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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
WND's Cashill Can't Stop Obsessing About Obama
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama has been out of office for nearly four years now, and WorldNetDaily columnist Jack Cashill remains obsessed with him, devoted multiple columns to bashing him since Cashill has a decidedly belated anti-Obama book coming out next month.

On May 20, Cashill declared: "When the final chapter is written on Obamagate, historians will look to the April 10, 2016, as the day President Barack Obama triggered the eponymous coup." Of course,  Cashill didn't tell his readers that Obamagate isn't really a thing.

In his June 3 column, Cashill complained that Obama "failed catastrophically" in trying to "ease racial tension in America," though he didn't explain why it was Obama's responsibility to do that and nobody else's. Cashill then started ranting about Trayvon Martin -- about whom Cashill wrote a hatchet job -- and promoted a film he participated in on the death of Martin by infamous charlatan Joel Gilbert.

On June 17, Cashill proclaimed apropos of nothing that the Seattle house where Obama's mother moved shortly after his birth "was located in what might be called "Greater CHAZ," just a few blocks beyond the current borders of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," then grumbled: "Throughout the Obama years, the very same journalists who mocked "birthers" made a hash out of Obama's nativity story, the story on which he built his candidacy." Of course, Cashill doesn't mention that he was a fellow traveler of the birthers.

Cashill used his June 24 column to cast aspersions about Obama's presidential memoirs purportedly running behind schedule, adding, "Obama fans need not fret. They can learn all they need to know about President Obama by reading my book, 'Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency,' which is on schedule for its Aug. 18 release." he then rehashed his conspiracy theory that "Obama hasn't written any of his books himself and likely none of his speeches" -- then went into revisionist history about it.

Cashill has historically claimed that Bill Ayers actually wrote much of Obama's book "Dreams From My Father." In his column, he revised that, stating that "In September 2008, I introduced the thesis that terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers played a major role in crafting "Dreams." and highlighting how biographer Christopher Andersen "confirmed Ayers's involvement."Actually, Cashill was a source for Andersen's claim, which makes it suspect; by contrast, a British professor using a software program to detect similar words and phrases between works found that it was "very implausible" that Ayers wrote Obama's book.(Needless to say, Cashill attacked the professor for debunking his pet conspiracy theory.)

Cashill rehased his attacks on Obama and Trayvon Martin in his July 8 column, complaining that Black Lives Matter was founded by "radical ... activists" and "traces its founding "to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer, George Zimmerman," which is somehow Obama's fault. Again, Cashill blamed Obama for letting racial divisions "fester and the mayhem to explode"; again, he didn't explain why it was solely Obama's responsibility and not, say, Cashill's to do something about it.

On July 15, Cashill was ranting again about Obama, this time segueing into the hoary Benghazi conspiracy:

Lately, however, the question of Obama's whereabouts has become more literal. Where exactly is he? Where has he gone to labor away on his long overdue and overpaid memoir? Insiders, I am told, worry about his mental health and his fondness for a stiff drink.

Obama's elusiveness should not surprise. He has a habit of disappearing, and the media have a habit of not inquiring too hard into where he has gone, most memorably on the night of Sept. 11, 2012.

This led into yet another defense of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, whose inflammatory anti-Muslim film was originally believed to have sparked the attack on the Benghazi compound (it did spark protests elsewhere). Once again, Cashill portrayed Nakoula as a victim, calling him "vulnerable" because he was on parole. As usual, he didn't tell his readers that Nakoula lied to his actors about the nature of the film he was making -- some of the actors were put in danger because of Nakoula's intentional deception -- and handwaved his lengthy criminal record to portray him as being involved in nothing worse than a "check-kiting scheme." (Actually, Nakoula was using fake names and stolen identities to move money around.) Cashill suggested that Nakoula was some kind of political prisoner for making the film; in fact, he was sentenced to a year in jail after admitting that he lied to authorities and violated his parole by uploading the film to the internet.

And that's what Jack Cashill has been up to lately.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:00 AM EDT

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