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Thursday, August 3, 2023
WND's Kupelian Adds New (Bogus) Grievances To Another Old Book
Topic: WorldNetDaily

As he did with his 2005 book "The Marketing of Evil," WorldNetDaily managing editor David Kupelian has put out a revised edition of his 2015 book "The Snapping of The American Mind." Both were originally published by WND's now-defunct book division, but the revised edition are being released by Republic, a publisher founded by longtime right-wing book publisher Alfred Regnery. Kupelian explained what the revised edition contains in a March 27 article:

Turbocharged by the presidency of Barack Obama – one of the most radical, destructive and utterly dishonest chief executives in American history – and continuing into our current time under the demented and epically corrupt Joe Biden, long-coalescing forces of the political, cultural and sexual Left have finally succeeded in bringing about their long-promised “fundamental transformation of America.”

But there’s more – much more.

The bigger story is, this revolution is also causing a “fundamental transformation” of Americans, as I explore in the new edition of my book, “The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture.” In this newly revised and expanded paperback edition, I reveal how the radical Left – which today dominates virtually all of America’s key institutions – is accomplishing far more than just enlarging government, redistributing wealth, de-Christianizing the culture and generally wrecking our country. With its wild celebration of sexual anarchy, its intimidating culture of “woke” political correctness, its perverse incomprehension of the fundamental sacredness of human life, and – as is increasingly evident – its blinding hatred of Almighty God, our leader class is not only negatively transforming the greatest nation in history. It is also actively promoting widespread dependency, debauchery, family breakdown, violent crime, corruption, suffering, addiction, mental illness, despair and suicide. This is what I explore in the new edition of "Snapping," which includes brand-new chapters illuminating the astonishing "1984"-style attacks on America taking place under the deranged presidency of Joe Biden. 

In other words: He's trying to retool his animus toward Obama to make it fit as an attack against Biden, as well as rehash his pro-Trump activism by continuing to justify abandoning his sense of morality in order to support him. Indeed, a excerpt from the book published at WND on June 4 shows how much he is willing to lie and mislead in order to prop up Trump and attack Democrats:

Truth be told, the Democratic Party has long smiled on election fraud and abuse.

Democrats’ indefensible opposition to Voter ID laws, their expansion of Election Day into “Election Month,” their flat-out unconstitutional alteration of state election laws such as occurred in 2020, their promotion of universal vote-by-mail with the simultaneous abandonment of traditional safeguards, their advocacy of the fraud-plagued practice of “ballot harvesting,” their perverse opposition to cleaning voter rolls, their insistence that ballots mailed late be counted, and a multitude of other strategies all testify to their love affair with election fraud.

Meanwhile, conservatives who support the most basic, commonsense, universally accepted standards like Voter ID are gaslighted as racists and white supremacists, and, as Joe Biden repeatedly told the nation, rabid promoters of “Jim Crow 2.0.” This despite the fact that a large majority of black and Hispanic voters in the U.S. insist they favor Voter ID laws!

The key to understanding how Democrats can feel morally superior about encouraging and abetting election fraud – which is both a crime and a mortal assault on the most essential foundation of a civilized society – is recognizing that they tend to regard their opponents not just as wrong, but as evil. As legendary columnist Charles Krauthammer put it, “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

That's a highly ironic claim given how Kupelian clearly believes that anyone who's not as far-right as he is is not just wrong but evil. Kupelian followed that with another hypocritical rant:

Or perhaps worse than evil, if such is possible: Indeed, for many decades, Democrats have likened Republican presidents to Adolf Hitler, arguably the most reviled human being in world history.

Columnist and talk host Larry Elder recounts a few highlights of this practice, leading off with Minnesota attorney general and former congressman, Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat and a Muslim, “compar[ing] then-President George W. Bush and 9/11 to Adolf Hitler and the destruction of the Reichstag, the German parliament building: ‘9/11 is the juggernaut in American history and it allows ... it’s almost like, you know, the Reichstag fire,’ Ellison said. ‘After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put the leader of that country (Hitler) in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.’”

Sound insane? Just wait. “Comparing Republicans to Nazis has long been a national pastime of the Democratic Party,” explains Elder:


Notwithstanding the Democratic Party’s long history of concocting outrageous Hitler parallels with Republicans, the U.S. president eliciting the most extreme and widespread Hitler comparisons – by far – has been Donald J. Trump.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn echoed the Hitler comparison, telling CNN, “This president and this attorney general seem to be doing everything they possibly can to impose Gestapo activities in local communities.” CNN’s Don Lemon compared Trump to Hitler on-air, as did Democratic presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke. The truth is, throughout Trump’s presidency, Democrats and media personalities continually likened the 45th U.S. president to Hitler, demonized Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers as Nazi guards, and border detention facilities as “concentration camps.”

Since the only moral response to the real Hitler was to try to assassinate him (there were 16 known plots to end Hitler’s life), merely lying, deceiving and cheating in elections would seem to be not just morally acceptable – but a moral imperative, according to this worldview.

As we've documented every time Kupelian does this, likening President Obama to Hitler or other Nazis was practically a staple attack at WND. It had a columnist, Hilmar von Campe, who practically reveled in doing so. Kupelian's boss, Joseph Farah, demanded that a minister not give the invocation at Obama's inauguration, citing Obama's "evil policies" and adding, "I'm sure you would not want to invoke God's blessing on the inauguration of a figure like Adolf Hitler, whose rise to power brought the destruction of millions of lives." Farah even worked an Obama-Hitler comparsion into his bogus birther crusade, declaring that tyhey were similarly ineligible to hold their leadership positions. WND-published author Anita Dittman loved the comparison too, insisting that "Liberals’ blind idolization of Obama mirrored Germany’s hypnotic fascination with Hitler, Dittman said of the racist tyrant whose vitriolic rhetoric dehumanized the Jewish people as a prelude to his attempts at total annihilation." It even published a column defending the smear and insisting that those who complained about it "are out of ideas or have too much time on their hands." We don't recall Kupelian ever fretting about inciting violent attacks on Obama whenever he published these smears, which tells us he believed that the only moral response to Obama was to deceive and lie about him -- for instance, Kupelian and WND spread eight years of lies about where Obama was born.

Kupelian went on to assert again that Democrats are not just wrong but evil and demonic:

To understand what’s truly occurring on the deepest level in today’s America requires a shift away from the conventional political terminology of “left-right,” “liberal-conservative,” “Democrat-Republican.”

Indeed, everything being explored here ultimately boils down to matters of good and evil.

As mega-bestselling author of “American Marxism” and talk-host Mark Levin observed, Joe Biden has led the “most diabolical presidency and most diabolical Democratic Party, probably since slavery.”

“Diabolical,” of course, means “characteristic of the Devil, or so evil as to be suggestive of the Devil.” And in light of the Bible’s memorable characterization of the Devil as “the accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12:10), it’s chilling to consider that good and decent Americans, the vast majority self-identifying as Christians, have never ever been falsely accused of so much evil by their own diabolical leader class as they are in the current era.

Kupelian didn't explain how this argument didn't run afoul of his own complaint that Democrats believe Republicans are not just wrong but evil.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:16 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, August 3, 2023 6:17 PM EDT

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