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Saturday, December 25, 2021
Biden Derangement Syndrome, Mychal Massie Division
Topic: WorldNetDaily

This brings me to the point I wish to address. I saw an Associated Press headline this morning that read, "After unrelenting summer, Biden looks to get agenda on track." Exactly what agenda is it that Biden must get back on track?

His goal is the transmogrification of America into a government-controlled and government-dependent dystopia, where the life force is used to support a despiteous plexus of self-interested necromancers lording control over the necropolis that was once an admired nation. Exactly what part of that agenda is not on track?


Why do you think there's been no effort on the part of the GOP to remove Biden from office? Biden is the poster person for the legal phrase non compos mentis, i.e., not capable mentally and not of a sound mind.

What else must Biden do to prove his mental deficiency? Does he have to collapse at the podium during a press conference? Oh! Wait! He's already done that. Maybe if he decided to publicly micturate during an interview. Oh! Wait! He does the equivalent of that every time he opens his mouth. In fact he added the voluntary act of encopresis on the military and their families when he, like Obama, before him abandoned American military to be murdered by the sub-humans only marginally less palatable than himself.

Republicans won't lift a finger to have Biden removed from office because he is cash cow for their fundraising. They're using Biden to raise literally hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars that will never be used to the benefit of America and/or the public they claim to represent.

-- Mychal Massie, Sept. 6 WorldNetDaily column

Biden's cognitively impaired to the point of needing sticky pictures to find and use the bathroom, but that's his problem. There's no way on this earth that I will surrender my right to protect my body and my life against his death-dealing overreach regarding the jab.


If, as Biden claims, this China flu is of great concern, I say prove it by providing the same freedom to determine what's best for me as with the murder of babies. Make ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as available as late-term baby-killing. Biden and his kind will undoubtedly argue there's a difference between baby-killing and "my body my choice," and what he is demanding I must allow myself to be poisoned with.

But, how many people have dropped dead moments after being infected with the deadly injections Biden is demanding we submit to? How many women have experienced miscarriages within days/weeks of being injected with this experimental drug Biden's panhandling? Of the millions of people who have been taking ivermectin for decades and/or the great number of people taking hydroxychloroquine, how many have developed life-altering permanent maladies in comparison to the number of who have after being infected with Biden's drugs?

-- Mychal Massie, Sept. 13 WND column

Biden may be a diaper-wearing molester with dementia, but he's cashed in on a criminal enterprise that would make Al Capone proud. Biden, his son Hunter and reportedly Biden's brother have cashed in to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars because of Biden holding political office.

-- Mychal Massie, Sept. 27 WND column

All things considered, it doesn't take a fortune-teller or palm reader to predict Joe Biden isn't long for this earth. At least he isn't long for this earth in a bipedal position.

It's not just delusional and an outright lie to argue Biden is competent to execute the most basic functions associated with the office his minions stole; it is a sign of psychological impairment. Biden is a shuffling, mumbling, disaster of a human being who, as I have oft said, needs sticky notes with pictures on them posted in bathrooms to show him how to pull down his zipper.

He is the semi-ambulatory textbook definition of non compos mentis, which is a legal phrase for "not of sound mind or not mentally competent to conduct one's affairs." The same was the case with Barack Obama in December of 2010, when there were "allegedly" unconfirmed whisperings that Obama was unstable and being heavily medicated.


The point I want to make is that whatever productive years Biden had remaining are now squarely in the rearview mirror of his failed life. Harris' ability to do to voters what she did to married men is not a skill set worthy of office. And Pelosi is in the same condition as Biden when it comes to lucidity.

-- Mychal Massie, Oct. 18 WND column

Once again Jimmy Carter can breathe easier as another layer of worthless, ineffectual, bigoted, racist flesh now separates him from being the worse president in the history of America. Obama earned that title on steroids; but records are made to be broken, and that brings me to "Dementia Joe Biden."

Carter was and is a racist anti-civil rights crusader who loved to tell how his mama took care of their "nigras." Obama is a racist contradiction in terms and values whose wife redefines uncouth. He embraces Islam, but publicly admits to having a ravenous sexual appetite for white men. The Obama woman is alleged to have a voracious appetite for vodka and men.

But this isn't about previous failures; it's about Biden. He's a ghost of a man who needs note cards to count to five even when his fingers are available. Looking into his eyes is like looking at a sign that says "vacancy." His eyes are dead and lifeless. You can literally watch the difficulty he has in putting words into sentence form. His is truly the sad end result of a wasted life.

It's no secret that Biden has always been a drunken, womanizing, open-his-mouth-and-anything-comes-out simpleton. Colleagues on Capitol Hill who like him publicly concede with little or no prompting that he is a mean-spirited yet sometimes likable guy who isn't very smart.

The dolorous facial expression he exhibits reminds the public of a person staring at a digital clock, unable to tell the time. What does that say about the people trying to convince We the Public that Biden is capable of lifting a glass to his mouth without pouring the liquid on his chest?


Biden came from essentially nothing. He was a drunken blowhard in Scranton before hitching his wagon to the erstwhile villainy of Delaware by obtaining a political career that has been beneficial to the unsavory of the moneyed class in that state.

Allegations abound that he stole his friend's wife. His drug-addicted, sex-obsessed son is reported by reputable sources to have been sexually involved with a prepubescent family member – so why should it be a surprise that Biden is mistreating and betraying We the People?


I'd conclude with "Let's go, Brandon!" Your poll numbers should prove the truth of my words. I'd also remind him that with his health failing rapidly, it might make sense to think about eternity. Because, in my faith, homosexuality, advocating for murdering children, lies, adultery and sexual molestation are not pendants to wave on one's deathbed – even if you're a Biden.

-- Mychal Massie, Nov. 8 WND column

We the People should not be discussing the outcome of Mr. Rittenhouse's trial; we should be outraged that Joe Biden hasn't been charged and removed from office (along with all members of his Cabinet and staff), because of the ineptitude of a mentally diminished sot who epitomizes non compos mentis. Add to that the fact the supposed leader of this nation betrayed and abandoned American military men/women and allies in one of the deadliest places on earth.

Biden has been openly disinterested in the fact that significant numbers of religious missionaries are facing death every day they remain in the chamber pot of cultural devolvement. His betrayal of the church is not surprising; after all, in his mind "the church" is a brothel where the idea of communion is commensurate with rape, adultery, molestation, familial child molestation, baby-killing and the most grotesque forms of hebephrenia and psychological breakdowns acted out as sexual normalcy.

As the supposed commander in chief, he should impeached with prejudice. Being commander in chief is more than playing dress-up and getting your jollies by returning the salutes of those he and his kind openly despise.

-- Mychal Massie, Nov. 22 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 2:19 PM EST

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