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Saturday, September 17, 2022
WND Columnist Still Defending Putin
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Several WorldNetDaily columnists took Russia's side around the start of Russia's war on Ukraine, and some have continued to. One of those is David McQuade, who was still insisting in an Aug. 1 column that Russia still has some sort of moral high ground against Ukraine and the West:

Not to suggest the oligarchy ruling class is any better for the average Russian, but after the fall of the Soviet Union and communism, religion and biblical values at least made a powerful resurgence and now play a vital role in the region. As a result, values, or the perceived lack thereof, serve as a cudgel on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Western values – whatever they are at the moment, inexplicable and forever morphing – are directly fueling the world's escalating and volatile geopolitical conflicts.

To be clear, Vladimir Putin is no saint. However, we've made it an easy lift for him to leverage what he calls "decadent Western values" against us and seize moral high ground with other world powers and his citizens alike. That includes the influential Russian Orthodox Church.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week:

"In Moscow, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, blessed Russian troops and proclaimed the war in Ukraine a metaphysical conflict between the faithful of God and a 'decadent West.'"

Regardless of what our culturally naïve political class indignantly insists, it was perceived a moral imperative for Putin and his religious allies to take back critical territory along his border that for a century was a part of the Russian state, lest it too become a "decadent," card-carrying, missile-carrying member of NATO with a president chosen and groomed by the U.S. (talk about "foreign interference").

Ukraine's corrupt oligarchy has thrown in with "decadent Western values" so completely that its newly sainted president dances in high heels and drag when not sitting for Vanity Fair features. No wonder he's proven such an iconic hero to the modern left – and such an enemy of the Orthodox Church.

Months after most rational people -- and even most rational right-wingers -- stopped trying to justify Putin's war, McQuade was stiil giving it a shot:

Putin perceives a clear and present danger from the leftist West – the "decadent" and corrosive abandonment of any and all traditional values.

From his perspective it would be like ignoring a fast-metastasizing cancer. Waiting was not an option.

Still, war is hell, and innocents are being brutally crushed in Ukraine as we go broke prolonging their suffering. The nightmare unfolds in living color 24/7, even if not materially different from ongoing conflicts in Africa that go uncovered by Western media.

But regardless of what we think of his war, shoring up Russia's autonomy and centuries-old cultural identity was a timely, now-or-never proposition for Putin, further painted into a corner with threats of regime change.

McQuade also peddled the not-aging-well claim that Putin's war of choice is somehow America's fault:

America's abject weakness and humiliating capitulation in Afghanistan wasn't lost on Putin. Nor was the sad fact that our sitting president is beholden to his family's benefactors to include Ukrainian oligarchs and the CCP. He also couldn't help but notice our dangerously divided nation with a generation of American-flag-loathing ideologues.

His timing was perfect. As it will be for China when it makes its long awaited move on Taiwan soon. America will then be forced to choose between multiple theaters of engagement, otherwise known as a "world war." Or as arrogant, globalist leftists like to think of it, "the Great Reset," a golden opportunity to instantly reduce population and war profiteer. Fallout shelters are being built for such nihilistic elitists as we speak.

McQuade concluded by declaring that the only thing that can save us is turning to his right-wing version of God:

Fellow Americans, we are down to a single saving hope to preserve our once "Nation Under God" as a free and prosperous land and force for good rather than evil: Revival. Otherwise, I'm sorry to say all bets are off. And our day of reckoning is closer than we think.

McQuade's bio describes him as having "founded cable channel Z Music Television, "The Positive Alternative" to MTV" -- which is to say, a failed cable channel that attempted to be the Christian version of MTV. The fact that he still insists on taking Russia's side in this war tells us that he's in need of a lot more than revival.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:05 AM EDT

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