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Saturday, April 3, 2021
Mychal Massie Meltdown Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

For white Luciferian leftists, Black History Month isn't about accomplishment and the embracing of modernity. It's about a month-long jeremiad of accusations, defeatism, Kunta Kinte, white man bad, conservative white man really bad and America responsible for slavery.

These progeny of Satan are godless life forms that make a great show of being singularly aware when it comes to all things skin-color. Their pompous sagacity hides raw bigotry and unbridled contempt for Americans who refuse to view themselves as a crayon color. These leftists hate any black person not subscribing to Munchausen syndrome of slavery and white oppression.

A month-long public display by blacks suffering from the fantasy of being disadvantaged because of slavery, etc. allows for these self-righteous behavioral modifiers to treat free thinking and self-determination as contra-indicative.


This is why they applaud someone like the Obama woman. She's a common and uncouth harridan who would blame white people for blue skies if it served her divisive heterodoxy. Are we supposed to forget the bigoted things liberal superiors such as Biden and former Sen. Harry Reid said about Obama's speech pattern?

White liberals applauded the Obama woman for wallowing around on the floor doing push-ups, etc. for the excitable pleasure of lesbian Ellen DeGeneres. Can you imagine former Democratic first ladys such as Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalyn Carter or even Hillary Clinton behaving as boorishly?

Kamala Harris is heralded as being a black vice president. The truth is she isn't black, but she epitomizes the definition of harlot. Of course, white liberals see nothing wrong with a black woman in high office as long as she fits a schematic of commonality.

-- Mychal Massie, Feb. 15 WorldNetDaily column

Practically everywhere you turn there is a fatuous, enlightened, white, liberal, elitist bigot telling other people they should be ashamed for being white. This evolving pandemic of stupidity may be in the neoteric stages of social-behavioral demagoguery, but that's not to say it hasn't been spectacularly well received by those who use the space between their ears as repositories for that which falls from chickens to the floor. Hence the prefix for the single syllable descriptive of their brains.

That said, after ruminating upon the demands by these invidious Mohocks of ophidian origin, I've realized that they present an argument that has merit. Thus, I hereby now proclaim that I am in agreement with the progeny of Satan who are advancing the white-shame narrative.

I submit that it's the white, liberal trust-fund babies sponsored by George Soros et al. who should be ashamed for being white devils. They should be ashamed for undermining hardworking Americans who have the singular desire of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They're a disgrace to all Americans who reject skin-color of any hue as a qualifier for success or failure.

White, liberal wannabe-commies should be ashamed of being the godless whites applauding the successful theft of a presidential election, thus making election outcomes in many Third World countries trustworthier than in the United States.

White, liberal anarchists – who actually would have us believe a teetering old sot with dementia and a hair-sniffing fetish and an amoral hoydenish who has a legendary track record for sleeping with equally repulsive married men are capable administrators – should be ashamed of being white. The liberal whites supporting a woman ashamed of her nationality to the point that she pretends to be another nationality should be ashamed. The cherry on the top of this chamber pot filled to overflowing is the son of the hair-sniffing-liar-in-chief, who is a crack cocaine addict wholly given over to the most base practices of sexual depravity.

White liberals should be ashamed of their billionaire underwriters like Mark Cuban, the owner of some basketball team who forbade the American National Anthem from being played in the arena the team calls home. I'm guessing he preferred the CCP national anthem.

White, liberal, elitist bigots should be ashamed for their corruption of public schools. White liberals should be ashamed for advancing a hebephrenic psychological mental illness of aberrant sexual practices under the charade of normalcy.

-- Mychal Massie, March 8 WND column

The latest example of how to further emasculate blacks is Rocket Mortgage's "Fair Way Award" for diversity and inclusion by "leaning on minority-owned vendors at the Detroit Golf Club and having a volunteer base that reflected the community."


If Rocket Mortgage cared about poe-poe underprivileged African-Americans (sarcasm intended) in Michigan, they would be making hammers, nails, saws, roofing shingles and plumbing equipment available at what it cost wholesale with a no payments due for 36 months.

They would help sponsor the vocational training of all those interested in learning a skill within the building trade and advocate for on-the-job training after six months of vocational training.

That would actually be a service that provided benefit. This golf-tourney crap is a canard akin to a magician's act minus the rabbit. If golf were easy, more people would be playing it. If blacks were interested in playing pro-golf, there would be more of them on the tour. It's acknowledged that having Tiger Woods win every event under the sun umpteen times hasn't raised the interest level of blacks to play golf. It did raise the interest level for them to boast about Tiger Woods being black … except by those who argue he isn't.

If Rocket Mortgage were truly interested in lending itself to personal improvement, it wouldn't advocate involvement in a sport that's only marginally easier to be consistent at than one would be trying to shoot mosquitoes out of the air at night with a black powder pistol.


Tangential to that, Rocket Mortgage could sponsor evening and Saturday family-planning seminars that teach black girls the value of not having babies before they can afford pizza. They could sponsor seminars that teach about the white globalist construct that has industrialized the systematic extermination of blacks. They could teach young boys that there are life-changing ramifications to not keeping their diminutive egos zippered until they're in a position to marry and have a family.

The real tragedy is many blacks find it more important to be useful idiots blinded by the incandescent pretense of manifest destiny that's in reality managed by devils masquerading as white neo-Leninist liberals – people who hate blacks only marginally less than they hate Jesus Christ.

-- Mychal Massie, March 22 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 12:20 AM EDT

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