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Thursday, August 4, 2022
CNS Touted Another False Claim From Anti-Abortion Jewish Group's SCOTUS Brief

The Coalition for Jewish Values is not the only right-wing Jewish group has been promoting of late. It's also fond of the anti-abortion extremism of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation -- which, as it turns out, appears to be pretty much just one woman, Cecily Routman. We've already doucmented how managing editor Michael W. Chapman was forced to expunge a quote by a Jewish rabbi because the Supreme Court brief filed by the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation and other groups falsely framed his words about a "silent Holocaust" as being about abortion when, in fact, they were about Jewish assimilation.And we've discovered another false statement in that brief.

Chapman touted the group's extremist rhetoric in a Jan. 18 article:

In its Jan.14 newsletter, the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation denounced the pro-abortion bill signed into law last week by New Jersey's Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, a Catholic,  stating that "Moloch wins in New Jersey, but life will ultimately prevail."

The new law, the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act, codifies abortion into state law in New Jersey, allowing abortion under nearly all circumstances, even in late-term pregnancies.  "Moloch" is an idol, a false god mentioned in the Old Testament, to whom children were sacrificed, usually by fire.

Chapman also referenced the Supreme Court brief the group helped file:

In a brief filed with the Supreme Court, the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation and several other Jewish pro-life groups stated, "Abortion is antithetical to Torah principles. The act of abortion, and the industry that promotes and benefits financially from it, violates all Jewish ethics and morals."

"The history of Judaism includes many existential threats to Jewish life in the form of state sponsored mass murder," reads the brief.  "This makes us especially sensitive to the plight of the child in the womb, whose protection under the law was completely abrogated by Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Planned Parenthood v. Casey."

The brief also notes that Margaret Sanger, the founder of the American Birth Control League, which became Planned Parenthood, were the "primary sponsors of eugenics during her lifetime. She associated herself with Adolph Hitler, praising him for his racial politics of eugenics."

That, like the false framing of the rabbi's quote, is also wrong. In fact, Sanger never "associated herself" with Hitler -- not only did she never meet him, she was an early critic of the Nazi movement, and the Nazis burned Sanger's books. While Sanger did support eugenics, she saw it only throught the lens of birth control.

The brief sourced its false claims about Sanger to an unbylined article at a website called the Scholar's Corner, which is run by Jeff Peterson, a onetime minister turned web designer and artist. The article in turn appears to credit the false Sanger-Hitler link to the 1976 book "Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America" by Linda Gordon. But a limited search of the book on Google Books seems to suggest that it does not support the Scholar's Corner claim that Sanger supported Hitler.

Maybe Chapman needs to do a stealth edit of this article as well and remove this false information.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:47 AM EDT

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