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Tuesday, November 3, 2020
WND Columnists Shill For Trump One More Time
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Last week, popular evangelical pastor John Piper made his case for Christians not voting for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden.


So what’s the problem? Piper is concerned that Trump’s personal failings, specifically four things – his “unrepentant boastfulness,” his “vulgarity,” his “factiousness” and his past “sexual immorality” – are also, like abortion and socialism, “deadly,” even potentially “nation-corrupting.” Therefore, he said, he will not vote for either candidate.

Putting aside Piper’s odd moral equivalence between rampant abortion and boastfulness, does the good pastor not realize that when you vote for a president, you are not choosing only one leader and his policy agenda, but a multitude of leaders and policies in every area of life, and therefore a whole “future” for the country, as Franklin Graham put it? Most prominently, you are choosing a vice president who may well become president (as has happened 14 times in U.S. history). You are also choosing Cabinet and department heads. And you are choosing federal judges, including Supreme Court justices with lifetime tenure who will decide issues of stupendous importance that affect every American. And you are choosing thousands of other people – about 4,000 federal government appointees in all – who will profoundly shape the nation in which your children and grandchildren will live for a long, long time – whether for good or for ill.


It’s simple math: The only vote that effectively opposes and works against America’s great national sin – the abomination of violently snuffing the life out of the next generation at the rate of about 1 million per year – is to support the reelection of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Trump is not a perfect person. Neither am I and neither are you. Get over it.

Friends, we are blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. Our forefathers came here at tremendous risk to life and limb to establish a free Christian nation and many died in the process. I’m not asking you to risk your life – just to vote. And you need to vote for the presidential and vice presidential candidates who will champion life and not death; freedom and not socialist totalitarianism; traditional values and not progressive-left “there-are-100-different-genders” sexual anarchy; freedom of speech and religion, not censorship and “cancel culture”; Rev. Martin Luther King’s vision of a color-blind society and not Black Lives Matter’s vision of revenge, destruction and revolution.

Life is full of tough decisions. Voting in 2020 is not one of them.

-- David Kupelian, Oct. 26 WorldNetDaily column

A Democratic victory in the White House, Senate and House would bring cataclysmic, life-altering changes so serious that America would never be the same. I'm not like the 10 spies who only saw the giants in the land and caved in cowardice, but rather like Caleb and Joshua who saw the same things but put their trust in God to stay strong and victorious. The following points are taken from the Democratic platform, policy pledges and political campaign promises.

1. A Biden/Harris victory represents a clear and present danger to our American way of life.


5. Joe and Kamala's San Francisco/Nancy Pelosi style politics insures continued redefinition of sexuality and gender based on fluidity, causing more confusion and destroying marriages and families.


7. Additional far-left Democratic "progressive" plans that would advance an apocalyptic judgment for America.


Amidst all the unprecedented shaking of this year, God has brought us to our day of decision. It's time to repent, return to God, revere Him and His Word, reclaim our Christian heritage and resist this radical, anti-God, socialist revolution.

-- Larry Tomczak, Oct. 28 WND column

Anybody with eyes to see knows that the globalist whores had nearly destroyed America since they took over both political parties. Trump rebranded the Republican Party in 2016. When he started it was half the globalist cartel, in bed with all those self-identified elites who wanted to run the world for their own benefit. In 2020 Trump is rebranding the Democratic Party as the corruptocrats, who never met a dictator or tyrant they didn't like … provided he had sufficient money to spread around to "the family."

Just like 2016 this election comes down to evangelical Christians. You know, the ones who don't like the way Trump tweets, even though he did move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something the foreign-policy globalists have cautioned against for decades. Maybe a roughshod tweet here and there is a reasonable cost to bear for doing God's bidding in international affairs?

The electoral field is like any other battlefield: It is what it is; deal with it. If Trump has been busy destroying Israel and starting endless wars in the Middle East to keep the industrial complex happy, then vote for the Democrats. At least some of them will get rich from the effort, although I doubt they will thank you for it.

If you appreciate seeing God's agenda advanced in the world, then vote for the Republicans and reelect Trump. There is every indication the rest of us who aren't corruptocrats will see our fortunes rise in a second Trump term, based on hard work and fresh ideas.

The election really is in your hands, evangelicals. If you still don't like Trump's tweets when you go into the voting booth, take a moment to ask God what he thinks about them. If God tells you he can live with the tweets for the good that Trump is doing in the world, then give him another four years.

-- Craige McMillan, Oct. 30 WND column

There has never been a greater champion of our constitutional republic than Donald Trump since the generation of the founders themselves. A man who speaks the truth about the enemies of our nation and its liberties plainly and boldly. A man who has not only kept most of the promises he made while campaigning, but has exceeded them – despite the most aggressive, malicious and relentless campaign to discredit and force him from office ever seen against a president in America.

And there has never been a man more obviously disqualified to lead this nation in all our history than Joe Biden. He is as devious as H.W. Bush, as sleazy as Bill and Hillary Clinton and as dishonest and morally corrupt as Barack Obama – none of whom were, as he is, debilitated by rapidly advancing dementia and drowning in multiple emerging heavily documented scandals of the highest criminal import.


I wouldn't be surprised to see a major terror attack on U.S. soil to instill terror and keep everyone at home watching the news instead of voting. The Russian Collusion Hoax, the Impeachment Scam, the Plandemic, the Antifa/BLM riot campaign have proven to us that this election is for all the marbles, and the globalist left will do ANYTHING to stop Trump.

We, therefore, must do the ONLY thing that can thwart them. We must generate not just a Red Wave, but a Red Tsunami that will drown them (politically speaking) like Pharaoh's armies were crushed by the collapsing flood waters of the Red Sea. Let NOTHING stop you – and everyone you can drive to the polls – from voting Trump!

-- Scott Lively, Nov. 2 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 2:54 PM EST

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