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Saturday, March 11, 2023
WND Thinks The Devil Sounds Like A Right-Winger's Imaginary Liberal
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The violations and crimes of the current administration aren't what matters at this point. They are indeed the expected now, with more in store, because an immensity of lying already has gone unchallenged. These lies have been left standing to mock the masses, for whom such a vast scope of evil is simply unimaginable.

The lies of the devil:

"I don't exist, so don't waste your time looking for me – and besides, I work in such darkness that you cannot begin to appreciate my machinations."

"The ownership of 95% of news propagation, opinion and entertainment, by a handful of nameless, faceless corporate entities is only fair, because Capitalism."

"Joe Biden is of sound mind and body. He is the president. He writes everything he reads off the teleprompter himself, and he alone is in charge."

"Joe and Hunter and Jim, et al., weren't selling our country to our enemies. Joe never knew nothin', and if he did it was just honest and open commerce."

"We denied election results when you stopped our guys, because it just couldn't have happened, so you must have cheated. You denying election results is unprecedented, evil and anti-democracy. These were the most transparent and honest elections ever held."

"Our borders are completely secured. Those 7 million are just visiting. We're not pushing them to vote. We just want them to be able to have driver's licenses. But Motor Voter won't apply to them."

"The inflation, the border issues, the needless war and conflict with Russia, the destruction of vast swaths of American businesses during lockdown, the mandated vaccinations, the well-hushed VAERS reports of vaccine injury and death, the soaring gas prices and foreign oil purchases, the food and formula shortages … all Trumps fault."

"These vaccines are safe and effective and will stop the spread."

"Shutting down all businesses except the big-box stores will stop the spread."

"Wearing masks is essential. And the FDA and WHO agree that chain link fences will definitely keep out mosquitoes."

"Ivermectin can kill you! The billions who have used it safely – going back decades – are all lying anti-vaxxers."

"The crisis is too great to allow doctors to treat the symptoms as they appear. Patients should stay home and wait till they are ready to die, before going to the hospital to be put on ventilators that will kill 80% of them."

"All those old people in the nursing homes were about to die anyway."

"Printing hundreds of billions of dollars of paper money to finance our takeover of the world will not change the value of your money. And everything will be much better when we control everything."

"Alex Jones had to be locked out of the discussion. Michael Flynn was eliminated instantly because he spoke to a Russian before he was sworn in. OANN had to go because they were too extreme. Newsmax is history because AT&T had to economize. It had nothing to do with them refusing to follow their marching orders. And there's no such thing as Cancel Culture."

And finally, "This is a good war, and a small nuclear exchange won't really be that bad."

-- Jim Darlington, Feb. 6 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 1:38 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, March 11, 2023 1:53 PM EST

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