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Thursday, July 8, 2021
WND's Singleton Keeps Spreading Fear And Mistrust On COVID Treatments She Doesn't Like
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Marilyn Singleton is a prominent member of the fringe-right Association of American Physicians and Surgeons' misinformation crew about coronavirus and other subjects to whom WorldNetDaily has given a free rein without fear of fact-checking or balance. She hasn't stopped.

Singleton started her May 21 column by stating, "One of Albert Einstein's many aphorisms, 'three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed,' is particularly apt in the COVID-19 era." Needless to say, she didn't consider the misinformation peddled by herself and her AAPS cronies to be part of that; instead, she predictably lashed out at Anthony Fauci, the government and vaccine makers:

Patients and physicians have a choice. Despite the vaccine über alles narrative, only 60% of Dr. Fauci's staff have taken "the shot." The NIH's COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines are not mandates. Patients can opt for early treatment at a cost of $10 to $125 per entire course with effective repurposed generic drugs supported by real-time worldwide evidence. Sadly, as Kaiser Health News noted, despite being a "godsend" to reduce death and hospitalizations, "drug companies have no incentive to spend millions to test new uses for cheap, off-patent drugs."

The people are not stupid, merely ill-informed. Media outlets were increasing ratings at the expense of the truth; the drug companies were rolling in dough; researchers were letting politics guide their outcomes; and social media were censoring experts who disagreed with the wizards at WHO, NIH and CDC, and medical journals funded by Big Pharma.

Of course, Singleton is letting her right-wing political views guide the outcomes she wants -- not that she'll admit it.

In her June 3 column, Singleton led with an irrelevant right-wing rant against the critical race theory and gender identity, then tried to justify Black Americans' fear of the coronavirus by dredging up the infamous Tuskegee experiment -- bizarrely and maliciously suggesting that's what the coronavirus vaccines are -- while pushing her old (and dubious) favorites:

Black American slaves used to have some version of Simon Legree as their master. Now the woke white liberals have assumed that role. Even President Biden views BIPOCs as helpless morons whom only the government can rescue.

Of course, little BIPOCs are the perfect unsuspecting targets. Despite parental objections, new school curricula include Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory that teaches children to hate others based on skin color. Instead of learning the 3 R's, kindergarteners are encouraged to explore their gender identity and question the family structure. The latest data show that only 35% of fourth graders are proficient in reading and 41% are proficient in math. Instead of learning the necessary skills to race to the top of the ladder of success, they have the tools to win the victim triathlon. The prize: dependency on government resources.

COVID-19 added a new ingredient to the melting pot. Brown-skinned Americans fare more poorly with COVID than whites. Some reasons are sociological, such as crowded living conditions, working in service jobs that cannot be done from home and inconsistent access to health care. Some reasons may be physiological. Studies have shown racial differences in the body's ACE-2 receptors. These receptors help control inflammation, especially in cells lining the blood vessels. These are the sites where the "spike" protein of the SARS-Co-V-2 virus (that causes COVID-19) enter and infect healthy cells throughout the body. Notably, there may be more ACE-2 receptors in patients with hypertension, diabetes and coronary artery disease – conditions plaguing black Americans. Moreover, people with brown skin have lower levels of Vitamin D, a factor in the risk of contracting a SARS-Co-V-2 infection and the severity of COVID-19.

Knowing the higher risk, the DEI folks should have launched an education campaign informing BIPOCs about non-prescription supplements like quercetin, zinc and vitamin D, as well as prophylaxis or early treatment with inexpensive medications (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and fluvoxamine, among others) that can significantly reduce symptoms and prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

Instead, the public-health gurus waited for vaccines. The guise of "vaccine equity" drew attention away from legitimate concerns about the shots. Despite the increased susceptibility to COVID-19, black Americans remain skeptical of the shot. Folks still remembered the instances where the underserved were "helped" by the government. The 1932 Tuskegee syphilis study denied a group of black men treatment for 40 years. Without informed consent, an experimental measles vaccine was administered to babies starting in 1987. After too many African and Haitian children deaths to ignore, the program was halted.

Able to read, BIPOCs learned about the serious side effects that include sometimes fatal blood clots, facial paralysis, possible menstrual problems, heart inflammation, among others. They wondered why the less effective Johnson & Johnson vaccine was sent to underserved neighborhoods. They wondered why the government had to offer $116 million in prizes, trucks and customized firearms to encourage people to get the shot. They wondered why the government was going door to door to find BIPOCs to whom to give shots.

Singleton seems much more interested in spreading fear and mistrust than helping patients. That makes her a bad doctor -- albeit a member in good standing of AAPS.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:41 PM EDT

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