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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Another 'Non-Clinician' Newsmax Columnist Weighs In With COVID Misinformation
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax probably should know better. Given how some columnists it publishes stuff their work so filled with COVID misinformation, it shouldn't publish them at all; instead, it simply tags the column with the statement that it has been written by a "non-clinician." The latest to get that tag is an Oct. 12 coumn by Nicholas Chamberas, which is a mix of grudging concession that COVID vaccines work and rage at the very idea of vaccine mandates:

When did the United States of America become a country led by pseudo-scientists and phony rage-peddlers?

When did tumid bureaucrats decide that they could modify the Hippocratic Oath on their own in one fell swoop?

This happened when the most failed politicians in America decided that instead of saving lives by fighting criminals, they could scapegoat all law abiding citizens making medical decisions based on what their doctors advise them instead of blindly following a narrative peddled by these same failed politicians.

To be clear, COVID-19 vaccines have saved many lives globally.

Yet, the undisputable truth is also that not everyone can or should take a COVID vaccine.

The health and well-being of these individuals should not be discarded because they disrupt a cute sounding slogan like "Let’s all get vaccinated."

The real goal and slogan should sound something like "Let’s Make Sure That We Are All Safe From COVID Without Needlessly Sacrificing The Lives Of Others As If We’re Some Cult."

Welcome to the cult-like world of vaccine mandates.

Chamberas then cited the case of a woman who died from blood clots after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine -- but omitting the fact that it was a extremely rare conmplication. He huffed that the woman "had strong reserevations about taking a COVID vaccine, she finally succumbed to taking the vaccine because of the pressure from her employer," then ranted:

The obvious truth is that Jessica died as a sacrifice to the insanely irresponsible dictates based on the capricious, facile diktats of bureaucrats more akin to health policy derived from mad scientists than respected physicians.


The long cherished medical principal of "do no harm" has been replaced by government technocrats proclaiming that everyone must do exactly as they say or their life will be permanently disconnected.

Not only will their non-compliance will be publicly castigated but they will be marked as "impure" and a perfect illustration of all that is wrong with our society.

Jessica Berg Wilson never should have died from taking an injection she didn’t need and didn’t want.

Everyone who is serious about ending the pandemic must rise up and reject the pseudo-science one size fits all social matra-driven edicts that harm and divide our nation.

It's time to really follow the actual science — the medical science.

Chamberas will not admit that one big reason there are vaccine mandates is to protect those who cannot due to health reasons. By portraying the woman as a victim instead of an outlier, he's being very dishonest. Many more people will die from COVID because of people putting their purported "personal freedom" first than ever have, or will, from getting a COVID vaccine. That's following "the actual science — the medical science," not whatever he's peddling.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:41 PM EST

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