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Wednesday, February 15, 2023
WND's Root Sets Up Rigged Lie-Detector Test To Push Anti-Vaxxer Narratives
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily columnist Wayne Allyn Root is a prolific COVID misinformer, and he just won't let up. He ranted in his Dec. 16 column:

There is nothing left to debate. Anyone who is not brainwashed, or brain dead, can see that the COVID-19 vaccine was the worst mistake in America's history, world history, health-care history and the history of medicine.

The data is in from all over the world. You haven't seen it? I believe that's because the media are guilty of covering up mass death on a scale no one can even imagine. But it's only getting started. Wait for 2023.

But I have all the important data. Write me. I'm glad to send it, for free:

We've noted that his "important data" is largely from dubious sources like anonymous Substack accounts, discredited "news" sources like LifeSite and the usual misinformer suspects like  Steve Kirsch, Ryan Cole and Robert Malone, and it can be presumed that much of it is dubious, if not outright false.He continued with the usual vicious anti-vaxxer ranting:

No, I'm not a doctor, or a scientist. Yes, I'm a conservative TV and radio talk-show host. But I'm not brainwashed, gaslighted, delusional or easily scammed. I only search for raw truth – wherever it leads.

I have seen the data (i.e., factual evidence) from all over the world that the COVID-19 vaccine is the most dangerous and deadly vaccine in history – BY A MILE.


If you're not blind, you've noticed the media headlines of "sudden death." The numbers are shocking. Every day more famous people are "dying suddenly and unexpectedly." That's the tip of the iceberg. They represent thousands per day dying suddenly – a phenomenon never seen in history until the vaccines.

But it's not just death; it's a pandemic of disability. It's heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots and an explosion of stage 4 cancer. Millions of Americans will never work again. Who will pay for all this?

This is a tsunami of death and disability – all because these innocent Americans trusted government, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, Big Pharma and Democrat [sic] politicians who mandated the vaccines.

Root then issued a challenge:

So, here's my challenge to all the liars, frauds, peddlers of propaganda, merchants of death and kings and queens of coverup and denial. It's simple ...

I believe the COVID-19 vaccine is deadly. This is now a crime scene. This is mass death on a grand scale. This vaccine death spiral is accelerating at warp speed. I believe we are about to experience the biggest mass die-off in world history, in 2023.

So, prove me wrong. Make me eat crow. Make me look crazy. All you have to do is take a simple lie detector test.

Never mind that lie detector tests aren't admissible in court. And he has a group of loaded questions designed to push his narrative. Among the first ones: "Does it protect against COVID-19?" and "Does it prevent transmission?" In fact, it reduces the risk of contracting and transmission; it also reduces the risk of hospitalization and death, but Root doesn't ask about that.

Another question: "In 1976 the entire swine flu vaccine program was suspended because 32 Americans died. Are you aware the VAERS list shows tens of thousands are dead from the COVID-19 vaccine, more than all other vaccines in modern history COMBINED?" Anti-vaxxers like Root love to deliberately misinterpret VAERS data and ignore the fact that none of the information in VAERS has been independently verified.

Then he moved on to dubious treatments:

No. 9: Were you aware that hundreds of studies show hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin work very effectively versus COVID-19 and other viruses?

No. 10: Are you aware millions of lives could have been saved with HCQ, ivermectin and vitamin D3? However, if Big Pharma admitted any of them were effective versus COVID-19, they could not get emergency authorization to make billions of dollars with their experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

No. 11: Have you or your family ever used ivermectin?

In fact, most credible studies show that neither hydroxychloroquine nor ivermectin are an effective treatment for COVID. There are studies that suggest vitamin D may work as a treatment, while others do not.

Root, of course, knows his questions are loaded, and he's already predicting the results:

If I'm right, and the needle shows they fail every question, this makes them all complicit in fraud and mass murder. They all knew from the start. They all certainly know the truth now – yet they're still pushing the vaccine.

You can take the lie detector test and prove me a fool. I dare you. I double dare you.

But no one will ever take me up on my challenge.

That's because the debate is over. The jig is up. They can't hide it anymore. The "sudden deaths" are piling up. Now it's all about denial and coverup.

P.S. My favorite pronouns are "crimes/against/humanity," "mass/murder" and "prosecute/Fauci/and everyone involved."

That last part is a shoutout to Elon Musk for tweeting, "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci."

Root then spent his Dec. 30 column merging his anti-vaxxer attitudes with his Trump-fluffing, epxlaining why he still supports Donald Trump despite the fact that he still supports vaccines:

Millions of conservatives who follow me on TV, radio, newspaper columns, books, social media (I'm back on Twitter again @RealWayneRoot) know me as "the Paul Revere" of the COVID-19 vaccine. I've warned louder and with more passion, from the highest mountaintops, about the dangerous, deadly COVID-19 jab – literally from the first day.

I believe this vaccine is the biggest disaster in health care history. It's a complete failure. It doesn't prevent COVID-19. It doesn't prevent the spread of COVID-19. And I have data and hard evidence from around the world showing the deaths, injuries, heart attacks, strokes and massive immune damage these vaccines have produced. The mortality rate is skyrocketing across America and around the world to the highest levels in recorded history, but only since the introduction of the jab ... and only among the vaccinated.

But Trump disagrees. He thinks the vaccines are a miracle of modern science. He believes they saved millions of lives.

Two people couldn't be further apart.

So, how can I support Trump for president? Well, I don't just support Trump, I support him 110%. I'm "all in" with Trump, even though we disagree on the COVID-19 vaccine. Why?

First, we agree 100% on every other issue. That puts us on the same team.

After more Trump-fluffing, Root revealed the one vaccine-related issuse where they both agree:

Now to the COVID-19 vaccine. Watch my interview. What's important is that Trump is against any COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Trump will never force anyone to take the jab. Period.

No cop will ever have to take the jab ... no fireman ... no nurse ... no private sector employee ... no government employee ... no pilot ... no soldier ... NO ONE. Bravo!

Trump also promised to reinstate any military member who was fired for refusing to take the jab – and give them back all their back pay. Even bigger bravo!

And then there's the children. With Trump as president, no child will ever be forced to take the jab to attend public school, or college. When it comes to children, Trump went further. He said, "Children shouldn't have them. They don't need them. It's terrible what they've done to children." Triple bravo!

That's all I need to hear. It's a free country. Trump can love the vaccine; I can hate it. But as long as no one is forced to take it, it doesn't matter.

If you want it, get it. Good luck. You'll need it. But I will never get it. I will encourage all my family, friends and fans to run away from it. That's freedom. That's what America is all about.

Remember, Root was a literal COVID superspreader, hiding the virus from all he encounted while on a book tour in late 2021.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:14 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, February 15, 2023 3:20 PM EST

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