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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
MRC Does GOP's Bidding In Defending Ga. Election Law, Attacking Its Critics
Topic: Media Research Center
The Media Research Center is first and foremost a propaganda arm of the Republican Party. So when Georgia faced criticism for approving a Republican-backed measure changing election laws there, it went into full blast mode, smearing anyone who didn't mindlessly repeat the GOP-approved version of what the law would do. A sampling:
  • Democrats say it and journalists parrot it back. That’s how things work in a Democratic administration. Joe Biden on Thursday slimed the state of Georgia for an “un-American” election security bill. CBS’s election law expert David Becker on Friday upped that to “anti-American.” Appearing on CBS This Morning, he derided the whole state, despite admitting that the bill was a “mixed bag.”-- Scott Whitlock, March 26
  • CNN Tonight host Don Lemon railed against Georgia's new election law on his Friday show using all sorts of lies to allege Republicans "are trying to silence us." Focusing on early voting, Lemon declared, "I want to explain to people why so many people feel their passion about going to cast their votes on certain days, especially Souls to the Polls, It is a visceral and tangible thing because you grow up like I did, hearing these stories about voter's suppression and poll tax and on and on." -- Alex Christy, March 27
  • Appearing on Friday's The ReidOut, Vanderbilt University professor and former MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson treated viewers to the kind of venomous trash talk that apparently qualifies as political analysis that said America suffers from an idolatry to whiteness and claimed that the GOP would have barred Jesus from being given a cup of water while he was dying on the cross. -- Brad Wilmouth, March 28
  • ABC News was obviously working as an arm of the Biden administration during Sunday’s Good Morning America, as they spewed lies and misinformation about Republican efforts to increase the integrity of our elections. Despite claiming the GOP were targeting “black voters who helped him win there in Georgia,” the network refused to explain exactly how the law and other proposed bills would do that. Instead, they used broad stroke fear-mongering in an attempt to poison the GOP to viewers. -- Nicholas Fondacaro, March 28
  • Sometimes it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the Democratic hacks calling Republicans racists and the so-called "journalists" on CNN. They sound exactly the same sometimes. On Saturday evening’s CNN Newsroom, host Ana Cabrera collaborated with national security analyst Juliette Kayyem and counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd to continue the assault on legislation by absurdly linking it to the January 6th riot. Kayyem declared that the laws are based on “white supremacy and the violence to undermine a Democratic election." -- Duncan Schroeder, March 28
  • On Monday, NBC’s Today show was eager to hype partisan, left-wing efforts to bully the state of Georgia into abandoning recently-passed voting reforms opposed by the Democratic Party out of fear of losing future elections. The propaganda masquerading as news coverage was designed to pressure businesses into cutting ties with the state and causing economic damage, all in pursuit of doing the DNC’s bidding. -- Kyle Drennen, March 29
  • Voter ID: a necessary protection against voter fraud for some, and a scourge and grave evil for others, apparently. One Hollywood filmmaker has declared that he is done making movies in Georgia until lawmakers repeal newly-signed election regulations aimed at eradicating potential voter fraud. -- Gabriel Hays, March 29
  • Showing MSNBC had no concern or regard for facts and sober analysis, The ReidOut host Joy Reid spun more lies and trumpeted apocalyptic rhetoric on Tuesday night about Georgia’s new election law, and cheered corporate boycotts to inflict further pain on workers amidst a pandemic while holding up a new, For the People Act-like law in New Jersey as a necessary step to loosen voter integrity measures. -- Curtis Houck, March 30
  • It’s not enough to trash Georgia’s new voting law as racist, now the hosts of CBS This Morning are prompting business leaders to encourage a boycott. After prominent African American CEOs placed an ad in The New York Times calling for corporate America to speak out, Gayle King demanded they do more.  -- Scott Whitlock, March 31 (King did not "demand" a boycott; she simply asked why one had not been called for.)
  • This wasn't parody but it might as well have been. Tuesday night on MSNBC, two liberal journalists accused the Republican party of leveraging racial victimhood to get their agenda across; in this case, racist voting laws. -- Kristine Marsh, March 31
  • TV journalists have been using DNC talking points to inaccurately slam a series of state election security laws as “racist,” reminiscent of “Jim Crow,” and deliberate “voter suppression.” The narrative on TV news networks goes something like this: “racist” Republicans are using the “Big Lie” (their term for suggestions of fraud in the 2020 election) as an excuse to pass restrictive election laws, in an attempt to prevent people of color from voting. -- Bill D'Aostino, April 1
  • Hack journalist Brian Williams couldn’t help himself and had to contribute his own lies to the media’s smear campaign against Georgia’s election security law. On his Wednesday night show, Williams mocked Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp for denying this bill was “Jim Crow, 2.0,” saying he should “embrace” his state’s “well-deserved tradition” of suppressing black voters. -- Kristine Marsh, April 1
  • So much for a commitment to the truth. On Thursday’s CBS Evening News, anchor Norah O’Donnell and White House correspondent Nancy Cordes refused fact-check or pushback on President Joe Biden’s insistence that Georgia’s new election law is “Jim Crow on steroids.” In other words, Cordes and O’Donnell chose to cater to Stacey Abrams as their far-left overlord than even call out Biden’s claim as hyperbole (let alone factually inaccurate). -- Curtis Houck, April 1
  • Reporters? Or unpaid publicists? On her Thursday show, MSNBC's Hallie Jackson was joined by NBC reporter Blayne Alexander in Atlanta just publicizing calls to boycott Georgia and the lies that justify them, including President Biden's Wednesday remarks where he outrageously called the Georgia's new election law "Jim Crow on steroids." MSNBC just casually put that on screen, like it was an authoritative statement of fact. -- Alex Christy, April 3
  • Like so many of his colleagues, NBC’s Chuck Todd continues to offer a platform for the lie that Georgia’s election security bill is a racist tool meant to disenfranchise nonwhite voters.-- Bill D'Agostino, April 4
  • Monday’s CBS This Morning began with the hacky hosts welcoming on Democratic Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for a softball interview in which she and the liberal anchors desperately tried to blame Republicans for the massive economic damage being inflicted on Georgia by left-wing boycott efforts. Rather than demand Bottoms call on her radical supporters to stand down, the segment instead urged the state GOP to give in to Democratic bullying. -- Kyle Drennen, April 5
  • If the last few weeks have shown us anything, it’s a reminder that far too many in the liberal media will lie in the name of facts to peddle a narrative. On Monday, NBC Nightly News did its part by lying that Georgia’s voter law was “more restrictive” to voting, passed off facts about the law as merely claims, and griped that many on the right were pushing back against corporations and Major League Baseball for peddling lies. -- Curtis Houck, April 5
  • With Major League Baseball having moved its All-Star Game from the majority-Black Atlanta, Georgia to the heavily White Denver, Colorado, Tuesday’s CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News were enthralled with the decision, having done their parts to further lie about Georgia’s voting law and tout President Biden’s threat to any state that’s thinking about securing elections. -- Curtis Houck, April 7
  • On Wednesday night, MSNBC displayed the leftist media's denial of reality as MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson insisted that Georgia's new voting law is almost a "total verbatim repeat" of the "Jim Crow" era even after such hyperbole has been thoroughly debunked. -- Brad Wilmouth, April 9

But because the MRC is acting in bad faith on behalf of Republicans, it must portray all criticism of Republican-backed "election integrity" laws as false and evil while ignoring the elephant in the room: If the Georgia law wasn't design to ultimately result in more Republican ballots and fewer Democratic ballots, Republicans wouldn't be proposing them, and the MRC wouldn't be defending them.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:00 PM EDT

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