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Tuesday, April 12, 2022
WND's 'News' Side Also Pushes Biden-Bashing, Putin Appeasement
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Just like its opinion side, WorldNetDaily's "news" side has served up a dose of Biden-bashing and Putin appeasement in writing about Russia's invastion of Ukraine.

A Feb. 24 article by Bob Unruh hyped how "Former President Donald Trump is charging that Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is playing Joe Biden "like a drum" and the just-launched attack on Russia's neighbor, Ukraine, would not have happened were he still in the White House." Unruh admitted that Trump "stirred up his critics in both parties by describing as "savvy" Putin's strategy of declaring two parcels of Ukraine as independent and then claiming Russia's forces were invading as 'peacekeepers,'" but tried to dismissing by noting one source of criticism was Liz Cheney, "who was removed from her GOP leadership post for her earlier attacks on Trump."

A Feb. 26 article by Unruh seemed to be justifying Putin's invasion as a ploy to reverse "demographic winter" in Russia:

A commentary in the Washington Times recently called demographic winter "The plague of the century."

Elon Musk has warned about it, telling a forum recently, "One of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birth rate and rapidly declining birthrate."

Simply, there are not enough people being born in some nations to replace those seniors who die. Populations will be declining.


Now the Ruth Institute is suggesting that this threat could be part of why Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, his neighbor.

"Most observers are missing the demographic dimension of the war in the Ukraine," said Ruth Institute Communications Director Don Feder. "Russia needs people, and in Ukraine there are 41 million people who are ethnically identical to its own.

"By absorbing Ukraine, it will increase its population almost 30% overnight."

We've documented how the "demographic winter" concept is largely a racial one, with only white babies the ones that advocates are genuinely fretting about. Unurh was silent about the racial aspect.

In a March 3 article, Art Moore gave space to an analyst who was effectively arguing for Ukraine to capitulate to Russia to keep Russia from bombing it:

The fall of the major Ukrainian city of Kherson on Thursday marks a major turning point in the war, because Ukrainian forces mounted very little resistance and, consequently, the city of 300,000 was spared, contends Russia analyst Clint Ehrlich.

"The message to other cities is clear: Fight and be leveled or surrender and be treated kindly," he wrote in a thread on Twitter presenting his conclusion that the Ukrainians must face the grim reality that they are outmanned and Russia has shown in the past that it will show no mercy if it meets resistance.


Ehrlich said there's "a real risk that we're selling the Ukrainians a false bill of goods – just like we did when we promised them NATO membership."

"They keep asking for a NATO no-fly zone because they know they can't win without it," he said. "We aren't going to give it to them."

That leaves the West with a "troubling moral quandary."

"Are we really helping the Ukrainians by encouraging them to fight?"

Ehrlich said he is "awed" by the bravery of the Ukrainians.

"But if the end result is watching [Ukraine] get viciously torn to pieces, was it really worth it?

Moore didn't mention that Ehrlich is actually a pro-Trump and pro-Russia enthusiast who once started a website to defend them both and now currently works as a computer scientist at a blockchain company. So, maybe not the most credible person to comment on the issue (unless you're WND).

Posted by Terry K. at 4:59 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 8:52 PM EDT

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