romantic Awareness & Visibility Day
Non-Binary Awareness Week
International Drag Day
LGBTQ History Month (not to be confused w/ Pride Month)
International Lesbian Day
National Coming Out Day
National LGBT Center Awareness Day
Asexual Awareness Week
International Pronouns Day
Transgender Parent Day
Pansexual Pride Day
Gay Uncles Day"

Did he miss any?


The camel has gotten its nose in the door of the tent, and everything else has followed in its wake. As a result, millions of Americans are saying, "This is too much."

They wanted to embrace common kindness. They ended up with cultural craziness.

The fact that Brown is approvingly quoting a vicious homobphobe like Walsh shows where his sympathies lie and where his claimed "compassion" does not. Indeed,he went on to embrace another hater:

As Joe Rogan said to his massive podcast audience, "So we're seeing that now where we never saw that before, where people are going 'Enough! Enough! Stop shoving this down everybody's throat.'"

Precisely so. (For those who do not know Rogan, he is not a born-again, Bible-waving Christian.)

He continued, "When I go to Target I don't want to see like [expletive] tuck pants, like they're designed to help you tuck your [expletive]. Hey, that's not normal, I don't want that right in front of everybody. It's weird."

He's right. It's weird. It's unnatural. It's harmful to suggest this for kids. And, from a business point of view, it's only relevant to a tiny percentage of the society. Why on earth make it front and center in your store unless you are driven by a radical social agenda?

And that's why this Pride Month is different than past Pride Months. Americans are coming to their senses. As I recently tweeted, what began for many as the embrace of common decency ("I treat my gay friends and coworkers with fairness and respect") has become a celebration of deviancy ("Long live the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!").

The bottom line is that LGBTQ+ activists have basically said, "No matter how much ground you give us and no matter how much you embrace us, it is never enough. We will continue to push the envelope."

Millions of Americans have responded by saying, "Enough is enough."

Brown does not explain why his enthusiatic support for anti-LGBT hate shouildn't be assumed to apply to people and not "activism."

Posted by Terry K. at 4:42 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, November 6, 2023 11:01 PM EST

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