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Saturday, April 29, 2023
Columnist At Hate-Filled WND Unironically Complains About (Non-Right-Wing) Hate
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Michael Master wrote in his March 14 WorldNetDaily column:

It is my observation that some people love to hate. Need to hate. Want to hate. They are locked into those teenage years of hatred. Hate their parents. Hate their siblings. Hate their classmates. Hate their country. Hate their gender. Hate the other gender. Hate life. Hate getting up in the morning (especially without caffeine from Starbucks). Hate their lots in life. Hate those that have better lives than theirs.

They look for reasons and targets to justify their hatred.

Picture a society like the teenage girl in Beetlejuice that stays that way as adults… never grows up… happy hating. Trapped. Constantly blaming others for their own failures. How many adults are trapped in their hatreds like that?

Has Master forgotten who publishes his column? WND is dripping with hatred toward anyone who's not as far-right as it is. If you're a Democrat, LGBT or, worse, both, WND hates you.

But just as he doesn't see right-wing groupthink, Master doesn't see right-wing hate. As far as he's concerned (for the purposes of his fantastical narrative, anyway), the only haters are on the left:

Democrats/liberals/Marxists figured out how to tap that need, want, desire to hate. They provided the reasons and targets. Critical Race Theory. Jan 6. Russia hoax. WOKE. Hate Reagan. Hate W Bush. Hate Trump. Hate FOX. Hate conservatives. Hate Christianity. Hate diversity of thought. Hate white men.

Hatred is addictive. A drug. Based on envy, coveting. The more that you hate, the more that you need to hate, the more that can be found to justify even more hatred.

So Democrats/liberals/Marxists organized hate teams, envy teams. BLM. Antifa. Climate activists. Feminists. Transgenders. Secularists. Abortion protectors. Socialists. Cancel culture. LBGTQ. SEIU. NEA. The UN. All of them designed to covet something, to hate someone.

Hatred is a great motivator that is stifling America. It taints vision. Taints vision to the point that truth is stifled. Fake news is accepted. Cheating is justified. Lies are accepted. Election fraud is ignored. The glass is always half empty, never half full. And “the end justifies the means” is the only rule that matters (Alinsky).

Again, Master appears to have never read the website that publishes him -- WND not only accepts fake news, it happily publishes fake news, including the lie that there was election fraud.

What's Master's solution to all this hate that mysteriously appears on only one side of the political ledger? Force people to think like he does, apparently:

o you want to help make America great again? Well, a sure way to help make America great again is to stop rewarding hatred. Help Americans grow up into adults. Make people responsible for their own actions.

• No deficits (is our federal government listening?).
• No forgiveness for student loans.
• No more affirmative action.
• No more soft on crime.
• No one exempt from paying income taxes (not the filthy rich and not the dirt poor).
• No one exempt from serving the country (a draft where everyone must serve in some way for 18 months at 18 years old).
• No more violations to our Bill of Rights.
• No more violations to our Constitution.
• No more appeasing hatred.

And then reward merit, merit, merit. Teach our children that if you want more, then produce more, produce what others want to buy from you, do what others are willing to pay you to do, and be some form of positive added value. Support our Constitution, Capitalism, and Christianity.

Master seems to have forgotten that WND has failed as a capitalist endeavor -- and, thus, as a machine of hatred -- and is now subsisting on donations.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:48 AM EDT

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