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Monday, October 12, 2020
WND Columnist Is Scared Immigrants Making America More Liberal (And Less White)
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Elliot Resnick is the editor of the Jewish Press, an Orthodox Jewish newspaper, and is a homophobe who claims that the "white man" gave Christianity to blacks and if they don't like America, they can "re-embrace the primitive religions they practiced in Africa" and doesn't understand why people consider blackface to be racist. So you can see why WorldNetDaily would want to publish his work.

WND let Resnick be a "guest columnist" for a Sept. 28 piece complaining that immigrants are making America more liberal -- and, he heavily implies, less white:

Conservative intellectuals don't particularly like discussing immigration. It's uncomfortable, after all, to say "no" to millions of poor Mexicans and Salvadorans pining to live the American dream so many of our ancestors enjoyed.

Yet, the fact is that unless Republicans stanch the flow of immigrants to this country – both illegal and legal – the America bequeathed to us by our forebears will disintegrate before our eyes.


So what happened over the last few decades? Have Democrats convinced voters that their ideas are superior to Republican ideas? Has the liberal educational establishment finally succeeded in turning Americans against the Judeo-Christian tradition?

No. What happened is immigration. Starting approximately 30 years ago, immigrants began crossing our border in ever-increasing numbers and brought their left-leaning voting habits with them. The result? Red states turned purple – and then blue.


In short – to put the matter bluntly – three-quarters of Hispanics essentially do not subscribe to our Founding Fathers' vision of individuals pursuing their own destiny with minimal interference from a central government. (Western European immigrants presumably reject this vision, too, considering the popularity of "social democracy" on the Continent.)

If American public schools taught children the founding ideals of this republic, the situation wouldn't be so dire. Impressionable young minds could be imbued with the spirit of freedom and rugged individualism. They could be taught, as Thomas Paine said, that "government is at best a necessary evil" – and that it therefore should be kept as small as possible. They could be taught that America was founded on the radical premise that man is born free and that the individual – not government – is sovereign. They could be taught that the founders took pride in America not resembling Europe.

But they are taught none of this. They are taught instead that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were benighted bigots. They are taught that racism and sexism undergird all of American history and that nothing that came before the legal recognition of gay marriage in 2015 is worth preserving.

With the school system we have – and the mainstream media, academia and Hollywood disseminating liberal ideology 24/7 – it's a miracle half the country still votes Republican. But that won't last long. If we continue letting a million immigrants (and numerous more illegal immigrants) into this country every year, Republicans are doomed. Not because immigrants are bad people, but because the overwhelming majority of them simply don't share our founders' values.

The word "white" doesn't appear in Resnick's column, but his complaint about too many Hispanics and his overall racial history make it quite easy to read between the lines.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:37 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, October 12, 2020 1:18 PM EDT

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