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Monday, November 7, 2022
WND's Norris Gets Into The Election Endorsement Business (And Farah Tags Along)
Topic: WorldNetDaily

When he's not using his WorldNetDaily column to shill for companies that pay him to do so, Chuck Norris is using his column to shill for right-wingers, handing out numerous election endorsements before the midterms. Norris started his Oct. 17 column this way:

When my wife, Gena, and I heard the political watershed news that Tulsi Gabbard, who served as the U.S. representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district from 2013 to 2021, announced this past week that she was stepping away from the Democratic Party, we were thrilled and commend her courage. Actually, I made a very similar shift back in the 1960s.

Actually, Gabbard hasn't been a real Democrat for years -- meaning that courage was hardly a factor here -- and Norris conveniently omitted any mention of Gabbard's propagandizing for Russia. Norris then went on to proclaim his "Chuck Norris Approved" endorsement of right-wing candidates:

America is again at a huge tipping point, maybe the biggest one ever. If we don't stop liberal progressives now by electing more constitutionally conservative leaders, they will continue to lead most Americans (particularly younger generations) down the slippery slope to socialism and Marxism.

So, without further adieu, let me highlight a few of my top choices in the midterm elections about to take place in just three short weeks. Obviously, there are several critical races on the national stage as well as for most local regions, which is why I will also recommend a website that will help you choose the right candidates in your state, too.


Please, share this column and especially those candidate choices above with everyone you know across the country. We are in the final stretch to what are clearly the most critical midterm elections in years.

Norris' list includes right-wing extremists like Blake Masters and Kari Lake -- who still push the lie that there was election fraud in 2020 -- as well as carpetbagger Mehmet Oz and immoral abortion-lover Herschel Walker.

Norris went on to add: "Also, for additional election wisdom, please subscribe to WND's insightful Whistleblower magazine and especially its latest edition: "Stopping the Madness: A Midterm Election Guide for Voters who Love America." As we've documented, this issue of WND's sparsely read magazine is little more than an fearmongering anti-liberal screed designed to demonize anyone who's not as far right as Davie Kupelian and try to scare his fellow right-wingers into voting.

Norris ramped up his own fearmongering -- as WND columnists do -- in his Oct. 24 column, blaming an alleged increase in police officers killed on duty on how " liberals around the nation demanded that cities 'defund the police' and "pushed for a woke anti-police ideology." He repeated his list of endorsements, with a few additons, demanding that "we must elect constitutionally conservative candidates in these next midterm elections ... to rebolster our law enforcement agencies and stop the outrageous levels of violent crime."

Norris switched his fearmongering focus to the border for his  Oct. 31 column, uncritically repeating right-wing talking points and unsurprisingly blaming "the completely-do-nothing-open-border policy of the Biden administration is that it is literally killing hundreds of migrants trying to get into the U.S." It weird to see Norris claiming to care about the lives of migrants since most right-wingers do, given how they're described with dehumanizing terms like "illegals." Norris then went on to "re-list my 'Chuck Norris-Approved candidates' who are strong advocates for securing U.S. borders."

In his final pre-election column before the election on Nov. 7, Norris equated himself with the Founding Fathers, baselessly insisting that they were as dogmatically right-wing as he is while also serving up eve more fearmongering (read: parroting right-wing talking points):

America as our founders created it is on life support and desperately needs our help.

Our broken borders have allowed into the U.S. record numbers of criminals and contraband. The last few years, overdoses from fentanyl that was smuggled from Mexico killed over 100,000 Americans (including teens). Cartels have capitalized on the Biden administration's open border policies, making billions of dollars more by increasing human smuggling and child trafficking.

Inside the U.S., violent crime and police killings have soared in every state. Inflation is at a 40-year high. Mortgage rates are at a 20-year high. The fed raised interest rates six times this year alone. The largest shipping mogul just reported that "dark economic clouds are on the horizon." Full-blown recession is imminent. And, most painful of all, as gas, grocery and house prices skyrocket, average middle-class Americans are struggling simply to pay for essentials like food and shelter.

As a result of all the above, the United States of America is more divided than ever. And it doesn't help that U.S. and Russian leaders have recently brought us again to the brink of Armageddon by their nuclear-war rhetoric and pride-filled warmonger actions.

The downfall of the American dream is why Americans are rightly disappointed with Democrat-led local, state and federal governments. The most recent Gallup poll shows that Mr. Biden's job approval has spiraled "back down to 40%." More than 75% of Democrats don't even like him!


To be frank, the only way your quality of life is going to get better is by getting the liberal Democrats out of office across the country. It starts with these midterm elections and will run to the 2024 presidential campaign.

But rather than just me sharing how powerful your vote is, I want to remind you what America's founders said about it when they created our republic, including their advice about whom to vote for in these upcoming midterm elections.

This is what just eight prominent founders want you to remember as you go to the polls and draw the curtain on that voting booth. (A special thanks goes to historian David Barton from Wallbuilders for providing this information on his website:

The fact that Norris is invoking the notoriously wrong "historian" Barton tells you all you need to know about how seriously he and his endorsements should be taken.And, of course, he fails to consider that one reason "the United States of America is more divided than ever" is because right-wingers like himself insisting on spreading fear and misinformation about anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Norris again repeated his list of endorsements, adding: "Friends, this is a do-or-die midterm election. Please share this column ASAP on your social media and encourage everyone you know to get out to vote, by mail or in person."

Meanwhile, WND editor Joseph Farah attempted to hitch a ride on Norris' endorsement bandwagon, parroting Norris' parroting in his Nov. 2 column:

I love Chuck Norris' political endorsements!

And I'd like add my own because we think so much alike. How do I know?

He told me so. Yes, I have had the pleasure of meeting Chuck, his wife, Gena – even their kids. I've been invited to his house and met him a few times. There are very few people who share my ideas quite so closely.

Farah repeated Norris' endorsements, then added a bunch of his own favorite far-right folks, many of whom are election deniers like Farah.

Note that Farah said "there are very few people who share my ideas quite so closely" as Norris. Farah seems to think that's a good thing, but given that Farah's "ideas" include election denial and spreading COVID lies, it really isn't.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:03 PM EST
Updated: Monday, November 7, 2022 3:38 PM EST

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